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Sith Sorcerer Healing guide!

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Hello everyone, here is a guide I created for healing on the Sith Sorcerer. Like any guide, there are personal preferences at play. I will do my best to explain the reason why I do so and so.

Build (at 50)


(Here is the Torhead link)

There are certain talents/point you must take as a healer but there are some also some talents that tend to be different for everyone. I have indicated the talents that I think might raise some discussion below.


Empty body – Increase all healing received by 8%. This was largely dismissed  as a PVP talent by some people. However, this is very beneficial in PVE as well. Every healer will receive a lot of incoming damage in PVE. Whether it is because of bad tanks, AOE you suppose to avoid or just random damage from mobs. A dead healer is the worst healer you can be. Those 8% may not seem much at first but when you need to heal yourself, they come into play and can make a difference at the end of the day.

Dark Resilience – This talent reduce the health spent by Consumption by 2%. This is a rather waste of 2 points as you have the Force Surge talent and you will almost never use Consumption without this proc being active once you get into the swing of things. Even if you do screw up and somehow end up with no force need to use Consumption right away, the 2% difference in health decrease won’t make a difference. Even if you use Consumption 4 times without the Force Surge proc, it will only save you 8% health, which is no different than Empty body’s 8% increased healing received and Empty body is useful all the time.

Fadeout – Sounds great in Huttball and might have potential use in PVE when you need to move quickly out of a nasty AOE or something but its usefulness is limited and situational at best. The points can be better spent elsewhere.

Conspiring Force  -  Affliction lasts for 15 seconds so this will slow the enemy by 20% for 15 seconds. It has potential usage in PVP and when soloing but in flashpoints and operations most bosses are immune to the slow and the points can be better spent elsewhere.


Subversion – This may seem an odd point allocation but I find it pretty useful. There are times when you are healing something but you find yourself needing to DPS simply because the healing is not very intensive or you need to help the group to meet the enrage timer. Casting your damaging spells can be costly in terms of force and you might be abit low on force from all the prior healing. This ability allow you to chain – cast Lightning Strike and have a 50% chance for it to increase your force regen. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

Sith Defiance – As an alternative to allocate one point to Subversion, you may spend it here instead. The 1% damage reduction isn’t much but it is permanent and on 24/7!


Most of the tiered endgame  PVP/PVE armor have the name Force-Mystic on it to indicate that it is healing armor (non armor pieces may have the name Force-Master). The reason why you want to grab this set is because of the set bonus.

PVP Force-Mystic (“Healer” set)

  • (2) Reduces the lockout debuff duration of Static Barrier or Force Armor by 3 seconds.
  • (4) Consumption or Noble Sacrifice restore 3% of max health over 6 seconds

PVE Force-Mystic (“Healer” set)

  • (2) Reduces cooldown of Innervate or Healing Trance by 1.5 seconds.
  • (4) Increases total Force by 50.

There are three tiers of gear at endgame: Tionese/Columi/Rakata for PVE and Centurion/Champion/Battlemaster for PVP. You can mix match armors from different tier and still get the set bonus (i.e. you can have Tionese boots and Rakata chestpiece and it will count as 2/5  of a set).

The set bonuses, especially the (2) ones, are super nice.

You should consult this list to see all the available three tiers of PVE/PVP gear.

Relics: For relics I like to use the matrix cube you get from combining three red matrix shards and a relic that has a press to use ability. If you don’t know how to get your matrix cube, you should follow this guide here. The other relic I have that has the press to use ability is the Columi Relic of Forbidden Secrets which I think I got it either from a Champion gear bag from PVPing or from the first “real” boss in hardmode Boarding Party.  This relic will give you 220 critical rating and surge rating for 20 seconds with a 2 minutes cooldown. This is a pretty handy thing to have and I like to use it right before I throw out my AOE heal so it heals up party/operation members faster.

Healing Rotation

You essentially have 4 direct heals, 1 AOE heal and 1 shield at your disposal.

The three direct heals you will commonly use are

  • Resurgence: not really used as a heal but rather used to proc Force Bending. It also grant 10% armor to target, which is nice. Ideally used on the tank everytime it comes off cooldown (6 secs).
  • Innervate: This is a channeled healing spell that ticks for 4 ticks. It also have the ability to proc Force Surge when it crits. In my opinion it is the single best heal we get. It has a 9 secs cooldown, which is reduce to 7.5 secs with the PVE healer set bonus (2).
  • Dark Infusion: I use this when Innervate it is not up. The default casting time with 2/2 in Dark Mending is 2.5 secs but this can be reduced to 1.5 secs with Force Bending active.
  • Dark Heal: Has a default casting time of 1.5 secs and has its force cost reduced by 50% when Force Bending is active. However, it heals for a much smaller amount and does not scale well with healing bonus. (healing bonus coefficient is only 1.75 while the one for Dark Infusion is 3.41). I actually rarely, if ever use this heal. The only use for it would be when you are low on force or when you tank is taking a tiny bit of damage and you want to top him/her off.

Revivification is our AOE heal. It heals for up to 8 targets within 8 meters of the target area.  It is mostly an area of effect HoT (Heal over Time) although at the time of writing this heal is bugged as it is supposed to have a large initial heal as well.

Static Barrier is our shielding ability. It will shield for 3.27 *healing bonus + (0.164 * 7085). If you are curious where I got the formula, consult this thread here. With a 464 healing bonus, static barrier would shield for ~ 2.7k. It has a 20 second cooldown per target, which is reduced to 17 seconds by the PVP healer set bonus (2).

There is really no healing rotation set in stone. I tend to put Static Barriers on all party members before a pull and refresh it on the tank and whoever else is taking damage. On fights where your group members and/or yourself is constantly taking damage, refresh Static Barrier on all members whenever it is up. The static barrier kinda serve as a buffer against incoming damage, giving you time to react and get a heal off.

Resurgence should be used whenever it is up (on the tank preferably) to grant Force Bending. If you look at your buffbar, you should see this icon to indicate that Force Bending is active.


Once Force Bending is active, you should use Innervate next to heal the damaged party member. This has a chance to proc Force Surge, which grant you a “free” consumption. This is the icon for Force Surge in your buffbar.


You should definitely have  Consumption on your hotbar and bind a key to it for very easy access. When you see the the icon for Force Surge appear, ideally you should be pressing that Consumption button. I must admit that sometimes the healing is so intensive that you don’t have the time to wait for a GCD to use consumption (1.5 secs). You might also get tunneled visioned and not notice the buff icon for Force Surge. This is perfectly ok and with practice you will get better at it.

Depending on whether or not you used Consumption and your alacrity numbers, Resurgence is probably not up by the time Innervate has finished casting. This give you a small window where you can use Dark Infusion. There is currently a “bug” in game that if you press the button for Dark Infusion fast enough, before Innervate completely finishes channeling, you can also get a “double” benefit from Resurgence’s Force Bending ability and this will cause your Dark Infusion to be also 1.5 sec in casting speed even though you already used Force Bending on Innervate.

However, you should not rely on this “bug” as it might get fixed pretty soon and it can be a bad habit to get rid of. You could squeeze in a 2nd Resurgence to proc Force Bending and make your Dark Infusion into a 1.5 cast. By the time you finish casting Dark Infusion, your Innervate will be up but there might be still a 2 second cooldown on Resurgence so it is your judgement call to use Innervate right away or cast Resurgence first and then Innervate.

Summary: Static Barrier –> Resurgence –> Innervate –> Consumption –> (Resurgence) –> Dark Infusion –> Innervate OR Resurgence –> Innervate.

By the time you finish with this rotation, your Static Barrier should be up.

As I mentioned before and I will mention it again, the healing rotation is not set in stone and is intended to give you a general idea of what you should be casting. On certain fights where different party members are taking damage, you may break the rotation by casting Static Barrier on everyone or by dropping an AOE heal bubble. The priority is using Resurgence + Innervate whenever possible and hit Consumption after getting the Force Surge proc. Use Static Barrier to help buffer damage and use Resurgence + Dark Infusion for moments when Innervate is still on cooldown.


When the healing gets easy, you should definitely try to DPS to help out with the enrage timers. I like using the combo of Crushing Darkness + Affliction to DoT the mob up. This give me time to heal some more while the damage is ticking on the mob. Crushing Darkness does a lot of damage but it only last for 6 seconds and its on a 15 seconds cooldown. Affliction last for 15 seconds and has no cooldown.

If I already used my DoT combo, I like to use Shock or Lightning Strike. Shock is instant and hence can be used while moving. Lightning Strike has a 50% chance every cast to increase your force regen by 10% for up to 3 stacks (30%) due to the Subversion talent.  You could also use Force Lightning but my gripe with that ability is that it is a channel spell and sometimes you may need to break off early to heal.

Use your Whirlwind to help CC (Crowd-Control) mobs before pull and use your Electrocute to stun mobs (last for 4 seconds) if your Whirlwind is on cooldown. Don’t forget that you also have an interrupt – Jolt that you can use to interrupt big damaging abilities on mobs that can be interrupted. Ideally your DPS should be handling the interrupts but sometimes they may need help or they just suck.

Extrication is a fun ability to play around with, especially in PvP (i.e. Huttball). For PVE purposes I most commonly use it to pull people out of AOE effects. The threat lowering is nice but I hadn’t much opportunity to use it. Sometimes I love to mess around with party/ops members who are running ahead of me by using Extrication on them and then pop Force Speed right away to speed past them.

On the topic of Force Speed, it is a nice ability to have when you need to run out of ground AOE effects or when you need to chase up to your tank/DPS who are out of range for heals.

Stats prioritization

There are a couple of important stats for Sith sorc healers: Willpower, Power, Force Power, Crit Rating, Surge Rating and Alacrity.

Willpower you get it on all of your gear and it really isn’t in competition with any other stats. It gives 0.14 to bonus healing per point and a very small bonus to crit chance that caps out at 30%. I will explain the bonus healing in a minute.

Power gives you 0.17 bonus healing per point. Force power is a stat you see only on main hand and offhand and it also give 0.17 bonus healing per point. Both force power and power do not have diminishing returns.

Crit rating gets converted to crit chance %. This conversion has a diminishing return, meaning that the more crit rating you have, the less benefit you get from it. This conversions caps out at 30%.

NEW for Patch 1.1.3 – surge’s contribution to crit multiplier now caps at 30% and its per point contribution have been reduced by approximately 10%

Surge rating gets converted to crit multipler %, which determines how hard you hit when you crit. You get a base 50% crit multiplier which means you will hit for 150% more damage/heals than your regular hit without any surge rating. Adding surge rating will increase on this 150%. Surge rating also have a diminishing return and conversion to crit multiplier caps out at 30%.

Alacrity reduces the amount of times it takes to cast  and channel spells. It gets converted into activation speed %.  There is significant debate on whether alacrity affects the GCD (Global Cooldown). The general consensus seems to be that alacrity will reduce GCD if the activation/cast time for a spell is less than 1.5 seconds (GCD for instant spells is not affected). Alacrity also have a diminishing return and the conversion caps out at 30% before buffs/skill bonuses.

Personally I think the discussion is around which of the 4 stats – power, alacrity, surge rating, and crit rating, one should focus on. Willpower and force power are out of the discussion as they are not really in competition with the other stats. It is not good to exclusively focus on any of the 4 stats but there is a small priority system you can use.

First, lets look the diminishing returns curve for crit rating, surge rating and alacrity and their conversion into their respective % values.  (the formulas for the conversions can be found here at, I have modified crit chance % to be only dependent on crit rating. Crit multipler % is based on the % increase past the base 150%.


As you can see, for your first 100 points into the three stats, you get the most return on surge rating as it gets converted to the most crit multiplier %. Alacrity has the lowest return, requiring almost 350 points to get into 10% activation speed. Crit rating seems to have a low return as well.

The next graph will probably illustrate my point better. It shows you a graph of how much of the converted % you gain for every 20 points into each of the three stats.


You can clearly see initially surge rating will give you the greatest return into converted crit multipler %. At around 150 surge rating, you get only ~1.3% increase in crit multipler % for every 20 points into surge rating. Starting around 300 surge rating, you start to get only 0.5 % increase in crit multipler for every 20 points, making it equal to crit rating and alacrity for returns.

There is really no hard numbers on how much of each stats you should have. What it ultimately comes down to its personal preference. After 1.1.3, Surge around 250 is good, you don’t want to go over 300 as it diminishing returns is very significant past that 300 mark as seen in the graphs. You don’t want to neglect crit rating either as stacking for surge rating with low crit chance % will make it less effective.

In terms of crit chance %, you have three contributions in addition to the base 5%: crit rating, willpower and skills (5%). Willpower have a almost linear curve for returns on crit rating. At 1700 willpower, I get about 11% in crit chance. This will give you 11% + 5% (skill) + 5% (base) = 21% crit chance without any investment in crit rating.


300 points into crit rating will give you about 11% crit chance, which would total to 32% crit chance. 400 points into crit rating will give you about 13.5% crit rating, which would total to around 34.5% crit chance. Low 30%ish for crit chance is a pretty good % to have.

If we look at one of our most used healing spell – Innervate, from a pure Force Surge  point of view, this would give us around 30% chance to crit on every tick and there are 4 ticks. This means that there is roughly a (1-(0.7)^4)  or 75% chance that you will get at least one critical Innervate tick everytime you use Innervate without casting Resurgence first which will activate the Force Bending ability (Ideally you would always cast Resurgence first but Resurgence may not always be up due to its 6 second cooldown or the healing is so intensive you may not have the time to “waste” a GCD for Resurgence). With Force Bending active, the chance to get at least a single Innervate tick to crit every cast is about (1-(0.45)) or 96%.

Alacrity is nice to have. I would aim for 300-350 alacrity to get around 10% activation speed. This will make our Innervate into a 2.7 second channeled spell and our Dark Infusion into a 1.35 or 2.25 second cast (depending on if you have Force bending active or not). The first 10% activation speed requires around 350 points in Alacrity but the next 5%-10% would require another 300 or 600 points into Alacrity respectively so it is not really worth further investment.

Power is in my opinion the fall back stat. It is something I would focus on after hitting significant diminishing returns on the other 3 stats. The reason for this is that power gives very little but does not have a diminishing return. As you recall, 1 power give you 0.17 bonus healing. How does this bonus healing gets converted into actual output in your heals?

Lets look at this formula (pulled from for healing.

Ability Healing Min = Coefficient * HealingBonus + StandardHealthPercentMin * StandardHealth

Coefficient and StandardHealthPercentMin are values that are specific for a single healing spell and they can be found under the expanded effect details when you look at a healing ability on Torhead. StandardHealth is another variable but at level 50 this equates to 7085.

Lets look at Dark Infusion. it has StandardHealthPercentMin=>0.16 and HealingPowerCoefficient=>3.41.

Lets assume we gain +50 power, this gets converted to 50 * 0.17 = 8.5 healing bonus. The difference in the healing min for Dark Infusion before and after adding 50 power is as follows

3.41 *(8.5) +(0.16*7085)  – 3.41 * 0 +(0.16*7085) = 3.41 *8.5 = 29 more hitpoints healed on Dark Infusion minimum healing value when rounded.

Now lets look at the first 50 points into crit rating and surge rating. With 464.4 healing bonus, I have 2771 as my minimum healing for Dark Infusion (can be calculated by using the above formula and multiply by 1.02 due to 2/2 in Haunting Presence which give me 2% more healing).

The first 50 points into crit rating give me 2.177% crit chance. Assuming I have 0 surge and just a base multipler of 1.5 for when I crit, it is going to be 2771 * 0.5 *0.02177 = 30 hp increase overall on Dark Infusion when rounded. Using the same logic and diminishing returns, I would get 20.1 hp increase on the 50 points jump from 250 to 300 crit rating.  If I now have say around 300 surge, which is near the maximum recommend surge rating with patch 1.1.3, you will gain a crit multiplier around 0.75. This would give you 45 hp increase for the first 50 points in crit rating and 31 hp for the 50 point increase from 250 to 300. Keep in mind that since power contributes to healing bonus, having more power would increase the min heal amount of Dark Infusion and thereby affect how much gain you get from 50 points into crit rating. .

Surge is a bit hard to compare as surge’s effectiveness is hugely determined by how much crit chance % you have. Your first 50 points into surge would give you 7.96 crit multipler. Assuming a 30% crit rate, your Dark Infusion would gain a HP increase of 2771*0.0796 *0.3 = 66. At around 200 surge rating is where the same HP increase as 50 power is reached.

From a raw HP point of view, you might be asking yourself why should you even bother with surge/crit/alacrity when power can increase the same amount HP with less point investments than all 3 combined? One thing I do like to point out is that healing is very dynamic – it isn’t about the maximum consistent HPS you can pump out. If someone suddenly takes a big hit, you may not be able to recover that person quick enough to save them from subsequent hits unless a) your heals are faster and/or b) your heals suddenly crit. By the same token, you will also overheal – if someone only need 2k to get topped off, and you heal them for 5k, that 3k extra heal is wasted. Diversity and balance are important, focusing on one stat exclusively tend to not work well.

If all these numbers/theorycrafting is making your head hurt, I personally recommend the following prioritization path.

Crit rating around 300,/Surge rating around 250 but no higher than 300 –> alacrity (~350, you will gain this amount naturally by how the gear is itemized, no need to focus on it) –> Power

Hit the “softcaps” for crit/surge/alacrity first then stack for power. This way you have a good balance and diversity. 

In other words, if you are a fresh 50, focus on crit rating/surge rating/alacrity but once you are in Columi or better (tier 2 PVE gear), you will already have so much of them that it is better to stack for power as it have no diminishing return.

Crew Skills

With the recent nerfs to Biochem, it is still very viable as a crew skill. However, what I do recommend, especially if you are new to 50 and have some credits to spend, is to level up Synthweaving first to craft yourself the Rakata belts/bracers and then switch back to Biochem. The synthweaving products are BOP (Bind on Pickup) but do not have a synthweaving requirement to equip. Switching to Biochem will returns these credits you spend to level it up again in the long term as well with the reuseable stuff.

The best crew skill to have at the moment is definitely Biochemistry. If you combine it with Bionalysis for gathering and Diplomacy for mission skills, you are pretty much self sufficient.

With biochemistry you get Rakata Medpac, Rakata Resolve Stim and Rakata adrenals (increase crit rating/alacrity/force power by 565 for 15 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown).

I lost count of how many times the Rakata Medpac have saved my butt! It heals for a significant chunk of HP, can be used on the move, it is instant and does not use up a GCD (Global Cooldown).

Rakata resolve stim will boost your stats by a significant amount and if you are min/maxer it is definitely something you should have. The adrenals are quite nice as well.

These medpacs/adrenals/stims are all reuseable so you don’t have to spend a dime once you have the mats to make one. You can also make the lower end version to sell on the GTN and make a nice sum from it!

UI Setup

I personally find the default group frame horrible and the default size for health bars on the operation frame to be too small. I have adjusted them a bit to suit my playstyle. Here is how you adjust yours.

You need to go your preferences window and click on User Interference and then scroll down to Operations Frame. Check on Use Operation Frames as Party Frames and adjust the health bar width and height as you see fit! Also I find Show Health Text to be helpful as well!


The nice thing is that it also show yourself in the Operation frames as well. This is nice as your can just click on your name to heal yourself and you can keep a close eye on your HP as well if you like to tunnel vision on the health bars (I know I do! sometimes)


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

59 replies on “Sith Sorcerer Healing guide!”

Nice writeup, something that bothers me on the talent tree in general is that Fadeout requires Dark Resilience.

Fadeout is a nicer ability than you give it credit for, the problem is one has to spend 4 talent points to get it and its not worth that. If they weren’t connected its easily worth 2 talent points.

ughts on Consumption
Normally you regenerate 8 Force per second.
With the above build on a normal Consumption cast you return 48 Force with 60 Force over the next 10 Seconds, 6 Force per second due to the Consumption penalty. So over those 10 seconds without a consumption cast you would regenerate a total of 80 Force so you see that it is beneficial to keep a stack of Consumption debuff on you at less that 600 Force. When you get your 4 piece bonus and achieve 650 Force, it’s even more beneficial.

With 4 Piece bonus of 50 extra force it’s 52 Force on use.

Hmm that is interesting, thanks for pointing that out! I have being trained to only hit consumption when I get the force surge thingie active but with this in mind it could be useful. Although with the health decrease on consumption usage without torce bending it might change the math a bit as the in combat hp regen is kinda slow and it can be risky to not heal yourself up on some fights.

Looking at what I posted, it is kinda garbled. It was after a raid and I was mentally exhausted and I was helping out a new sorcerer in our guild.

Withouth Casting a Non Force Surge Consumption:
80 Force over 10 seconds
With Consumption with 1 stack of penalty
108 Force over 10 seconds without 4 piece bonus
112 Force over 10 seconds with 4 piece bonus

I almost always do this when I know I’m about to drop an AoE heal after a resurge.

Oh I totally forgot the AoE heal hehe! Thanks for the re-math, it is alot more clear now! Its kinda funny now I think about it. I see the penalty and right away I get a “turn-off” and forget to examine it closely to see what would happen if I incur that penalty This is definitely something good to keep in mind and not be tunneled into hit consumption only when you have force surge active. Thanks for sharing!

Now, I found Your marvelous Blog…
these posts are really Helpful

How about this?
(assume about 1500 primary stat, anyway any number can be)

these 3 numbers are Constant, yeap, more stat makes no Inefficiency
Combination makes difference due to style, spec but
Adding stat always makes constant efficiency increase

this is an awesome guide and is almost to the word what I do as an healer. However, I do have food for thought….

I created a linear optimised spreadsheet assuming….

A rotation of Static Barrier –> Resurgence –> Innervate –> Consumption –> (Resurgence) –> Dark Infusion –> Innervate OR Resurgence –> Innervate

A level 50 characater

A 2 minutes time period

I used the published maths to then calculate what the total heal output would be for the 2 minute period.

I then set the objective of the scenario to Max Heal Output

I then set some stat constraints, for example…
– Non Negative stats
– Limited the total nr of stats available

I then asked the optimiser to find the max heal output by changing… crit, alacracity, surge, willpower, forcepower/power

I was actually rather surprised when the dominant stat came out to be forcepower/power and under a number of different scenarios, it always looked to max out this stat.

That is not to say I disagree with your post but it was an interesting finding. If you consider each stat in isolation and look at the min/max against each other then the order of surge – crit (to 300) and then onto alacracity and then power seems sensible. However, when you setup an holistic scenario which consider the combinations it tends to favour power, albeit with some investment into the other stats.

Interesting find! Thanks for sharing 🙂 There are formulas out there some people have calculated that tells you exactly how much of each stat you need in relation to power to maximize your heal output in a computerized model similar to yours, assuming a fixed rotation etc. This would be definitely the way to go if you want to fine tune your stats every step of the way.

In a more practical setting though where you are not going to have a perfect rotation and tank/raid damage fluctuates constantly, I do think early investments in surge/crit/alacrity etc over power do wins out. Power will dominate a setting with a steady output of heals without a doubt but in alot of raid settings that isn’t necessarily the case.

Power is an awesome stat but not exactly the best stat to focus on early on when you can gain so much more from other stats that do have a diminishing return, that is the main point I am trying to get across.

Question for you regarding this:
Crit rating/Surge rating (around 300) –> Alacrity (around 350) –> Power.

Are you saying Crit/Surge ratings combined to 300


Crit Rating to 300
Surge Rating to 300

Would just like a little clarification pls!

Hi Dulfy,

First of all let me say thank you very much for the site, guides and all. As a new healer it is helping me a lot.

I configured the ui to be like yours (operation frames) but I see that yours doesn’t have the blue frame on the back. How do I disable it? I want it to look clean like yours.

Thanks again for your time and effort 🙂


What are your thoughts on this change to surge rating and are you going to rework all your graphs/math to account for the change. Interested in if you still encourage that 300 rating number or slightly lower?

Hey, 250 -300 is a pretty sweet spot with the changes. It will give you 72.5-75% ish crit multiplier and isn’t too affected by the changes. Going over 300 seems to be a big no no now. I updated the graphs to give you pre-1.1.3 and post- 1.1.3 surge lines you can compare and contrast 🙂

Interesting article, but I think you have a mistake in your math when calculating the benefit of your crit% increase.

you mention:
The first 50 points into crit rating give me 2.177% crit chance. Assuming I have 0 surge and just a base multipler of 1.5 for when I crit, it is going to be 2771 * 1.5 *0.02177 = 90 hp increase overall on Dark Infusion when rounded.

What you calculate is the total crit amount (2771 * 1.5) times the extra chance for crit. To determine how much you heal *extra* you would need to use the extra amount healed when you crit (2771 * 0.5) times the extra chance to crit. Using this formula you will see that those first 50 points come quite close to power (30 points rounded)

I am still not 100% convinced that getting crit/surge is more beneficial than pure power/forcepower stacking! I have tried all sorts of rotations in my LP and it consistently keeps putting forcepower/power at its max if you want maximum heal output…

I think this is because you get such a large increase in crit for innervate naturally from resurgence… so the extra 3-5% crit chance is limited accross the heals you use…

hmm… Surge though is beneficial as it makes your innervates better with the high % chance to crit already from resurgence..

I think I will tone down your proposed caps on crit to about 200 and then stack power from there. I will keep surge at 300 (as you point out) and perhaps get alacracity to about 250…

so in summary

surge to 300
alacracity to 250
critical to 200
as much power/forcepower as possible

Sadly, with the Rakata gear, you get so much crit/alacrity its crazy…
I think what I am going to do is look at other class’s gear and see if there are any mods/enhancements I can can snag up.

Anyways, with the nerf to surge, crit rating is even less worthwhile than before. 300 is just I use as a reference and as you get more willpower from better gear you can drop it even further or in your case drop to 200.

good point… difference between 200 surge and 300 surge is about 5% extra crit damage. I think I would prefer to put on willpower/power mods/enhancements instead for that 100 points.
I think it is the aptitude mods that are pretty good for inq healers. there is then some enhancements that give you either really high surge or alacracity, which I tend to mix up a little…

Can I also throw out a rather crazy suggestion that the rakata gear isnt as important for us healers….

so what do I mean by that?

Well at the moment the only modification you cant remove is the armour…. so it is true that you will be a bit squishier if you stick to the advanced resolve armourings in your social light gear… but… it tends to have similar if not better healing related stats.

As a healer, unless someone can explain to me otherwise, accuracy is a total waste of time as we dont miss our heals, ever…. so every point in accuracy of healing is a waste.

so… that leave you with the mods and enhancements…. From here you can pickup very good +power/alacracity/surge ones that are 50/52 rating. If you find some on the rakata or columi you like, you can strip them out and use the 52+ mods in your social light armour.

If you then take a look at the rakata implants and headpiece, then they work out worse than the t2 purple crafts, or at the very best equal. If you then manage to get mastercrafts then the t2 crafts outshine a lot as you can stick in an augment….

The only benefit I see of the force master rakata gear over fully kitting out your own social gear is the set bonus. However, the (4) set bonus is pointless (50 extra power), so perhaps its worth putting on two pieces. If you dont want to spoil your looks you could do the gloves and feet, which are probably the easier of the two to get anyway and you pickup your innervate speed boost.

I am a newish level 50 but have been saving for my level 50 gear since about level 42 when I realised the gear I had on was fine to get me to 50. After keeping an eye on the market and buying all the best mods, sash, bracers, implants, ear piece and focuses I could find, I have my bonus heal up to about 490 and I reckon I can get that up to about 550+ while still keeping my other stats at reasonable levels…

any other thoughts on gear? When they allow you to transfer set bonuses accross and take out armour mods then I will dump rakata all together.

At the moment I run in my spaceman outfit from fleet commendations and social ranking, which at least makes you look a bit different than everyone else!

I did some rough calculations by factoring in the 58 armoring from rakata force-mystic set. you get a total of 253 endurance and 275 willpower together from the 58 armoring on all 5 pieces. If you now purchase the ones you can get by doing daily commendations – these are the advanced resolve armoring 23- these are 34 endurance and 48 willpower each so x5 that is 170 endurance and 240 willpower in total. That is a loss of 83 endurance and 35 willpower in terms of armoring, which isn’t too bad. If you now say keep two pieces for the set bonus, the loss is even smaller.

Now Rakata pieces do have an excellent Q25 mod – its 29 endurance/48 willpower/ and 37 power. You can rip these out to stack for power. Enhancement is where rakata gear hits the worst – low power/high alacrity or med crit/high alacrity are the two options. The crafted ones have surge/crit rating combo or power and alacrity combo which are decent for balancing stuff out.

The decrease in endurance might be an issue without the rakata stuff – alot of the raid fights will require you to have a minimum amount of hp for survival.

There are no accuracy on the force-master or the force-mystic rakata set as far as I am aware.

Anyways, excellent suggestion though. I am going to start looking into partially customize if not fully customize the gear and compare it to Rakata and see what we lose/gain exactly 🙂

Only Assassin gear has accuracy. Endurance is very important in Nightmare mode operations, so much that using an Endurance stim seems to be the best idea sometimes. For normal and hard mode, you don’t need so much Endurance.

why do you find endurance important? You get about 500/600 extra hp from the gear but lose a lot in HPS. In most boss fights you have a peak of damage and normally your stim with a 50% damage reduction is enough to control that.

I really see no need to have endurance so high when our job is to heal people.

Question. I exclusively PvP and am wondering if its worth it to run with two pieces of columi gear for the set bonus and the rest battlemaster gear. I haven’t done any calculations yet but I basically wanted the 1.5 seconds off of Innervate but I cant tell if its worth the loss of expertise.

Hmm it really depends on how much expertise you have right now. Expertise has a pretty big diminishing return past 10% pvp dmg/heals/dmg reduction so losing out on around 100 expertise if you switch to pve pieces set bonuses may not be bad. Here are some data.

Expertise PvP Bonus
25 0.699868097
50 1.375245427
75 2.026989004
100 2.655925854
125 3.262854063
150 3.848543787
175 4.413738233
200 4.959154601
225 5.485484994
250 5.993397294
275 6.483536013
300 6.95652311
325 7.412958777
350 7.853422207
375 8.278472321
400 8.688648485
425 9.084471188
450 9.466442707
475 9.835047742
500 10.19075403
525 10.53401295
550 10.86526006
575 11.18491572
600 11.49338553
625 11.79106093
650 12.07831966
675 12.35552623
700 12.6230324
725 12.88117761
750 13.13028944
775 13.37068401
800 13.60266634
825 13.82653083
850 14.04256154
875 14.25103259
900 14.45220854
925 14.64634465
950 14.83368728
975 15.01447415
1000 15.18893468

thanks a lot! With the two columi pieces i still have 545 expertise. So in reality i lose just a little over 1%… not sure it the 1.5 seconds off its worth it yet. I really appreciate the data!

Great guide, Thank you for the write up.

Can you update this guide with the 1.2 update? I just want to know the difference / nerf we are getting as a Sorc / Sage.

Also the changes like rotation, force regen and stat priority.


great tips, i do some of them but also learned some things i will be doing for sure. hope 1.2 doesnt change this to much

Any updates to this for 1.2? I have found I have to use DH a lot more. Also wondering what augments you suggest. I have been using will/end

What makes my head hurt is figuring out the amount of healing gained per point of crit rating vs a point of power rating.  Since crit rating has diminishing returns, this isnt very straight forward.

Can we get a Update on this healing guide? I would like to see the changes especially with the Blackhole and Campaign Gears.

yup, working on one atm. should be finished on the weekend. Had to get some pvp experience under my belt 😛

Hey Dulfy,

I have a question about your numbers for crit and surge. You recommend roughly 300 crit rating and 250 surge rating, however I have 201 crit and surge rating at the moment. My critical chance is at 29.48% without the buff for 5% crit chance, and my critical multiplier is at 72.31%. As you boost your willpower, can’t you reduce your need for crit rating? At 1812 willpower it adds 11.65% to my crit chance. Wouldn’t a crit rating closer to 175 be better, since you can continue to boost willpower for a slight crit chance increase? I’m working on min/maxing and am just curious about your thoughts on those numbers.


yup, as you gain willpower, you can reduce your crit rating accordingly. Keep in mind that this guide was written pre-1.2 when the BiS gear was Rakata but I am working on a new one for 1.3 😀

Is this healing guide and build up to date for 1.3 or you going to be updated it soon? Thanks

nice guide dulfy… i’m having problem setting up the health bar to be like what you had it… when i have use party frame checked, there isn’t an option for me to adjust the health bar width and height… i’ve found the setting in the editor but unsure if that did the trick… please help

Dulfy, 1st thanks for the great guide. I run with everything augmented. I have ran with all 18willpower and all 18 power. They appear to give me the same results. So the question I ask is…what is the point where willpower becomes less effective than just power?

Unbuffed I am running Crit Chance 33.75%, Crit Mulit 73.36%, Activation 10.03%. My WP is 1771. Thus, my Bonus Heal is 633.3 with a power rate of 839. Seems I am right in the ball park, yet I see other healers, Sorc, running almost 2200 WP and their numbers are close to mine, at times lower, and at times higher. I believe I have reached the same number as they have by using less power than they have willpower…. or have I been sniffing death sticks?

Excellent guide, I love the graphs, I’ve always understood things better graphically. Thank for taking the time to put this together!

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