Tracking the Origin Quest Walkthrough

Hey everyone, this is the quest to find 12 Starship fragments to get Codex Entry 5 in the Rakghoul event and also your own mini crimson Rakghoul vanity pet!


If you like to see a list of all the vanity pets available in game atm and methods to acquire them, check out Anexxia’s excellent guide here:


PART 1: Getting the quest (Empire version)

To start the quest, you need to head to Mos Illa and find three things.

1. Crashed Escape Pod (451, 3065)


You will get a buff called Attacked – You witnessed the attack of an infected escapee.


2. Medical supplies (566, 2781)


You will get a buff called Exposed – The death of an infected civilian exposed you to the horror of the rakghoul plague.


3. TV (617, 3536), right outside the spaceport


You will get a buff called Informed, getting all 3 buffs will give you a new buff called On the Trail that lasts for 60 minutes. It will make you eligible to get the quest.


Now head to the speeder thingie and get the quest.


PART 1: Getting the quest (Republic Version – images and coordinates courtesy of Wickedr)

1. Crashed Escape Pod (1768, -3612)


2. Medical Supplies (2354, –3670)


3. TV right outside the spaceport.

4. Now head to the speeder/taxi in Anchorhead and you can now obtain the mission from the terminal nearby.

PART 2: Getting the 12 Starship Fragments

NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT NEED THE 1 HR BUFF TO GET ALL 12 FRAGMENTS, THE BUFF IS ONLY FOR GETTING THE QUEST AND HAS NO CONSEQUENCE ON THE OUTCOME OF THE QUEST (In other words, you don’t need to rush and get all 12 fragments in 1 hr, take your time 🙂

There are 3 fragments in Dune Sea, 4 in North Jundland, and 5 in South Jundland.

As we_todd_did on Reddit pointed out, it is probably better to do them in this order:

Fragment 1

Fragment 2

Fragment 3

Fragment 7

Fragment 5

Fragment 6

Fragment 4

QT to Ridgeside Sentry Post

Fragment 12

Fragment 8

Fragment 10

Fragment 11

Fragment 9

QT back to Ridgeside Sentry post or go to Mos Anek speeder and travel there (depending on cooldown for QT).

Fragment 1

The Dune Sea (-1389, –479)


Fragment 2

The Dune Sea (-2415, –757)


Fragment 3

Dune Sea (-2031, –1893)


Fragment 4

North Jundland (741, –2548)


Fragment 5

North Jundland (759, –914)


Fragment 6

North Jundland (1198, –1271)


Fragment 7

North Jundland (-592, –1444)


Fragment 8

South Jundland (1798, 600)


To get to the area for Fragment 8, you will need to pass through this tunnel marked on the map below.


Fragment 9

South Jundland (-502, –328)


To get to the area where Fragment 9 is located, you will need to go to this area first (below) and go through the rock bridge.


Fragment 10

South Jundland (1098, 724)


Fragment 11

South Jundland (305, 260)


Fragment 12

South Jundland (1094, –409)


After you get all 12 fragments, you will get Codex 5 of the Rakghoul event


PART 3: Getting the reward – Crimson Rakghoul Pet

Once you have all 12 fragments, head to SE Jundland and get the supply from there and your reward! This little bugger here!



By Dulfy

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53 replies on “Tracking the Origin Quest Walkthrough”

Thanks so much for the guide, it’s great, I’m just about to start collecting.

I got the quest then had to log – anyone know if you need the buff to find the fragments, or is it just for quest aquisition?

There is another piece at  roughly 921 -749. HAve to jump down from above jsut as you enter the V in the road.

The Imperial version is the same.  It’s great to have all of the coordinates, but the backtracking doubled the time it took to complete.

I got a problem, i did all the 12 items and when i clicked the final box i got – nothing 🙂 ? can this be possible after 1 hour rush and gathering ? :)) anyone else ?

ok this is not the fastest way you have some ordered so that they are on opposite sides then you need to run all the way back check your order again and you would see it could be much faster

How does one get to the 9th Fragment as a Republic class….I can’t get past Mos Anek as it’s an Imperial stronghold?

Under fragment 9, I posted a the map loc and picture of a cave/bridge thingie you have to get past through, follow that and you should arrive at fragment 9. I got it on both my Empire and Republic toons 🙂

The order needs to be re-arranged, badly. It has you zig-zagging in a star shape across the giant tatooine landscape, and in some cases the paired pictures that come with 4 instead of 2 confuse that there are others nearby the first two photo set.

Aye you are right, I did post a suggested order someone posted on reddit though, not sure if that helps 🙂 As the order issue came up a day after I posted, I didn’t want to confuse anyone already using the guide as switching things around will mess them up if they are in the middle of gathering the pieces hehe

I followed all the coords exactly, 2 times I have encountered a piece that I already found. Now I’m missing two and don’t know wth to do >.<; Number 10 and number 12 are the ones I mean. Uhg! So confused!

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