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By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Saw you were recognized in today’s Fan Friday over at the official SWTOR forums. Congrats and definitely well deserved! Keep up the good work!

Hey Dulfy,

Could u please do a write up on 61 craftable Armorings / Enhancements and Mods including what you r/e to get them. I don’t know if this is up your line of interest or not. But I have looked everywhere and can’t find definitive answers..


They are ripped off the campaign/black hole gear and then RE’ed by cybertech to learn the schematics.

I knew that but here’s the issue. Im cybertech and I can r/e Black Hole mods for schematics but not armorings. I have tried to do Campaign mods and armorings but they appear to have no schematic chance. Also the Enhancements appear to be made by artifice?

I’m wondering where I can get the armorings mainly. No one on my server is making them other than the resolve. Server is PoT5

Also thanks for the tip on buying crystals from that vendor pre 1.2 .. I horded a bunch and now they are selling for 2-3 mil each.. Thanks!

Armoring mods are artifice and I think the same idea, learned by r/e’ing BH/Campaign mods that are ripped out of that gear.

I agree, very well deserved. This site is a wealth of info for new and veteran players alike. Oh, and the loot charts…thinking of making them my computer background lol Keep doing what your doing dulfy, your work is a great help.

Hello, i am here because i got a marauder and i need a DPS build ( carnage if possible for 2.0 ) because i have never used marauder, my roommate lvl it up and now he moved away xD so i need a build skill tree. can anyone please help me out? it probably a good place to start. I always head there and look at the builds first.

Hello Mighty Dulfy, can you use your magnifique influence to extract information from Bioware about further race customization, Sith Pureblood in specific: will we get option to create face look alike to Lord Scourge?

Severity Gaming has some info regarding the second “Secret” 16 man Operation boss. Hateful Entity (like the Dreadful Entity only with more health and DoTs).

This almost sounded like an advertisment for a new product:

“Like our previous product, only now with more durability and spikiness!” HAHA!

Hey Dulfy, I’m guessing you are probably in the PTS giving arenas a go, but if not then whilst in PTS I checked out my achievements and found out the bosses for both new operations. Got more excited now and I won’t spoil anything so you can check it out for yourself if you want, just thought you should know since my guild is already speculating on it 🙂

Dulfy, fight for us, Pureblood fans! How can it be that we do not have facial option like Lord Scourge, why are we limited to either cranial horns or tendrils! we want – I want both! and I want them to have cranial horn piercing!! There is customisation to milk us off but there ar eno options for a proper milkfest! Aid our cause Dulfy, you are our only chance!

That is why YOU, with YOUR secret connections, themed schemes and imperium! – that is why you must save us Dulfy! and tell them, maker higher ups – that Purebloods deserve tendril jewelry and everything else mentioned up here! They will listen to you! They must!

Dulfy, do you ever feel like Bioware just doesn’t give you enough to work with in between patches? I mean GW2 is just waylaying you with stuff to print it seems.

GW2 and SWTOR patch in different ways. SWTOR love to do huge patches that are 6-8 weeks apart while GW2 has a more consistent 2 week release schedule that feature smaller patches. There are plenty to cover in SWTOR outside patches, I just need to stop being lazy and do them 🙂

Bah I say! You do more for the SWTOR Community outside of Bioware itself than anyone else. You are a national treasure Dulfy and you are loved, thank you. 😉

you can find an adaptive armor head piece, thus making it so you can wear a head piece from level 1!

Dulfie, did you hear about any upcoming special offer? I got email from bioware about resubbing 27nov-2dec for extra bonuses like free month etc. but I’ve just checked it right now – bah I[‘vemissed great opportunity. do you think that theres a chance for one more promotion during this month?

Thank you so much “Duffy” I have been researching and you have it seems the best RSS feeds and utmost to minute from SWTOR I’m Building an website too with mostly basic outline general info if you interested please let me know Duffy my toon name mainly is Arthaned and Paulmatto in SWTOR

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