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Outdated – see updated guide

Hey everyone, as many of us are approaching 50, we are all trying to gain affection to our companions so they can perform crew skills faster. Here is a quick guide to help you out with with what gifts each of your companion likes.



The source of these info came from this thread on the official forums and I cross checked with the info on SWTORface and Oldrepublic.net

As always, if you see something that is an error, feel free to point it out in the comments section below.


Updated – 1.1: raised Bowdar’s affection rating towards Luxary to ++, lowered affection rating towards trophy to +. Raised Zenith’s affection rating towards imperial memorabilia to +.

Update 2.0 – correct many mistakes, now have 3 rankings ranging from +++ (purple), ++ (red) + (orange). Separated courting and romance (i.e. some companions like Talos gain affection from courting gifts without romance options). Images are now in png format and an excel document is provided via Google docs.

Gift List

Note about courting gifts: If you are in romance with a companion, the courting gifts will work. The list below lists courting gifts that work without being in a romance.






Detailed data

Sith Inq


Excel document

Google docs

Windows Live skydrive

  • Xircone

    I’ve given Ashara (Inquisitor) severl tech gifts and none of them ever give more than 0 affection.

    • thanks for this, I will double check on my Ashara and edit as need

    • edouard

      military supplies dont work either.

      • military supplies worked for me. i got +36 affection, the same amount as weapons

    • ArsMoritoria

      Ashara (as far as I can tell) is unique in that she initially gains very little affection from gifts of any sort. Once you trigger a specific conversation with her, however, she opens up and gains normal amounts of affection.

      I do not know the exact required affection to get that conversation, but it was somewhere between 1700 and 2000. If someone can find this information, I would appreciate it. As well, I think it was a conversation that could only be had on the ship.

      Here is my Affection list data for her:

      Ashara Zavros:
      Courting: +96 (+0)
      Cultural Artifact: +54 (+24)
      Imperial Memorabilia: +24 (+0)
      Luxury: +24 (+0)
      Military Gear: +54 (+24)
      Republic Memorabilia: +96 (+24)
      Technology: +24 (+0)
      Trophy: +0
      Underworld Goods: +0
      Weapon: +54 (+24)

      The numbers in parentheses are her initial gains, while the numbers without are once you have had the aforementioned conversation. You will notice that the initial numbers match up with your chart.

      • cool, thanks for this data and info! I am still rather low with Ashara so I can check that for you and see when you get that convo.

        • ArsMoritoria

          I should probably add that affection gains vary in direct relation between the rank of the gift given and the “rank” of affection of the companion receiving the gift. Affection ranks are achieved every 2000 affection, although I’m not certain if the threshold is at every even thousand or if it is 1 over (I think rank 1 is -infinity to 2000, 2 is 2001 to 4000, and so on, but it may be up to 1999, 3999, 5999, etc.).

          At even rank, you get 100% of the affection gain (+0, +24, +54 or +96), for giving a gift 1 rank below, the gain is 50% (+0, +12, +27 or +48). A gift 2 ranks below gives 20%, rounded as appropriate (+0, +5, +11, +19), and a gift 3 ranks below gives 0%. Giving a gift 1 level over (e.g. giving a companion less than 2000 affection a rank 2 gift) gives +10% affection, rounded as appropriate (+0, +26, +59 and +106). I have not bothered giving a gift two ranks over my level of affection, as it seems a waste, but I am curious as to the results. If I can secure a rank 5 gift for one of my lower affection companions, I’ll try it out sometime.

          For anyone testing any of the information in your tables, it would probably help if they were to list their affection before giving a gift. That might shore up some of the confusion people seem to be having.

  • Lady Republic

    There’s also an entire category of affection missing, as far as I can tell. There are three gains – +96, +54, and +24. Then there’s the zero gain category. According to these matrices as far as I can see, it only lists two types of category gain – may want to double check other sources for the third type. I’ve been updating my own copies as I can, but have very little on Empire classes so far. Good start though!

    • Ya I noticed when I was researching this info. However, the info right now on which ones are tier 2 and tier 3 (give the most affection) is pretty confusing so I opted to just include tier 2 and tier 3 together as one tier for now.

  • Arconis

    Just used technology on Ashara as SI and got +0 so is there something else which makes this work differently or something?

    • Hey thanks for this. I will update this info. I think you might have to romance her for it to work. I am not too certain.

    • Lakh

      I get the feeling it’s not quite as simple as a type.

      I’ve had Qyzan turn his nose up at one type of Underworld Good (I think it might’ve been a Hutt list – I just looked to see it was an OK type then clicked) but then accept and give ~26 rep for an Underworld rumour sheet.

      Could have just weirded out on that one item, buuut…

      • according to the chart, Qyzan has + for underworld goods so an affection gain of 26 sounds about right

        • Lakh

          Yes, but why give rep for one type of underworld good & not for another?

          • Oh hmm that is odd. I wonder if it is simple a bug or something

  • James

    Dark Jaesa gets no affection from imperial memorabilia…so tired

  • frag971

    Rank 1 Imperial Memorabilia and Couting give 19 affection for Ensign Temple at 4930

    • cool, thanks for the info!

      • frag971

        More data points:
        Ensign Temple @8672 affection: rank 1 gifts give +0 affection.
        SCORPIO @648 affection: rank 1 technology gives +96 affection.

  • Scumbagsteve

    Amazing reference, you sir are bookmarked

  • Jikel

    Brilliant resource, thanks so much for keeping this list.

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  • there is some missinformation on this table, theres a couple of Companions that change the affection gained based on the afftection you already have.

    Take Ashara (IA comp) for instance, she get much more affection when u reach the 2k barrier.

    This is an actual working table


    , but since is organized by Companion name, it sux.

    I used your as a base and changed the values, althou i cannot change your google docs.

    • I have heard this about Ashara, I will look more into it and try to get the table updated soonish, right now it is accurate for initial gains (low affections) I think.

  • Bob

    It’s 96 for +++ 

  • Andrea

    Great list! Although I’m oretty sure it’s Torian, not Blizz, that the female BH can romance 😛

  • Light

    Light side Jeasa is not romancable for the Sith Warrior.

  • Is it depends from gender of your char?

  • Tsais

    The web is littered with infinite amounts of who-likes-what lists and images.

    What seems to have disappeared is the freaking list of actual gift names, so you can buy that crap on the GTN…

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