Rakghoul Pandemic Dynamic Event Guide–Updated Daily

Hey everyone, most of you are probably well informed of this event by now, but for those who are just doing it for a first time, this is a good starting place! The Rakghoul Pandemic a new dynamic event that started on April 15 on the planet of Tatooine. It involves a series of time limited quests about the Rakghoul plague! The rewards you obtain from this event are a title (Containment Officer prefix), 9 Codex entries, 2 Rakghoul vanity pets (Pale and Crimson) a full set of Containment Officer armor set (light armor), special Black Green color crystal, and infected Companion customizations!

This event is not restricted to 50s only. All of the quest mobs do scale to your level but beware that if you are too low to enter Tatooine, you might have a bit trouble with the local residents.

You might need to wait a day to pick up the new dailies if you did not do the dailies since day 1 of the event.

April 16 – New Daily – Passenger List, picked up the same place as the Stardream wreck.

April 17 – New Daily – Hybrid Strain, picked up when you killed Infected Sandpeople in the same area as [AREA DAILY] Outbreak and [DAILY] Blood Sample.

April 18 – New Daily – Pure Virus Sample, picked up in the same location as the Wreck of the Stardream in Dune Sea when you click on a Shipping Manifest.

April 19 – New Daily – Newly Infected, picked up in the same location as [AREA DAILY] Outbreak on a datapad.


New Daily for Today – April 19

Newly Infected

[DAILY] Newly Infected – Picked up in the same location as [AREA DAILY] Outbreak on a datapad found on the ground. Will ask you to click on Infected Dewbacks in the area west of Outpost Largona. Rewards are 7175 credits, 2x Rakghoul DNA Sample, and a choice of 1x Rakghoul DNA Sample, Containment Officer Chestpiece, or Belt.


[DAILY AREA] – Wreck of the Stardream

[DAILY]- Blood Sample

[DAILY]- Passenger List – April 16

[DAILY] Pure Virus Sample – April 18

[DAILY AREA ] – Outbreak

[DAILY] – Hybrid Strain – April 17

New – [DAILY] – Newly Infected – April 19

[DAILY] – Plaguebringer

To start off all the dailies, you need to head to this location in Dune Sea (Outpost Zaroshe is the closest speeder/Quick travel point for Imperials and Outpost Thorazan for the Republic). Doing these dailies for the first time will reward you with Codex entry 1-4 for the Rakghoul Pandemic event.


Upon entering the area, you will be given a


Killing any Rakghouls in the area will give you 3x Blood Samples, which starts up


As of April 16, there is a new daily that can be picked up also in the same location as the Wreck of the Stardream


As of April 18, there is a new daily that can be picked up in the same location as the Wreck of the Stardream



Doing Blood Sample daily will lead you to the next area for the event in Jundland,


Where you can obtain


As of April 17, there is a new daily that can be picked up in the same area as Outbreak/Blood Sample



As of April 19, there is a new daily that can be picked up also in the area of Outbreak/Blood Sample.


Lastly, if you get infected with the Rakghoul virus (via either killing Rakghouls/infected NPCs or standing next to someone that blew up) and blow up while infecting other people nearby, you can get this quest


Scavenger Hunt – Tracking the Origins

This is a quest/scavenger hunt that will grant you Codex entry 5 and a Crimson Rakghoul pet! You need to head to the Empire/Republic main city on Tatooine (Mos Ila for Empire, Anchorhead for Republic) to start off this quest.

Basically, you need to grab 3 items within the city, each item will give you a 10 minute buff. Once you have all 3 buffs, it will be converted to a 1 hr long buff that allow you to pick up the quest Tracking the Origins from the terminal near the speeder/Taxi. Note that you do not need the buff to do the quest, just for picking up the quest so don’t worry if you need to take more than an hr to collect all 12 fragments.

This quest is fairly long and requires traveling all over Jundland and Dune Sea to find 12 starship fragments. I wrote a fairly detailed walkthrough which you can read about here.

Rewards you with this!


World Bosses

Killing each of these three world bosses on Tatooine will grant you with 1 Codex entry each, giving you Codex entries 6-8 for the event. There is a writeup on the world bosses here.

  • Urtagh: Level 50 bantha world boss located in Outlaw’s Den (-35, 449) on west Jundland section of Tatooine. He is a new world boss introduced with this event.
  • Zama Brak – Level 50 world boss located in the NE of Sarlacc Pit in Dune Sea area in Tatooine (-1216, 419). Another new world boss introduced with this event
  • Infect Trapjaw – Level 30 world boss found in the middle of Dune Sea (-1770, –867). Spawned by clicking on the skull in the middle of a circle of dead Jawas. Can be duo’ed fairly easily, soloing is also possible if you like a challenge.


Rakghoul DNA Sample and their rewards

Rakghoul DNA samples are obtained from doing the dailies (8 from the Area Dailies and 4-6 from the two dailies so far) and also via dying with the Rakghoul virus. Everytime you die due to the virus, you gain 5 Rakghoul DNA in your inventory. You do not take any durability loss on your armor when you die this way.

Dying with the Rakghoul virus is therefore the fastest and easiest way to get those Rakghoul DNA samples. You just have to find a spot on the fleet where everyone clump together in a pile to get infected. If you want to die faster, you can jump off or find some other ways to kill yourself when the Rakghoul virus is in the Feverish stage. This method can get you 5 DNA sample every 10 minutes.


There is a Jawa vendor (Jeelvic) located in the NE corner of Dune Sea that will exchange your Rakghoul DNA samples for rewards.


The stuff you can buy are mainly color crystals, infected Companion Customization and Pale Rakling.

Item DNA
Advanced Black-Green Hawkeye Crystal 83
Advanced Black-Green Indestructible Crystal 83
Advanced Black-Green Eviscerating Crystal 83
Advanced Black-Green War Hero’s Crystal 83 75 75 75 75
Infected Companion Lockbox 20
Pale Raking 60

Infected Companion Lockbox will contain one of the 8 Companion customizations. Which one you get is random and the customizations are Bind to Legacy. So if you say buy 4 boxes, you can get unlucky and get 4x Infected Andronikos customization even if you are not an inquisitor.

Infected Malavin Quinn, Andronikos, Corso Riggs, Kira Carsen


Infected Tharan Cedrax, Vector, Mako, Elara


The Black-Green color crystal looks like this, fluorescent green, which is kinda cool!


Pale Raking looks like this (image taken from Reddit)


Codex Entries

There are 9 codex entries so far for the event

1. The Final Flight of the Stardream

  • Obtained while doing the 2nd step of [AREA DAILY] Wreck of the Stardream

2. Captain Magnus

  • Obtained after completing [AREA DAILY] Wreck of the Stardream

3. Outbreak on Tatooine

  • Obtained after investigating the three murals as part of [AREA DAILY] Outbreak

4. The Sand People’s Cure

  • Obtained after investigating the Shaman’s mural as part of [AREA DAILY] Outbreak

5. Origins of the Outbreak

  • Obtained after finding all 12 starship fragments as part of Tracking the Origins quest

6. Defeated Urtagh

  • Defeat Urtagh, level 50 World Boss in Outlaw’s Den area of Tatooine.

7. Defeated Zama Brak

  • Defeat Zama Brak, level 50 World Boss in NE of Sarlacc Pit in Dune Sea

8. Defeated Infected Trapjaw

  • Defeat Infected Trapjaw, level 30 World Boss in the middle of Dune Sea.

9. Earned Containment Officer Title

  • This one is a bit buggy, some people reported that they obtained the title after defeating all 3 world bosses while others didn’t get the title. If you did not get the title after defeating all 3 world bosses and have obtained the 5 prior entries, you may need to re-kill the world bosses like Urtagh

Containment Officer Outfit

The outfit are part of quest rewards associated with [DAILY] quests. These daily quests don’t disappear when a new one is coming out so there is no rush!

April 15- Boots – [DAILY] Blood Sample

April 16- Gloves – [DAILY] Passenger List

April 17 – Legs – [DAILY] Hybrid Strain

April 18 – Head – [DAILY] Pure Virus Sample

April 19 – Chest/Belt – [DAILY] Newly Infected

Here is the look of the Imperial set (sans belt), Republic set coming tomorrow!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

98 replies on “Rakghoul Pandemic Dynamic Event Guide–Updated Daily”

There is also a daily called “[Daily] Plaguebearer”

You will need to infect 10 other people with the plague and rewards:
4.305 credit & 5 Rakghoul Vaccine

Looks like Passenger List Quest is L50 only (I’m 48 and can’t get it), didn’t bring out my 50 to check…

It’s not, you just need to do dailies day earlier. I did all the dailies being L36/37. You probably need to complete all dailies daily to get story progression.

I found a Shipping Manifest down amongst the wreckage.  Not clickable yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was for some future mission.  The screenshot here shows the location, it is the datapad with a green screen.  Clicking on it says that I am not eligible for the conversation.

another tip for those of you farming the DNA samples…. once you get to the second stage of the infection, find a place to fall to your death instead of waiting to explode….. you still get the 5 dna samples and only have to wait half the time =D

I can’t seem to kick off ‘Plaguebringer’ every day.  It worked for me on Sunday, but yesterday, and so far today, I don’t seem to be doing what is required to ‘start’ my 10 for the day?

 Yeah the plaguebringer daily is actually only 1 day says everyone. I’m kinda bummed that my shadow can’t start passenger yet and my sage can’t start the hybrid strain. Someone said that it may be a day behind from when u completed the original dailies. Anyone know if this is true?

I got 2 mako customs and tryed to trade over t my sentinel in the hopes it might convert over to kira but it dident happen 🙁

 It seems that the Passenger List and Hybrid Strain quests require you to be on your second and third round of dailies. One of my characters had done the dailies on a previous day and got Passenger List. Another that had just completed their first set of dailies was unable to get it at all. Neither was able to get Hybrid Strain yet.

 Yeah i’m confirming this now. Do you know though if you have to complete all the dailies each day to keep moving on? or just complete the ones that came out that day?

For those farming the DNA samples, there is a bug where if you have multiple stacks of samples (eg, if you have 100 or more samples), when you go buy something from the Jawa, it will actually destroy all your other stacks.  You will need to leave your other stacks in the bank.

This is a known issue with Bioware, and if it happened to you, you’ll need to open a ticket to get those restored.

Oh, a /wave as well.  Nice seeing you online yesterday!

*pouts* they’re giving away my black-green colour crystal what I got for buying the Razer SWTOR mouse. *pouts some more*

Nah, it’s actually good to see I can get an upgrade for my black-green crystals. 😉

Not sure why people say its “not the same color”. It is Green with a Black core, same as Razer’s.

Just because the hue is off by 0.000001 doesn’t make it a different color lol. You can only tell there is a “difference” if you take screenshots and use photoshop to anal-yze the color.

So yes, Bioware screwed Razer owners out of their unique crystal.

 Like other replier said, it’s not the same crystal and you can get an upgrade for the Razer black/green crystal in either Couroscant or Dromund Kaas, since patch 1.2

Are there any screenshots anywhere that show what the armor looks like?

Also, if the character I’m running around isn’t a light armor wearer, is there ‘any’ reason to bother getting the set, since we don’t really have appearance tabs in the classic sense?  Is there any anticipation that they will someday come along and say “remember all those light social sets?  well now they automatically ‘adjust’ to your base type when you put them on!” – which would be kinda evil.

Yes they said in the very near future all social armor will adjust to your armor type so save up!
Yes screenshot coming tomorrow when I get the full set 🙂

 Can you link official info about this ? It’s not like I don’t believe you, but i can’t find that info anywhere. thanks 🙂

Hi Duffy,

Just a quick point.  I found that the new Pure Virus Sample quest was got from a clickable data pad at the wreckage site.  Not when you click on the Passenger List quest object.  It is located slightly south of the crash site.

Yes I got it from a data pad (Shipping Manifest) as well, I don’t believe I said it is from clicking on the escape pod?

do you need to do all dailies to get access to the newest daily, im just not in the mood to do that origin quest over and over again?

The origins quest is not a daily. I am assuming for the new daily you just need to do the latest one from yesterday but to be safe I recommend doing all dailies for the credits and DNA 😛

i didn’t do pure virus sample yesterday (18 april) and was unable to pick up newly infected today (19 april). can’t interact with the datapad. 

a guildmate who just started the series was also unable to get any of the click-to-start quests in the stardream wreckage area in the dune sea. 

Brilliant guide!

Just wondering what are the chances of a level 16 Bounty Hunter being able to make it see Jeelvic to buy the Pale Rakling Pet?


You shouldn’t need screenshots of the armor set – the Containment Officer at the fleet that is an NPC (doesn’t attack you) outside your ship on the fleet is wearing it.  Just take a picture of that.

Additionally, I’d like to point out that 1.2.0b didn’t fix the title award issues for everyone.  On my 30 trooper, I had all 8 codex entries prior to 1.2.0b.  According to the notes, killing Urtagh again would award the title.  It didn’t.  A ticket in to Customer Support was immediately locked with no response.  I’m frustrated, but thought I’d let everyone else know too.

 Yep, we had all used our vaccines prior to the fight.  According to the patch notes though, it looks like I may be granted the title today anyway.  I’ll update if that’s the case.

 maybe you got option for hidden helmets on. Or maybe this is another bug like that one which are not showing hair when wearing helmets. I got that bug and it is really annoying 😛

Yeah, there is a bug that doesnt show the head piece if you are a Sith Pureblood race. Really sucks because I wanted a cool pair of sunglasses. =-(

all species with “things” coming out of their heads cant show their helmets.evetually they will fix this but its not a priority for the devs..

hmm killed all bosses today trapjaw was last i got all the 8 codex but not the 9 or the title thought they fixed this

Imperial set looks pretty nice! Republic reminds me of Columi Commando gear unfortunately. Wish they would’ve done something similar to the empire one with the headpiece.

Wow. The Imperial set is way better.  I really wish I could get it.  I may have to rush to get my ship with my Mercenary and head to Tatooine to do the dailies.  It’s going to be rough.

So, I started the event yesterday (the 19th) I was able to do Wreck of the Stardream, blood sample, and outbreak. And I did Passenger List. But, I can’t seem to do Pure Virus List, Hybrid Strain OR Newly Infected. Will I have to wait till Saturday? Or am I just out of luck?

any chance we can get an answer to this, i have same problem, i woudl have to guess that if u pick up a non-area daily, such as blood sample, then it automoatically forfits u for teh others for that day, perhaps if u dont turn in the blood sample to be analyzed and drop the quest, then u can pick these up, can anyone confirm ?

 yeah.. It wont let me get any more of the quests. I finished Passenger list and it wont let me get pure virus sample when I logged in the next day.

 Also… I started hybrid strain from killing the sand people watchers and the people that dropped down dropped a yellow item that started the quest. (Where the daily area Outbreak starts.. and it wasnt the item that you are supposed to get for outbreak.)

Thanks again for an awesome site Dulfy… really lending a hand to us healers out there without too much time to focus on the game whilst still optimizing as much as possible 🙂

Does anyone know how the mechanics of the infection works? Is it time based per level or what? Have a friend whose cycle is clearly slower and I’m able to pick the disease up 3-4 times whilst he’s waiting for his outbreak to drop him to the floor…

I gotta say, the “random” Infected Lockboxes are NOT that random. It seems that what ever class or faction you are. You have at least a 50% chance of getting Kira. This is not just me, but some of my guildies have also ran into this when buying multiple boxes.

when did you start the quest? if you just started, you won’t be able to pick up all the dailies. If you keep doing the dailies, each day a new daily will unlock. This also means that if you start the event late, you probably won’t be able to get the full containment set ;(

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