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Flashpoint Guide: The Foundry

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The Foundry is a flashpoint designed for level 37+ characters. It is shorter than Boarding Party/Dorin’s Sky. To access this flashpoint, you must have completed Dorin’s Sky/Boarding Party at least once (everyone in your party must have completed it ).

The Foundry Guardian

This is the first boss in the instance. He has 71 k HP. He might be bugged at the writing of this guide as one his abilities seem to not work and making the fight very trivial (essentially tank & spank).

The basic mechanic with this fight is:

  • Molten Burst: This is a channeled ability that cannot be interrupted, which players must away from.

However, this mechanic is not working at the moment as my party members were right next to the boss and did not take any damage. There is no emote when this ability is casted, but if you watch the mob’s cast bar, the symbol for this ability looks like this.




This is a fun fight, can be a bit challenge for your healers if they are low level or if they are inexperienced to MMO mechanics.

HK-47 has several abilities:

  • Flamethrower: This is a conal ability, meaning that tank should face HK-47 away from the rest of the party or they will suffer AoE damage.


  • Snipe: This is HK-47’s favourite ability and can be quite nasty. Seems to be directed at random party members and hit them for ~3k HP per shot. Healers needs to be on the ball here and make sure everyone is above 50% health or a snipe can finish them off.
  • Knockback: This ability is used whenever HK-47 is about to port away. Doesn’t do any real damage but can be annoying.


  • Grenades: Occasionally, HK-47 will throw a grenade at a random party member which will damage them and nearby allies for around 800-900 damage.


In addition to HK-47’s abilities, the actual fight has several mechanics as well. The mechanics are repeating, which means that once you seen it once, it will repeat again and again until HK-47 dies. It basically boils down to killing the adds as soon as they spawn, damage the boss, and then unlock the boss when he get encased in a core. I will explain in detail below.

HK-47 will call adds to aid him. The adds are extermination droids, each with 7k HP. There are typically two waves of adds, each wave contains two droids. One of the wave will be melee extermination droids while the other wave will the ranged extermination droids. Shortly before the adds pop, HK-47 will give an emote: Extermination units, converge! A few seconds after that he will do his knockback ability and port to a corner of the room to snipe on your party members. Tanks should pick up the adds and DPS kill them asap. Once the adds are down, you can go back to damaging HK-47 until the next wave pop.

Once both waves are down, HK-47 will port to the center of the room and encase himself in the powercore.

The powercore has 4 pillars for each party member to position themselves in. You need to click on the thingie on the pillar to unlock HK-47 from the power core.


As soon you unlock HK-47, the whole cycle repeats again: 1st wave of adds, damage boss, 2nd of adds, damage boss, unlock boss from power core.

This is long fight and if a healer is not careful he/she can run out of resources quickly. Thankfully you do get  a bit of a break when HK-47 encase himself in the powercore to alllow you to recharge your resources.


Burrower Matriarch

This is the miniboss you get at the end for completing the bonus objectives. It is pretty much a tank and spank fight except you need to watch out for the acid split from the boss and run away from it. The boss also does a frontal knockback so you could get knocked into the acid spit.

The acid spit is very nasty and does around 2k damage per tick so you need to get out of it as soon as possible.



N4-10 Exterminator

Another mini-boss with very easy mechanic. You need to not step in the blue circles he places on the ground. Tanks should also position him facing away from the rest of the party as some of his abilities might be conal.



This is not a particularly challenging fight for the last boss. However, this fight it a bit buggy so you will need to do exactly what I say or he will become unkillable in the end and you will have to kill yourselves to reset him (jumping off the railings to your death works!)

Revan himself have several abilities:

  • Force Choke: He will grab a random party member in the air and choke them. This is not a big deal usually except when it happens to healers and tanks. If this is done to a tank, he will turn around and start whacking on the closest DPS.


  • Huge knockback: The knockback Revan performs is massive and you will be launch all the way to the otherside of the room. Try stay in the middle as I am not sure if the railings will protect you if you stand too far on the side. The knockback only affect those in his proximity so healers and ranged DPS should not be affected. Aggro seems to reset when he does the knocback so tank need to gain threat ASAP. Knockback hits for about 700 damage.


  • Force Push: He will force party a random party member near him to the otherside of the room. He loves to force push the tank to the other side of the room and then start attacking on the DPS next to him so tanks need to run back ASAP when this happens.
  • Force Storm: About 50% into the fight, he will summon all party members right next to him and then start doing an AoE attack called force storm. Each tick of force storm does 200 damage. This ability has a range so you will need to run out to avoid taking damage. This ability also place a slow on you so you might need to use force speed or equivalent to get out. The slow can be purged by healers.


  • Falling rocks: when Revan reaches 20% health, he will start performing an abilities that bring down rocks from the sky. There will be purple circles on the ground warning you where the rocks will hit. Avoid those circles.


There are no other special mechanics to this fight other than Revan’s abilities.

BUG: You must not attack Revan when he is performing channeled abilites like Force storm and bring him down to below 10%. If you do this, the fight will bug out and Raven will not trigger his script.  When Revan is at low health, just stop DPS when he does force storm or falling rocks.


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