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Flashpoint guide: The Colicoid War Game

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Hey everyone, here is another flashpoint guide for SWTOR, this time for The Colicoid War Game. This flashpoint is designed for players of level 41+ and it is recommended that you are at least 40 before you attempt this flashpoint as the first phase of the flashpoint can be difficult if you are under leveled.

I have to say this flashpoint is the most fun I had in a long time. It is unconventional in an MMO and it is very fresh.

Phase 1: Turrets

There are 4 turrets in the area you enter, each group member will need to take one turret and defend against waves of assaulting Colicoids. These turrets will fire automatically when you point them at enemy Colicoids so there is no need to to click on anything to fire. If you click on stuff, you could get dismounted and lose valuable time.

There are three types of Colicoids. The only one you need to really concern is the white droid Colicoids. These Colicoids are ranged based and if you do not gun them down first they will kill you. After you finish off the ranged, you can switch to the melee ones as they run pretty slow.

flashpoint-colicoid war game

If you are good at aiming and killing things fast, you can help your teammates out. Beware of blind spots, sections of the area between you and your teammate. These areas tend to get neglected. The turrets can rotate 360 degrees.

If your team is taking too much damage from the ranged droids, the healer can get off and heal if the remaining 3 party members can cover for the healer’s spot.

Another thing to note is that as long one party member survives when all the Colicoids have spawned (even if you didn’t kill them all), you will win this phase. Usually it is the tank who will survive the longest.

Late into the fight, some big Colicoids will spawn. These are the 3rd type of Colicoid you will encounter. These have a lot of hp but are melee so keep your kill priority on the ranged droid Colicoids.


Having + endurance stims will also help surviving this phase.

There are actually two rounds of this, the 2nd round is about the same difficulty.

Round 1


Round 2


Phase 2: Puzzle

This is the fun part of the flashpoint. After you defeat the waves of Colicoids, you will enter the hazardous testing grounds. There are a couple of thingies on the ground that will spew out flame but it doesn’t happen too often and the flames don’t do much damage so they are an annoyance more than anything.


The droids here do knockback and will knock you down to your death. All party members must face their back to a wall or they will be knocked below. There is a droid that paths so you will need to kill him first. This pather also respawn so you will need to watch out for that.

The forcefields are also good for putting your back against to prevent getting knockback.

When you first enter the area after you kill the pather, you will want to go to your left and kill the droids there. Place your backs against that wall at the end so you are facing the forcefield on the other end.


After you defeat the droids at the first console, have one person stand there and operate the console. This will open up the forcefield at the other hand. Have the tank run in and pull the droid at the other end of the forcefield back while the rest of the party members stand where the console is and face their back to the wall. One person must remain at a console for the forcefield to open. If they move away from the console, the forcefield will close. Keep this system in mind.


Opening the 2nd console will grant access to the 3rd console to the left of the 1st console.


Opening the 3rd console will grant access to the 4th console.


All the droids should be pulled back to the wall where the first console is. Healer should get the first console, the two DPS get the 2nd and 3rd. This allows the tank to pull the droids back to the first console. When running back to the first console to fight the droids, the person that has the last console should disengage from their console first otherwise they will get locked out if the person before them disengage it first.

After the tank gets the 4th console, the person at the first console should run to the 5th console way at the back. This allow the tank at the 4th console to disengege and run to the masterswitch that will end round 1 of this puzzle phase.


Round 2 is pretty much the same thing.

Opening the first console will grant access to 2nd console located here.


Using this console opens up the 3rd console immediately to the left of the first console.


Using this opens up the 4th console


The person at the first console must now run in and open the master switch (it is the red forcefield where the 3rd console is).

Phase 3: Arena Boss (Annihilator 6K-A2)

There are 3 Colicoids you must defeat first. These can be crowd controlled so if you cannot handle two at once then this is the way to go.

Killing the 3rd Colicoid in the arena will spawn the final Colicoid boss.


He is quite easy, just avoid the red circles on the ground as they will turn into fire. Ranged DPS and healers need to move around quite a bit to avoid the red circles.


The boss also do not have a lot of hitpoints so this fight will be pretty much a cakewalk. Think of it as a reward for getting through phase 1.


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