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Sith Inquisitor relic datacon guide

Hey everyone, if you are like me, you probably skipped some of the datacon hunting in the earlier levels. Now that you are 50, one the first thing you should do is getting yourself this item for your relic slot!

Note: If you looking for a guide for the other datacrons specific to inquisitors (willpower, endurance, presence), check out my other guide here


This relic required 3 Red Matrix shards. I will show you how to find them and assemble them below!

Red Matrix Shard 1- Korriban

The first red matrix shard is located on Korriban, in the Tomb of Tulak Hord right before where the heroic quests are (i.e. Hate Machine). Location is –55, 379.


I stole this image from swtor-spy datacon guide.


Red Matrix Shard 2 – Hoth

You need to buy Hydro-Thinner from the Hoth cantina vendor in the base first before you can get this red matrix shard. It costs 18 k credits if I remember correctly.

The red matrix shard itself is located in Highmount Ridge, south of Leth outpost at location -735, 1702.


It is under a cliff thingie.


Red Matrix shard 3 – Ilum

This shard is located in the Republic base south of the Imperial base. It can be abit tricky getting to it as you need to avoid the Champion Droids which cannot be CC’ed (i.e. Whirlwind does not work on them).


Upon your arrival at the republic base, do not go down the tunnel but instead go to the right and head up to that ridge.


The red matrix shard is located inside the hut here.



Once you have all 3 red matrix shards, you need to head to Dromund Kaas and go to the Dark Temple


The entrance is to the left


Place the 3 shards on the machines in the back and use the assembler and voila you have it!


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19 replies on “Sith Inquisitor relic datacon guide”

If you can add the red shard location in Ord Mantell to your guide, it’d double as a guide to Jedi Consulars too!

Nice! I will head over to there on my commando and take a look! Is the Taris one same for the Republic as well? 

If I’m not mistaken, the only matrix shard on Taris is a green one for republics. Oh, and the assembly thingie for republic is in Jedi Temple Ruins on Coruscant.

This whole site is great thanks, i havent found loads of good stuff for sage healers on the net so when i find gems like these its great, quick question, obviously im a sage so the hoth and ilum ones are accessible and i take it from the comments that my other shard is on Ord Mantel, but where then would i assemble them? Jedi Temple perhaps?

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