TERA Newbie’s Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone, I just got back from my first closed beta for North American edition of TERA and here are some tips and tricks that I wanted to share which I think might be helpful for a lot of new players looking to start out in the world of TERA.

  1. Getting your first mount
  2. How to locate the quest mob
  3. Extraction – how it works
  4. Enigmatic items – ? items
  5. Enchanting – how it works
  6. Remodeling
  7. Dyes
  8. Support Tokens – where to spend them
  9. Weapon/armor crystals
  10. Lucky eggs, destiny eggs, fortune eggs
  11. Glyphs
  12. Campfire/stamine/charms
  13. Linking items/location
  14. How to quickly mark mobs
  15. Quick chat
  16. Engines – pandora’s box for your crafting mats
  17. Gathering & temp combat buffs
  18. Chained skills – how to modify
  19. How to switching channels
  20. Red glint – avoid!
  21. UI customization
  22. Chat channel customization

1. You get your first mount at level 11

This is perhaps the most common question a lot of people ask. You pick up this quest at level 11 – it is called Promised Support and can be picked up from a quest giver in Tainted Gorgequest hub.


Once you have that quest and headed to Velika, talk to Dougal at the Valkyon Federation Headquarters and the quest will be updated. Now you need to head out the west gate and go to the ranch.


Once you are out in the ranch, you will be given a quest to gather some flowers – Dynamic Veridian – you need 10 of them but some gathers give you multiples. If you are playing when the game first launches, you most likely will have to compete with quite a lot of people. Since this zone doesn’t really have a channel system where you can swap between different channels of the same zone, it can take quite a while. My best advice is find a spot where the flower spawns and just stay there! The flower respawns about every minute at exactly the same spot and it is a lot faster than running around looking for them.


Anyways, once you have enough flowers, you will be given the skill in your inventory, which you must right click to learn it and you can then pull the horse summon ability from the skillbook onto your hotbars. It doesn’t cost anything to get the mount so there is no need to save your gold!


2. Need to locate a quest mob? Use the hyperlink in your quest log!

I have to admit, this one took me a while to figure out – mostly because I didn’t bother to read the in-game help! Quests have specific mobs to kill and their location can be marked on your minimap (opened by pressing N) via using the hyperlnk in your quest log or via clicking on their name in the quest tracker (doesn’t always work).

This makes finding quest mobs a lot easier – although it does help that the quest mobs are marked with a yellow ! on top of their head!


3. Extraction – getting materials for your crafting!

Extraction is the method to obtain materials for your crafting via breaking down equipment you no longer need. Not everything can be extracted – items must be marked with the text – Extractable for you to break them down.


You can learn the ability to extract items by visiting a local merchant who will sell you extraction lessons for every tier of equipment.


Once you purchased the lessons and learned them, you can open the extraction window by pressing J – you can put anything in those extraction windows – i.e. you can do cloth extraction on a weapon!


4. Enigmatic items – items marked by ?

These items are obscured by a big ? mark and you can’t use them until you have identified them! To identify them, purchase some identification scrolls from the merchant (any general merchant will do), they cost about 5k gold each. Make sure to purchase a few of them so you don’t have to run to the merchant everytime you get an enigmatic item.

The biggest thing about enigmatic items is that they can be enchanted – making more powerful and give you additional bonuses.


5. Enchanting – making your equipment more powerful!

Enchanting is the art of upgrading your armor/weapons to give them stats like +1, +3, +6 etc.

Enchanting window can be activated by pressing the T button. You will see three empty slots once you open the window. The middle slot is for placing the item you want to enchant, the left slot is for placing the item you use to enchant (lets call them filler items)– which will be destroyed in the process, and right slot is for placing materials for enchanting which can be purchased from any merchant (they are called alkahests – costs 262 gold each and enchanting requires quite a few of them)

Only items marked as Enchantable can be enchanted – this includes enigmatic items and some crafted items! The items you want to use to enchant (filler items) has to be the same tier as the item you want to enchant but do not have to be enchantable themselves.



6. Remodeling

Do you like the appearance of one particular item? Well you are in luck! Most items can be remodeled – their appearance can be “removed” to put on another item with better stats.

Remodeling merchant is available in the main city – Velika. Look for the appearance transformer NPC (location marked in the minimap below).


In addition to the appearances from the gear you already own, you can purchase appearance items for remodeling – these are a bit pricy – especially the high level ones but if you have the gold, you can get the sexy look you always wanted!


Remodeling can only use appearance on the armor you can wear – i.e. if you are a cloth user you can’t remodel your gear to look like a heavy armor user for example.

Armor appearences are based on your race and cloth type – this means that high elf priest will have a different cloth look than human priests for example.

Here is a video of the appearance items on my human female mystic.

7. Dyes!

Near the remodeling merchant is the dye vendor, which sells two types of dyes – 1 day lasting dye that costs 5k gold each and 7 day lasting dyes that cost 10.5 k each and comes with a bit more color variations.


Once you have purchased the dye, use it from your inventory and you can preview the different shades of color and select the one you like the best.


One last thing I want to mention is that items have to be dyable for you to apply dyes to them. This shouldn’t be a problem really as I have yet to encounter items that are not dyable.

8. Support tokens – where to spend them

Support tokens, which you earn via various repeatable quests, can be used to purchase green quality gear (nothing gear, not better than the questing rewards you get) from the vendor in Velika.



The vendor is located in Strategic Command section of the city.

9. Weapon/Armor crystals

If you look at your inventory, you are probably wondering what are these slots on the side. They are your crystal slots for your armor (chest piece) and weapon!


These crystals, once applied, goes to the crystal socket on your weapon/chest armor. Most items only have 3 crystal slots while some crafted items have 4 crystal slots!


To purchase crystals, look for a crystal merchant in a town. They sell common crystals – to obtain the uncommon crystals, you can obtain them as drops from monsters or from fortune eggs!


Different crystal tiers are available – I, II, III, IV, and V at level 1, 11, 23, 35, and 48 respectively.

These crystals are attached to the specific weapon/chest piece you are wearing. When you switch to a new weapon/chest piece, simply remove them by right clicking on them in your inventory and put them on your new chest/weapon.

When you die, there is a chance for the crystals to be destroyed so definitely stock up on some of the crystals.

10. Lucky Eggs, Destiny eggs, and Fortune eggs!

Some quests will reward you with Lucky eggs and quests to kill elite mobs (those that require a group) will reward you with destiny eggs. Breaking down (right click them in your inventory) lucky eggs and destiny eggs will give you potions and such  but combining them into a fortune egg and breaking that will grant you uncommon crystals!

To combine lucky and destiny eggs, you need to purchase an item called Ovomeld from a merchant in town. Using this item will consume 4 lucky eggs and 1 destiny egg to give you a fortune egg.


I broke quite a few of these down and received some lucky eggs/destiny eggs in return and some uncommon crystals like this one!

These uncommon crystals have better stats than the common crystals you can purchase at the merchant.


11. Glyphs!

Starting at level 20, you will receive glyph points when you gain a level (level 20 give you 10 points, every additional level past 20 in the 20s level range seems to give you 1 additional glyph points).

Glyphs are sort of like a talent tree in other MMOs. They add additional abilities or enhance the power of some of your spells. These glyphs do cost a bit of gold to purchase but once purchased they are yours forever!

You can reset your glyph point allocation for a small amount of gold at the glyph merchant. In the Velika city, these glyph merchants are right next to your trainers.

To activate these glyphs, use them from inventory and then press K and go to the glyph tab – there you can activate which glyphs you want etc.


A good website to see all the glyphs available is TeraCodex

12. Campfire/Stamina/Charms

Stamina is a system in TERA that you might new to many players. Stamina caps out at 120% but buffs etc can increase the stamina levels beyond that. Stamina decreases with your time spent in combat and especially when you die (you take a very large hit to stamina).

Stamina grant a bonus to your maximum health/mana and when you reach 0 % stamine you actually get a debuff.

To regain stamina, the most common way is to stand near a campfire which is located in almost all quest hubs (towns also regenerate your stamina without need to stand by a campfire). You also have portable campfires in your inventory which you can activate when you are far away from any quest hubs or in the middle of a dungeon.

While using the campfire, you can use charms – there are three types – Onslaught which give you a random attack bonus, Ethereal which give you a random defense bonus and Sanguine charm which give you a random supplementary bonus. Charms of the same type do not stack but you can have all three types of charm active.


It is best to use these charms when you have full stamina – use them especially before boss fights to help everyone replenish their stamina and gain some nice bonuses as well!

There are potions that can replenish your stamina to full – these are called Arunic Panacea but they cannot be used while in combat.  There are priests in town that can also refill your stamina quickly for a price.

13. Linking your location/items in chat

Ctrl + left click an item in your inventory will link it in your chat. Ctrl + left click your cursors’s location in the map (not the overlay map you open via pressing N, this is the map you open via pressing M) will put a point of interest in the chatbox which others can click to give them a dot on their map directing to the location you specified.

14. Marking mobs

When fighting groups of mobs, especially in a group environment, it helps to mark some of the mobs so that they can be CC’ed (Crowd Controlled) or killed first. TERA has a really easy way to mark mobs – you simply target a mob and press Q. This will bring up a menu with four buttons and highlight the mob you have targeted in red.


Use your mouse and simply select an icon to mark that mob with that icon you just selected!


15. Quick Chat

Good communication is the key to success in party based combat. However, not everyone has voice communication and they can be quite difficult to setup in PuG groups without some sort of integrated voice chat program. TERA partly solve the issue by allowing 4 quick chat commands you can access by pressing E and use your mouse to select one of the four.


16. Engines


There are three engines you can obtain from monster drops or purchase via the merchants that can be used on your crafting mats. They have a high fail rate (rumored to be around 80%) but if you like to test your luck, you can get some nice returns on your crafting materials.

Engine of multiplicative mischief – this will increase the amount number of mats you put in. If you fail you lose everything you put in.

Engine of Crystalline mischief – this will raise the level of the mats you put in, if you fail you lose all.

Engine of Transmogrifying mischief – this will transform one material type to another – like others, if you fail you lose everything.

17. Gathering

TERA has done a really good job in combining adventuring and gathering. While gathering various materials – ores, essences, plants etc, you will receive random temporary buffs (~ last 5-10 minutes) that will give you various boosts to your stats/combat abilities. There are also buffs that will grant you increased gathering skills (+10 to gathering, can be stacked 4 times) which will help you gather some of the higher level nodes.

So not only is gathering good for crafters, it is also good for adventurers to take a break from combat and get some nice buffs!


Once you have gathered the mats, head to Velika – Creation workshop and transform the various materials you have gathered into the appropriate materials for crafting!


18. Chained Skills

TERA offers chain skills – skills that you can activate one after the other by pressing the spacebar. By default, some of your abilities are already chained together but you can further tweak it by pressing the chained skills button at the bottom of your skills window – this will open a new window where you can customize it to your liking!


19. Switching channels!

The outdoor zones in TERA have different channels – different “instances” of the same map. If there are too many people in the channel you are in or a monster you are after is not up in your channel, you can quickly switch to a new channel by going up to the top right corner of your screen and click the channel button to switch to another channel.

The starter zones have up to 25 channels in the closed beta so there is no shortage of channels to try out!


20. If the mob’s eye have a red glint – avoid it!

Mobs in TERA will have a red glint in their eye before their special attack which can do a lot of damage if you don’t avoid. Watch for their eyes and avoid that special attack! I like to call it winking!


21. UI customization!

The UI system in TERA is very customizable – you can move almost all the windows anywhere you like and resize it as much as you want. If you want, you can even make the crosshair bigger!

One thing I like to do is taking the hp/mana bars from the top left and move it to the bottom, just on top of my hotbars so I can see exactly how much hp/mana I have without having to look at the top left corner of my screen. Of course I had to resize it as it is quite big!


22. Chat font size – turn off chat channels

TERA default font size for chat channels is quite large and the screen can scroll fairly quickly with such a large font. Luckily, you can adjust the font size and even turn off some of the chat channels that are getting too rowdy.

Simply click the gear button on the top left of your chat box and you can change the font size and remove/add channels as you wish!


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By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

17 replies on “TERA Newbie’s Tips & Tricks”

I got a feeling TERA is defnitely worth a try – the gameplay is pretty decent, especially as a healer. Their customer support so far has being absolutely fantastic from what I have heard. I think it has potential. That being said, TERA release is close to the release of GW2, Diablo 3 and TSW, so some tough choices here

yes definitely, I am in all of the closed betas so definitely alot more videos coming. I didn’t record as much as much of the closed beta is low level gameplay – which is fairly boring but definitely look an eye out next week – I will be recording as much I can during the CB2 this weekend 🙂

Hey nicely done but i have to ask you…did you actually try the remodelling of armor. During cbt1 and cbt2 in NA everytime i tried to skin a new high grade armor with the look of one i really liked i was treated to an error saying “you cant put that their”. Frustrated i asked around and was shocked to learn that you have to by the template first (which has outrageus cost). Also was told that if you want to do it like true reskinning you have to make item through crafting first. If you can shed light on this i would appreciate it..

Hey, I am sorry to say but I didn’t actually do any remodeling myself other than looked through the merchant – I am not too familiar with the exact process. The higher level armors always looked better so I didn’t had much reason to remodel. I will look into it next CB though if you still interested 🙂

Tera is pretty fun actually. I played SWTOR from early access to about May, unsubbed, and have been playing Tera since some time in June. The combat is really engaging because you are more actively involved in it. Graphics are top of the line, better than anything I’ve played so far, and landscapes feel immersive.

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