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Guild Bank and Vehicle Achievements in 1.2

Hey everyone, guild banks and vehicle achievements (achievements that grant you vehicles) are two of the smaller features coming to 1.2. Since they are both relatively small features, I have decided to clump them together and write about both at once!

Guild Bank

Guild Bank is finally here! This feature is relatively standard in most other MMOs but it has finally arrived in SWTOR! Better late than never right? Here are the basic facts

  • You need 12 members in your guild and 600 k credits to activate the guild bank – the first tab is included with the purchase. It is not 15 members online, just 15 members in your guild roster – so make those alts if you need them! (The requirement was changed from 15 members to 12 members on the March 29 patch)
  • To access the guild bank, you must go to the Galactic Trade section of the fleet – it cannot be accessed the guild menu (G button)
  • There are 7 storage tabs in total, each tab with 90 slots. The 2nd tab costs 1 million, 3rd tab costs 2 million, 4th tab costs 3.5 million, 5th tab costs 7 million, 6th tab costs 15 million, and the 7th tab costs 30 million (Thanks to Jared on the info for tab 5&6, and Kreslyn for the info on 7th tab!). The the current prices could be changed before going to live. So in total that is ~ 60 million for 7 tab 🙂
  • Withdrawal limits are credits and items are weekly – they reset Tuesday of every week. So if you are a guild leader giving out credit allowances for repairs etc, don’t be stingy!
  • Four interface tabs are available: Vaults, Log, Ledger, and Manage. Only the first two are accessible to guild members. Ledger and Manage are currently exclusive to the guild leader (not even officers have access to them).
  • No tax system exist currently

What I am going to do next is to show you the location of the guild bank and then walk you through the 4 interface tabs!

Here is the location of the guild bank on the fleet. They look like normal cargo hold but with purple tabs on top of them.


Vault Tab

This is the first interface tab and is the one that will be used the most often. As you can see here, as a normal guild member, I only have access to the first two interface tabs: Vaults and Log. The credit withdrawal is greyed out as I do not have permission to withdrawal credits but I am given a 300k weekly credit allowance for repairs/respecs.

Something to keep in mind is that if the guild leader has checked the Stack Separately option in the Manage tab, items within a stack will count toward your withdrawal totals.


Log Tab

This tab keep track of only items. It essentially show you the person’s name, item deposited/withdrawal and the timestamp.


This log currently only keep track of 100 item transactions – I was able to erase some of the older entries by repeatedly depositing/withdrawal the same items. You can see that the item transactions before March 21 no longer show up. Hopefully this will be fixed going live or otherwise it is not useful for a large guild.


Ledger Tab

This tab is only viewable by the guild leader currently. It keeps track of all the credit transactions of all guild members for the current and previous week.


Manage Tab

This is also only viewable by the guild leader. Here you can set all the permissions for each rank within your guild. You can set weekly credit allowance that your members can use to withdrawal, repair, and respec. You can also prevent certain tabs from showing to certain ranks and prevent some ranks from adding items to certain tabs.

Stack separately, when enabled, will count a stack items towards the withdrawal limit. With that option enabled, a stack of 10 items will count as 10 items rather than 1 item.


Speaking of repairs, with the guild bank, members will now have an option when repairing to use guild funds if it is enabled for them. In situations where the guild funds is not enough for a full repair, you will need to click on items to repair individually until you used up the guild fund.


Vehicle Achievements

Imagine that, free vehicles! Mount/Vehicles achievements have being a favorite of my so I was very excited when SWTOR added them in! To access the Mount/Vehicle achivements, you need to pick them up from a mission terminal right next door to the Guild Bank (the same place where you buy speeders on the fleet).


There are 4 achievement available currently, each rewards a different vehicle.


Aratech Ice: Complete all 8 Hardmode flashpoints once


  • Black Talon/Esseles
  • Boarding Party/Taral V
  • Foundry/Maelstrom Prison
  • Directive 7
  • Battle of Ilum
  • False Emperor
  • Kaon Under Siege
  • Lost Island

Aratech Nightscythe: Defeat the following operation bosses in Hardmode


  • Annihilation Droid XRR-3
  • Gharj
  • Soa
  • Bonetrasher
  • G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator
  • Karagga
  • Zorn and Toth
  • Colonel Vorgath
  • Kephess

Aratech Fire: Defeat the following bosses in Storymode (Normal Mode)


  • Annihilation Droid XRR-3
  • Gharj
  • Soa
  • Bonetrasher
  • G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator
  • Karagga
  • Zorn and Toth
  • Colonel Vorgath
  • Kephess

Aratech Coral: Defeat the following World Bosses


  • Snowblind – Hoth
  • Gargath – Hoth
  • Primal Destroyer – Belsavis
  • Nightmare Pilgrim – Voss

Personally, I cannot wait to complete these achievements once 1.2 goes live!

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Something  I’ve been wanting to ask someone testing the guild banks: What happens if your membership dips below 15 people? Can you have a 1 person guild with a guild bank, as long as you had 15 when you activated it?

Your guild bank stays, my guild on the PTS only has 13 members in total atm and our guild bank stays 🙂

Has Bioware said whether selling a guild is an enforceable transaction?  E.g., if I pay someone for a guild and then they don’t give it to me will Bioware do the Blizzard thing or the CCP thing?

Are they ‘achievements’ or actually quests, for the vehicles? They look like quests… and I abhor the 25 quest limit on the quest log 🙁

Quests, and yes they need to update the limit. It is getting annoying having to delete quests to get new ones, especially if you are carrying all those dailies.

well it may only be 4 achievements and i’ll have them done in a week but at least it is a step in the right direction.  now they just need to come out with a whole ach pack ASAP with TON of ach’s

That speeder model sucks, why cant they think of anything original instead of just using different crayons all the time?

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