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Flashpoint Guide: Hammer Station

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Hey everyone, this is the first flashpoint guide of many to come. Hope you enjoy it! These guides are from a healer’s perspective.

A little tip for healers

The first thing I want to mention before starting this guide is a little tip for healers. The default party frame isn’t too friendly in terms of healing for those who are used to watching red bars. There is a way you can change that!

You need to go your preferences window and click on User Interference and then scroll down to Operations Frame. Check on Use Operation Frames as Party Frames and adjust the health bar width and height as you see fit!


The result is this! I moved my to the left of my portrait as that is the position I liked the most but feel free to experiment. To move the operation frame, click on the little icon at the top icon of the operation frame to unlock it and then move it around and lock it in place afterwards.

operation frame

Hammer Station Boss Strategies

Hammer station is a flashpoint for level 17 players and above. It has 3 bosses with the last boss being a bit more challenging than the first two. There isn’t a lot of RP dialogue options in this flashpoint, it is mostly killing and it is pretty quick.

DN-314 Tunneler

This is the first boss you will encounter shortly after entering Hammer Station. It has 2 abilities

  • Laser Beam: This beam will target a random player in the group and focus damage on them. The healer will need to target that player quickly and heal through it.
  • Demolition Droids: Shortly into the fight, you will get a screen message that says – DN-314 summons Remote Demolition Droids! There are quite a few of them and DPSing them down isn’t really a viable option. The best way is to avoid the droids as they will explode by themselves shortly and damaging anyone nearing them. You will know the droids are about to explode because they will start pulsating like the picture below!


Other than these 2 abilities, the boss is most a “tank and spank fight” but beware that the laser beam can caught a healer off guard!

Here is a video of my party fight this boss. Keep in mind that we are mostly level 20s with a level 15 party member in group, making this fight relatively trivial.


Vorgan the Volcano


This is the 2nd boss in this flashpoint. He comes with two adds that must be killed first but otherwise there isn’t much to this fight. Vorgan himself have 17 k HP while the adds only have 6 k HP.

The kill order we used was Sawbone, Torch, Vorgan, marking them can help to make sure the kill order is followed. The tank can tank Vorgan while the two other DPS can offtank the adds if need, they don’t hit too hard.


The bridge

The bridge is something you will come across between and 3rd boss. Just remember that blue = good, red = bad and you should be good! Make sure to use run speed abilities if you don’t think you will make it as the bridge does not stay blue for long!



Battlelord Kreshan

Kreshan is quite nasty and will test your situation awareness skills. He has 3 main abilities

  • Frontal Blaster Spray: The boss does a frontal blaster spray that damage everyone in front of him, the tank will need to turn him away from the rest of the party.
  • Bomb: He will put a big red circle in the ground that will turn into a bomb that will explode and damage anyone nearby. As long you move out of the way of these red circle you should be fine.
  • Knockback: From time to time, Kreshan will perform a knockback on players near him. You don’t want to stand near the edge when you are fighting him as you could easily get knocked off the platform. Tanking Kreshan where he stands is fine.
  • Adds: Kreshan will also summon adds that come help them out. They don’t hit hard and have only 700ish HP. DPS should kill them asap or they might gang up on the healers!

Here is a picture of the large red circle you need to move out of.


Red circle will disappear, leaving a small orb in the middle that will explode so don’t move back immediately after the red circle disappears!


Basically, expect to move a lot on this fight!


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