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Hey everyone, the puzzle for Advanced Magenta Crystal has being solved and I have created a little guide here to help you getting your own!

What is the Advanced Magenta Crystal you ask? It is a crystal for your weapon that makes it look magenta! (in between purple/pink, more on the pink side!) – thanks to Bane on Harbringer for making me this!!


There are 3 versions of it. +33 crit +33 end, and +33 power.

You can get the schematics for it by killing the world boss in Belsavis (seems to drop the +33 crit one) and Hoth (seems to drop the +33 endurance one). **Not really confirmed. Each world boss might have a chance to drop the schematics for any of the three.

If you look at one of the recipes here, it requires 4 items

  • Primeval Artifact Fragment
  • Lorrdian Gemstone
  • Corusca Gem
  • Magenta Adegan Crystal

The first 3 items are rather easy to acquire, it is the last item, the Magenta Adegan Crystal that takes some effort and the rest of this guide will walk you through it.

Step 1: Tatooine

Once you arrive on Tatooine, you want to head to Jundland, it is north of Mos Anek and near the Republic Dreviad Outpost. The coordinates are around 470, –2047 (looks like I had the coordinate bug on my picture but the location is correct- thanks Noshei!). Keep in mind that not all of the water thingies have the clickable so if the one you are on don’t have it then find another one in the area.


Once you arrive there, you will see this water thingie. Click on the thingie at the bottom and you should get a buff!



Step 2: Hoth

Once you are on Hoth, you want to take the speeder to Leth Outpost (Leth Outpost is Imperial outpost but it is in the general area of Highmount Ridge) . Once you are in Leth Outpost, go north and look for this building.



There is a mountain right beside it, climb up and once you are high enough (around coordinate –993, 148)  you will get a debuff and receive an item in your inventory: Pure shockfrozen water



Step 3: Ilum

Once you have the water, head to Ilum and go to this area south of the Imperial waystation (coordinates –548, 36)


Once you get there, look for something called Depleted White Adegan Crystal. Click on it will spawn a level 50 champion called Force Ghost with 215 k HP. Killing him will grant your Magenta Aegan Crystal!


This boss may require a party of 4 people to kill it. If you die, don’t worry, the item is still in your inventory and you can respawn him. Anyone with the water in their inventory will receive the crystal once you click on it after killing the Force ghost.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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There are tons of water vaporators throughout the Jundland, and the panel only shows up on a few water vaporators at a time. Once you loot it, it disappears from that vaporator and moves to another random one.

Might want to add that little tidbit.

Has anyone run into the problem of not receiving the water in you inventory on Hoth? My buff from Tat is gone, I have the extreme altitude debuff from Hoth, but I have no item in my inventory.

Your inventory was full. I had the exact same problem. The chat box read something to the extent of “Failed to add ‘Pure Shockfrozen Water’ to your inventory!”

3 more things – buff has 20 min duration (yes I know it doesn’t show, but it’s there), and (of course) it does not persist through death.
And don’t “use” it – since some patch it is not reusable, as it was before.

[…] Advanced Lethal Magenta (+33 Critical Rating) – Requires Level 49 Advanced Resonating Magenta (+33 Power) – Requires Level 49 Advanced Intrepidity Magenta (+33 Endurance) – Requires Level 49 (Schematic drops from World Bosses: Gargath (level 49 Hoth) and Primal Destroyer (level 50 Belsavis) Requires unique material Magenta Adegan Crystal. A guide on how to get it can be found here […]

FYI, I was able to get it from a vaporator just north of Mos Ila. Can provide screenie if required, but maybe it’s “any” vaporator? All the ones I checked in the area you provided had nothing on them, and I encountered another guide that mentioned Mos Ila.

It really is any vaporator. I got my buff near spaceport (Anchorhead?), twice from vaporator just SW from speeder (~50m). It looks like clickable item on base of structure.

Is it possible to collect the buff in Tatooine with level 34? Just asking, cause I travelled around the whole map a few times and found nothing.

Does any of you guys know if you can have more than one [Pure Shockfrozen Water on your inventory , and if you kill the force ghost , you get more than 1 [Magenta Adegan Crystal] ???

IIRC the Magenta crystal you get after killing the force ghost is a unique item so you can have multiple waters, but only have 1 crystal on you at a time..just give the waters to your friends..kill ghost an they all get a crystal then head for a mailbox or cargo hold..or start crafting the finished ones immediately 🙂

I don’t know if this has changed or not, but you don’t get the magenta crystal from looting the ghost. After you kill the ghost, some additional crystals appear behind you. Click on these to get the magenta crystal.

Dulfy hasn’t updated this guide with the information about Rough Adegan crystals harvested on Alderaan, then refined on Tython/Korriban. These are needed in addition to the crystals the force ghost drops. Also, the force ghost is solo-able these days as a level 55

The instructions are WRONG! You have to DRINK the Shockwave Frozen Water BEFORE you click on the Depleted White Adegan Crystal! Otherwise you have to repeat the quest from the beginning!

I can personally confirm that you can now have more than 1 pure shockfrozen water in your inventory (I don’t know if you can pick up one while still having one in your inventory, I placed mine in the cargo hold when I picked up a new one).

You can activate the boss by just clicking the Depleted White Adegan Crystal. No need to drink the water. Water is not consumed until you click the crystal on the floor after killing the boss. You will receive one uncut magenta crystal each time you click the crystal on the floor. You will consume one shockfrozen water each time you click.

The crystals also stack now. (I can upload a screenshot with a stack of 3 on my artificer if requested)

Yes. I can confirm that I’ve got this crystal two days ago soloing at lvl65 with 208 gear. And I do have the KOTFE expansion.

Forgot to tell that the boss himself doesn’t drop the crystal. You will need to click on the crystal formation nearby.

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