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PvP gearing in 1.2

Hey everyone, with the coming of patch 1.2 in early April and the arrival of ranked Warzones, there has being a huge surge of interest in PvP. For many people who are not avid PvPers or keep up with the latest development on the Public Test Server (PTS), it can be confusing to know the PvP gearing changes in 1.2. This guide hopes to demystify all that and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the PvP gearing process in 1.2 and detailed stat comparisons between different PvP sets.

Update: March 29 – Latest update PTS saw a minor cost increase to Battlemaster and a small cost increase to War Hero armor (increase of 200-400 Ranked Warzone Commendations per piece)

This guide is quite large and is divided into different sections, use the navigation bullet points below to quickly jump to a section.

Expertise Differences

There will be 5 sets of PvP gear in existence once patch 1.2 comes out. Centurion and Champion will no longer being sold. Battlemaster will be getting an expertise buff and two new sets can be obtained: Recruit and War Hero. The sections below will be doing a detail comparison of the 5 sets, for now lets starts with a comparison of the expertise on these sets!

Something to keep in mind is that Expertise is getting a new diminishing returns (DR) in 1.2 in its conversion to PvP Bonus. The new formula for Expertise to PvP Bonus is

PvP Damage Bonus % = 50 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.5 ) )^( ( Expertise / 50 ) / 0.8 ) )  (source: Kor from

PVP Damage Reduction % = 100 – 100 / (1 + PvP Damage Bonus %/100)

PvP Healing Boost % = 30 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.3 ) )^( ( Expertise / 50 ) / 1.5 ) )

The best way to figure out how much PvP bonus a certain amount of Expertise is giving you is to plug in that equation into Excel and let it do all the work for you!



Here are the expertise numbers for full sets of gear from each of the 5 sets. PvP damage bonus difference is from the previous set to the next , for example 4.21% is from Champion to Recruit.

Set name Expertise PvP  Damage Bonus (%) PvP Damage Bonus difference(%) PvP Damage reduction (%) PvP Damage reduction difference (%) PvP Healing boost % PvP Healing boost % difference
Centurion 469 10.54   9.54   5.73  
Champion 650 13.99 +3.45 12.27 2.73 7.64 1.91
Recruit 896 18.20 +4.21 15.40 3.13 9.99 2.35
Battlemaster 1164 22.23 +4.03 18.18 2.78 12.27 2.28
War Hero 1291 23.95 +1.73 19.32 1.14 13.26 0.99

Note that below where I mentioned PvP bonus, it is specifically referring to PvP Damage bonus.

Recruit vs Champion vs Centurion

Champion set is being replaced by a new set of gear entirely once 1.2 rolls out. This new set is called Recruit and it has a lower rating (128) than Champion (136). It is also only blue in quality and has no moddable slots or set bonuses. What it does have over the Champion set is the extra expertise.

If you have Champion gear on yourself or in your inventory when once 1.2 is live, it won’t be downgraded to Recruit (see this dev post for confirmation). Champion gear will just be no longer be purchasable.

Much like the Champion gear, Centurion gear will no longer be sold in 1.2. It will still remain on yourself or in your inventory if you have them.

The costs for the new Recruit gear are as follows:

Piece Credits
Chest 31700
Legs 31700
Head 31700
Gloves 26200
Boots 26200
Belts 20500
Bracers 20500
Ear 17000
Implant 17000×2
Offhand 19300
Mainhand 38600
Relic 11300×2
Total 320000


So the total cost for the entire Recruit set is 320k, not too expensive for a starter PvP set. You will get 896 Expertise in total, which is equivalent to 18.20 % PvP damage bonus under the new expertise formula in 1.2

In comparison, the old Champion set has only 650 Expertise in total, equivalent to 13.99% PvP damage bonus. The old Centurion set has even less – 469 Expertise in total, equivalent to only 10.54 PvP damage bonus.

You must be wondering, while the Recruit set give me about 4.21% more PvP damage bonus, what stats do I lose if I swap to Recruit from Champion? What if I am wearing Centurion gear, should I purchase Recruit?

The answer to the Centurion vs Recruit question is pretty easy to answer. Centurion and Recruit have similar stats but Centurion is short on about 7% PvP damage bonus (about half the expertise). For example, take a look at this Force-Master set for Sorcs/Sages (using only 1 PvP relic). If you have Centurion, it is better to just purchase Recruit and be done with it!


The Champion question is harder to answer.

What I will do next is give you a bunch of tables. I choose 3 sets of gear (Force-Mystic, Weaponmaster, Eliminator) for detailed comparison purposes. For the rest of the gear sets I will just use AskMrRobot’s handy gear builder to give you the overall stat difference.

Sorcerer/Sage Recruit vs Champion (Force Mystic, Force  Master for non armor pieces)


Marauder/Sentinel Recruit vs Champion (Weaponmaster, Vindicator for Mainhand)


Mercenary/Commando Recruit vs Champion (Eliminator)



Lets jump to the overall stat differences (click on the gear set name to go to Askmrrobot’s character builder with the items already filled). Note that the stats you will see in AMR’s char builder are a bit different from the ones shown here because they added the +250 primary stat and +225 endurance for level 50 characters. For comparison purpoes it doesn’t matter at all.

Set name Set
Force-Mystic Sorc/Sage Heal
Force-Master Sorc/Sage DPS
Stalker Assassin/Shadow DPS
Survivor Assassin/Shadow Tank
Combat Medic Merc/Commando Heal
Eliminator Merc/Commando DPS
Combat Tech Powertech/Vanguard DPS
Supercommando Powertech/Vanguard Tank
War leader Jugg/Guardian Tank
Vindicator Jugg/Guardian DPS
Weaponmaster Marauder/Sentinel
Field Medic Operative/Scoundrel Heal
Enforcer Operative/Scoundrel DPS
Field Tech Sniper/Gunslinger


Sorcerer/Sage Force Mystic Recruit vs Champion and  Force Master Recruit vs Champion


Assassin/Shadow Stalker Recruit vs Champion and Survivor Recruit vs Champion


Mercenary/Commando Combat Medic Recruit vs Champion and Eliminator Recruit vs Champion


Powertech/Vanguard Supercommando Recruit vs Champion and Combat-Tech Recruit vs Champion


Juggernaut/Guardian War Leader Recruit vs Champion and Vindicator Recruit vs Champion


Marauder/Sentinel Weaponmaster Recruit vs Champion


Operative/Scoundrel Field medic Recruit vs Champion and Enforcer  Recruit vs Champion


Sniper/Gunslinger Field Tech Recruit vs Champion


As you can see, you will loose quite a bit of endurance (177-300, roughly equivalent to 1.77k to 3k hp) and primary stat (120 – 260) as well some secondary stat if switching to Recruit gear. You will also lose your set bonus as the new Recruit set does not come with a set bonus. Despite the fact that Recruit set give ~ 4.2% more PvP damage bonus, it might be better to stick with Champion and just upgrade directly to Battlemaster.


Battlemaster gear in 1.2 will no longer require a valor rank to wear and can be directly purchased using Warzone Commendations. The exchange rate is as follows

Piece WZ Commendations
Chest 1425
Legs 975
Head 1075
Gloves 875
Boots 875
Belts 625
Bracers 550
Ear 625
Implant 625
Implant 625
Offhand 1550
Mainhand 1550
Relic 550
Relic 550
Total 12475


Battlemaster gear is getting a huge expertise buff from its pre-1.2 form while secondary stats (power, alacrity, crit, surge, etc..) are being modified. You may be wondering exactly how BM gears are being changed. Most database currently do not have updated 1.2 BM stats but luckily with the help of Ezmode from (who did all the tedious data entry in Excel!) I have here all the updated BM stats in a chart format and can utilize AMR’s char builder to do full set comparisons in stats between the old and the new BM.

Let me show you first the updated Battlemaster stats on the PTS (which will likely be the stats once 1.2 goes live). If you prefer to see these in screenshot format, you can find them here.

















Ok, time to compare the old BM (the ones currently on live) and the new BM (the ones currently on PTS and likely to be in 1.2). I will use the AMR char builder to calculate the stats on the old BM set. The stats on the new BM set are from the images above. The links here will link to AMR’s char builder using the old BM set.


Sorcerer/Sage Force Mystic and Force Master



Assassin/Shadow Stalker  and Survivor



Mercenary/Commando Combat Medic and Eliminator



Powertech/Vanguard Supercommando and Combat Tech



Juggernaut/Guardian War Leader and Vindicator



Marauder/Sentinel Weaponmaster



Operative/Scoundrel Field medic and Enforcer



Sniper/Gunslinger Field Tech


War Hero

War hero is the latest new PvP tier in 1.2 and like the new Battlemaster set, it has no valor requirement to wear. It has two versions for its armor pieces: Unrated and Rated. Unrated pieces requires corresponding Battlemaster piece to trade in (i.e. Battlemaster Force-Master to trade in for War Hero Force-Master) and a number of Ranked Warzone Commendations. The exception here are the ear/implant/relic pieces which requires normal and ranked Warzone Commendations to purchase.  


Rated pieces, on the other hand, requires you to trade in Unrated pieces for bracers/belts while the rest of the armor sets (chest, legs, boots, head, gloves) are empty shells that do not require a trade in of the corresponding Unrated piece. All the Rated pieces have a PvP rating requirement to wear. There are no stat differences between the rated/unrated bracers/belts.


The table below will tabulate the prices for Unrated and Rated War Hero armor. These prices are from the latest patch (March 22 on the PTS). As you can see, there are no Rated versions of Ear/Implant/Offhand/Mainhand/Relic.

Piece Unrated
(Ranked WZ Commendations)
(additional Ranked WZ Commendations)
PvP rating
Chest 3200 +640 2400
Legs 2225 +445 1800
Head 2425 +485 2100
Gloves 2000 +400 1400
Boots 2000 +400 1600
Belts 1425 +285 1200
Bracers 1250 +250 1200
Ear 1425 +200 Normal    
Implant 1425 +200 Normal    
Implant 1425 +200 Normal    
Offhand 3475    
Mainhand 3475    
Relic 1250 +200 Normal    
Relic 1250 +200 Normal    
Total 28250 +1000 Normal    

As usual, you must be curious about the stat differences between the updated BM set and the War Hero set. Here is a comparison list. Links will direct you to AMR’s char builder with the War Hero sets. The new BM stats are obtained from the section above on Battlemaster. WH stands for War Hero, BM stands for Battlemaster.

Sorcerer/Sage Force Mystic and Force Master



Assassin/Shadow Stalker and Survivor



Mercenary/Commando Combat Medic and Eliminator (two ear/implant combos for eliminator, one using boltblaster, other using Annihilator)




Powertech/Vanguard Supercommando and Combat Tech (two ear/implant combos for Combat Tech, one using boltblaster, other using Annihilator)




Juggernaut/Guardian War Leader and Vindicator (two ear/implant combos for Vindicator, one using Foestopper, other using Pummeler)



Marauder/Sentinel Weaponmaster (Pummeler ear/implant combo and Foestopper combo)



Operative/Scoundrel Field medic and Enforcer (Trapper combo and Targeter ear/implant combo)



Sniper/Gunslinger Field Tech (Trapper combo and Targeter Combo)


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

111 replies on “PvP gearing in 1.2”

 Dulfy i am getting an error message when insert your equation into excel? I have looked over the formula and have messed with spacing but cant seem to figure what the error is about any thoughts?

only copy this part and replace expertise with a number

= 50 * ( 1 – ( 1 – ( 0.01 / 0.5 ) )^( ( Expertise / 50 ) / 0.8 ) )  

So if I understand the guide.

Get recruit gear and remod it with Warhero mods except for the expertise.


If you never PvP’ed before and don’t have champion stuff,then it is Recruit -> Battlemaster –> War Hero


Do you have extra info about how rated warzones will work ? I want to know if the gap between Win/Loss is big, medium size or small. Atm the warzones have a small gap between W/L. You farm 4 medals if you lose to a premade and thats it. I also want to know if in ranked premade u lose rating if you loss to a better/worst premade or  it is like now. You add more or less to your valor rank. Any more info would be apreciated. What can you share with us ?

Hey I havn’t had a chance to check out the ranked warzones yet but when I do you will be the first to know! 🙂

What about all the two tier “tokens” (I’m forgetting the names) that I received from the Champion bags? Will I be able to sell those back for WZ tokens to buy battlemaster gear or am I just screwed?

I was getting around 3k valor per normal warzone match on the PTS. Not sure why you are concerned about valor though, it becomes useless in 1.2

Sorry, I meant Warzone Commandation. Since we can now buy Battlemaster with them, I was wondering if it was still easy to collect them.

yes, on live I was getting 80-90 normal commendations per match and on the PTS I was getting the same per win. Not sure about lose though, I don’t think they have properly adjusted for rewards for losing yet. 

Yes if you do decide to go the crafting route then getting orange gear with augments and then put in the mods will give you the best stats. 

The champ /bm gear you already wear shall be updated with the new stats right? Tbh i dont like the fact that they have removed valor prerequisite. I always liked the valor progression in order to get new stuff either armor or abilities (in other games).

The thing that worries me the most though is how they will implement the pvp rating. I ve heard (correct me if wrong) that you will be able to join solo on rated wzs. If so this will probably screw your pvp rating a lot and you will be forced to only wait and play with setup groups. I wonder if after a period of time the pvp rating shall be reset.
One extra thing that troubles me is that they keep ignoring open world pvp.

Furthermore with all the changes and plan they have so far it seems as if i am playing wow and this is something i really dont like 🙂

Btw great job with all the info you provide us 🙂

Your champion gear won’t be upgraded. It is no longer sold in 1.2. Your battlemaster mods/enhancement will get upgraded provided you have not swapped them out. I think what they really wanted to do in 1.2 is to remove the barrier of entry to PvP and valor was phased out as it provided too much of a gap between those who were already PvPing and those who want to jump in right now. 

Thx for the info Dulfy.
There are mistakes though in your charts : looking at Mystic/Master Battlemaster sets and comparing the charts and the screenshots, we can see that for exemple Mystic headgear should read 100 Endu, not 94. In the same way, both sets should have the exact same Surge score.
More generally, post-1.2 Mystic and Master sets are gonna be very alike statwise (more than that actually, identical would be a more fitting term) with two notable exeptions : the headgear and the gloves, Mystic pushing it on Power whereas Master focus a bit more on Endu/Will.

Anyway, great job. Given the number of peps on standby waiting for 1.2, they would have been severly pissed off  if they had poped in the post 1.2 era with gimped gear just because they did not know they had to put their stuff back in the original shape. Keep up the good job!

Noim (Starmap)

Hey thank you for that! Corrected those and also corrected the comparison charts below. If you see anymore mistakes let me know!

You may have explained this already and I missed it, but where is the 14.94% number coming from for the old BM set? (I have the full set and it only shows 12.65%, which is also what shows on askmrrobot.)

If I overlooked something mind-numbingly obvious, my apologies, I just got home from work and I am exhausted. 😉

oh hey, this is a very good question! AMR use the old expertise to PvP bonus formula and therefore shows a much lower PvP bonus. The values here are done using the new formula on the PTS which allows for a much higher PvP bonus from the same expertise values. Hope that helps!

AMR will likely change theirs once 1.2 arrives

Right, but if you’re comparing “old” to “new,” it might be less confusing for people who are wanting to compare what they have *now* to what they’ll have after 1.2, if the formula for gear right now on live was used for live, and the post 1.2 formula was used for what it will get upgraded to. 

Unless I missed the whole point of the chart, that is. 😉  (Which is certainly possible. I think *maybe* what you’re trying to do is make sure you’re comparing apples to apples, maybe, but I’m not sure that works considering the old gear won’t exist in its current form when that formula is in effect.)

Ah I see your point! The system was originally designed for comparing champion vs recruit under the new expertise system. Comparing new and old Battlemaster was an afterthought and therefore I didn’t factor in the situation that the old BM wouldn’t even exist in 1.2. For uniformity purposes I am going to keep it that way but I will add in a large note at the top letting people know that the old BM expertise stats are using the new expertise formula in 1.2 🙂 

You said valor has no more meaning in 1.2, but it doesn’t disappear, right? I mean there might still be titles you want to unlock…

What about centurion/champion commendations? Is there a way to trade them for other commendations?

Yes valor will still be here 🙂
This is what is happening to your centurion/champion commendations:

Seems like the War Hero price table isn’t taking into account that there are two implant & relic slots. So I think that means the total would be 24050 & 1000? Just happened to notice this and thought I’d point it out.

Your blog is really wellmade. Definitely my #1 source for future TOR content.

Dulfy, to confirm — you don’t need the BM implants or earrings to get the WH version but you DO currently need the BM relics to get the WH relics? Thanks

Sorry should have specified, you don’t need BM relics for WH relics either. So for ear/implants/relics you just need ranked wz comms + normal wz comms to purchase. 

Dulfy, I currently have full BM dps gear as a shadow but l am looking into switching into tank gear for war hero tier. Would I be able to trade in my dps gear for the war hero tank gear?

Current on the PTS, you need to trade in the same BM set for the War Hero set so this is not possible atm. They might change it before it goes live though 🙂

I just found this web site and there is so much information to take in and I can’t wait to pour over it. I have one newb question, and I’m sure it’s explained somewhere here.. but, my main is lvl 49 and have spent time in the WZ collecting commendations so when I hit 50 I can buy some bags. Right now I have a bag and 1k Merc/WZ commendations. What would be my best course of action right when I hit 50(I should hit 50 before 1.2)? Should I buy the old PvP gear or hold onto my commendations to buy the new stuff?

what is your valor rank and how much pvp you do everyday? If you are doing alot of pvp and can recover the 1k merc & wz comms quikcly  I say go ahead and buy some champion bags. There is still no definite eta on 1.2 release but I would guesstimate somewhere around 1 -2 weeks from now so you have some time to get settled and grab some champion pieces if need. 

Once 1.2 comes out, use the 1k merc comms and 1k wz comms and convert them into 2k wz comms and buy Battlemaster for slots you don’t have champion etc 🙂

I’m a LvL 49 1/2 Sage with 32 Valor. I don’t spend much time in WZ’s but that could change when I hit 50. I don’t get to play every day, hence the reason I’m only 49 1/2. I’ll probably get the champion bags anyway for the nostalgic reason.

Howdy Andy….I guess, in my opinion, it would depend on personal preference in the armor itself.  If you like the gear they have now, I’d purchase it, and update it with the new armor, mods, etc.  That’s what I’m planning on doing. (I have a full champion gear lvl 50 marauder and full champion geared lvl 50 knight….various other lvl 30 alts for both factions)  I’m the type of guy though that prefers to actually like what my character is wearing vs what his stats are….but that’s just me.  I don’t want to play hours and hours a week hating what my lvl 50 looks like lol…that just ruins the whole fantasy/fun aspect of it.

ok here is my question what will happen to all your current cen camp and BM comms in my bank after the update? should i buy up all the gear possible so they dont all go to waste? and if i dont spent all my BM comms can i trade them in instead of gear for the new war leader gear? 

 That’s actually my same question.. and my search for that answer led me here.  I’m saving my WZ/Merc commendations now, but what about the cen & champ comms that I’m still getting from dailies?

Hai Dulfy,
I have been wondering, what part(s) of the Battlemaster item is(are) needed to get the War Hero counterpart? Is it the full item, or just the base item plus the Armoring? Or to put it in straight, can you keep the Modifications/Enhancement and just trade the “core” of the item?

Not really sure on that yet. No one has being able to confirm it but I think you can trade in the BM gear modless. I think I will know more in the next couple days though 🙂

To my understanding the armoring slot will be open on the Champion armor pieces, will modification slots be open for the Champion and Centurion weapons as well?

It’s been said that the newest PTS update has reverted the BM / Rakata gear back to its original 1.15 version (except leaving the extra expertise on the BM gear).  Is this correct?  If so that is pretty weak, as I bought 4 sets of BM Stalkers pants already, in preparation for the unique mods they were going to have in 1.2.  If this is correct, I just wasted 8 BM tokens on gear that I don’t want….

Ok thanks for the quick response Dulfy…couple more 1.2 questions for you, as I have not been able to locate an answer for these.  (1) Can you crit craft the orange War Hero gear for an augment?  (2) Can you crit craft lightsabers for an augment?  I’m trying to figure out if I should drop Artifice for Synth or Biochem.  I am primarily a PvP player: Valor Rank 80…Social Rank 1…lol.

Not sure about the lightsaber but I can craft some war hero pieces on my armormech on the pts and let you know 🙂

Is the PTS nerf to BM gear around to stay? I heard (I think) it was changed back to current form or no?

Not sure but currently on the PTS it was changed back (i.e. same stats as live)I am going to wait for them to stabilize the set changes before editing article if need. I don’t want delete the BM comparisons and then they change their mind again heh

I am late to the party on this I guess. Have a few questions if you have the time.

Should I end up with 1000 Merc and 1000 Wz commendations before 1.2 goes live. Thought being I can trade the Mercs back for WZ at 1-1 ration giving me 2000 WZ comms is this correct?

Does it take BM piece + regular WZ commendations for unranked War Hero? Assume unranked WH has no pvp rating required?

Is unranked War Hero the only way to get on level 61 mods for Ranked War Hero etc?

I think the new PVP is horrible to look at so I am wondered if the following will work:

I have 2 sets of BM gear — trade 1 set in plus comms for unranked WH pieces.
Pull the mods out of WH stuff and put them in the other BM set?
If so will current BM be transformed to a  3 mod piece of armor (the armoring mod appearing on 1.2 server up)?

Just found your site and added it to my guild website — Great stuff BTW

1. Yes you can trade in merc comms to Wz at 1:1 ratio to end up with 2k Wz comms once 1.2 comes out
2. It takes BM piece + ranked wz comms for unranked. For WH ear/implants, you going to need regular wz comms + ranked comms

3. Yes unranked is the only source of 61 pvp mods for ranked
4. Yes that will work, expensive but should work. The WH and BM have same set bonus anyways and yes the armoring can be removed in 1.2 🙂

Hope that helps 🙂

Are the PvP weapons becoming modable  in 1.2. Not sure how the expertise crystal matters if weapons are just purple with 140 or 146 ratings (BM WH) as the BM is now.

Assume yes?

Dulfy, sorry to hump your leg that way, but given the now official release date and time of the 1.2 update, I thought I would poke you around for some last minute answers.
1) As asked earlier, did anyone try to trade just the armor-skin or the armor-skin+Armoring for its War hero counterpart?
2) We now have the confirmation Rakata gear is keeping its orginal buffs, what about the Battlemaster set? Dev tracker seems to imply a few pieces would see changes, but it’s unclear if they mean that they will implement the full changes you described here, or if they decided to shy away from that and just go for some half-assed copy/paste errors corrections.

 I would like to know what changes were made to any of the BM Sets They stated some were changed…didn’t say which ones.  I would love to know this as I have unspent BM tokens and need to find level 58 enhancements.

 Awesome Dulfy! I will be eagerly awaiting! Just to give you a headstart (maybe) soemone posted this on the PTS Forums:

 “Some bad news for Sentinel/Marauders.

Power/surge enhancements have been left out of our gear which is once again critical and accuracy heavy

They ended up giving them to the trooper/mercenary’s and the sage/sorcerers’s.”

If this is the case, just need to find out what items have the Power/Surge enhancements so people can use those unspent BM comms on the correct piece!

so just checked, chest, legs, and boots went back to live stats but has increased expertise (100 each). The rest all have the original PTS stats. I will update this post accordingly. 

Lulz, so, it means that for Force Mystic and Force Master, 1.2 BM is exactly like the 1.1.5 BM, with just more expertise. Jeebus, so much number crunching for nothing… >.<

Am I mistaken or did Bioware heavily cut down on Surge in Battlemaster gear, when comparing numbers above and those in MrRobot (as I can’t get online now because of patching)?

BM stats are a bit funky right now as they changed stats on some pieces but not the other ones, I will update this article today if possible 😉

 Hi, really nice work. That helped me preparing 1.2 by gathering a lot of BM gear for mods/enhancements extracting, but at the end Bioware completely removed surge from all BM to put it in War Hero gears.

1. If my enhancements on my BM gear were mixed up on patch day and did not update, can those BM pieces still be used to purchase war hero gear?

2. Also, I’ve already taken the armoring, mod and enhancement out of one of my BM pieces and put it in an augmented orange piece… do I have to move all the “guts” back into the original BM piece to trade it in for the war hero (expensive!) or can I just trade in the shell?

I must be missing something…

Rank 63 valor, lvl 50.  I am trying to exchange my BM enforcer wrist and the required ranked WZ commendations for the unranked WH enforcer wrist, but says I am ineligible to do so.  What am I missing?  I’m quite sure I don’t need valor 70, since I am eligible to pick up the medic WH wrists.  Please advise.  Thanks!

your reduction formula does not make sense to me… it’s like circular logic… can you please explain it?

 I am a little bit confused about the difference in gear, between rated and not rated War hero gear. Si there is not stat difference between the rated and not rated chest, boots, legs, gloves and head right? Its just cosmetic yeah? I just put the mod etc from my pervious warhero (not rated) into it and thats it?

Rated are just empty shells with no stats. You are suppose to pull the mods from your regular war hero gear and use them on the rated set. The rated set is just for cosmetics – oh look I pvp alot etc kind of thingie

Hey Dulfy, great page. What advice would you give as far as what augments to run with my shadow survivor war hero gear?

It is going to depend on how much crit chance you have. I typically run the Advanced Resolve augment 22 as it give me +18 willpower and +12 endurance. Some people run the Advanced Overskill augment 22 (+18 power, +12 endurance) as they are good with their crit chance and get more damage from the extra power. 

In TOR my main has been a DPS sage. Due to recent membership changes in my guild I have switched to healing. If I move my DPS War Hero armor to Force Mystic War Hero gear will I get the healing set bonus or still have the DPS set bonus? I know if I move the armor to regular year I retain the set bonus but it takes so long to start over with PVP gear bs PVE.

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