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Flashpoint Guide: Hardmode Lost Island

Hey everyone, Lost Island is a new flashpoint introduced with patch 1.2 that continues the story of Kaon Under Siege in patch 1.1. This flashpoint is a bit more difficult than previous flashpoints but the rewards are well worth it (Rakata chest off the last boss in hardmode and one of the bosses drop a rakghoul vanity pet). 

Note: The following guide will also be applicable to normal mode Lost Island. The damage are lower on normal mode but the mechanics are identical.

Putrid Shaclaw

Mini boss, come with 3 normal adds that can be easy killed. Has 112 k HP on hardmode.

Has one main tactic: avoid the yellow reticles on the ground. They tick for 200-300 damage per second.

This boss also hits the tank pretty hard so healers need to be quick to react.

You will know where the yellow circles will spawn as the ground will be deformed like something is about to pop out.



LR-5 Sentinel Droid

This is the first real boss in this flashpoint and is one of the hardest bosses. The key here is using interrupts/cleanses and moving out of the lighting balls on the ground.

  • Incinerate: Need to be interrupted at all costs and/or cleansed/purged. It is a channeled 3 second cast that deals AoE damage. Each second you allow this incinerate to tick, it applies a stack of a Burning Debuff on the tank and everyone else in the area around him (if you interrupt it before 2.0/3.0 in his casting bar, it will deal no damage. If you interrupt it after 2.0/3.0 it applies 1 stack, if you interrupt it after 1.0/3.0 it applies 2 stack, and if you don’t interrupt it at all it applies 3 stacks). It ticks for about 1667 per stack (on light armor) per second for 5 seconds. So if you don’t interrupt this channeled ability at all, it will apply 3 stacks of Burning Debuff and tick for an insane amount of damage (will bring  a Rakata geared tank from full health  to <20%). This means essentially you need to interrupt it and interrupt it fast. If you failed to interrupt it, don’t panic, just make sure the healer cleanse/purge the DoT off the tank and you shouldn’t take too much damage.


Also something to note that this is not an exactly conal damage as this is a missile type attack that is launched towards the tank/highest threat. DPS should not be standing beside the tank or they will also receive damage from this attack. In the picture below, you can see that the tank is trying to grab the adds near me (healer), this was a mistake as the boss launched incinerate towards the tank and caused both me and tank to receive 1 stack of the Burning debuff.


  • Plasma Arc: Should also be interrupted but the priority is on Incinerate if you don’t have enough interrupts. It is more frequent than Incinerate – you get 2 Plasma arcs for every Incinerate. Sometimes you can get 2 Plasma Arcs within 5 seconds of each other, which makes interrupting hard. Plasma Arc hits for 5.5 k on light armor user. I have heard people saying that Plasma Arc cast is linked with the Energy coil that is dropped on the ground. This is false. You can see in the video below that there are plenty of times when the electrical ball is dropped on the ground without the boss casting anything.
  • Experimental Cannon: The droid will sometimes insert this ability into his rotation in addition to Incinerate/Plasma Arc. It is a 6 second channel that deals 12 ticks of damage (640 damage per tick). It cannot be interrupted as the boss gains the Unshakable buff when he is channeling this ability that makes him immune to interrupts. Compared to Incinerate/Plasma Arc, this ability isn’t as bad and can be healed through.

In addition to the abilities from the boss, there are several sources of damage from the environment as well.

  • Energy Coil: This is a lighting/plasma ball dropped on the ground that expands. Whoever stands in it will be dealt 840 damage per second. You will get a warning icon on the ground and 2 seconds later the plasma ball will be dropped. The plasma ball can grow pretty big so you definitely need to move quite a distance away.


  • Lava from ground: Those red hot grates you see on the ground, sometimes they have lava spew out. They do 2770 damage per tick if you stand in them. It is best to move the boss around in the circular fashion, using the areas without grates whenever possible to avoid possible environmental damage.


  • Adds: Adds will spawn from the tanks on sides of the room, they hit for nothing (30-90 damage) and DPS can use their AoEs to finish them off. Focus on the boss and don’t let Incinerate/Plasma Arc go off should be the highest priority.

The strategy we used to successfully kill off this boss is basically fight on the edge of the room and move in a counter/clockwise fashion around the room everytime an energy coil is dropped on someone. DPS/tank should focus on interrupting every Incinerate and as many Plasma Arc as possible (The healer may have his/her hands full to do interrupt but should help whenever possible).

It is not an easy fight but definitely doable if you keep your interrupts up and people move away from Energy Coil/Lava grates like they are supposed to.

Here is a video of our fight, group composition was Jugg Tank, Marauder & Assassin DPS, and Sorc healer.


Transgenic Sample Seven

This is another mini-boss, he has two abilites: Horn Slam and Improved roar. Improved Roar can be interrupted but Horn Slam cannot (the Unshakeable buff comes on when he is doing Horn Slam).

He also likes to drop threat and head butt (this head butt is not Horn Slam) into a DPS/healer if not taunted back. This head butt does quite a bit of damage and knock the person on the ground. You get a yellow reticle on you when this happens.


Project Sav-Rak

This is the 2nd real boss in this flashpoint and fairly easy fight if you are aware of the mechanics. This little monster has two main things: a big smash and pillar jumping.

Sav-Rak Smash is an ability he has that is essentially a massive knockback that will knock you into the lava below unless you stack right on top of him when he is channeling that spell (you will get knocked up vertically). Tank should be tanking the boss near the middle if possible to give people some room during the knockback. Sav-Rak has a small headbutt so you should never tank him near the edge!

You will get a nice warning in the form of red text on your screen when he does that. It will say: Project Sav-Rak prepares to Sav-Rak SMASH!

You really need to stack on top of him, like literally in the mob’s model. To give you an idea, these two images should help. Mylilpwny here got knocked to the lava below and died because he wasn’t stacking under inside the mob (even though he was close). Shuu almost got knocked into the Lava. Both me and Wahsteve here landed not too far from the boss. The smash itself deals around 1.6-1.8k damage.




Pillar Jumping: Shortly after everyone lands on the ground from that knockback, Sav-Rak will jump on one of the pillars and start throwing down green crap at everyone else below. You will also get a red text on screen: Prokect Sav-Rak jumps onto a pipe! One person (not healer) will need to go to the pillar Sav-Rak is standing on top of and click on the button below (it is a 9 second cast and you need to be literally next to the button to click it). Healer will need to keep healing during this phase. (It is possible that Sav-Rak might jump to another pillar if you are not quick. Therefore it might be better to have everyone but the healer run to a console and click).

The green crap (it is actually called Acid Spit) thrown out by Sav-Rak hits for 3k and leaves a DoT on you that ticks for 950 damage per tick. This DoT will also spread to nearby group members. For this phase, I find it easiest to heal if everyone but the person clicking on console stack on me. This will allow me to drop a bubble heal on the ground.


Here is a video of our encounter with the boss.


Transgenic Sample Eleven

This is the bonus boss that can be only activated if you listen to all the holo-recordings along the way. He is also fairly easy if you are aware of the mechanics.

He really only has two key mechanics: 1) Deals a lot of damage to the tank and 2) Icicle Smash

Icicle Smash is a phase that starts with Frostbite debuff, which deals 3.8k damage instantly to everyone in the group. Next, you will get a red text on the screen: Transgenic Sample Eleven Smashes the Facility Floor. Start moving!

During this phase, you need to keep moving by running in wide circles, you will get the stacking ticks of Frostbite debuff but they won’t damage you other than making you move slower with every tick. Use your instant casts in this phase but don’t ever stop to do damage/heal.

There are icicles dropped on the ground which follows you, if you stop moving, they will be dropped onto you and each icicle hits for 6.8k damage. As long you keep moving during that phase, it is an easy fight.



Doctor Lorrick

This is the final boss of the flashpoint and he is fairly diffcult mostly due to one ability he has called Sachel Charge. This fight has two phases, the humanoid phase and the Rakghoul phase. The humanoid phase is more of a survival phase while the Rakghoul phase is a maximum DPS phase – kill Lorrick before he kills you.

Humanoid Phase – Survival phase

This phase is probably the most diffcult phase, the key here is to stay alive at all costs and don’t worry about DPS. He follows a fixed pattern during this phase: He will throw yellow circles on the ground that turns red right away and you will need to move immediately. Lorrick will throw green virus vials that turns these circles into acid clouds and damage anyone hit by the initial splash. If you don’t move out before they turn into acid cloud, you will receive 2.6k damage instantly. If you keep standing in these acid clouds (they remain on the ground for quite a while), you will get stacks of Rakghoul Virus which hits for 95 damage every 3 seconds per stack. Luckily, the Rakghoul Virus can be purged/cleansed.


He will do these circles two times, and then perform his Sachel Charge move. This move is indicated by the text I have a few tricks up my sleeve! (There is an audio cue but sometimes it is bugged and won’t appear)

Sachel Charge is deadly, Lorrick must be turned away from rest of the group and tank will need to learn how to sidestep to prevent massive incoming damage. He will throw out Sachel charges three times before he will go stealth and activate a Kolto tank. To avoid DPS getting hit by this Sachel charge, they must avoid the direction that Lorrick is facing. Honestly, DPS should be running to the next Kolto tank at this time and let the tank handle the Sachel Charges.

Here you can see the tank is side-stepping to avoid the Sachel charge


Each Sachel Charge hits for 7.7 k on a light armor user and around 4.8k on a tank. You can get 3-4 Sachel charges on yourself if you are not careful. That is usually a certain death on a non-tank person. Luckily, these Sachel charges don’t all blow up at once so you have just a bit of time to heal the person up before the next Sachel charge explodes.

Immediately after the Sachel charges, Lorrick stealths and go to the back of a Kolto tank to try to free the mob stored in there. The damage you do to the Kolto tank will be transferred to the mob that spawns when that Kolto tank is opened. So if you managed to get the Kolto tank to 50% before Lorrick opens up the tank, the mob that spawns only has 50% HP. DPS should burn down the mobs as they pop out from the Kolto tanks (they don’t hit hard, except maybe the last guy, which can be kited if need to to help mitigate the damage).


The Kolto tanks are broken in a counter-clockwise fashion, starting with the Kolto tank immediately ahead of Doctor Lorrick when you first engage him and ends with the Kolto Tank right next to him. This allow your DPS to know where to move to damage the next Kolto tank. The mobs that spawn from these Kolto tanks gets increasingly difficult and changes from strong mob to champion mob as you progress.


There are 4 Kolto tanks on the left as you enter the room and 2 Kolto tanks on the right. Not all 6 Kolto tanks have to be broken, if you DPS Lorrick low enough (<40%), he will stop breaking the Kolto tanks and do his next set of moves. Lorrick will stop using the acid cloud and sachel charge abilities and release two Burning Rakghouls at a time. These guys are super slow moving and can be avoided/pushed away if need. All the DPS should be focused on DPSing Lorrick down so he starts the next phase and stop spawning the burning Rakghouls.


Once you get Lorrick to 10%, he will start to regenerate his health and all the Burning Rakghouls that spawned will die.

Rakghoul Phase – Max DPS phase

This phase is pretty much a soft enrage, essentially a DPS race to kill Lorrick before he kills you.

There is no reason to DPS Lorrick once he starts to regen HP, everyone should run out to the door and get topped off by the healer. Lorrick will do a knockback once he finish the transformation to Rakghoul.

Rakghoul Lorrick also have a powerful knockback and tank should position him on the door to which you enter the room so you get pushed back to the door instead.


Everyone will get a stacking debuff called Corrosive Smash, which essentially is a DoT with an initial instant damage component. This cannot be purged/cleansed and you will get increasing stacks of it as you fight the Rakghoul form of Lorrick. You get 1 stack every 7 seconds when he spew out an acid cloud, which also deals the instant damage.


Everyone should be grouped up so the healer can drop AoE heals to counter the damage. Eventually, the healer will be overwhelmed and it comes down to killing Lorrick before he kills you.

To give you an idea of the damage, the first acid cloud hit me for 333 damage as a Light armor user and dot me for 95 damage. 2nd acid cloud hit for 667, DoT for 285. 3rd acid hit for 100, DoT for 571. 4th hit for 1334, DoT for 953. At 9 stacks (the highest # of stack we got to), we got hit for 4288 and DoT for 3002.


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By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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A tip for farming rakghoul dna on the fleet….after u get to second phase of infection when you are feverish, take the elevator up to CE vendor area and jump off to down below.  You will fall to your death and collect the 5 dna early. 🙂

Took us 2-3 hrs with 3 people in full Rakata gear and 1 pug in some Columi/Rakata. It was our first run and we didn’t know how the mechanics worked so it took a bit longer than usual but tough flashpoint!

Shoot you right, it is counterclock wise fashion, I even had it right on the picture. Will go correct it now 🙂

For Dr. Lorrick, my group only had to do the 3 tanks furthest from the door. The other 3 never became active. After the 1st three, the flame dudes came out. Also want to note, the virus was cureable. Lastly, in the final phase we found going to the corner to the right of where you come in was best. He kept knocking back our DPS, so everyone just stood in front of him at that time. 

Two things:

First with Sav-Rak. It is possible that he’ll jump to another pillar before the long consolecast is done. Therefore we just send one person to each pillar. With no splashdamage our healer had no real problem keeping the group alive.

For Dr. Lorrick. The 2nd phase is triggered by his health, therefore we normally split our DPS, so that one kills the new add while the other remains on Lorrick. Additonaly as an Assasintank it is possible to neget all 4 probestacks with the Shourd, if timed correctly, neglecting the need to sidestep every 2nd tankphase.

For the Sav-Rak, he has a cleave that puts a nasty, undispellable bleed on anyone it hits. It’s important to get away from the boss and the tank ASAP after Sav-Rak smash.

Just skimmed through but if you didn’t add that the bird pet also drops here, it does. We had it drop from the 2nd boss the other day. Well an egg dropped that you take to Tat and hatch it there just like the other egg/bird pet.

Hey there Dulfy great guide again. One mention on LR-5: this boss seems to drop Energy Coil only below ppl not having aggro, so if you’re in a group without meele DPS you can simply tank him on the middle platform while the group circles arround the room. This makes it quite easier for e.g. the tank to establish optimal avoidance and break every single Incinerate cast while also tanking the Adds.

Just did it in full raid gear its overtune, the people that could use the upgrades can’t clear and the people that can clear it don’t need the gear. Also don’t bring 2 melee first boss will make you cry.

I can’t see taking my two under gear healer in there to gear up, it was hard enough in  Rakata gear(IA healer)

An alt strat for Droid boss if you have 2 range dps is for the healer + DPS to stack and move round the edge of the room (move after every energy coil is placed on you – 2 spots at each side, 3 spots at each end) and the tank keeps the boss in the centre (moving around the edge of the centre so the DPS/Healer stays in range.)  Avoids trying to move the boss when cannon is being cast / being out of range when needing to interrupt.

Also the coil seems to be cast on people who do not have agro at the time – usually DPS.  I never saw it cast on the person the droid was targeting.

yup, this is the strat I have seen used by groups with all ranged dps. Unfortunately, we run with all melee dps the time we downed him hehe but it shows that it can be done by melee dps as well, just a bit harder 🙂

[…] Flashpoint Guide: Hardmode Lost Island Hey everyone, Lost Island is a new flashpoint introduced with patch 1.2 that continues the story of Kaon Under Siege in patch 1.1. This flashpoint is a bit more difficult than previous flashpoints but the rewards are well worth it (Rakata chest off the last boss in hardmode and one of the bosses drop a … […]

I just wanted to add something we found out because of our group composition. We had a merc healer, sin tank, sorc dps, and op dps. On Lorricks last phase when your group is recieving the soft enrage dot it can be removed with a vanish. Both myself (op) and our sin tank vanish and drop our stacks once they reach 5. For us this made the fight ALOT easier. I do not know if it would work with mara vanish type move (camo?). I hope this helps others out.

Ohh good to know! We had a sorc assassin in the group that time but he didn’t try to see if he could get rid of it. I think he was too focused on DPSing the boss down in the last phase hehe, especially since it was like like our 10th attempt or something.

LR-5 Sentinel Droid As a healer (Operative) Just downed him for the first time last week (Party composition: Tank: S. Assasin, DPS: Marouder and Merc, Heal: Operative). I would add one more thing to Incinerrate Debuff that stacs up on Tank or anyone that will step in to the afected area shortly after channeling begins… this Debuff can and should be cleansed (Toxic scan in my class case). And sometimes (not exactly 100% sure) if someone steps into affected area by Incinerate shortly after channelin was interupted can also get that debuff.

Very confused with interrupts.

What you’re saying is:
if you interrupt it after 1.0/3.0 it applies 2 stack, if you interrupt it before 2.0/3.0 in his casting bar, it will deal no damage
These counter each other.

Did you mean, if the cast bar is ended at 1/3rd there’s no damage, 2/3rd 2 stacks, not interrupted – 3 stacks?

Sorry if this was confusing, the cast bars for a channeled spell and a regular cast spell is different. For a channel spell, the bar moves from right to left, 3.0/3.0 -> 2.0/3.0 -> 1.0/3.0 -> 0.0/0.0. So essentially yes,
 if the cast bar ended before 1/3 there is no damage, ended before 2/3 you get 1 stack, ended after 2/3 but before 3/3 you get 2 stacks, and if not interrupted you get 3 stacks. Added a picture to help illustrate

I’m pretty sure the energy coil drops on second highest threat. I guard the melee in a commando sage vaguard/sent group and it drops on the commando when I keep threat on myself, if the melee person pulls threat off me even temporarily then it is going to drop on one of us.

 At the moment sadly kinda given up on this FP until we get a little better gear other then columni. Although I thought our runs a couple times looked smoother then your video, but we lacked some dps throughout the fight or something. Our make up for fp’s is generally sage healer, shadow tank, vanguard and sage dps or vangaurd commando. We get incinerate most of the time and shadow’s resilience seems to help if I throw a heal instead of cleanse. We don’t interrupt the blue to much and try to keep the boss in the middle since i don’t know if its a communication problem or something else that causes us to have issues moving him. But we always end up wiping 20-30% and the fire makes it very hard to run anywhere, because at that point when it blows through the vents it takes all of them.

yikes! After I cleared LI HM the first time, the next couple runs were much smoother and faster (generally <1 hr runs). I am in half rakata/black hole right now and the first boss fight is still fairly difficult ;(

 Does energy coil ever target the person with aggro? Also does anyone know if resilence if timed right can prevent incinerate? I assume that it can cure it, but when I see the tank take a big hit my first instinct is to heal like hell not to get the dot. Still haven’t tried it in awhile. Seems like it really is just little mistakes that we were making, but they added up. Hopefully we’ll get a chance in the next couple weeks to give it another good shot. Vangaurd was dps.

A good timed cleanse can eliminate the need to heal. Usually if I see incinerate is being casted (I have the boss on focus target and the focus target cast bar is pretty big), I wait until it finishes casting or gets interrupted and then cleanse right away.

 I’ll have to remember that. I haven’t used focus target, but just learned about it last night.

Had some luck with this after not running it in like 2 months, Didn’t finish Lorrick yet, but just wondering if you had any tips on force management as a healer here? By the time we were entering the flaming rakghouls I was just struggling to get power. 

force management is a tricky business. On new fights I tend to have alot of force management issues due to overheal etc. One thing I learned is that if party members are not taking damage, make sure to use consumption (with the force surge proc of possible) as often as possible and innervate yourself to heal back. I don’t use dark heal much, still using dark infusion for the 30% force reduction via the force bending buff. Use resurgence on yourself as often as possible so you can use consumption on yourself more. If you are biochem, you can chain consumption and then heal back up with a medpac. It will cause you to have slower regen but if you need force in a hurry, it is the way to go. 

You have any experience doing this with a Combat Medic or BH equivalent? My guild is going to do it with me (the Combat Medic) soon and I’m just wondering if you have any tips for a healer with only 1 AoE and it’s an instant not a HoT?

I have a level 50 Combat Medic in half Rakata although I havn’t healed on this her yet. I would say it is probably even easier for a commando healer as you can counter the damage from the coils/lava grates etc with your kolto instant AoE heal (especially since people will be moving around alot, instant casts come in handy). You also don’t have to worry about helping to interrupt the incinerate/plasma coil since you don’t even have an interrupt hehe. Just make sure to cleanse/purge the burning debuff from incinerate and you should be fine 🙂

All I got from this HM FP is aggravation and insanity. Whoever designed this FP was probably high on LSD.
It is nearly impossible to do as a Combat Medic with columi + a bit of rakata/bh.
I admit I’m not “mad skillz” gamer. I’m casual and usually enjoy the game, and started to actually enjoy end game content, though I usually avoid it.
LI HM reminded me again why I avoid end game content. A challenge is one thing, attempting to finish this one became a chore, an insane one.
Not sure why I’m complaining here, of all places, it just needed to be said.
Que the ‘whiner’ comments from people who can actually play more than 2 hours a day.

Thanks Dulfy for the amazing walkthrough, you never dissapoint!

We just ran LI HM for the first time last night with a pre-made group (over voice chat) in a group with Tionese/Columi gear. We wiped twice on the LR-5 boss, and once on Lorrick, but we finished strong. I could not imangin trying this FP in a PUG.

Hey Duffy. Thx alot for ur site, has helped me a ton 🙂

Me and some guildies did Li hm for the first time today (what a pain) couldnt have done it without ur aid. Anyway, when Lorrick say ”
I have a few tricks up my sleeve!” i (tank) played hide and seek with him and found out that if u loose LoS he wont throw any charges. this helped us immensly.

just wanted to let u know.

everyone talks about incenerate and to interupt it, at what time should i interupt? like I hear casting bar, it there a picture of it when its best to interupt? I interupt at a lighting in front of droid. Is that the casting bar? I never see the missiles launch also.

I know this article is old and I’m kinda late saying this, but I noticed that a bit of the info here is incorrect. I don’t know if this is because of patch changes, but the mechanics are NOT identical between HM and SM. The sentinel droid fight does not include the lava coming up (which is disappointing because that is a crucial part of the experience for me), and lorrick does not use satchel charge (probably a really good thing). The adds in the kolto tanks are also all strong enemies, except for the last one, which is an elite. You should not assume the mechanics are identical between the two. It is a possibility that they were at this time, though.

Anyone know where to get this mission? Only glossed over the guide, but didn’t notice it list a pick-up point for the flashpoint. I know its an old one, but there is an item drop I want to get. Probably won’t get a response for Months, but may help another passer-by if someone else happens to respond.

The guide doesn’t mention that Sav-Rak has a frontal DOT, anyone standing in front of him will get splashed by a DOT, so DPS and heals have to stay behind the boss and something that I see so often: the tank should never spin the boss around because they think it is fun.

As of 5.0, the enrage timer on the bonus boss (Transgenic Sample Eleven) was insanely tight. Even with some people who regularly HM and occasionally NiM raid, we hit the enrage timer.

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