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Flashpoint Guide–Athiss

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Hello everyone, this is the 2nd of my Flashpoint guides, this time on Athiss, which is designed for level 21 to 24 players.

One thing I do want to point out at the start is that the last boss is very hard on healers, especially ones that do not have cleanse/purge of the sort that can remove negative debuffs on party members.

Professor Ley’arsha

This is the first boss in the flashpoint. She has 21 k HP and come with 3 adds that have only 1k HP each. She has 3 main abilities

  • AoE ground effect: Ley’arsha throughout the fight will put a purple circle on the ground that you avoid you will take damage as the purple circle will soon turn into a poison cloud.


  • Frontal cone attack: Ley’arsha also have a frontal cone attack which has the animation of shooting a whole bunch of bullets. Whoever stands in front of her when this happens will take damage. DPS/healers should face her back if possible.


  • Adds: In addition to the 3 adds that accompany her at the start of the fight, she will also summon 2 waves of adds with three mobs per wave. DPS should kill them first and then focus on the boss.

Overall, this boss is quite easy and quick.


The Beast of Vodal Kressh

This is the 2nd boss and he comes with a couple of adds as well that you will need to eliminate. This boss has 31 k hp and is a step up in difficulty from the first one, although not by much.


This boss has 2 main abilities:

  • Frontal Knockback: Periodically throughout the fight the boss will perform a massive knockback on anything standing in front of him. This knockback can be quite huge and can cause party members to get out of range of healers for heal. Tanks should stand near the temple entrance, against the wall if possible and DPS should stay away from the front of the boss. Healers can distance themselves from the boss and not be affected.


  • Adds: This boss will also summon small adds throughout the fight. They spawn right by the entrance to the temple and tank/DPS should pick them up asap and kill them as otherwise they could head straight for the healer. The picture below shows you where these adds spawn.



Temple Guardians/Disciples

These are champion level trash mobs. You have to kill quite a few of them (7-8) to get to the final boss. The pattern with them is that usually one of them is stationary while the other one roams around in a fixed path. The stationary one should be pulled away from the path of the roamer as having two of these mobs can be quite difficult to deal with. In case you do get two of them together, one of them should be crowd-controlled (i.e. Sorcerer’s Whirlwind ability) to make it easier on the healer.

Temple Guardians are simple tank and spank trash mobs and there isn’t much issue with them. Temple Disciples are quite nasty. They perform a light strike on the group that damage all group members and can caught an unprepared healer off-guard. Temple Disciple, if pulled together with a Temple Guardian, can wipe out an unprepared party.


Prophet of Vodal

This is perhaps the toughest boss you will encounter so far. He has a huge amount of health (60 k) so be prepared for a long fight even with good DPS. He also have several mechanics that can be very stressful on the healer. A healer with purge/cleanse/dispell will make this fight easier.

  • DoT/AoE explosion: About every 15 seconds or so, Prophet will cast a DoT on a random party member called Crushing Affliction that will drain their health and then terminate with an AoE explosion that will also damage nearby party members. If the healer can cleanse this, they definitely should. Unfortunately, the UI makes it very hard to see DoTs like these. Targeting whoever is taking large chunks of damage is good bet as the boss himself doesn’t hit hard.

The icon for Crushing Affliction is a green icon that looks like this. You should be able to see it on the operation/party frames if you look hard enough for it. If you can’t cleanse/purge/dispell, there is no need to look for this icon.


This is what it looks like when the DoT explodes.


If you don’t have cleanser/interrupter, you will just have to heal through it. Make sure your party members are not too low in health and manage your force or whatever resource you use carefully as it is a long fight.

  • Flames: The prophet will periodically disappear and then 4 flames will spawn. 2 of them will spawn behind where the Prophet stands when you engage him and 2 of them will spawn near the doorway you entered. These flames cannot be killed and will follow whoever has the debuff. This debuff is called Soul Rend. Whoever has the debuff must run around and not let any of them flames touch them as the flames will damage that person for large chunks of damage. These flames will despawn by themselves shortly.

This is what the flames look like.


This is the icon to look for to see who has the debuff and must run around and avoid the debuff.


Anyways, this is a very tough boss. If you party beat it, give yourself a pat in the back!

In the following video, I healed through this fight without any dispells. It can be done, but it is certainly not easy and I had to very careful with my force usage.



There is no exit to this flashpoint, you have to look on your minimap and click on Exit Flashpoint.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Many flashpoints make use of crew skills (gathering skills) but this one has the most complete implementation of that. Every single gathering skill can be used in here – some more than others. Note that in each case your gathering skill must be high enough to use the required items.

Slicing – slicers can repair the lift at the start of the flashpoint, saving the group from having to drop down to the bottom and heal up after the drop.

Bioanalysis – In the middle the out-doors area after the first boss, there are seed pods located in a few places. Someone with the bio gathering skill can harvest these which places a seed in your inventory under the mission items tab. Using the seed summons a beast like the ones that attack you in this area. The best stays with you for 10 minutes (unless you die) and attacks whatever you attack.

Scavenging – There are 2 places where scavengers can repair a battle droid which will follow you for 10 minutes and attack what you attack. You will see the broken droids marked on your map as gather points. The first is shortly before the first boss. Go through the door your group has to open and take a left to find the broken droid. The second is before the second boss which is usually shortly after the first battle droid runs out. When you go up the steps right before the second boss, got right instead of left. There is a small room around the corner with a broken droid.
I’m pretty sure you can only have one at a time – likewise for the bio pet I mentioned before. Note that in the case of the battle droid and the bio pet, both can be healed when they are damaged even though they don’t show as party members. You just need to target them first. Good idea to heal them so you can keep them useful for the full 10 minutes rather than having them taken out before they run out.

Archaeology – people with this gathering skill can do several useful things in here.
Firstly, there is a door near the beginning that normally needs to be opened by someone who has collected the bomb earlier. Someone with this skill can use a small item next to the door to open it without having to blow it.
Secondly, there are 2 artifacts that can be used to give the whole group a buff for 10 minutes. They will both be marked on your map as gathering points. The first is located near the door you open and will give your group a damage increase – useful for the first boss which you fight shortly afterward. The second is found in one of the small side rooms of the outside area before the second boss. From memory this one gives a buff that reduces the damage your group takes.
Thirdly, just after the second boss is an object you can activate which opens a hidden passage. This passage has a chest in it and also provides a shortcut that takes you nearly all the way to the final boss.

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