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Flashpoint guide: Hardmode Black Talon

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Hello everyone, this flashpoint guide is for hardmode (HM) Black Talon. I did not write a guide for the normal mode Black Talon as it was relatively easy and a lot of the mechanics can be ignored. At level 50, you get to revisit this flashpoint in hardmode, where a lot of the mechanics are more apparent and less forgiving.

Keep in mind that a lot of the boss encountes, if not all, have an enrage timer where the boss goes into mode that deals a lot of damage and can one shot the group. Good DPS is essential for some of the fights here. I will point out any fights with unforgiving enrage timer.

The first encounter

This is not a boss fight but the first instance where you start combat in Black Talon (right after a cutscene) can be a pretty rough fight for healers. Those guys hit pretty hard but kill the 3 adds first and then the main guy. Tanks should try to taunt and grab all the adds if possible unless he/she is undergeared.


Light side 1st boss – Sergeant Boran

This is the fight encounter you get if you choose the light side during the cutscene conversation. It is a party of 4, Sergeant Boran being the main boss in this group. Kill the healer (Doc Simon) first, interrupt his heals (Medscan – 3 second cast time). Kill the other 2 adds and then focus on Sergeant Boran last. Adds can be kited by the DPS if the tank cannot keep all of them to him/herself. Tanks may need to manually aggro all of the adds.

No real special mechanics on this fight otherwise. Crowd Control (CC) abilites do not work here as all of the adds here have boss immunity.


Darkside 1st boss – GXR-5 Sabotage Droid

The main thing with this boss is the probe droid he spawns that will explode and deals around 7 k damage to nearby party members. They like to spawn near the melee as well but some do spawn near the ranged occasionally.


Ranged DPS should take them out or everyone can avoid the probe droids and kite any droid around them. These droids only last for a short duration and will automatically self – detonate after awhile.

Also, at the time of writing, the dark side is kinda bugged and a lot of the enemies do not spawn so you can avoid quite a bit of trash and get straight to this boss.

Drops: The first boss drops a Tionese waist item. Here is the one for Sith inquisitors.



Commander Ghulil

He comes with two adds, which can be killed quickly. His main thing is an ability called plasma probe, which can be and should be interrupted. If you interrupt this ability, this fight is pretty much a “tank and spank” fight.

If left un-interrupted, these plasma probes will place themselves around party members and spray fire AoE for 2 minutes, hurting anyone nearby. You can avoid these quite easily but tanks may need to move when a plasma probe lands near them.


Drops: he drops legs. Here is the sith inquisitor light armor version.



GXR-7 Command Droid

This guy is a bonus boss you can unlock. Once you destroy four computer consoles, he will spawn!

He has a pretty short enrage timer but you can get around this by having the tank line of sight (LOS) him around a pillar and have the tank pop out whenever to throw out a taunt.

DPS do not need to LOS him but should becareful to not over-DPS and get aggro. Once the boss is enraged, it can one shot the DPS. Better be slow than sorry!



Yadira Ban (aka Bubblegum)

She is the last boss of the flashpoint, we call her bubblegum due to her skin color! She also have a very short enrage timer, you need to kill her quickly or she will enrage. If she does enrage, tank should pop their cooldowns and kite her if need.

Her abilities cannot be interrupted.

The main thing with this boss is periodically throughout the fight she will pull the entire party member in via an ability called Cyclone Nova (this also snares everyone and can be cleansed) and everyone needs to run out or she will do a massive AoE that will kill you!

You don’t have to run too far out to avoid it. The distance in the picture below is perfect!


Drops: She drops the token for a Columi wrist piece and Biometric Crystal Alloy for crafting.



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3 replies on “Flashpoint guide: Hardmode Black Talon”

Ok I have a question and I can’t seem to find any info on it. On the very first encounter where you have to kill the mini boss to get access to the bridge, does he auto aggro once the cine is over or is there some time before? Because it seems every time either the tank takes massive damage or a dps does and I can’t keep up. Other encounters I heal fine (unless we don’t make the enrage timers).

Also, live the guides thank you for doing this as it is a tremendous help.

The encounter aggros as soon as the cutscene ends. This encounter is pretty darn hard to heal through and its comparable to a boss fight (if not harder). I don’t recall what difficulty level are all the mobs but if there are strongs and normals mixed in DPS should kill off all the normals ASAP to minimize overall incoming damage. Also if you can, try sneak in an AOE heal asap to help “pad” some of the initial damage. If you can, shield everyone before the cutscene starts and if everyone spacebar through the cutscene and pick the option 1 to start attack right away it should be still active and give you another layer of “padding”.

GXR-7 as 2 moves: Power Blast & Power Punch. Power blast is just channeled ranged shots that cannot be interrupted. Hits pretty hard.
Power Punch is 4m melee atk that it uses after 1~2 power blast. Knock back & basically resets hate on tank, attack next on hate list until re-taunted. It’s what makes this boss annoying at times.
One trick I just found is to have tank stand outside 4m. This way it only uses Power blast & will not turn at all.

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