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Orange bracers/belts and their modding

Hey everyone, orange bracers and belts are some of the hottest items on the GTN right now – people are buying them up and outfitting them with their own mods/enhancements to get something on par if not better than the Rakata belts & bracers. Today I will share with you some of the information I have gathered on where to obtain these items and for light armoring users – how to customize the rest of your armor pieces!


Orange Bracers/Belts – the list


These orange belts all have 2 slots – armoring and mod. Generally you will want the bracers/belts that matches your armor type – heavy armor users using a light armor belt will suffer a penalty to their armor as each armor type give an unspecified bonus/multiplier to the armor rating on your armoring slot.

Sets: There are generally 3 orange belts at level 42, 34, and 12, making up a set.


Sets: There are generally 3 orange bracers at level 43, 35, and 15, making up a set. Not all classes have all 3.

Orange Bracers/Belts – the popularity     


Why are the orange moddable bracers and belts so popular? This has do with with their customization.

Both the belts and bracers have armoring and mod slots that you can use.

Level 23 armoring can be obtained from the Mission Support Vendor in Ilum/Belsavis for 8 daily commendations each – these are 126 grade, same level as Tionese/Centurion.These are better than the ones that Cybertechs can craft.

Level 25 armoring can be obtained from the last boss of Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace – Soa and Karagga the Unyielding – on hardmode or nightmare (they will also drop 1 armoring per killing).

For mods, there is a daily heroic quest in Belsavis that will reward you with Level 22 mods – these are Q124. The heroic quest can be easily soloed – see this guide if you need help.

You can also easily rip the mods off any centurion/tionese (Q126), champion/columi (Q136) or Rakata (Q140) spare pieces you have lying around.

Q140/25 level Mods are obtained from the 2nd and 4th bosses of hardmode/nightmare Karagga’s Palace or Eternity Vault respectively – see this guide to see the drops.

The Q25 armoring and mods can be brought on the GTN as well if you are lucky – my guild sell off all the armoring/mods/enhancement we obtained that no one needs on the GTN for guild funds – other guilds on your server might do the same.

How does customized belts/bracers compare to the Tionese/Columi/Rakata ones obtained as drops? Lets take the Sith sorcerer for example


Name Willpower Endurance Power
Tionese Stalker’s Waistwrap 68 58 28
Custom I (23 armor + 22 mod) 84 55 27
Columi Stalker’s Waistwrap 97 66 10
Columi Force-Master’s Sash 80 69 34
Custom II (23 armor + 24 mod) 105 68 10
Rakata Stalker’s Waistwrap 103 71 11
Custom III (25 armor + 25 mod) 122 81 11
Rakata Stalker’s Waistwrap w/ Q23 augments (+28 willpower) 131 71 11

Custom I – Advanced Resolve Armoring 23 (from daily commendation)+ Advanced Apitude Mod 22 (from Belsavis daily)

Custom II – Advanced Resolve Armoring 23 (from daily commendation)+ Advanced Apitude Mod 24A (ripped from Columi Force-Mystic boots)

Custom III – Advanced Resolve Armoring 25 (drop from HM/Nightmare) + Advanced Mettle Mod 25A (ripped from Rakata Force-Mystic robe)

Orange modded belt/bracers, as you can see, has the potential to be better than most things you can get hands on (except maybe the rakata crafted one with an augment slot and a Q23 augment)  and also has the flexibility of allowing you to customize it with the stats you want.

Orange Bracers/Belts – the where   


Now that you know what orange bracers/belts are and why they are so valued, it is time to look at how to obtain them.

The best location of getting them is probably the GTN – Galactic Trade Network. The prices will depend on your server but ranges anywhere from a few thousand credits if you are lucky to 200-300 k credits for a reasonable price range. The best way to search these is go by armor type (light, medium, heavy) and then arrange by level – make sure to not use the prototype/moddable option as they don’t seem to show up when you have that option turned on.

If you are a light armor user, you are in luck when it comes to belts. The Starship Upgrade Vendor on the Imperial or Republic Fleet will sell you the Civilian Pilot Belt for 60 fleet commendations – those are obtained from doing space missions and their respective dailies and weeklies. This belt will require social I to use.

For those in a server where the GTN isn’t so robust, I will try to list below all the possible locations people have reported their drops.

  • Boxes you can purchase with planet commendations that match the level of the bracer (42, 34, 12) and belt (43, 35, 15). Dromund kaas offers a level 12, 14, or 16 box, Taris offer a level 34 or 36 box, and Belsavis offer a 42 or 44 box (source: SWTOR forums). These boxes are a good fit for the bracers especially and the level 16 box from Dromund Kaas has being reported to give bracers – source: SWTOR forums)
  • Dromund Kaas – champion level mobs inside the Dark Temple will drop the low level ones of the set – One is outside on the scaffolding to the right of the entrance (Field Commander Tripton) and the other in the heroic section inside the temple (named Valek Korik). Tripton is on 3 minute timer and Valen on a 5 minute timer.  (Source: SWTOR forums). This is probably the best farming spot for these belt/bracers on the Imperial side.
  • Dromund Kass heroic quest – Old Friends – last boss the Sith Lord have a chance to drop orange bracers (source: SWTOR forums)
  • Dromund Kaas – Dark Sithspawn, the final boss of the Shadow Spawn (Heroic 2+) has being reported to drop level 12 belts (source: Torhead)
  • Coruscant for the Republic side –  some have reported getting an orange belt off one of the heroic 2+ quests called Face Merchants (source: SWTOR forums)
  • On the Imperial side – Balmora droid factory seem to drop these – pick up the heroic quests and kill al the elites/champions you come across (source: SWTOR forums)
  • Treasure Hunting is a good crew skill to pick up these belts/bracers: Jaweled Premium Mission Case from a 41-48 lockbox mission can crit to give you a belt (source: sithwarrior). Level 1 treasure hunting lock box missions is also a good source for level 12 belt and level 15 bracers (source: Reddit)
  • For the Republic side, you can farm Esseles for Coruscant commendations to buy blue boxes at the equipment commendations merchant (source: Reddit)
  • Farm the 4 man heroics for the appropriate level ranges (10-16, 32-41, 42-49) (source: Reddit)
  • Silver elite droids in the Thermal plant in Hoth has being reported to drop orange bracers (source: Reddit)
  • Voss heroic area – kill all the elites you come across (source: Reddit)
  • Jedi Master Berr Irichmin – level 35 Jedi Sentinel Champion boss in Republic Settlement Zone, Olaris Reclamation base on Taris (-1951, 496) has being reported to have a chance to drop level 35 bracers (source: Torhead)
  • Generally when hunting/farming these bracers – go to a planet that matches the level range of the belt/bracers and do all the heroic quests, kill all the champions/elites you can find and use those planet commendations you get to purchase blue boxes from the vendor that matches the level of the bracers/belt – this is what I called the scorched earth method. If you can, also pick up treasure hunting and grind those lock box missions on the side.
  • Republic only: Grab the quest called Enemies of the Republic on Coruscant and killing the level 16 champion at the end. You can kill him once, run out of the instance and then reset your local phase, go back in, kill him again, then reset the quest this time and repeat (local phases reset every 3 minutes, quest reset every 2 minutes). (Source: Vantro on Reddit)

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

52 replies on “Orange bracers/belts and their modding”

So say I want the Heavy Armor Sith Champion’s Belt what level boxes should I be grinding?  I’m assuming the chests on Belsavis? What color boxes should I be buying with commendations for moddable gear?  Purple?


Yes Belsavis, but there is no difference between the low level belts and high level belts so unless you specifically want the higher level ones for appearence there is really no reason to grind for these when you can do it faster with low level ones. The boxes you want are the blue prototype boxes, not the purple ones (those are artifacts grade)

 So If I’m reading all this right, the belt levels don’t really matter unless you want to go for a certain look.

And for the empire side, farming the two elites in the Dark Temple would be the easiest for higher level players due to their low level and quick respawn time.

 A quick note, Field Commander Tripton stops spawning all loot after you kill him three times. Not even credits. Killed him about six times to confirm, and others are saying the same now.

Have you tried relogging? it will reset the loot timer thingie they have in place to prevent farming 😉 (or least from what I read)

 This appears to be true! So as long as your relog takes less the five minutes, you’re really not losing time,

 If you rotate between the two elites they will keep dropping. So, kill the first one 3 times and run to the other one kill 3 times and rinse repeat. I did this for 1.5hrs lots of blue and green drops but no belts but a HM was waiting so i left 🙂

I assume if I want the non-class specific belts/bracers I need to grind the R4 (33-40) TH lockbox missions?  It looks like the ones that aren’t class specific start around lvl 34.
Can anyone confirm they have gotten belt/bracer from R4 missions?  So far I have only gotten a crapload of Relics.

On a plus side, i’ve gotten 2 BH orange belts & 1 orange SI bracer from R1 lockbox missions 😉

The reported existence for non-class specific bracers/belts has being very low – I wouldn’t waste time on it. I think you might get better returns for hunting down classic specific ones and get lucky with one for your class and sell the rest on the GTN for a nice profit 😉

I was really hoping to score some for my companions, but I guess I’ll stop wasting my money lol.
Thank you so much for the quick reply 🙂

I must have horrible luck, the 2 Talz on Hoth have only dropped an orange item once and I re-log after every 1-2 kills 🙁  I am cursed!

Yeah I have been farming the Friends of Old Heroic 4 on Dromund Kaas. A great way to farm for Custom Bracers / Belts is to do this quest & then reset it after killing the final boss. The final boss drops blues & customs. Just get my agent bracers on the 1st reset. Thanks again & Hope this was helpful!

 Also, there is a champ outside the Friend of Old Heroic 4 final boss building to the left that drops blues & customs as well.

I got BH belt off that champ on 3rd kill 🙂  Still no luck with getting one for me though 🙁  Booo

Just got the TD-07A Panther Belt from Lv 15 mobs on Balmorra by Neebray Warehouse. Also got the same sets bracers a while ago from droids OUTSIDE of the Balmorra Droid Factory (Regular, Strong mobs not Elites or Champs) so it seems to me that any mob on the planet within the level range of the belt/ bracer has a chance to drop the set items. The stronger the mob is though, the more likely it is to drop Blues, and Orange set chest or weapon with the belts/ bracers being the rarest drop. Just my thoughts on this 😀

Does one only get drops appropriate for his class? I’ve been farming Dromund Kaas as Marauder and I’ve gotten 2x lvl 12 modable belt (heavy) and 1x modable bracers (heavy). Can I get any other as marauder? Are there normal armor version for sith warriors?

 Has anyone ever gotten the marauder/sentinel belts or wrists to drop? Seems i get every class but mine to drop.

I am really starting to wonder.  I’ve been farming the Dromund Kass champions for 8 hours every day this week and have looted Imperial Agent, Bounty Hunter, and Juggernaut items.

But the big question… is it really worth spending 200-600k credits on something that will cost 100k from the legacy vendor in some weeks + rip out high quality armoring pieces from gear you already have…
Nothing ingame needs min/max atm, possibly harder with the new content in 1.2, but we’ll see.

Hehe probably not. This article was written way before 1.2 though so people who invested back then still benefited quite a bit 🙂

Dulfy, great guide, thank you for your hard work! JUst a minor correction, the Heroic quest on Dromand Kaas is actually called ‘Friends of Old’, not ‘Old Friends’ 🙂

Awesome guide it has yielded a few orange belts and bracers for me, unfortunately teu were ones a Jedi sent couldn’t use lol are you going to have a guide for orange craft able gear that going to become available with 1.2? Like I mean the gear you get from fps and such the craftable versions of those and that gear will be crittable so they will have augment slots?

Definitely, right now what you can RE and what you can’t is still pretty confusing so once I sorted it out I will do a write up 🙂

Question…..from what I am seeing in 1.2 orange bracers and belts ahve no use for PVP as you cannot transfer the armoring from gear as it is specified for that particular slot (legs gloves etc). So we are not going to be able to have custom belts and bracers for pvp? or is there a way to get armoring with expertise? Is war hero gear’s armoring transferable anywhere or does the same thing appy?  Thanks dulfy

 I know this is a necro post, but you don’t need the expertise on belts/bracers. You can get something like 1287 expertise with war hero gear [don’t quote me] when–in my opinion–1050-1100 expertise is more optimal due to the increasing DR on it.

You can now purchase Orange Belts and Bracers from the Legacy vendor, u must have legacy level 10 to purchase for 75,00 credits

I’ve had both the BH and SI bracers drop outside the Dark Temple while waiting for PVP to queue – the 3 minute respawn makes it easy though you have to clear trash once in a while if the elite doesn’t drop anything, maybe an anti-farming thing but not sure

I have a question, I’ve been looking for a while and have yet to find the +28 willpower Q23 augment anywhere. I have yet to see one on the server even.  Where or how do I get one?

this post was written pre 1.2. In 1.2 the augments changed and the +28 willpower one is now +18 willpower and +12 endurance

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