• PantslessPete

    Thankyou very much!

  • awesome web site ty it helps a lot for gw 😀

  • goerge

    where is the latest map completion update with 2 poi’s and 1 waypoint in Gw2?

  • Lord

    Hi Dulfy, thanks for the amazing work you make on Guild Wars. It has helped me a lot, especially in the Super adventure box. Just a question. What kind of software do you use to video record the game ? Thanks for your answer.

    • Fraps

      • Lord

        Thanks for you answer.

  • Navicia

    Thank you very much ~*Dulfy*~ your guides are so so helpful

  • peter

    thanks, ur guide helped me alot to gain achievements, im above the 7k ap! ty

  • LordKira

    Hey, im having a hard time finding the blazing gun champion, i have been camping all over the place, any suggestions?

    • Just stand in the Queensdale location and wait. The champions spawn on a set rotation so you will see it soon. Otherwise go throguh all the ballon locations and see if any of them have the champion you need.

  • BobbyOrr

    Is there any possibility of getting a link in the drop down menu to all those pages you have on weapons skins? I love your work and just know I’ve viewed them a lot and would hate to see them get lost.

    • Yes check under Galleries & Catalog, its all moved there for easier navgiation

      • BobbyOrr

        Oh very nice. I had a feeling it was just somewhere I wasn’t looking. I was limiting myself to the gw2 tab. Thanks Dulfy:)

  • gw2 child molesters

    gw2 a game for gay assfuckers who wanna play a girlie game fpr 5 year old raped assholes. die on aids anet!!! and i hope gw2 gets fucked in its kiddy ass as hard that its damn asshole burnes as hell

    • rfgthjk

      someone’s mad
      y u mad tho bro :3

      • Red

        I think he just tried to do “Not So Secret” jumping puzzle 😛

    • erimum

      o realy mature response here , how old are u .don’t youre mommy let u play jet .

    • Max

      think he just spent money on 1000 black lion chest keys, opened boxes and still received nothing useful. Its working as intended apparently.

  • rupa

    any one knows when mad king thorn event starts??

    • Already started, occurs every hr in the Lion’s arch fountain thingie (Grand Piazza)

  • Kain Belth

    while in WvW today some one got Dusk from a lot bag after killing an enemy player on the EU aurora glade server

  • rob

    Any news why travel golems doesnt take you to levels 2 + 3 any more if you have completed all the way to the boss chamber?

  • Carlos Trevisan

    Hey Dulfy, im a SWTOR heavy player. I love the Star Wars lore and the game customization. But after seen some vids of Guild Wars 2 and so much content on your site i got amazed by the gameplay, especialy the engineer flamethrower, its very mobile and much more action oriented then SWTOR.
    But fantasy (Elders Scrolls, WoW,…) isnt my first option of lore (i love tecnological games like Fallout and Mass Effect), its not that i dont like fantasy, i just prefer cientific fiction.
    What do you think? Should i buy the GW2? Whats the big diferences between GW2 and SWTOR?

    • Amazon has the game pretty cheap now (<$30 USD) so you can pick it up for very little cash and there is no sub fee. GW2 has more frequent content updates than SWTOR and there is alot of places to explore and things to do. The combat is fairly active too. The storytelling is a bit poor compared to SWTOR though. Anyways if you looking for something new to try out, why not?

  • Aspect of War

    Hi, so as I remember Gendarran fields “Not So Secret” Aetherblade Jumping puzzle was not working in some kind of way, the leap discs were not working for quite a long time, and unless you had some leap skill you had to use teleportation gun etc. Well I am glad to announce that it has been fixed. I also made a short guite for leaping classes which allows to skip almost half of the puzzle, if You would be interested to take a look at it, I could send you privatly link to video so You could rate if it is worth anything 🙂

    • Is it potentially considered an exploit?

      • Aspect of War

        hymm, i don’t think so. the rock seems to be placed there on purpose.

        • Aspect of War

          Actually there are two places where you can skip some part, and the second one is just perfectly placed pillar to leap on it with switness on, i mean this small ones under the ship.

    • The leaping cogs have been broken for a while now. I know about a couple of places where you can “skip,” but they generally take the same length of time as doing it the normal way — though the upside is that they’re there for when you fall during a normal run. But yeah, leaping skills seem to be needed now. At least until ArenaNet fixes the bugged leaps.

  • Guhracie

    Hey, Dulfy, I just noticed that one of your adchoices ads pulled up a GW2 gold-selling site. You may want to look into that.

  • Lord

    Hi Dulfy, you made a great work on SWTOR class Guide. Will you do the same thing on GW2 ? (GW2 Class Guide ?)
    Thanks a lot for all the guides you made so far.

  • Mortiphago

    hi dulfy thx for all job!!!

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