Operation Loot List–Schematics & Mods edition

Hey everyone, there has being some requests for schematics/mods (armoring, mods, enhancements) drops from operations – especially now that there is a big movement to use orange moddable gear and crafted stuff that that crits (give augment slot).

Over the span of 2-3 weeks, I have cataloged the following drops – everything that I have recorded will say (verified) and will list the exact drops I have obtained below. Drops predicted based on the loot pattern will say (predicted).

If you are looking for tionese/columi/rakata drops from operations, please consult this guide here.

Normal mode drops schematics that produce items with  126 ratings – Tionese quality (also called Dalarian or Energized)

Hardmode/Nightmare drops schematics that produce items with 136 ratings – Columi quality (also called Exo or Exo-tech). In addition, Hardmode/Nightmare will drop Q25 (Rakata quality) armoring, mods, and enhancements.

Update – Feb 23 – Added new drops from this week’s raid – Infernal Council and Jarg & Sorno has being confirmed to drop both enhancements and mods. This means in theory that both 2nd and 4th bosses of each raid instance can drop either enhancement or mod but atm G4-B3 only dropped enhancement for us.

Eternity Vault

Boss Drops
Ann.Droid Normal Schematic: Tionese Earpiece (predicted)
Ann. Droid Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Columi Earpiece (verified)
Schematic: Columi Stalker’s Chip
Schematic: Columi Combat Medic’s Relay
Gharj Normal Schematic: Dalarian belts (predicted)
Gharj Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Exo Belt (verified)
Schematic: Exo Enforcer’s Belt
Schematic: Exo War Leader’s Belt
Schematic: Exo Combat Medic’s Belt
Schematic: Exo Supercommando’s Belt
Q25 Enhancement/Mod (verified)
Advanced Steadfast Enhancement 25
Advanced Weight Mod 25B
Advanced Keen Mod 24 (this is mislabled- it is Q25)
Pylons Normal Schematic: Dalarian Bracers (predicted)
Pylons Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Exo Bracers (verified)
Schematic: Exo Eliminator’s Vambraces
Schematic: Exo Stalker’s Bracers
Schematic: Exo Field Medic’s Bracers
Infernal Council Normal Schematic: Tionese implant (predicted)
Infernal Council Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Columi implant (verified)
Schematic: Columi Enforcer’s Implant
Schematic: Columi Combat Medic’s Enhancer
Schematic: Columi Force-Master’s Implant
Schematic: Columi Eliminator’s System
Q25 Mod (verified)
Advanced Deft Mod 25
Q25 Enhancement (verified by Pishnaa)
Advanced Proficient Enhancement 25
Soa Normal Schematic: Energized Headpiece (predicted)
Soa Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Exotech Headpiece (verified)
Schematic: Exotech Survivor’s Headgear
Q25 Armoring (verified)
Advanced Reflex Armoring 25

Karagga’s Palace

Boss Drops
Bonetrasher  Normal Schematic: Energized Gloves (verified)
Schematic: Energized Survivor’s Handwraps
Bonetrasher Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Exotech Gloves (verified)
Schematic: Exotech Combat Tech’s Gauntlets
Schematic: Exotech Eliminator’s Gauntlets
Schematic: Exotech Enforcer’s Gloves
Jarg & Sorno Normal Schematic: Tionese implants (verified)
Schematic: Tionese Eliminator’s Enhancer
Jarg & Sorno Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Columi implants (verified)
Schematic: Columi Stalker’s Motivator
Schematic: Columi Combat Medic’s System
Q25 Mod (verified)
Advanced Aptitude Mod 25
Advanced Resilient Mod 25B
Q25 Enhancement (verified)
Advanced Sturdiness Enhancement 25
Foreman Crusher Normal Schematic: Energized leggings (verified)
Schematic: Energized Enforcer’s Leggings
Foreman Crusher Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Exotech Leggings (verified)
Schematic: Exotech Enforcer’s Leggings
Schematic: Exotech Battlemaster’s Leggings
Schematic: Exotech Force-Master’s Lower Robe
G4-B3 Normal Schematic: Energized Boots (verified)
Schematic: Energized Combat Tech’s Boots
G4-B3 Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Exotech Boots (verified)
Schematic: Exotech Field Tech’s Boots
Schematic: Exotech Eliminator’s Boots
Schematic: Exotech War Leader’s Boots
Q25 Enhancement (verified)
Advanced Assault Enhancement 25
Karagga Normal Schematic: Energized Chestpiece (verified)
Schematic: Energized War Leader’s Body Armor
Karagga Hard/Nightmare Schematic: Exotech chestpiece (verified)
Schematic: Exotech Supercommando’s Body Armor
Schematic: Exotech Field Tech’s Jacket
Schematic: Exotech Force-Master’s Vestments
Q25 Armoring (verified)
Advanced Guardian Armoring 25
Advanced Commando Armoring 25
  • Frank

    I have seen Soa Normal drop Schematic: Energized Headpiece. I don’t remember which item, but it was a pattern for the helm slot.

  • Eromy

    We managed to get Rakata Belt and Bracers schematics somewhere in EV Hard Mode.

    • Zharot on Begeren Colony

      Are you sure you didn’t just learn those from the trainer? Armormechs and Synthweavers can learn Rakata belts/bracers from skill trainers.

  • Toggle

    I can confirm that Annihilation Droid XRR-3 on normal mode drops Tionese earpieces, as I received a schematic last week.

    • dulfy

      nice, ty! 🙂

  • pishnaa

    Infernal Council / Hard – drop Advanced Proficient Enhancement 25

    • dulfy

      Thank you, I will get it added in a bit 🙂

  • Canuck

    Your always my #1 source for SWTOR endgame info. Big help and much appreciated 🙂

    • dulfy

      thank you for the compliment! 🙂

  • Vola

    EV Hard mode dropped Columi Eliminator’s Implant schematic last night.

    • Vola

      Sorry, forgot to say – off of infernal council.

      • dulfy

        thanks, I will add it in 🙂

  • The Dude

    Ann. droid norm dropped Schematic: Tionese Stalker’s Chip

  • Wujon

    HM Infernal Council dropped the Schematic for Columi Stalker Implant (the resultant item is BOE, and I got a crit craft on it — now just need a good augment for it 🙂

  • Kareth

    Is there any difference between the drops on HM and NiM? Also do you know where exotech stims and adrenal schmeatics drop?

    • dulfy

      No differences between HM and nightmare, the stim schematics came from trash drops for us

  • Dirian

    I can verify that Hard Mode Karagga drops Advanced Reflex Armoring 25. Got it last week off him.

  • warg

    Hey dulfy! Love the site. can you also update this with explosive conflict drops as well?

    • bosses in explosive conflict don’t drop schematics

      • Splaktar

        Are there any schematic drops in TFB? I think that SM is Rakata, so likely not any ability to RE for schems. Maybe TFB HM would give drops that could be RE’d?

        • nope, no schematic drops in TFB

  • Poobacca

    I’ve seen crafted endgame mods,armor, enhancements on the GTN. How do you get these? Is there a schem for them, or can you RE the mods in this list to learn the schem?

    • you can RE black hole/campaign mods to learn them (20% chance). Once you learned them and crafted it, they become BoE and can be sold on the GTN

      • Bill Pendleton

        Is this also true for the Black Hole implants that you buy from the comm vendor?

        • yup, I RE’ed about 3 of them and didn’t get any schematic so i gave up but my guildies have gotten schematics the first try.

          • allol

            thx for the info, so the mod 25 we get from REing BH gear are .. BH quality ?

            • allol

              or can we only RE level 26 mod and theres no way to craft the 25 one ?

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  • Mad PVPer

    Still no love for PVP’ers, Why must PVP’ers do campaign do get the best gear? We should be able to get schematics by achieving something in PVP.

  • Veldrane

    Is Soa stil dropping schematics? Can’t seem to find helm’s that look like the old Tionese so gonna have to craft them if still possible.

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