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Legacy vendor in 1.2

Are you one of those people farming orange bracers/belts for your characters? Or maybe you are a marauder/sentinel and wondering why there isn’t any orange bacers/belts for you! Have no fear! Legacy vendors are coming in 1.2 and they will solve all your problems! (ok maybe not all).


Legacy vendors are a set of four NPCs newly added to Dromund Kaas and Coruscant in patch 1.2. They each sell 2 sets of orange gear (including orange belts and bracers) that require legacy level 10/20 and also gear in the range of 14-16 and 29-33 that you can trade via tokens obtained as drops. All of them are Bind to Legacy (BTL)

NOTE:: To provide you with the highest renders, some of the images are quite large and can take a bit to load

In Coruscant, you can find the legacy vendors here.


In Dromund Kaas, you can find the legacy vendors here


There are 4 vendors, one for each class and they each sell 4 sets of armor.

  • Inheritance: Level 14-16 armor with stats – purchased with Inheritance item construction kits (these are likely obtained as world drops). These are Binds to Legacy (BTL)
  • Birthright: Level 29-33 armor with stats – purchased with Birthright item construction kits (these are likely obtained as world drops). These are Binds to Legacy (BTL)
  • Renowned: Orange armor without stats- purchased with credits but requires legacy level 10 to purchase. These are Binds to Legacy (BTL)
  • Exalted: Orange armor without stats- purchased with credits but requires legacy level 20 to purchase. These are Binds to Legacy (BTL)


Yes for you sentinels/marauders out there, this will make you very happy!


I don’t know if these orange sets have new models or not but it is still worth a look! (will take a bit to load, large image)


Oh I know some of you are not happy with the previews and want ultra high res, “cinematic” quality renders (oh also the male version) of these armors. Luckily the vendor selling them is wearing some of the legacy armor so I will take some pictures of them! (high quality images, take a bit to load)





Oh one last thing, maybe some of you would like to see the stats on those Inheritance/Birthright sets! Here is one for inquisitior, but other classes have similar stat ranges.

Inquisitor Inheritance set – level 14-16


Inquisitor Birthright set – Level 29-33


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51 replies on “Legacy vendor in 1.2”

Sorry, I’m ultra late to ask this question, but I cba to waste 250k credits over it.

So if I buy the Guardian’s exalted armor, trade it to my jugg it will arrive there as the jugg’s exalted?

As they are BTL, can you, for example, send the sith gear to republic? Will it switch to the republic set?

Can they be RE for their schematic? If not that means no augment slot which means they are a bit useless. 

From what i’ve seen there are at least a few construction kits for legacy armor from the daily vendors on ilum/belsavis but as i don’t have a character from the PTS i only have a screenshot to go by

However it doesn’t specify a specific class

So can someone PLEASE confirm this…been trying to get a solid confirmed answer for some time now.  I heard in Patch 1.2 that we can take out the mods in epic level (purple) gear and use our high end mods instead.  So…can I take, let’s say, an epic level 37 chest peice for my level 50 assassin that I LOVE the look of…strip out the mods, and put the mods and armoring I get from Ilum dailes and HM FP’s and put them in that level 37 epic peice to maintain the look?

I think they mostly said end-game (could be wrong) so guess we cant tell til 1.2 actually comes up. I’d think not all epic will become moddable, otherwise they wont be “epic” but instead become “orange”. My guess is they will only allow the removal of mods from t1+ pvp and pve gear. Again, i could be wrong and no one knows for sure anyway =)

 Item preview on companions uses higher res textures than preview on player (i’m guessing it’s a bug) — not as high as in cutscenes, but still a lot better ;]

That stinks, I cannot wait for the day we get a hood toggle so jedi can show their hair (yes, it matters to me).

hehe I know what you mean! I always turn off the helmets on all of my chars. The helms we have currently are just ugly!

You think we will be able to research these items to learn how to craft them? The crafted items might still be BTL but could provide an augment slot – what do you think?

Not entirely true.  It’s the same armor as Jedi Battle Lord’s armor with a different color pallete.  The hood may or may not be up depending on your headgear… with the set headgear hood down, different headgear, hood can be up.

Are the orange sets for any level toon as long as you meet the legacy level requirement? It would be nice to roll a new toon and be immediately able to use the items around level 12 like the other bracers and belts you can farm. It would be sad if they had a level 50 requirement.

Question: do the BTL weapons scale with your level, like heirlooms in WoW, or are they just extremely good for the level you get them and are intended to be replaced by the Birthright weapon once your character reaches a certain level?  I’ve heard conflicting things about them.

Hey, there is no scaling with them. They are just good stats and intended to be replaced as soon you find a weapon with better stats. 

ok so great info and pics… but how the heck do I claim my stuff? I have two other characters and each one has one of those orange kit thingies… I started a new character on another server can I get the inheritance or birthright stuff?

characters on another server cannot benefit as the legacy is same server only and you can’t mail stuff to your characters in another server ;(

Can the sage wear the inquisitor’s legacy set? Or is it not really legacy? Just curious because it says “requires inquisitor”

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