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Mini-Flashpoint Guide: Hardmode Foundry

Hey everyone, this is a mini-flashpoint guide for The Foundry. The point of these mini-flashpoint guides is to not explain every single aspect of the fight bur rather only the relevant mechanics for hardmode. I assume you are familiar with the regular version of this flashpoint, if you need a refresher, check out this link here.

Foundry Guardian

Pretty much tank and spank like in normal mode. His molten burst ability do now take about 30-40% of health of tanks and melee DPS nearby (ranged DPS and healers should not stand too close). Loot Pinata!


He seemed a lot worse in normal mode but isn’t too bad in hardmode. However, he does have the potential to glitch out and wipe your groups. Remember, none of HK-47’s ability can be interrupt so don’t even bother trying.

His snipe doesn’t hit hard and if a sorc shields the group, they should take very little damage from it. Nevertheless, the tank should try to grab aggro on HK-47 and the adds he spawns whenever he/she can to lessen the damage on the group.

The adds he spawn are strong adds and can be stunned/CC’ed if need. Two pops at a time and should be kiled ASAP before the next wave spawns. Try not to DPS HK-47 while the adds are alive as this can cause him to bug out.

When the core comes down, you don’t want to unlock him too too fast nor too slow. If everyone click on the console the instant they become active and can be destroyed, the game may not recognize this and cause the core to not go up and HK-47 to gain Power of the Core buff. With this buff, HK-47 will pretty much two shot your tank and one shot everyone else when he snipes (the buff increase HK-47’s damage by 50%, but it seems a lot more than that).

At the same time, you don’t want to take too long to release HK-47 from the core. HK-47 actually have a timer ticking down – this is a buff called Engage Core and lasts for 11.5 seconds. If the core doesn’t go up once this buff expires, he will gain power of the core.

The best way we found to do this is have everyone stand by a console and once the consoles become active, wait a second or two and then click on them. This will give the game sufficient time to recognize it and not slow enough that HK-47 gains the buff.

The following video will demonstrate this fight.



As patch 1.1, the Revan encounter has being fixed and he no longer deals massive damage on the first tick of Force Lighting.

Above 50%, Revan has a pretty big knockback. You should position yourself so there is sufficient distance between you and the edge of the platform such that you do not get knocked off.

He also have something called Power of the Force, it is a 4.5 second cast and there is a red text on your screen when he casts that. You should interrupt this ability.

Below 50% is where the “fun” starts. He will first do Force Storm in which he pulls you in and AOE you. This doesn’t do a lot of damage and a sorc healer with an AOE heal bubble can easily counter the damage. Nonetheless, you should prolly run out if you want to lessen the damage.

After he finishes casting Force Storm and about 10-12 seconds later (for us this is around 35% but it may vary depending on your DPS), Revan will do his first Force Lighting. You should interrupt this but Revan will no longer one shot people with this after patch 1.1.

The way some of the interrupts are designed in this game is that they will prevent the same ability from being used for the next 4 seconds. This means that Revan have a tendency to recast his Force Lighting for a second time 4 seconds later.

If you burn him fast enough, he will go into the meteor shower phase (if you take too long, Revan might perform his 3rd Force Lighting here..)

Revan will start doing his 3rd Force Lighting again about 9-10 seconds after the meteor shower phase. If you burn him fast enough, he will enter the bubble phase (around 5%) and won’t cast Force Lighting.

As soon Revan is in the bubble, you must stop attacking him.  



By Dulfy

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7 replies on “Mini-Flashpoint Guide: Hardmode Foundry”

Great run down of the HK fight in Foundry. My group ran into another glitch where HK would retreat into his “shell” but the consoles did not appear. In this case we were able to finish him using AOE because we were unable to target him while inside. Also an alternate, and more risky, stratagy for the consoles is to have one person do all 4. as long as that person doesn’t interrupt themselves we are able to avoid the bug and not give him the buff.
Looth Keller’s Void serer

Heh it was an old bug where if you don’t stop attacking him, he would bug out and keep attacking your party and there is nothing you can do but exit area/die as he is also invulnerable in that stage

Ran the Foundry (HM) twice yesterday. The fights are not complex except that the bosses began to quickly enrage flattening our tanks until we got the hang of it.
1- Guardian (robot) – Enrages. Hits hard. Molten Blast has a somewhat moderate range (amen).
2- Burrower – Enrages. (again… sigh) Hits hard. Spits acid (green spots on ground) over a large area.
3- HK – Did not enrage (amen). Hits hard and targets healers. Big knockback (frequent). Adds easy to CC. Kill adds quickly then hit the panels. Rinse, repeat.
4- Revan – Enrages (who’da thunk?). Does not hit as hard as expected but hits rapidly. Talks a lot. Likes to swat healers so keep the tank alive and taunting. Dual tanking/taunting works well here. Lightning attack (med-high damage). Big knockback. Force field (bubble) didn’t last too long (amen). Meteor shower not bad if you watch the purple targeting circles on the ground. Lots of health. Heals self. Talks a lot. Drama queen.

PS: The HK chip is sitting in a bowl over on the console after the fight.

Good luck!

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