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Flashpoint Guide: Cademimu

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Hey everyone, Cademimu or Cade for short is a flashpoint designed for Level 29+ players. This flashpoint is actually located within a city and has a rather unique environment. Not all the NPCs here are aggressive so killing everything on sight isn’t necessary.

Like previous flashpoints, you have 3 bosses, with the last boss usually a bit more difficult than the first two.

Officer Xander & EN-4C

This pair is the first boss in the flashpoint. EN-4C is the battle droid located on the right and Officer Xander is the cyborg on the right. EN-4C has 16 k HP while Officer Xander has 24 k HP.

This pair has some special abilities.

  • EN-4C Neutralization: Shortly after you engage in the fight, you will get a message that Player is under arrest! Stop EN-4C from neutralizing them! This player will get a red mark under their feet for the entire fight and must kite EN-4C around. EN-4C cannot be taunted so there is no point for tank trying. Instead, the tank and DPS should just focus on Officer Xander and let whoever EN-4C is targeted kite him around.


  • Bombs: Periodically, Officer Xander will throw out a bomb at a random party member and damage everyone nearby for about 20% (it hit me for 1636 HP). This seems to happen about every 10 seconds or so. Having party members spreading out on this fight is a good idea.


Once Officer Xander dies, the EN-4C droid will also die so there is really no point in attempting to damage EN-4C at all.

Below is the video of my party’s attempt on the pair. Note that in the first bit of video we didn’t really know what to do so wasted sometime trying to DPSing EN-4C instead of straight focusing on Officer Xander.


Captain Grimyk

Grimyk is the 2nd boss you will encounter. He has 36k HP and wields a flamethrower.

This fight is very easy and has only one mechanic you need to be aware.

  • Miniwookies: Periodically throughout the fight, Grimyk will summon 4 mini-wookies to aid him. Tank should grab these adds ASAP and DPS help to kill them fast before the next wave of adds spawn. They each have 5k HP and tend to head for the healer if left unchecked.


One interesting thing we noticed is that Grimyk’s flamethrower will actually light the mini-wookies on fire. So if the tank is standing where the adds are and has threat, Grimyk should help your party kill the adds!




The elevator is an annoyance you will encounter between the 2nd and last boss. It is worth mentioning because this elevator is tricky and can cause unnecessary headache if not dealt properly.

The elevator actually makes 4 stops so you do not want to get off at the first top. You also want to stay at back of the elevator and let the tank stay at the front because as soon you reach the 4th stop, there are mobs right as you exit and you will want the tank to get the aggro.

Make sure you get off the elevator right away once you reach the 4th stop or the elevator will go up and carry you with it..

General Ortol

This boss has 73 k HP and is actually very easy once you figured out his mechanics. Beaware that he does hit a bit hard so healers need to be mentally prepared for large spike damage on the tank.

This boss has two main abilities you need to be aware of.

  • Fire rockets: If you look up at his room, he is standing at the bottom of a couple of rockets and these rockets will spew out fire throughout the fight. If you stand under any of these rockets when they go off, you will die. Luckily they are entirely avoidable.
  • Knockback: Ortol does a knockback that throw players around him back. You need to be aware of this and not get knocked back into flaming rockets.

The first thing you want to notice is the room layout. This room is divided into 4 squares, each with a thingie at the end. You need to keep an eye on the thingie as they will warn you if that square is about to light up on fire.


Throughout the fight, you will get a red text message saying – General Ortol is preparing to test fire a rocket! When this occurs, you need to quicky scan around the room at look at all 4 thingies. If one the thingie has a white smoke on it, you need to stay away from that square because it will light on fire very soon!



For the first 50% HP of Ortol’s health, only one square will light on fire. In the 2nd 50%, 3 out of the 4 squares will light up on fire! You just have to find the one without a white smoke and run to it.

Tank will need to kite Ortel around to a safe square and healers/DPS can just follow the tank around.

Use your force speed or whatever you have to help you to get to a safe square if you need. Make sure to watch for Ortel and when he is about to do a knockback, run out a bit so you don’t get knocked into another square.


Anyways, good luck! This is a fun fight!


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