Sith sorcerer/Jedi Sage PVP/PVE gear set list


Hey everyone, I compiled a list of all the available vendor PVE/PVP sets for Sith sorcerer/Jedi Consular. I made it mostly for quick reference, so I don’t have go to the vendor and drool at the stats on each set. Hope you find it useful as well!

Tiered Gear sets

Tier 1 – Centurion (PVP)/Tionese (PVE)

Tier 2 – Champion (PVP)/Columi (PVE)

Tier 3 – Battlemaster (PVP)/Rakata (PVE)

Tiered Gear bonuses

PVP Force-Mystic (“Healer” set)

  • (2) Reduces the lockout debuff duration of Static Barrier or Force Armor by 3 seconds.
  • (4) Consumption or Noble Sacrifice restore 3% of max health over 6 seconds

PVP Force-Master (“DPS” set)

  • (2) Reduces cooldown of Crushing Darkness or Mind Crush by 1.5 seconds. Crushing Darkness or Mind Crush damage heal you for 0.5% of max health
  • (4) Increases range of Shock and Jolt or Project and Mind Snap by 5 meters.

PVE Force-Mystic (“Healer” set)

  • (2) Reduces cooldown of Innervate or Healing Trance by 1.5 seconds.
  • (4) Increases total Force by 50.

PVE Force-Master (“DPS” set)

  • (2) Reduces cost of Lightning Strike and Force Lightning or Disturbance and Telekinetic Throw by 2
  • (4) Affliction or Weaken Mind damage has a 10% chance to increase alacrity by 5% for 15 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds

Actual Gear list

  • Image format


List of mods on the armor set

This information might be helpful for those looking to remove the mods and put them on their other armor pieces.

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  • Hi Dulfy. LOVE your guides and info. You make it much easier for me to understand different aspects of the game. I’ve been puttering along, trying to figure out why every lvl50 I meet is going nuts to locate a crystal, or finish a FP, or whatever. I come to your site, and see, “Oh, that’s a nice item for a Sorc to have. Guess I better get on it.” Again, thank you for writing these. 🙂

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  • Hi I was curious if theres a list out there with BiS gear for sorc healers with the current content? Thanks :>

  • Do u have a list of your current healing gear?

  • BerteL

    Any chance for a BiS list? 🙂

  • Fireguy32

    Wow enjoy your info (this is my first post!) but I am banging my head against the wall here im a madness hybrid spec sorcerer I have all 61 and 63 mods, armor, and enhancements but under my implants and ear piece I ride with Rakata why you ask? because it seems all the stats decrease except for power (which I know is what I need) which is a big boost but at the cost of all my main stats willpower, endurance (im squishy already), crit. Should I put the BH mk-1 in there for the power boost? go to 63 armoring but lose my endurance? ahhhhh help please!!! Here is me

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