1.2 War Hero armor–High resolution in-game screenshots

Hey everyone, I know you guys have being asking for high resolution images of the new War Hero PvP gear ever since you saw those previews I posted. Thankfully, in addition to purchasing them via ranked Warzone Commendations, you can also craft these as empty orange shells! This took me a couple days as I had to level a synthweaver on the PTS. Luckily my alt, who also got transferred (by mistake hehe) is an armormech so I didn’t had to level an armormech as well.

These are images of the crafted War Hero set, schematics can be brought for 50k at the PvP vendor, for use by synthweavers/armormech. Synthweaver make the Warrior/Guardian  and Consular/Inquisitor set while Armormech make the Trooper/Bounty Hunter set and the Agent/Smuggler set.

All the crafted pieces are BoE and can be crit’ed to obtain an augment slot. You will need valor rank 70 to wear these.

A shoutout to these wonderful people on the PTS who helped me with wearing these sets so I could take these high res screensots!

  • Butch of Darth Traya server (German EU), guild <Legacy of Matukal>, model for Empire Bounty Hunter, Agent and Inquisitor sets.
  • Jeanne of Naddist Rebel server, guild <Æos>, model for Republic Knight, Trooper, and Smuggler sets.
  • Boo of Vulkar Highway server, guild <Wrath>, model for Empire Warrior set. Also the author of the website, www.torguard.com, which has many raid strat videos.
  • Deedlite of the guild <The Tantalus>, model for Republic consular set.

If you like to see the color variations not listed here, you can see them in the preview window here.


What is shown is the Weaponmaster set for Marauders/Sentinel. The Juggernaut/Guardian set looks the same but has a different color scheme.





Trooper/Bounty Hunter

What is shown is the Combat Medic set for Commando/Mercenary. The Powertech/Vanguard set looks the same but has a different color scheme.






What is shown is the Field Medic set for Scoundrel/Operative. The Sniper/Gunslinger set looks the same but has a different color scheme.






What is shown is the Stalker set for Assassin/Shadow. The Sorcerer/sage set looks the same but has a different color scheme.





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  • Gauss

    Hi Dulfy,
    thanks for the images, looking forward to obtaining the sets. As mentioned in another comment, I would like to hear your opinion on PvP healing as a sorcerer in 1.2. I am somewhat worried that taking both free force regen and burst healing away cripples the class PvP-wise but I would like a well founded insight and rather not listen to the folks in the official forums.

    • Jimmy Murry

      Why did they make the sniper look like a Bounty Hunter? In Gonna have to rip out those Mods and roll Rakata.

  • Stryx

    Hi Dulfy,

    thanks for those pictures. Can u tell me if I have to exchange “original” BM gear vs WH gear? Or can I trade empty / different modded gear, too?

  • Vernas

    I gotta say, the more I see of the inquisitor set the more I like it.

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  • Lordarcanis

    Very nice pics. Thanks for the hard work that went into these. Does anyone know why the Warrior and Inquisitor appear to have guns hanging from their belts?

    • dulfy

      Hehe, I had a bounty hunter to equip them and he forgot to unequip his weapons. 

      • Butch Coolidge

        Sorry, won’t make that mistake again when 1.3 hits the PTS! 😉

        • dulfy

          hey Butch! 🙂

  • Again, almost all of the negativity is directed squarely at the headgear. Fortunately you can turn that off. Maybe you should include pics without headgear in future albums.

  • I like the Trooper set, but I really want some purple armour.  The helmets in this game really need work.  There are so few of them that are any good.  This one looks good, but it’s too long making it look alien.  

    • dulfy

      definitely, I never turn on helmets, they just too ugly looking lol. Some of the ones for sorcs do look nice (Tiara like for females, dunno what it is like for males)

      • My Sentinel has some good tiaras that go well with her hairstyle.  They fit my Shadow as well, but she has the hairstyle with the little piece of jewellery on her forehead.  It doesn’t always look right.  I’m not sure what it looks like on males either.

        • Alakzar

          Looks like a weird headband 😛

  • lol @ the inquisitor … release the KRAKEN!
    awesome work @dulfy:disqus , as always 😉

  • guest

    Hey Dulfy. Great site u have here.
    I am an armormech – what kind of materials does it take to craft the War Hero Armor for Trooper? This is posted while servers are still down….. I am almost valor 70, and would like the War Hero outfit.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Jarjarbinks

    Agent looks like Helghasts

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  • isaac

    can cybertech craft war hero earpeices

  • Dean771

    Any way for an empire to obtain crafted republic gear?, would love the sage set on my sorc

    • dulfy

      not atm

    • Greenthy

       I tried doing this with the help of a legacy alt.
      However: The sage set is called the same as the sorc set, and upon transfering it to the empire side, the looks change with it.

      Equiping the ‘sage’ set looks just like the ‘sorc’ set. In fact, they’re the same set 🙂
      Seems the looks are faction bound.

      Bummer the programmers forsaw that. Was looking forward to running around in a sage set.

  • Khel231

    Really, dies this look like Star Wars for you? For me its WoW Reject designs.

  • ZeroPlus

    Why are the Empire images all using 2 Blaster Pistols?

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