Companion Gifts and Crafting bonuses for 1.2

Hey everyone, with patch 1.2, you can finally gain affection with your annoying ship droid and make him get better at certain crafting skills. I thought this would be a good time to update all the previous companion gift information and add in all the crafting bonuses in one page. All of the data here directly came from the client files and therefore should be fairly accurate unless I made a typo.

Companion Gifts & Affection

Why gain affection? Max affection with a companion will grant you a 5% crit chance to all crafting done by that companion and 15% efficiency (faster crafting). After 1.2, max affection will also unlock stat bonuses for the first companion of each type (i.e. melee tank, ranged dps) to be unlocked and a small presence boost (+10 presence, stacks with other companions, even if they are the same type)

Type Melee Tank Ranged Tank Ranged DPS Melee DPS Heals
Sith Inquisitor Khem Xalek Andronikos Ashara Talos
Bounty Hunter Skadge Blizz Gault Torian Mako
Sith Warrior Boonmark Pierce Vette Jaesa Quinn
Agent Scorpio Kaliyo Ensign Temple Vector Lokin
Trooper Tanno M1-4X Aric Yuun Elara
Consular Qyzen Iresso Zenith Nadia Theran
Knight Scourge T7-01 Rusk Kira Doc
Smuggler Bowdaar Corso Risha Akaavi Guss

The stats bonus are permanent and works even when your companion isn’t out and in operations.

Melee Tank Ranged Tank Ranged DPS Melee DPS Heals
1% Accuracy 1% Max HP 1% Crit 1% Surge 2% Healing Received

Crafting crit chance and affection: Maxing out a companion will grant 5% crit chance to crafting, this is in addition (and additive) to the baseline crit chance that is received when crafting items of different difficulties and also whatever crafting bonus that companion might already possess.

  • Orange difficulty: 10% crit chance
  • Yellow, Green, and Gray difficulty: 15% crit chance

For example, if you are using companion X with maxed out affection and with a baseline 2% crit chance to Underworld Trading to do an orange Underworld Trading Mission, the chance for this mission to crit would be 10% + 2% + 5% = 17%.  (source, thanks to Johnston Cheng for point it out!)

One thing to note is that romance with a companion change their responsiveness to certain types of gifts. For most companions, this will make that particular companion more responsive to courting/luxury gifts. However, certain companions like Ashara will change their responsive to a wide range of gifts when you romance her. For “simple” companions, their response to courting/luxury gifts during romance are in the romance column. For more “complex” companions, they have a separate row to reflect all the changes.

Each class have 2 companions (one male, one female) for romance options (opposite sex humanoids only). Smugglers/Agents have 3 companions (one male, two female) available for romance because they are awesome! Sith warriors also have companions available for romance although one of the companions does not seem to change their “likeness” to gifts even when romanced.



Knowing the above info and the type & rank of the gift you have, you can figure out exactly how much affection you companion will gain from a certain gift, I will show you how to calculate it below but here is a handy chart if you don’t want to do the math yourself!



There are 5 companion affection rating ranks

  • Rank 1: –1000-1999 (yes, that is a negative sign)
  • Rank 2: 2000-3999
  • Rank 3: 4000-5999
  • Rank 4: 6000-7999
  • Rank 5: 8000-10000

There are also 5 ranks of Companion gifts, depending on the rank difference (Companion affection rating rank – Companion gift rank), here are the modifiers. (i.e. A companion at rank 1 affection getting a rank 2 gift would have a modifier of 1.1)

Rank Difference Modifier
-4 0
-3 0
-2 0.2
-1 0.5
0 1
1 1.1
2 1.3
3 1.5
4 1.5

Each companion have 4 affection ratings towards various gifts, each with a modifier

  • Indifferent: 0
  • Like: 4
  • Favourite: 9
  • Love: 16

Finally, there are 3 tiers of Companion gifts, each with another modifier.

  • Premium (green item): 6
  • Prototype (blue item): 10
  • Artifact (purple item): 24

Knowing all these information, you can quickly calculate how much a certain gift will give your companion.

For example, your ship droid 2RV8, if you have him at affection rating rank 1, and gave him a green rank 1 Technology gift the resulting affection would be 6 x 1 x 9 = 54.

  • Gift rank – companion affection rank = 0, modifier = 1
  • Green gift (premium), modifier = 6
  • Technology (favourite), modifier = 9

A rank 2 Technology gift given to the same companion at the same affection rating rank would give 59 affection. (6 x 1.1 x 9 = 59.4)

Conversation triggers & Unlocks

Conversations for your companions are unlocked at specific affection ratings. Here is a list of all the conversations available to each companion and when you can unlock them.



Companion names marked with * may have additional romance conversation triggers


Crafting bonuses

Max Companion Affection (10.000) will give you 5% chance to Crit and 15% Efficiency.

Companions have two bonuses, one is efficiency (reduce the amount of time it takes to make the item/gather) and the other is critical (chance to get augment slots on crafted gear or yield more items etc). Each companion has an efficiency bonus to one crew skill and a critical bonus to another crew skill.

Lets talk about the Ship Droid (2V-R8/C2-N2)first because he is special!

Your ship droid has a sensor unit, which can be equipped with parts brought from the Repair Droid (Legacy Perk unlocked for 1 million credits). Something good to know is that if you know a friend that also brought the Repair Droid for their ship, you can simply access their ship to buy the parts without spending the 1 million!

Repair Droid sells the following 6 parts, each costing 100k. You can equip 1 sensor on your droid at a time.

Engineering Droid Sensor +5 Scavenging Efficiency
+5 Cybertech Critical
Exploration Droid Sensor +5 Archaeology Efficiency
+5 Synthweaving Critical
Hunter Droid Sensor +10 Investigation Efficiency
+2 Armstech Critical
Medical Droid Sensor +10 Biochem Efficiency
+2 Diplomacy Critical
Scout Droid Sensor +10 Artifice Efficiency
+2 Treasure Hunting Critical
Security Droid Sensor +10 Armormech Efficiency
+2 Underworld Trading Critical



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  •  I wish my char could date Qyzen. D:

  • Do courting gifts require that the player be the opposite gender?  I know that I can’t romance Elara, but can I give her the fancy gifts to gain affection?

    • dulfy

      The way I understood how courting gifts work is that 
      a) there are companions that have a natural likeness to courting gifts, no matter your character’s gender. (examples are Talos, M1-4X etc) so even though you can’t romance them, courting gifts still work on them

      b) there are companions that are indifferent to courting gifts initially but when you start to romance them, they jump to favourite/love to courting gifts.

      c) there are companions that like courting gifts initially but when you romance them you, they jump to love/favourite these courting gifts. 

      So to answer your question. No, you don’t have to be the opposite gender for some companions, but for other companions where romance change things, you need to be the opposite gender and involved in a romance with them. 

      • Thank you.  Much appreciated.  Time to start shovelling gifts at Elara. 🙂

        • Just gave Elara a purple Courting gift and got a healthy +0.  I guess that disproves that theory.

          • dulfy

            Try M1-4X, he will gladly take it 😛

            • He’s already at 10,000 affection.  He never left my side since Nar Shaddaa :p

              I want to romance the big guy.  He’s so awesome.

          • TheNuszAbides

            purple/blue doesn’t matter if the rank (1-5) isn’t higher than her Affection/2000 …

  • Demens

    May want to check your numbers on Live, Dulfy.

    I’d almost swear that my ship droid was a * for Luxury, ** for Technology and Memorabilia, and *** for Cultural Artifacts.

    • dulfy

      I checked, what I have is correct. 
      +54 for Technology, +24 for Republic mem, +24 for Luxury, +96 for cultural artifact (with rank 1 green gifts with ship droid at affection rank 1), which is consistent with 
      * for luxury and mem, ** for technology and *** for cultural artifact that I have above.

      • Guest

        Your faction affects the memorabillia gains to your droid as far as I know. So if you are an imp giving your droid rep mem it wont be as effective than if you gave your droid imp mem

  • The_Dark_Lord

    Quick correction/nitpick, on this line:

    “Each class have 2 companions (one male, one female) for romance options (opposite sex humanoids only). Smugglers/Agents have 3 companions (one male, two female) available for romance because they are awesome!”

    All Sith Warrior companions except Broonmark are romanceable (two male, two female). The above is correct on all the other classes though.

    • dulfy

      Pierce does not have a romance, its a one night stand apparently:

      Jaesa Light side is not romanceable:

      I will add in Quinn though, forgot about him hehe.

      Thanks 😉

      • The_Dark_Lord

        So more like 1.5 male, 1.5 female then?

      • TheNuszAbides

        ” its a one night stand apparently”

        heard the same about Tharan Cedrax, but there’s always someone who prefers the voice/manner/look of a companion that didn’t ‘make the final cut’, as it were, and will spin their personal run-down of “romanceable” to include pet faves, or merely simplify “romance” as a synonym for “any sexual contact.”

        perhaps The_Dark_Lord prefers to leave things open-ended for roleplaying purposes, but you have everything correct currently other than the wording on that paragraph: Warriors have the same ‘set-up’ as Agents and Smugglers, with the exception of a Jaesa who is kept away from the Dark Side. (as far as that goes there’s also the exception of a Vette whose collar is left on and whose affection you bury deeper every chance you get; which is to say, the bottom line is that there are two female companions who can be Fully Romanced by male Warriors.

      • TheNuszAbides

        and as far as Jaesa’s “restriction” goes, I’d be curious enough to try a playthrough which turns Light-side *after* acquiring a Dark Jaesa and seeing if they set anything up for negative approval ratings from LI Dark J…

  • Blag

    Didn’t see mention of gifts the ship droid likes.
    Culture seems to be best, followed by technology.

    • Blag

       nm, Im blind

  • Gauss

    Hey Dulfy,
    thanks again for another great guide. Without any doubt your website has become the most sophisticated and reliable source for SWTOR. One little remark: could it be that you meant favorite where you wrote love and vice versa (in the companion gift overview table legend)?


    • dulfy

      Nope, that is how bioware design things, Love > favourite> like. Doesn’t make much sense does it heh

      • those three words are oh so annoying.

  • Justy

    Max Companion Affection (10.000) will give you 5% chance to Crit and 15% Efficiency.

    Is this confirmed by Bioware? Sorry, but been searching for confirmation abaout this…

  • Hunaiam

    Wow it is mind boggling the amount of information that you pass on. Incredible really. Seriously, when do you you find time to actually play SWTOR?

    • dulfy

      I don’t play swtor that much except raiding hehe. Mostly just sitting in the fleet afk 🙂

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  • “After 1.2, max affection will also unlock stat bonuses for the first companion of each type (i.e. melee tank, ranged dps) to be unlocked and a small presence boost.”

    So maxing for example Khem Val and Scorpio would only result in a single presence boost, since both are (afaik) melee tanks?!

    Do we know which arch-types there are and which companion is which?
    melee tank, range tank, healer, melee dps, range dps?

    • dulfy

      So maxing for example Khem Val and Scorpio would only result in a single presence boost, since both are (afaik) melee tanks?! – That is correct
      For inquisitiors
      Xalek = Ranged tank, Khem = melee tank, ashara = melee dps, talos = heals, andronikos = ranged dps

      for trooper

      m1-4x = ranged tank, tanno = melee tank, yunn = melee dps, aric = ranged dps, elara = heals

      Have not played other classes but maybe others can chip in 🙂

      • Bill Pendleton

        For Sith Warrior:
            Vette = Ranged DPS, Quinn = Heals, Jaessa = Melee DPS, Broonmark = Melee DPS, Pierce = Melee Tank

        • dulfy

          Thanks 🙂

          • Awesome – dulfy, perhaps you can add a little chart to your collection to display this

            • dulfy

              chart added, I will finish it tonight 🙂

              • wonderful 😉

                melee tank = scorpio
                range tank = kaliyo
                healer = lokin
                melee dps = vector
                range dps = temple

        • Light

          Pierce – ranged tank Broonmark – melee tank
          but I guess you figured it out yourself 😛
          For Imperial Agent:
          Kaliyo = ranged tank, Scorpio = melee tank, Vector = melee dps, Temple = ranged dps, Lokin = healer/melee tank (transformed)

        • Borock

          I’d say :
          Broonmark = Melee Tank, Lt. Pierce = Ranged Tank

      • Sign

        Bounty Hunter:

        Mako = Healer, Gault = Ranged DPS, Torian = Melee DPS, Blizz = Ranged Tank, Skadge = Melee Tank

      • That would be incorrect, would it not?

        The stat buff along with the changes to HM cooldown and duration are the part mentioned in the section that says you can only get this buff once per melee tank. The bonus to Presence is listed in a separate paragraph on its own.

        • dulfy

          Sorry I interpreted the original comment wrong, I thought it meant maxing Khem and Scorpio would result in only a presence boost. Missed the single part. 

          Maxing Khem and Scorpio will unlock a single stat buff to the first companion of the two to be “unlocked” and both companions will grant presence buffs when unlocked 

          Unlocked as in completing all conversations/quests for that companion

          • Unlocked as in completing all conversations/quests at least. Max affection isn’t actually required. I’ve unlocked them on my characters in the low-to-mid 9,000 range for most companions.

            • dulfy

              yup, you would be correct 😉

            • Jason

              Interesting to me is I have Khem at 10k affection, he has no triangle for a companion quest, and yet I don’t have him unlocked. I think you have to complete all your class quests as well, which I’m working on ATM.

              • Yeah, that’s what I was saying – that it’s the conversations/quests that determine the unlock rather than affection. If you mouse-over the unlocked feature in the legacy frame you’ll see that it says just that.

                Also, the first companion you get doesn’t give you all of your quests until you’ve gotten to either chapter 2 and/or chapter 3 depending on the companion, so regardless of what affection amount you have with them you won’t get it all at least until chapter 2. 

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  • Jason

    Is there any better way to get ashara’s affection up? She has no favorite for gifts,..such a PITA and expensive…

    • Jason

      Least for a female inquisitor because I cannot romance her…

      • dulfy

        Try daily quests on Ilum/Belsavis etc if you are level 50, it is a slower but cheap 😛

  • Kaidan

    That is amazing!  Thanks for putting in the hard work!

    Especially love the break up of crafting bonuses!

  • Jebu1155

    didnt see it posted so here is the stat bonus info for maxing affection that I have found to date…
    +4% accuracy, +1% critical chance, +2% healing recieved. These are permanantly active regardless of whether you have a companion out and/or in heroic mode.  As noted, you cant stack multiple versions of them but you do continue to get the prescence bonus. Well worth getting for those who like to min/max.

    • dulfy

      Thanks, I can also confirm that it is 1% max health for maxing out a ranged tank companion 🙂

      • Jebu1155

        1% bonus to surge… which basically means 1% extra to critical hits/heals… top stuff…

        These are the best £ per return you can spend in the game so no idea why people dont max this lot out.

  • can anybody tell me if the crafting mods for ship droid are BoE, BoP or bound to legacy?

    • Milo Frank

      They are BtL, so you can buy it on your Main and mail it to yourself.

  • Dulfy, I found some info regarding crit crafting chances in relation to companion affection and crew skill bonuses.  Might be good to add them to this page.

    The baseline crit chance for crafting is dependent on the difficulty
    of the crafting action relative to your current crafting skill level.
    The difficulty is color coded in the crafting GUI.

    Orange Difficulty: 10%

    Yellow, Green, and Gray Difficulty: 15%

    Companion Affection scales Crew Skill chance up to +5% at maximum affection.

    A Companion Trait critical chance bonus of +1 or +5 is a percentage.
    Example: The Imperial Agent companion character Kaliyo grants a +2
    bonus to Underworld Trading Critical. This is +2% bonus.

    Using Kaliyo at maximum affection as an example, if she ran a green
    difficulty Underworld Trading mission for you, she would have a 22%
    chance to score a mission critical success.

    • dulfy

      Awesome thanks, I will add it in! 🙂

  • Voidstalker

    Hi. So if I say maxed out Quinn and Mako i would gain + 20 presence?

    • dulfy

      yup 😉

  • Alceste007

    This is just awesome information! Thanks for passing it on.  

  • PaperLantern

    This is great information.  Thank you very much for compiling it.  Where I’m getting stuck is getting gifts for companions after they hit 4000+ affection.  Do you have a list of all the locations you can purchase companion gifts?

    • DShiflet

      Past that point you basically gotta get gifts from the GTN or roll the dice on getting what you need from Underworld Trading.

    • if you are on prophecy of the 5, send a message to Relk’caf and I’ll sell to you

  • Zivaa

    I equiped a sensor part on my droid, and when I go to craft it doesnt show he has any bonuses at the bottom of the window? Should I assume it’s still applied?

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  • DShiflet

    A question…how do you unlock Ensign Temple? I’m at 9800 affection with her, have already gone well into the romance arc, yet my legacy screen shows she’s not unlocked and looking on youtube shows like 3 conversations I haven’t had. This page shows her last conversation us unlocked at 9163, so is there a level requirement on them, cause I am only level 40…

    • yes there are level requirements (or rather your class quest requirements) for unlocks

      • DShiflet

        Ahh, thanks. Alas, really wasn’t wanting to finish the agent, so guess finishing her quests will have to wait.

        • I think you just have to get into chapter 3 to finish off the converstaions

  • dulfy, you are my new favorite SWTOR analyst. this article has already saved me a bunch of time and research for my spot on I’ll be sure to give you a big fat shoutout!!!

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  • Marc

    Hi Dulfy. Thanks for all of your amazing work. Any chance swtor lists like this and the loot drop lists get updated for 1.6? Not many folks making stuff like this anymore. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, your our only hope.

  • SWTOR_Fan

    Hi Dulfy, would it be possible to update this chart with the HK gifts info. I know the info is available elsewhere, it’s just nice to have it all consolidated on one table. Thanks, love your web site.

  • Chopzz

    Hi, just wondering with HK51 added into the game now, does maxing affection with it garner any bonus (as is with Ship’s droid) or are they just for missions and increasing presence bonus?

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  • Tsais

    I think there’s an error about Xalek being a ranged tank?

    He has no ranged abilities and to tank, he uses …melee!

    • Jusik

      It’s true, he is a “ranged tank” as Khem Val is the inquisitor melee tank companion.

      • Tsais

        you’re just repeating their description, without actually engaging my question..

        I couldn’t get a worse answer from a corporate bot offering up canned responses without reading the question.

        • TheNuszAbides

          he’s as ranged a tank as any Assassin can be (although perhaps just slightly moreso or less-so, seeing as how no companion strictly adheres to a player class). i’ve seen him shoot lightning from a modest distance every time i’ve seen him in a fight (several dozen times at this point).
          whether it’s possible to alter his behavior so that he doesn’t jump into close combat after firing off his lightning, though – that i couldn’t tell ya.

          • Tsais

            thanks, that does explain things somewhat…. basically, it means he has a ranged taunt (the lightning) after which he switches to melee tanking.

  • Alex G

    Hey, Dulfy. Will you update this list now that we have both HK-51 and Treek in the game? That would be a great help, for those of us who are recording the Companion convos.

  • Michael Ryan

    Is there any possibility that you’ll make an updated guide that has HK-51 and Treek on it? I used to use one from but that site appears to have gone under. (It also didn’t have HK-51 or Treek.)

    • Good idea, will do 🙂

      • Alex G

        Any chance you’ll get around to adding Treek and HK-51 to the Companion convo lists?

  • Cleopatria (RE)

    Female Characters can now give Risha (for example) courting gifts after a certain level of affection and she excepts them as if they were ++ medium affection…so if you are overwhelmed with courting gifts in the bank, feel free to use them on these toons. 🙂 thought to add this as an update 🙂

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  • Guest

    I am a little confused … what’s “Yes, no change” supposed to mean with Malavai Quinn romance?

    • vin b

      because everyone else changes when you romance them.. it’s not obvious for quinn. he does not change, so “yes no change” is to answer every idiots question about whether the chart is wrong

    • TheNuszAbides

      the “yes” isn’t particularly helpful; its significance is no more than “yes, you can romance Quinn”, which really doesn’t seem like a question anyone would be coming to these tables asking (and all romanceability is clearly noted on the official site anyway). “no change” is simply confirming that he’s one of the hardest companions to influence (even into your Warrior’s pants) with gifts alone.

  • Michael Ryan

    I wonder about something: Just say that through companion gifts, you’ve maxed your affection with Elara Dorne as a female Trooper. Just say that in addition to that, you haven’t completed all of the dialogues. If Elara Dorne is at 10,000 already, will you miss out on hearing the rest of those dialogues?

    • Nope, you can still get them. Just head to a cantina or your starship and get all of it at once.

  • TheNuszAbides

    any confirmation at all re: the “negative romance” values? uniquely challenging to focus on making all the ‘wrong’ choices (and hopefully having the ship’s droid before the occasional “all-three-choices-increase-Affection” for Aric/Corso/Mako/Vette occurs…). since there’s no ‘anti-gift’ like with the feast day pranks for dragon age…
    if they actually bothered composing such dialogues i hope it’s worth the effort.

    • TheNuszAbides

      confirmed that Corso will complain to a male Captain at [~ -300 affection] + [reaching the Tatooine/Alderaan ‘fork’ in the Smuggler campaign], with no follow-up.

      also close to confirming that Talos does not actually have a dialog unlocked at 5454. (i.e. it doesn’t seem to vary beyond “Lost Mentor” at ~4545 and “Great Archaeology” at ~6363)
      perhaps it’s something that was developed but then switched off indefinitely? haven’t seen any reports of extra/side conversations with him yet.

    • TheNuszAbides

      update: Corso will have two “negative convos” with a male Captain; in the second one he ‘writes him off’. haven’t checked for a third with a female yet.

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  • TheNuszAbides

    it seems likely that the first four romance dialog slots for Kaliyo (all below 3472 Affection) were either eliminated or at least disabled. has several ‘level 15’ listings which don’t correspond to anything else i’ve seen documented or in a playthrough. (also, i believe, one that can be tested if the lead-in to ‘As Far as You Can Throw Her’ goes particularly sour…)

    • TheNuszAbides

      ditto with the 400/800/1200 for Vette: if any of those are actually enabled and populated with dialog, they’re basically easter eggs.

  • K

    I am maxed rep with all my companions however I do not have the achievements for completing all dialogue options with some of them. Any insight as to why this could be?

    • vin b

      dialogue is also chapter locked; you more than likely have not finished your storylines

      you can max affection in chapter 1 but still not have all conversations until chapter 3

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  • Dean

    Is this maybe outdated or is it still good? 🙂

    • Drool Bear

      It’s still good just never updated to include info about Treek.

  • Drool Bear

    It’s still good. Just never updated to include info about Treek.

  • TheNuszAbides

    Been finding the Affection triggers solidly predicted by the charts for the last 4 or 5 companions I’ve checked… thanks very much.
    but something’s off with Gault’s progression. I just began “Honor Regained” and he’s ready to start “Food For Thought”, even though only at 1185 Affection instead of 1538.

  • Alex G

    Is this ever going to be updated with Treek and HK?

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  • anthony

    treek is tech and only tech boost your speech on your legacy cause you can get over 1k in some coversations

  • TheNuszAbides

    is there a clarification as to whether Corso (romanced) makes Courting gifts ++ (according to actual plus total on the table) or +++ (according to color code)?

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  • Exxar

    Dulfy, could you edit the post to include a link to your article ( with the updated companion gift preferences for 4.0.2? That article is never found by google when searching for gifts info, this one pops up every time though but has outdated data.

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  • Hi there, all the time i used to check web site posts here in the early hours in the morning, for the reason that i enjoy to gain knowledge of more and more.

  • Hi, yes this piece of writing is truly good and I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging. Thanks.

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