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Numerical SWTOR population data for US PVP/RP-PVP servers

Hey everyone! As promised, here is the population data for PVP/RP-PVP servers. If you are looking for the equivalent data for PVE/RP-PVE servers, you can find them here.

Remember, this is just cross-sectional (snapshot in time) population data – this is the data anyone without sophisticated software or a team of dedicated researchers would have obtained if they made level 1 characters on all the PVP servers and checked out the planet population numbers using the who-list window during peak times. It is not actual total population data but rather a representation of it. There are limitations with every study and every methodology – like everything else in life, take it a grain of salt!

For this study, 7 planets (Tython/Korriban, Dormund Kaas/Coruscant, Alderaan, Tatooine, Hoth, Voss, Ilum), 3 warzones (The Pit, The Civil War, and The Voidstar), and the fleet were used. Who list window limits to 100 results so for servers where the population in an instance capped at 100, whispers were sent to 4-5 people on that particular instance to notify me of the actual population in that instance. Population numbers are extremly finicky for warzones as there are people exiting/entering warzones all the time – there is about a 30 second to 1 minute delay (logging off character from one faction to the other) between collection of warzone population data of the two factions – during this time population can change so sometimes you may see uneven numbers on the two sides (i.e. 12 Republics vs 16 Empire players in Huttball).

There are 44 US PVP servers in total – in comparison there are 79 US PVE servers in total – a total of 123 US servers. Of the 44 PVP servers, 27 are East Coast PVP, 14 are West Coast PVP, 2 are East Coast RP-PVP and 1 is West Coast RP-PVP.

**Note: whenever I refer to total server population or total population in here , it is the total population of 7 planets + fleet + 3 warzones, not the actual server population.

Total population (7 planets+3 warzones+fleet)

All servers


Top 10 most populated PVP/RP-PVP servers

Server Type Imperial Republic Total
The Fatman PVP-E 867 598 1465
Ajunta Pall RP-PVP-W 584 587 1171
The Swiftsure PVP-W 636 493 1129
Jung Ma RP-PVP-E 633 432 1065
Dark Reaper PVP-W 627 298 925
Iron Citadel PVP-E 548 305 853
Port Nowhere PVP-E 537 308 845
Prophecy of the Five PVP-E 498 273 771
Black Vulkars PVP-W 529 206 735
Anchorhead PVP-E 478 255 733





Imperial/Republic Ratio

All servers (numbers to the left are ratios, numbers to the right are total population numbers from above)


East Coast (numbers to the left are ratios, numbers to the right are total population numbers from above)


West Coast (numbers to the left are ratios, numbers to the right are total population numbers from above)



Servers with the highest numbers of players on Ilum (both factions, number to the right is % of total server population from above)


Imperial/Republic Ratio for Ilum



All servers – ranked by most people in warzones (both factions)


Imperial & Republic Warzone population distribution – all servers combined


Population Distribution

Both factions combined


Raw Data

Raw data – Google docs format – for personal use only.(click on the image to download) (Best to download as excel file)


By Dulfy

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28 replies on “Numerical SWTOR population data for US PVP/RP-PVP servers”

Good job on alot of work.

Question though, at what time did you do your tests at? Did you do the West Coast servers 3 hours after the East coast ones to account for the different populations being active at different times?

yes I have a raid in between that lasts about 2 hrs so I do east coast before the raid and west coast after the raid 🙂

I believe you mislabeled the warzones in your “Imperial & Republic Warzone population distribution – all servers combined” graph.  I’m guessing those should actually be “The Pit” “Civil War” and “Void Star” instead of “The Pit – I” “The Pit – R” and “Civil War – I”

Happy to help out, and thanks for the great effort you put in!  I look forward to more useful insight from you in the future.

As you can see Ajunta Pall is in heavy NEED of imperials ! never any imps to fight… we are always faced with rep v rep huttballs

This is a brilliant piece of work, thank you for all the effort.  It will help inform the decision making process for my guild when server transfer comes available, slated for April according to Zoeller.

sure thing, I will see if I can slot it sometime next week if not then definitely the week after 🙂

Can Thendys Noori please be merged with another server?  As a republic it’s so lonely in here 🙁

Seems legit !

Mass Exodus happend after 2 weeks 
Swtor has to manny core issues and missing feature’s in 2012 mmorpg’s.

Somehow Harbinger didn’t make the lists even though its always one of the top 2 for server traffic on the load in screen. That sure makes it hard to trust the numbers.

Hey Dulfy,

Love the guides and charts. Wondering if you’re planning on doing an updated version of these charts. Be interesting to see how things may have changed over the past few months. Thanks. 🙂

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