Class icons for 1.2!

Something that is new in 1.2 is the introduction of class icons! These are icons on top of yourself and other player’s head that will tell you what class/advanced class they are. This was done for the ease of identification of player classes since in 1.2 many players will be wearing orange custom armors due the ability to completely remove mods from endgame gears!


The 4 basic classes from each faction have grey icons;  the advanced classes have colored icons, a different color for each class. The color match on both factions.


Here is a list of all the class icons I compiled! Study them! (click on the image to enlarge)


Class Republic Empire
Sage/Sorcerer sage sorcerer
Shadow/Assassin shadow assassin
Guardian/Juggernaut guardian juggernaut
Sentinel/Marauder sentinel marauder
Scoundrel/Operative scoundrel operative
Gunslinger/Sniper gunslinger sniper
Vanguard/Powertech vanguard powertech
Commando/Mercenary commando mercenary
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  • Garit Heaton

    is this something that can be turned on or is it permanent? 

    • dulfy

      Not sure, I will take a look tomorrow at the options and let you know!

      • Panagiotis Mantzaridis

        you can turn it off in nameplates preferences window.
        the option has a strange name loc:….preferences

    • dulfy

      Just checked, you can it off under nameplates in preferences 🙂

      • Garitd

        Cool. Thanks for checking. Awesome blog you rule!

  • Stpikeray06

    They really should make it one icon for both reb and imp tbh. 

    • dulfy

      ya but at least the color is the same

  • Coweringomega

    Ug, don’t want to be a Vanguard now. Their icon looks like a female reproductive tract.

    • Jarl

      ROFL that is what I was thinking right now

  • Zap

    They really got the Sentinel and Guardian icons mixed up.
    Sentinel = shieldGuardian = eyeThe other way around really would have made sense 🙂

    • airborne83

       Hey Zap we can just add it to the ever growing list of obvious (or so we thought) things that they continue to just not understand. 

    • Scubahsteve

      Looks like they did switch it for Live.  Guardian= shield. Sentinel=eye.  Colors are still the same.

  • nef

    Are these symbols hovering above your adversaries in pvp aswell? I mean, will healers be running around with big targets painted over their heads?

    • dulfy

      yes, that is the whole point of class icons since many people will be using custom orange armor in 1.2. Class icons allow you to identify enemy’s class even if they are all dressed up in slave girl outfits 😛

  • DangerousCamels

    In that screenshot I see someone with an exploding bullet floating over her head. Ignoring the identical classes on the other faction, this game has 8 classes and four of them use guns. 50% of the classes in this game use guns and none of them shoot exploding bullets. This is star wars, everyone shoots lasers.


    Stick a sword, two daggers, a staff, a bear claw, etc over a player in wow and you immediately know what they are. Of course, you don’t need to represent classes with floating UI symbols in wow because all of the classes are visually distinct.

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