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Operation Videos (sorc healer perspective)

Hey everyone, I have posted some of my operation (raid) videos here in case anyone is interested. If you are not raiding yet (or not planning to), this should give you a taste of what raiding is like in SWTOR. If you are raiding already, these videos should give you a different perspective (hopefully) than what you are doing.

My raid team is currently

  • 5/5 16 man Eternity Vault Normal
  • 4/5 16 man Karagga’s Palace Normal
  • 5/5 8 man Eternity Vault Hardmode
  • 5/5 8 man Karagga’s Palace Hardmode

Updated Jan 27: We are now 5/5 in both Hardmode Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault (8 man). Planning to hit up 8 man nightmare modes next week! Added new video for Soa – EV hardmode 8 man.

Updated – Feb 2: We are now 4/5 Nightmare EV and 4/5 Nightmare KP*. Videos for these nightmare kills have being added!

Check out my guildie’s youtube channel for viewpoints of assassin DPS in our nightmare kills!



Annihilation Droid XRR-3 – 16 man normal


Annihilation Droid XRR-3 – 8 man Hardmode


NEW – Annihilation Droid XRR-3 – 8 man Nightmare


Gharj – 16 man normal (last 2 minutes)


Gharj – 8 man Hardmode


NEW – Gharj – 8 man Nightmare


NEW – Pylons – 8 man Nightmare


Soa – 8 man normal


NEW – Soa – 8 man hardmode



Bonetrasher – 8 man Hardmode


Jarg and Sorno – 8 man Hardmode


NEW – Jarg and Sorno – 8 man Nightmare


Foreman Crusher – 8 man Hardmode


Karagga the Unyielding (aka Karagga the Fatty) – 8 man hardmode


NEW – Karagga the Unyielding  – 8 man Nightmare


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

20 replies on “Operation Videos (sorc healer perspective)”

Dulfy just want to say great work on your guides from Rift to Swtor you are a true professional. Keep up the great work!!!

Hey Dulfy when u got time could you provide some insight into what classes I should bring in. Like 2heal 2 tank 4dps? and idealy what variations of these roles would u have.

Hey 2 heals/tanks/4 dps is a good start. some fights don’t really need 2 tanks but unless you are having alot of trouble with enrage timers it should be fine. Ideally. for the 4 dps you want to be ranged heavy as alot of the boss fights do not favor melee dps. For the 2 healers we use 2 sorc healers because of their awesome aoe bubble but if you have at least one sorc healer it should be fine 🙂 No preferences to tanks tbh, we use 2 jugg tanks and it worked for us 🙂

Heya Dulfy,

I know raw numbers are hard to remember, but do you think you think you could give a rough estimate percentage-wise as to the damage increase between normal/hard and hard/nightmare (if only for a tank)?

Actually in terms of raw tank damage, the increase is rather insignificant and not very noticeable (maybe 10-20% increase in tank damage from normal to hard, nightmare is maybe another 20% increase on top of hardmode).. What is noticeable however is the “situational” damage from AoEs, ground effects etc. On hardmodes/nightmare they are alot less forgiving and can potentially one shot an undergeared raider. Also raid bosses do have alot more HP so meeting the enrage timer is also something to consider.

If your raid has raiders with good situational awareness and knowledge of their class and they are not terribly undergeared then you should not have a problem moving to hardmode. Nightmare do require abit more gearing.

There are exceptions of course. Jarg and Sorno on nightmare hits alot harder than normal/hardmode. I would the estimate the damage increase on nightmare compared to hardmode is about 100%.

Dulfy, your guides are great and I have been following your page for a while now. So I have a question.

My guild is starting 16 man’s this week. We have been clearing 8 man normals with a core group, and we started doing 8 man hard mode’s.

What raid makeup should I be going with for 16 man’s? 8 of them from the core will already be coming in geared. Being 1 tank, 1 dps specced tank, 2 Healers, and 4 DPS.

Hey dulfy. Big fan. I was wondering how you got the boss’s health frame to be constantly up above your target. It would be nice to have as most of the time i’m in the dark about what % they’re on unless I target them myself.

Thanks and keep up the great content!

Hey, it is focus target, target the mob and press alt + f. Keep in mind that when some of the bosses changs phases (i.e. Soa when he goes from phase 1, to 2, or to 3) etc you lose the focus target and have to retarget the mob and do alt +f again!

Can i get a screenshot of your bar settings? Im trying to find out the right skill setup on the bars and have something to look on would be helpfull…

Hey Dufly, Can you tell Jay that Jouiss says hello.

I just realized you raid with an old wow buddy of mine psuedonin, i recognized his voice

Hey Dulfy,

Just wondering if you have any videos of denova. Cleared normal mode, but still having issues on the two tanks. Trying to get into Hard Mode and am looking for videos with healer perspective.


Hey Dulfy, just wondering what software do you use to render these videos?

P.S. Big fan btw, love your guides 😀

fraps and then upload it via windows live movie maker youtube option. No need to mess with any codecs or anything. Just take raw footage from fraps, put it on movie maker and tell it to put on youtube 😛

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