Legacy system in 1.2

Hey everyone, one of the major features that is coming up in  patch 1.2 is the Legacy system! For those not knowing what the Legacy system is, it is essentially a set of levels that every character in your account on the same server can contribute towards to. More Legacy levels will unlock cool new rewards. Think of it as a way to reward you for playing your alts! The Legacy system is cross-faction, so that means both your Empire and Republic characters are part of it. Unfortunately, the Legacy system are a per-server basis only – so that means your characters on other servers will not be part of the Legacy family you have on another server. With no server transfer in place anytime soon, this is certainly a huge bummer for people with multiple characters on multiple servers.

Here is a quick video overview of the Legacy system, it is shows off some of the class emotes, the companion dance, unarmed combat and a very quick overview of the legacy system.


There are essentially 3 tabs on the left when you first open up your Legacy window by pressing (Y).


I will be spending most of the focus of this article on the Global Unlocks. I will go over a bit of the cool stuff in Coming Soon (Patch 1.3). Family Tree is mostly a Roleplaying feature that is fairly self-explanatory which I will briefly talk about in the last bit of the article.

Global Unlocks

If you click on Global Unlocks, it will expand into 4 additional tabs: Imperial Classes/Republic Classes/Species/Other


Species tab is a place where you can obtain species for use for all the new characters you will be creating. Currently there are certain species restrictions that prevent them from being used for all classes but these restrictions will be removed once you have obtained that species.  This will allow for some previously impossible species/class combinations like Chiss inquisitors!

There are two methods to obtain a race, you can either unlock it by leveling a  character to level 50 using the allowed classes for that species or purchase the species for 1.5 million (500 k for Human) credits. Keep in mind that the purchase route is only available if you have at least Legacy Level 5.


Here are all the possible species(9 in total)  you can obtain. You can see that I have acquired the Human species.


  • Chiss
  • Cybrog
  • Human
  • Miraluka
  • Mirialan
  • Rattataki
  • Sith
  • Twi’lek
  • Zabrak

Imperial/Republic Classes tab is where you can gain cool Heroic abilities depending what other classes you have! There are four blocks in each tab, corresponding to each of the 4 basic classes (i.e. Warrior, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, and Agent for Imperial) in each faction.


With in each block, there are two rows of icons. The top 3 icons are the ones you can unlock via completing class quests on that character. The bottom 5 are the ones you can unlock via completing all the quests for a companion for that class.

So for the Inquisitor block, I have all the top 3 icons unlocked but none of the bottom 5 ones since I never really bothered with the companions (that might change in 1.2)


What do I unlocked with the top 3 and the bottom 5?

Top 3 icons are a class emote, the class buff, and a Heroic ability that can be used on all the characters in your Legacy. They cannot be purchased and can be only unlocked by doing the appropriate class quests on your alts (complete chapter 2 for first 2, complete chapter 3 for the heroic ability).


The emotes themselves are pretty cool! I can show you the /inquisitor and /trooper examples


Something to keep in mind is that the mirror class buffs from the Empire and Republic side do not stack with each other. So you if you have both a Bounty Hunter and a Trooper alt, only one of their class buffs will be applied.

Also, something that is very important to note is that these Heroic abilities have a 10 minute cooldown and are only useable when you have Heroic Moment abilities active (which have a 20 minutes cooldown and requires a companion to use). This means these Heroic abilities are not useable in Warzones or Operations but can be used in Flashpoints.

Here is a list of all the emotes/class buffs/heroic abilities for all 8 classes on the two factions

Imperial Agent

Bounty Hunter

Sith Inquisitor

Sith Warrior



Jedi Consular

Jedi Knight

Now, for the bottom 5. You have 5 companions per character and they are categorized into 5 types: Ranged Tank, Melee Tank, Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, and Healer. Since there are 4 classes on each faction and there are 2 factions, there are essentially 8 companions per type in the game.

For the first companion of each type that you unlock by completing all of their companion quests, you will receive a special buff and a +10 presence bonus to all your characters in the same Legacy. For each additional companion of the same type that you unlock, you will not receive that special buff and only receive the presence bonus instead.

What are these special buffs? You can see of them here!


Since this concept can be a bit confusing, lets go into a specific example involving the Sith Inquisitor and Trooper. There will be a bit of spoilers in this explanation since I will be using the companion names.

Sith inquisitors have Xalek (Ranged Tank), Khem (Melee Tank), Ashara (Melee DPS), Andronikos (Ranged DPS), and Talos (Healer). Troopers have M1-4X (Ranged Tank),  Tanno (Melee Tank), Yuun (Melee DPS), Aric (Ranged DPS), and Elara (Healer).

So, if you complete all the companion quests for Khem (Melee Tank), you will unlock the Melee tank buff (bonus to accuracy, increase duration of heroic moment by 12 seconds and decrease the cooldown by 1 minute) and the +10 presence bonus all on your Legacy characters. If you now also complete the companion quests for Tanno (also Melee Tank)  on your trooper alt, you won’t receive the melee tank buff but will obtain the +10 presence bonus.

Others tab is a huge one, there are 5 categories: Alignment, Convenience, Ship Unlocks, Valor and Social. Some can be unlocked if you meet the requirements while others can be only purchased. The purchase also comes with a legacy level requirement.

Under Alignment you have

  • Legacy of Sacrifice – Grant the Sacrifice ability to all your characters – which injuries your companion characters to heal yourself. It requires either Level 50 & Dark V to unlock or purchase it for 250 k credits if you have legacy level 10.
  • Legacy of Unity – Grant Unity ability to all your characters – reduce damage for you and your companion for a short duration. Requires either level 50 & Light V to unlock or purchase it for 250 k credits if you have legacy level 10.
  • Legacy of Equilibrium – Grant Equilibrium ability to all your characters – increase the damage/healing done by you and your companions for a short duration – Requires Neutral (i.e.not Light V or Dark V) & level 50 to unlock or purchase it for 250 k credits if you have legacy level 10.

Under Convenience you have the following, all of which must be purchased.

  • Legacy Fleet pass I-III: Reduce the cooldown of Emergency Fleet Pass by 1, 2 and 3 hrs. These effects are cumulative so if you purchase rank I to III you would get a cooldown reduction of 1+2+3 = 6 hrs. Rank 1 requires 100 k credits and Legacy Level 5 to purchase, Rank 2 requires 200k credits and Legacy level 10, Rank 3 requires 300 k and Legacy level 15.
  • Legacy Quick travel I-III: Reduce the cooldown of your Quick Travel ability by 1, 2, and 3 minutes. These effects are cumulative so if you purchase I to III you would get a total cooldown reduction of 6 minutes. Purchase costs & requirements are same as Legacy Fleet Pass for all 3 levels.
  • Rocket Boost: Provides brief, intense burst of speed for all your characters. Requires 2 million credits and legacy level 8 to unlock. Additionally you can purchase Improved Rocket Boost I and II which requires Legacy level 8/12 and costs 1 million/1.5 million to reduce cooldown of Rocket Boost by either 30 seconds/1 minute.


Under Ship Unlocks you have the following, all of which must be purchased.

  • Repair droid – 1 million and Legacy Level 7 to unlock
  • Ship Mailbox – 500 k and Legacy level 10 to unlock
  • Operations training dummy – 500 k and Legacy Level 10 to unlock
  • Warzone training dummy – 500 k and Legacy level 10 to unlock
  • Galactic Market Kiosk – 5 million and Legacy level 25 to unlock


Under Valor, you have a series of unarmed combat moves, which can be unlocked with valor ranks or purchased. These are fun moves you can use while dueling with your friends for example and has no actual combat applications since you cannot equip your weapons while using them.

  • Punch – Unlock it with valor rank 5 or purchase it for X credits if you have Legacy level 5
  • Jab – Unlock with valor rank 10 or purchase it for X credits if you have Legacy level 8
  • Uppercut – Unlock it with valor rank 15 or purchase it for X credits if you have Legacy level 10
  • Bash – Unlock it with valor rank 25 or purchase it for X credits if you have Legacy level 15


Under Social, you have a whole bunch of fun stuff that can be unlocked with social ranks or purchased.

  • Companion Dance – Unlock it with social II or purchase it for X credits if you have Legacy level 3
  • Tech emotes – Unlock it with social IV or purchase it for 50k credits if you have Legacy level 8
  • Tool emotes – Unlock it with social VI or purchase it for 100k credits if you have Legacy level 12
  • Double Lasers Emote – Unlock it with Social X or purchase it for 150 k credits if you have Legacy level 15.


The companion dance is pretty cool!


Coming soon

Coming soon is a tab reserved for features in the Legacy system that is coming with update 1.3.

Much like Others tab earlier, it has 4 categories.

Under Advancement category you have a bunch of things you can unlock that grant more experience towards certain things. So if you prefer to only PvP to level up, you can unlock the Warzone experience boost and level up that way.

  • Flashpoint Experience I – V: More experience from killing major enemies in Flashpoints
  • Space Experience I – V: More experience from completing space missions
  • Warzone Experience I – V: More experience from completing warzones


Under Companion category you have a bunch of things for your companions!

  • Legacy of Altruism I –III: More affection gain from giving your companion gifts
  • Legacy of Persuasion I – III: More affection gain from conversation options
  • Legacy of Crafting I – III: Increased crit chance while crafting.
  • Legacy of Leadership I – II: Companions sell junk faster.


Under Travel category you have some pretty cool stuff!

  • Celerity I – II: Sprint faster
  • Legacy Speeder License: Get your first Speeder license at level 10.

Under Convenience category you have the following

  • Repair droid I-III: Repair on the field
  • Priority Medvac I-II: Increased health after dying and respawning at a Medcenter
  • Field Respec: Respec on the field (with dual spec coming soon  this is pretty yummy!)
  • Portable Mailbox: You can check mails from credit spammers anywhere you want!


Family Tree

This is mostly fluff for roleplaying purposes. You can organize and create relationship between all the characters in your Legacy including same sex marriages.

You can relate one of your characters to another as Spouse, Sibling, Ally, Rival, Child or Adopted Child. As you can see here I added my commando as spouse to my sorcerer just for demonstration purposes.


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  • bela

    So this companion conversation and quest completion can grant to all of our characters a total of

    8 x 5 x 10 = 400 Presence?  If its true, that sounds like a pretty impressive boost for companions.

    • dulfy

      Definitely, seems a bit overpowered too hehe

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  • Vernas

    So wait, we need to pay even if we have the correct legacy level? If so that’s complete bs.

    • dulfy


      • Vernas

         For real? Wow.. that is ridiculous, for all of the ship upgrades you need 7.5million credits, jesus christ.. I know credits are easy to come by but not that easy,

        • Hev

           I kinda think the point here is so not everyone has everything right off the bat. they want you to prioritize a bit & pick out what you need, then what you want.

  • Figures, the thing I care most about (class buffs) can’t be outright purchased. Looks like it’s time to start playing my Bounty Hunter or Trooper to get the Endurance buff for my Guardian tank…

  • Sanitäter

    thank you so much! I was looking for somthing more detailed on the legacy system

  • Bneg82

    I’m confused,  I thought it was either you can purchase legacy unlocks for tons of credits or you can unlock them by your legacy level.  Now you must have the credits and the level?  DId bioware change this?  If thats the case then why would I roll an alt like they want me to? I’d just roll my main cause it can make the most credits.

    • dulfy

      Right now you need alot of credits and a small amount of legacy level to unlock some of the stuff. This might change before it goes live but it is currently how it is 🙁

  • sdc

    Do you happen to know how long the cooldown on Rocket Boost is? Hard to judge how much a 30/60 second improvement is without knowing where it starts. Thanks! And also, great work on the site!

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  • Me123

    So from what I see some of the good things they were bragging about won’t even be in 1.2? If so this pisses me off to the point where I might cancel my subscription. 

  • Camataru

    Can u tell us pls what upgrades are selled by the Repair droid (1 million and Legacy Level 7 to unlock). I heared a rumor that an item can boost  ship droid critical armormech. It will be cool sience none of bounty hunter companions doesent got bonos on crt armormech.

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