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Flashpoint Guide: Directive 7 (hardmode)

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This guide is written for the hardmode version of the flashpoint but the mechanics are the exact same for the normal version except for the fact that in normal version the bosses do not have an enrage timer. The hardmode is certainly challenging, some of the bosses have very tight enrage timers and the last boss fight can be pretty chaotic. It is recommended you do some gearing up from other hardmodes before attempting this one.

Most of the enemies you will encounter here are droids, so a marauder or the Republic equivalent definitely comes in handy here. Also noteworthy is that a lot of the trash can be skipped and if you are not doing the bonus boss (drops relics) you can complete this flashpoint in 25-35 minutes once you get used to it.


Detector is a mini boss that comes with two turrets. Focus down on the turrets first (they are only normal level mobs) and then rest of the fight is pretty much a tank/spank. The only other thing you need to watch out is to interrupt the boss’s Reconstruct ability.


Mentor Assassin Droids

This fight can be challenging for undergeared tanks/healers due to the amount of damage these bosses can dish out. This fight starts when you start the conversation with the NPC droid helper (C5-M3).

This encounter starts with 3 bosses, named as Mentor Assassin Beta, Theta and Zeta. Beta is the boss droid at in the middle while the other two are his bodyguards on either side.

This encounter has the following abilities

  • Conal attack: The Beta droid in the middle has a conal attack called Hail of Bolts so tank need to run in and turn him to avoid uncessary splash damage on the rest of the party.
  • Reflection Shield: This is an orange shield that appears on any of the two bodyguards. It will reflect all damage back to the attacker. Try not to use any long duration dots on this fight.


  • Absorption shield: This is a blue shield that appears on one of the bodyguards and the boss droid. When this shield is active, all damages are absorbed.


The strategy for this encounter involves switching targets to the mob without the shield and damage him while ignoring the other two mobs with shields active. The initial tank damage can be quite high so this encounter can be a gear check on the tank/healer. The enrage timer seems to be fairly generous on this encounter.

Video: Hardmode (1 jugg tank, 1 sorc healer, 2 marauder DPS).



This is the 1st real boss in this flashpoint that drops some loot other than those useless Tionese crystals!

This fight is pretty easy, it is a variation of tank & spank with some add management. It does have the tendency to bug out and spawn multiple copies of the adds to make this fight a bit harder (especially if you have agents in  group).

Around every 35 seconds or so, a party member will be scanned and a clone will be spawned in one of the two chambers near the boss. This clone will be the same basic class as your party member (i.e. snipers, when cloned, will spawn a mob of the agent class).  All DPS should be focused on the add and kill it ASAP.

If you are having trouble with enrage timers, you can DPS down the boss if he is close to dying and finish off the adds after.


Video: Hardmode (1 assassin tank, 1 sorc healer, 1 merc DPS 1 sniper DPS)



Bulwark and the last boss in this flashpoint are challenging bosses. However, there is a little trick with the Bulwark fight and if you have this trick you should have little, if any, trouble with him unless he enrages for too long.

The trick for this fight is simple, have your DPS and healer stand directly under the console you have to destroy for the fight. Ideally one DPS and healer stand under one console while another DPS stand under the other console. If you bring melee DPS, just have them run to the console when you see Bulwark casting his AoE. This isn’t ideal in hardmode due to the enrage timer but if your healer can keep you up, melee DPS could stand and take a hit and not worry about running to the consoles until the boss enrages.


Bulwark have several abilities you need to be aware of:

  • Bulwark Burst:  This is uninterruptable massive AOE that will hit anyone around him that isn’t hiding under the consoles. Melee DPS should run under the consoles when you see him casting this unless your healer can keep you up. Ranged DPS, as long as they are standing under the consoles, will not have to worry about it.
  • Bulwark Smash: This ability is no longer interruptible and it will stun the tank and do quite a lot of damage to the tank.
  • Cleave: Bulwark seems to have a cleave type attack to anyone in front of him. Tanks should turn him 180 degrees so their backs are against the wall and DPS are not standing in front of him.
  • Defensive Protocols: Shortly into the fight, Bulwark will announce – “Defensive Protocols have engaged” and then go into a phase where he stops taking damage and become shrouded in a green aura. In normal mode, he won’t regen his health so this is a good break for your healers to catch up. However, in hardmode, due to the enrage timer, you should break him out of the defensive protocol ASAP. The way to do this is via the two consoles you have being standing left and right of him. Just smash the button thingie and it will destroy itself and break Bulwark out of the defensive protocols.


  • Repair droids: Shortly after you destroy the consoles, two repair droids, one on each side, will spawn and head straight for the console to repair it. You cannot interrupt their repair ability but they can be CC’ed (Crowd Controlled) and stunned. If they are being CC’ed, they will respawn shortly when the next wave comes. They have about 10 k HP so they are not too diffcult to burn down. The picture below indicates the location they spawn from. These droids seem to come every 40 seconds.


The basic strategy is to rush in, have tank turn Bulwark 180% and then DPS/healers stay under the console if possible (melee will have to stay in and run back to the console if the healer is having diffculty keeping you up).  Destroy the consoles when Bulwark switch into “Defensive” Protocol and kill the repair droids whenever they spawn. The picture below illustrates the positioning, with tank in the middle and DPS/healer on either side under the consoles.


If Bulwark enrages, his AOE will one shot anyone (including the tank) not standing under the consoles. At this point, tank should just run under a console (not the one your healer and DPS are standing, the other DPS should switch consoles if possible so the tank is alone at his console)  and taunt it while DPS maximize their “burn” to finish Bulwark off.  Bulwark’s normal attacks don’t hurt much but when enraged you cannot survive the AoE.

Bulwark have about 400 K hp so it is very likely you will hit enrage, unless decked out in some Columi/Champion gear.

Video 1: Hardmode, perspective from 2 ranged DPS (“Ezmode”)


Video 2: Hardmode, perspective from 2 melee DPS (More healing needed)



This is a mini boss that comes with two turrets, much like the first mini-boss in this flashpoint. The only difference is that these turrets are elites and come with 34 k health each. Tank should taunt the two turrets and the boss so the DPS can burn down the turrets quickly. If untaunted, these turrets can unleash some serious pain on the rest of the party members and may cause a wipe.

Once the turrets are down, focus DPS on the boss and interrupt his Repair mode (there will be a red text emote on screen so it is very hard to miss it).

Video: Hardmode



This is the bonus boss you spawn by doing the staged bonus (last step being destroying the replicator nodes). He is not too hard of a boss but does have a very strict enrage timer.

When you first enrage him, he will be a big spider droid.


After you DPS him down to around 75%, he will split into 3 Replicator clones.


These clones are elite. They do seem to aggro randomly on group members. Once you get the clones down to 25%, they each will splint into  4 normal spider droid “babies”, two on each side (red arrow in the below picture points where they spawn).


These little babies do not hurt and can be tanked easily by whoever they are hitting.

The basic strategy is to burn the “big daddy” droid to 75% so he splits into 3 clones and then take one clone at a time and burn them down to 25%. Finish off the babies it spawns before moving on to the next clone.

If you are having trouble with enrage, you can either finish off the remaining babies or quickly DPS down the remaining clones as the babies it splits into do not hurt even when enraged.



This is a rather chaotic fight with a heavy amount of movement. For me personally, this seems to be the most epic final boss encounter so far. There are several stages to this fight and I will do be best to walk you through each stage.

Stage 0 – Cutscene

After you finish the cutscene, Mentor will not aggro you. Take this time to orient yourself with the room, zoom out your mini map and locate all the different processor cores. This will come in handy later on in the fight.

If you are facing away from mentor, this is the location of all the processor cores on your minimap (If you are facing away from Mentor, processor core 1 is to your back left, core 2 is to your left, core 3 is to your right, and core 4 is to your back right).


Stage 1: Turrets

To start the fight, you simply attack Mentor. Mentor will become shielded (immune to damage) and the fight starts. Everyone in the group should run to either left or right corner of the Mentor together as group and use the wall structure to your advantage. This is because two turrets will spawn on the left and right corner of Mentor and doing so you can LOS (Line of Sight) one of the turrets so you can finish off the turret right beside you.


Your job at this stage is to finish off the turrets one at a time. Notice the group positioning, most of the group members (especially myself) are not in line of the sight of the other turret and do not take any damage.


The next big thing you will need to watch for is the claws. The claw is a mechanical thingie from the ceiling that will follow someone around (announced as a red text emote on the screen). This claw will project a red circle on the ground. If you stand in the red circle, the claw will zap you for a fair bit of damage (around 5k).  Tanks can taunt this claw to make it easier on your healers who may need to stand still to cast a heal. This claw will be around for all stages of the fight.


Stage 2: Processor core + Guardian

Right after you destroy the two turrets, you will get a message on the screen with the text Danger: Processor Core X Has Overheated. (X can be 1, 2, 3 or 4). At this point, you will need to run to the appropriate processor core and then right click it to destroy it. The processor core will be guarded by two small normal turrets. You should destroy the core first and then finish off the two tiny turrets. Failure to destroy the processor core right away will cause them to be “repair” and you have to wait for it to overheat again before you can destroy it.


Until you destroy the processor core, the ground will be bombarded with green circles that will turn into red followed by a missile attack. The quicker you destroy the processor core, the quicker these green circles disappear.


At the same time, a Mentor Core Guardian will spawn with 100 k HP. He will usually spawn opposite of where Mentor is. Tank should engage the Guardian right away and let DPS handle the processor cores.


Stage 3: Processor Core + Turrets

Immediately after Mentor Core Guardian is killed, another processor core will overheat and the two turrets you encountered in stage 1 will respawn. The basic tactic here is to destroy the processor core first and then finish off the turrets like you did in stage 1, using LOS to your advantage.

Stage 4: Processor Core + Guardian

Right after you destroy the two turrets, another processor core will overheat and a Guardian will spawn.

As usual, destroy the processor core, then finish off the Guardian.

Stage 5: Final processor Core + Mentor

Once the Guardian is killed, the final processor core will overheat, allowing you to destroy it. Once you destroy the final processor core, Mentor can now be attacked. Mentor has only 60 K HP so this stage is pretty much a phase to maximize your DPS.

In addition to the annoying claw that is present at all stages, Mentor will also cast a beam on a random party member, deal significant damage over time. Each tick of the beam hits for 1.3 k on a light armor wearer.


If the beam isn’t enough, Mentor adds more chaos to this fight by placing green circles on the ground that will turn red with incoming missiles. This is the exactly same ground AOE bombardment he has being using before the processor cores are destroyed.

At this stage, it is pretty much a DPS race to kill Mentor before your healer drops dead/run out of resources etc.

Summary: Turrets –> Core + Guardian –> Core + Turrets –> Core + Guardian –> Core + Mentor.

Healing: Quite a lot of movement on this fight, as a sorc healer I used my Rakata medpacs, Static Barrier and Resurgence a lot as I usually don’t have the time to stop and cast Dark Infusion/Innervate. Force speed is definitely helpful here as you can run out of claw/missile circles quickly to stop and heal someone.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

11 replies on “Flashpoint Guide: Directive 7 (hardmode)”

For Bulwark, are you sure his smash is interruptible? Last time I fought him I remember him having the uninterruptible trait.

Ran D7 lastnight, extremely buggy.  Mentor Assassin driods: burned left and right fairly fast, middle droid only dropped his shield for 1 sec every 20 secs, took long time to kill only be able to get 1-1.5k every 20 secs. Interrogator: would make 2-3 copies every 10 secs or so.  We tried him twice reset the instance and tried again and decided to run FE instead.  Anyone run into bugs like this?

Nice thing to know about the assembler is that you can skip him. Just stay close to the consoles on the right and he won’t see you.

Also, for the assassin droids, you always have to dps them in that order : middle, then left, then right. Once right one is dead, you have to finish the left one, then the middle one.
(At least that’s how it always happened for me ^^)

Also, for mentor, if you’ve got someone who can cc droids, you can cc one of the turrets who’ll spawn. After you’ve killed the first turret, don’t dps the other one immediately, it’ll give some time for the healer to keep up (as the action continues only when you’ve killed the two turrets).

Just ran Bulwark, you can interrupt the smash if you interrupt during the first half of the channel

I just did the Normal and i found i could Slice Droid the Turrets as an Agent. might help with Instead of LoS them. Not sure it works in Hard though

“Tanks can taunt this claw to make it easier on your
healers who may need to stand still to cast a heal. This claw will be
around for all stages of the fight.”

We did this last night and our tank said he found that he could Not taunt the claw. He couldn’t target it, nor would any taunts he used work to pull it off. I was the healer and it made it difficult for me to heal the group when the claw got on me. So, has this changed since this and other guides were released or is there a trick to taunting the claw that we were not aware of? Thanks!

We just completed this on hard mode and as the tank I could taunt the claw away from the other members of the team.

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