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Flashpoint Guide–Boarding Party (Dorin’s Sky)

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Hey everyone, this is the guide for Boarding Party, also known as Dorin’s Sky. This is a flashpoint designed for level 33+ but the final boss is quite difficult for healers to heal through so a higher level healer is definitely recommended.

Unlike previous flashpoints, this one is quite long, has a lot of bonus objectives, and have many bosses although some of them are mini-bosses as they are relatively easy and have very little mechanic.

HXI-54 Juggernaut

This is the first boss you will encounter. He has about 56 K HP and the fight has three basic mechanics attached to it.

  • Circles on the ground: This is pretty obvious, throughout the fight, he will drop circles on the ground. Don’t stand in them.


  • Energy Discharge: Periodically during the fight, the boss will emote: HXI-54 Juggernaut begins to absorb energy from the generators! This is a warning for the incoming energy discharge. You will see electricity pass from one of the generators to the boss. The generators are unattackable. About 15 seconds after this warning message, the boss will emote: HXI-54 Juggernaunt prepares to discharge a torrent of energy! When this happens, you must move watch your environment carefully and make sure you are not standing in the lighting as otherwise you will take a lot of damage (each tick of lighting deals 590 damage per tick on a light armor user)


  • Rope flung: A minor thing that the boss does from time to time to random party members is he will wrap someone in a tight bundle of rope and throw them to the other side of the room. This is fairly minor but can interrupt your spells when he does this.



Major Alvena (mini- boss)

This is the 2nd boss you will encounter, she is rather a minor boss as this fight is rather easy. She has 42 K HP and is accompanied by two Republic Battledroids, each with 13.6 K HP. Both of these droids can be Crowd Controlled (CC’ed) to make this fight easier on the healer.

The strategy we used was simply CC the two battledroids and then DPS the Major down. These battledroids do not die with the boss so you will have to kill them after the Boss is dead.


Sokan Do’Nair (min-Boss)

This is another mini-boss at end of the bonus objectives of killing 10 Jedis. He is accompanied by 2 Jedi healers, both of whom only have 5k HP but they do very nasty pushback that can throw your healers offguard if not CC’ed or controlled.

The boss himself hits very hard and if the Jedi Healers are not controlled they can together give your healer quite a hard time.

The recommended strat is to CC one of the Jedi healers (or both if you have two people that can CC) and then just burn down the boss. If you don’t have anyone that can CC, you will need to DPS the Jedi Healers down first and then kill the boss. Luckily, this guy doesn’t have too many HP.

The picture belows shows the nasty pushback that the Jedi healers throw.


Lieutenant Menerus (mini-Boss)

This guy is easy to mistaken for a trash mob because he doesn’t have any special mechanics other than throw circles on the ground you need to avoid or it will explode into flames.


Chief Engineer Kels

This boss is the 2nd actual boss you will encounter. He is accompanied by two Modified Assault Unit, each of whom have 41 k HP. He has two major mechanics

  • Adds: You will want to kill the two Modified Assault Units first. They are melee and can be pulled back while the boss is ranged and won’t move away from the stage he is standing on. The reason why you want to pull the adds away from the boss is to make the 2nd mechanic easier. From time to time the boss will also put on a reflecive shield on himself and one of the droids so beware of this.
  • Reactor Cores: There are 4 reactor cores in this room and throughout the fight you will get the emote  like this “The front right reactor core is about to emit a deadly pulse of radiation!” When this happens, you need to move away from that specific reactor core or it will damage you. If you pull the adds away from the boss and kill them away the boss, you won’t have to worry about the reactor cores until you engage the boss.

In the image below, the reactor cores are marked by a blue arrow.


This is what happens when the reactor core explodes, note where the party is standing when killing the adds.


If you don’t move away from the core, the explosion will do about 800 damage to you and knock you back.


Commander Jorland & Friends

This fight is very very challenging and test your healer’s skill and resource management. Party members will take a massive amount of damage throughout the fight at a rate that will quickly deplete a healer’s resources (i.e. force). Luckily, the place you are placed in when you re-enter the flashpoint after death is very close to the boss room so you could in theory “zerg” this fight (i.e. respawning right after you die and run back to kill boss).

The commander himself has 29 k HP and the two adds with him, Medical Officer Alon and  Security Chief Massey also have the same amount of HP.

  • Adds: Both of the adds and the boss are immune to CC so that is not an option. In addition, the Security Chief add will put a reflective shield on the boss that will reflect a portion of the incoming damage back to attacker. We killed the medical officer first, having the DPS interrupting the heals and then killed the security chief next before engaging the boss. Security officer is melee while both the boss and the medical officer are ranged so the security officer add can be pulled away from the boss to minimize damage from the mechanic below.
  • Explosive Round: Commander Jorland have a very nasty ability called explosive round that will target random party members to damage them and party members within 5 members. Everyone should be spread out to minimize the amount of the damage the party takes. Each explosive rounnd does about 1k damage to a light armor user and he uses it a lot!

Explosive round is the one that give healers the most trouble as your party members will take a lot of damage even if they do spread out. What I did to help my party out was I have biochem as my crew skils and therefore able to pass out med packs to party members so they can heal themselves if I am running out of force or busy healing other party members.

Having an off-healer that can also DPS will definitely help out a lot on this fight.

Another trick I find is that if you find yourself targeted by explosive rounds, move away from Jorland. If you are far enough, he won’t target you and hopefully will target the tank instead.

The image below shows the explosive round from Commander Jorland.


The video below depicts the chaotic fight. Luckily I survived the initial wipe and my party members were able to respawn to run back in and finish the fight.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Thanks for the guide! I find going full heal tree to get innervate really helps on this fight. Once I get the 31 pnt ability I will start working on the other trees

Having all melee is hell on this fight, almost impossible. However! We discovered a neat and cheap little trick. Basically, we pulled the boss away from his buddies; for whatever reason, he did NOT use his explosive shots after. This is how we did it.

Have the tank stand on the ledge, facing the boss; the rest of the team, including healer, goes down on the left stairs. The tank jumps down and aggros the boss, running back up the right stairs, where the party isn’t. Meanwhile, the dps run in and engage the Chief (melee guy). The healer stays near the bottom of the stairs, moving back and forth to toss heals to the tank when necessary, but mainly to the dps.

It seems that when the boss has no targets to acquire other than the tank (i.e. no one to hit with his 30 m range explosive round) he just doesn’t use the explosive round. At least, that’s how it worked out. We were able to dps down the Chief, then the healer; by then, the tank, who was higher level (40), actually soloed down the boss. A weaker tank could do it too, with just occasional heals; without his explosive shot, the boss isn’t that scary.

We were a Juggernaut tank (40), 2 dps Assassins (35 and 32) and a Sorc healer (30). For the rest of the instance, having a powerful tank was enough, but we couldn’t do a damn thing on this boss until we managed to make him stop nuking everyone. When that happened, though, it was cake.

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