SWTOR Endgame Color Crystals guide

SWTOR endgame color crystals guide with a gallery of lightsaber crystal colors and methods to obtaining them. Last updated July 30, 2015

General Information

Naming Convention

There are 4 variants of endgame color crystals, each one with a suffix

  • Eviscerating: +41 crit
  • Hawkeye: +41 power
  • Indestructible: +41 endurance
  • War Hero: +41 expertise

Together, the Eviscerating, Hawkeye, and Indestructible crystals are called PvE crystals.

Legacy transfer trick

  • If you have characters on both factions and there is a crystal that is easier to get on one faction, you can use legacy weapons to transfer the crystal over to the other side. Legacy weapons can be obtained from the Grand Acquisitions race event back in Aug 2012 or from the Gree event reputation vendors.

Bloom and No Bloom

Bloom, a graphic setting, plays a huge difference in how the color crystals look in game. With the bloom setting off (w/o Bloom), these color crystals look much like the preview colors. All of the crystals below are taken with Bloom setting on (w/ Bloom) and off (w/o Bloom) so you can see the difference.


Basic Colors

These crystals with basic colors have a white core inside them.



Advanced Red War Hero’s Crystal
  • Crystal (BoP) can be purchased directly off the PvP vendor for 500 Warzone Commendations
Advanced Red Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Red Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Red Indestructible Crystal
  • Schematic (artifice BoP, BoE end-product) can be purchased from the Classic Gear Vendor in Black Hole/Ilum/Belsavis for 50 Classic Commendations



Advanced Blue War Hero’s Crystal
  • Schematic is a random drop obtained from the Grade 6 PvP crafting box sold at the PvP Vendor for 1k Warzone Commendations.
Advanced Blue Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Blue Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Blue Indestructible Crystal
  • Schematic (artifice BoP, BoE end-product) can be purchased from the Classic Gear Vendor in Black Hole/Ilum/Belsavis for 50 Classic Commendations or from the PvP vendor for 450 Warzone Commendations



Advanced Yellow War Hero’s Crystal
  • Schematic is a random drop obtained from the Grade 6 PvP crafting box sold at the PvP Vendor for 1k Warzone Commendations.
  • Can be ripped off from Partisan/Conqueror offhands
Advanced Yellow Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Yellow Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Yellow Indestructible Crystal
  • Schematic (artifice BoP, BoE end-product) can be purchased from the PvP vendor for 450 Warzone Commendations
  • Yellow crystal is also a component of Campaign/Dread Guard/Arkanian/Underworld offhands.



Advanced Green War Hero’s Crystal
  • Crystal (BoP) can be purchased directly off the PvP vendor for 500 Warzone Commendations
Advanced Green Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Green Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Green Indestructible Crystal
  • Schematic (artifice BoP, BoE end-product) can be purchased from the Classic Gear Vendor in Black Hole/Ilum/Belsavis for 50 Classic Commendations



Advanced Orange War Hero Crystal
  • Component of Partisan/Conqueror mainhands.
Advanced Orange Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Orange Eviscerating Crystal Advanced Orange Indestructible Crystal
  • Schematics for artifice can be obtained from the Primal Destroyer in Belsavis (source).
  • Crystals can also be ripped from Campaign/Dread Guard/Arkanian/Underworld mainhands.

Cyan (also known as Light – Blue)


Advanced Cyan War Hero’s Crystal
  • Schematic confirmed to come from the Grade 6 PvP crafting box sold at the PvP Vendor for 1k Warzone Commendations.
Advanced Cyan Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Cyan Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Cyan Indestructible Crystal
  • Drops from operations but can be RE’ed to learn their schematics. If you buy one from GTN, put it in your weapon and then rip it out again to make the schematic learnable.



Advanced Purple War Hero’s Crystal
  • Schematic come from the Grade 6 PvP crafting box sold at the PvP Vendor for 1k Warzone Commendations.
Advanced Purple Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Purple Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Purple Indestructible Crystal
  • Drops from operations but can be RE’ed to learn their schematics. If you buy one from GTN, put it in your weapon and then rip it out again to make the schematic learnable.

Magenta (also known as Light- Red)


War Hero
  • Not seen in game.
Advanced Magenta Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Magenta Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Magenta Indestructible Crystal
  • Schematics can be found either as random drop off trash mobs in Black Hole area of Corellia (source)or from Nightmare Pilgrim on Voss.



Advanced White Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced White Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced White Indestructible Crystal
Advanced White War Hero’s Crystal
  • Rare drop from cartel packs, tradeable

Black Core Crystals

Black Red


Advanced Black-Red War Hero’s Crystal
  • Crystal can be purchased directly from the PvP Vendor for 150k and 1950 Warzone Commendations. 
Advanced Black-Red Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Black-Red Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Black-Red Indestructible Crystal
  • Drops from operations but can be RE’ed to learn their schematics. If you buy one from GTN, put it in your weapon and then rip it out again to make the schematic learnable.

Black Blue


Advanced Black-Blue War Hero’s Crystal
  • Crystal can be purchased directly from the PvP Vendor for 150k and 1950 Warzone Commendations.  
Advanced Black-Blue Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Black-Blue Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Black-Blue Indestructible Crystal
  • Drops from operations but can be RE’ed to learn their schematics. If you buy one from GTN, put it in your weapon and then rip it out again to make the schematic learnable.

Black Yellow


Advanced Black-Yellow War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Black-Yellow Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Black-Yellow Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Black-Yellow Indestructible Crystal
  • Pre-order crystal vendor – 250k credits

Black Green (Rakghoul)


Advanced Black-Green War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Black-Green Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Black-Green Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Black-Green Indestructible Crystal
  • Rakghoul event, crystal is BoE and can be purchased on the GTN

SE Black Green (Razer Hardware)


SE Black-Green War Hero’s Crystal
SE Black-Green Hawkeye Crystal
SE Black-Green Eviscerating Crystal
SE Black-Green Indestructible Crystal
  • If you have the original Razer SE crystal, you can purchase the upgraded versions at the Dromund Kaas/Coruscant mods vendor for 250k

Black Orange


Advanced Black-Orange War Hero’s Crystal
  • PvP Vendor, 200k, 1500 Ranked Warzone Commendations and 1500 PvP Rating
Advanced Black-Orange Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Black-Orange Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Black-Orange Indestructible Crystal
  • Random drop from Explosive Conflict/Terror from Beyond operation (both storymode and hardmode) and tradeable

Black Purple


Advanced Black-Purple War Hero’s Crystal
  • PvP Vendor, 250k, 3000 Ranked Warzone Commendations and 2000 PvP Rating
Advanced Black-Purple Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Black-Purple Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Black-Purple Indestructible Crystal
  • Random drop from Explosive Conflict Operation (Hardmode/Nightmare) and Terror from Beyond operation (Hardmode). Tradeable

Other Non CM Color Crystals

Black-Blue Striated


Advanced Black-Blue Striated War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Black-Blue Striated Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Black-Blue Striated Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Black-Blue Striated Indestructible Crystal
  • PvP Season 4-5 Bronze Reward – 1000-1349

Black-Silver Striated


Advanced Black-Silver Striated War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Black-Silver Striated Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Black-Silver Striated Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Black-Silver Striated Indestructible Crystal
  • PvP Season 4 Silver Reward – 1350-1624

Gladiatorial Gold Outline


Gladiatorial Gold Outline War Hero’s Crystal
Gladiatorial Gold Outline Hawkeye Crystal
Gladiatorial Gold Outline Eviscerating Crystal
Gladiatorial Gold Outline Indestructible Crystal
  • PvP Season 5 Silver Reward – 1350-1599



Advanced White-Purple-Blue War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced White-Purple-Blue Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced White-Purple-Blue Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced White-Purple-Blue Indestructible Crystal
  • Crafted using 500 Artificer, recipe learned from trainer
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced White-Yellow-Orange War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Indestructible Crystal
  • Crafted using 500 Artificer, recipe learned from trainer
  • Level 10 to use

Cartel Market Crystals

These Cartel Market crystals have lower level requirements to use.



Advanced Black-Pink War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Black-Pink Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Black-Pink Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Black-Pink Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from all Shadow Packs introduced on Dec 2, 2014
  • Level 10 to use

Blood-Orange Striated


Advanced Blood-Orange Striated War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Blood-Orange Striated Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Blood-Orange Striated Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Blood-Orange Striated Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Outer Rim Explorer’s Pack introduced on July 21, 2015
  • Level 10 to use

Blood Red


Advanced Blood Red War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Blood Red Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Blood Red Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Blood Red Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Freelancer/Contractor’s Bounty Pack introduced with Aug 21, 2013 update
  • Level 10 to use

Blue Core


Advanced Blue Core War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Blue Core Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Blue Core Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Blue Core Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Pursuer’s Bounty Pack introduced on September 26, 2013
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Deep Core/Core Worlds explorer pack introduced on May 4, 2015
  • Level 10 to use

Blue Outline


Advanced Blue Outline War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Blue Outline Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Blue Outline Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Blue Outline Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack introduced on August 19, 2014
  • Level 10 to use

Charred Orange  


Advanced Charred Orange War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Charred Orange Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Charred Orange Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Charred Orange Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Tracker’s Bounty Pack released on October 21, 2013
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced Copper  War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Copper  Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Copper  Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Copper Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack introduced with July 10, 2013  update.
  • Level 10 to use

Cyan- Blue


Advanced Cyan- Blue War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Cyan- Blue  Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Cyan- Blue  Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Cyan- Blue Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Blockade Runner cartel packs introduced with Dec 11, 2012 update
  • Level 10 to use

Derelict Purple


Advanced Derelict Purple War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Derelict Purple Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Derelict Purple Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Derelict Purple Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Enforcer’s Contraband Packs introduced with March 12, 2013 update
  • Level 10 to use

Gold Core


Advanced Gold Core War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Gold Core Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Gold Core Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Gold Core Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from all Stronghold Packs introduced with August 19, 2014 update           
  • Level 10 to use

Green Core


Advanced Green Core War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Green Core Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Green Core Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Green Core Indestructible Crystal
  • Cartel Market direct purchase (Sept 2014). 500 CC
  • Level 10 to use

Green Empeth


Advanced Green Empeth War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Green Empeth Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Green Empeth Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Green Empeth Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Deep Core/Core Worlds explorer pack introduced on May 4, 2015
  • Level 10 to use

Hot Orange


Advanced Hot Orange War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Hot Orange Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Hot Orange Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Hot Orange Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Freelancer/Contractor’s Bounty Pack introduced with Aug 21, 2013 update
  • Level 10 to use

Lime Green


Advanced Lime-Green War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Lime-Green Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Lime-Green Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Lime-Green Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Space Pirate cartel packs introduced with Feb 12, 2013 update
  • Level 10 to use

Magenta Outline


Advanced Magenta Outline War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Magenta Outline Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Magenta Outline Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Magenta Outline Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Mid Rim’s Explorer Pack introduced with Jun 9, 2015 update
  • Level 10 to use

Mint Green


Advanced Mint-Green War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Mint-Green Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Mint-Green Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Mint-Green Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Archon’s Contraband pack introdcued with June 13, 2013 update.
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced Orange- Red War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Orange- Red Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Orange- Red Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Orange- Red Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Skip Tracer cartel packs introduced with Jan 8, 2013 update
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced Orange-Yellow War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Orange-Yellow Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Orange-Yellow Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Orange-Yellow Indestructible Crystal
  • Directly purchased on the Cartel Market for 900 CC
  • Level 35 to use

Pink Core


Advanced Pink Core War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Pink Core Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Pink Core Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Pink Core Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Constable’s Stronghold Pack introduced with Sept 16, 2014 update
  • Level 10 to use

Pink Magenta


Advanced Pink Magenta War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Pink Magenta Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Pink Magenta Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Pink Magenta Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Star Cluster’s Nightlife Pack introduced with June 12, 2014 update
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced Pink-Purple War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Pink-Purple Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Pink-Purple Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Pink-Purple Indestructible Crystal
  • Fairly common drop from Crime Lord/Black Market cartel packs introduced with Nov 15, 2012 update
  • Level 10 to use

Pink Red


Advanced Pink Red War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Pink Red Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Pink Red Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Pink Red Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Apprentice’s Shadow Pack introduced with Feb 12, 2015 update
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced Pink-Yellow War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Pink-Yellow Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Pink-Yellow Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Pink-Yellow Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Master’s Shadow Pack introduced with May 24, 2015 update
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced Purple-Black War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Purple-Black Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Purple-Black Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Purple-Black Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Initiate/Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack introduced with Dec 2, 2015 update
  • Level 10 to use

Purple Outline


Advanced Purple Outline War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Purple Outline Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Purple Outline Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Purple Outline Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Architect’s Stronghold Pack introduced with Nov 4, 2014 update
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced Sea-Green War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Sea-Green Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Sea-Green Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Sea-Green Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack introduced with Oct 14, 2014 update.
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced Silver Blue War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Silver Blue Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Silver Blue Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Silver Blue Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack introduced with April 24, 2013 update.
  • Level 10 to use



Advanced White Black War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced White Black Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced White Black Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced White Black Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Enforcer’s Contraband Packs introduced with March 12, 2013 update
  • Level 10 to use

White Blue Purple


Advanced White Blue Purple War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced White Blue Purple Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced White Blue Purple Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced White Blue Purple Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Acolyte’s Shadow Pack introduced with Jan 13, 2015 update
  • Level 10 to use

Yellow Blue


Advanced Yellow Blue Blue War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Yellow Blue Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Yellow Blue Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Yellow Blue Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Opportunist’s Bounty Pack introduced with Nov 15, 2013 update
  • Level 10 to use

Yellow Core


Advanced Yellow Core Blue War Hero’s Crystal
Advanced Yellow Core Hawkeye Crystal
Advanced Yellow Core Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Yellow Core Indestructible Crystal
  • Drop from Club Vertica’s Nightlife Pack introduced with July 1, 2014 update
  • Level 10 to use

Comparison of similar colors

Red Crystals


Orange Crystals


Yellow Crystals


Blue Crystals


Green Crystals


Purple/Pink Crystals


  • Potvinalexandre

    Wonderful work as usual! Permission to translate the whole thing in French on my blog? With credits to you off course 😉

  • Thanks for this, it is really helpful!

  • Uu

    Superb article. much needed. Thanks!!

  • Hi Dulfy, There is a Black-White Crystal with +41 power, I saw one Jedi Knight on Legion of Lettow use it, char name Solomon i’ll take pic when i met him

    • dulfy

      Interesting, I saw it in the database but didn’t know they were in game, if you can get a screenshot and ask him how he got it that would be awesome! 🙂

      • Ceres Sunfall

        I’m not going to post his name here without permission but I know who Krystof is talking about. I asked him about it a couple of weeks ago and he confirmed that:
        He traded his BM Lightsaber for a WH Lightsaber but forgot to take his white crystal out. He ticketed a CSR and they gave him a Black-White instead.

        • dulfy

          Ah I think that was the same way that Catch got his white crystal hehe if anyone know that story

    •  i can confirm that i saw someone on legion of lettow with black-white crystal,however did not record the name or screen

    • AshlaBoga


      any chance you’ve got that pic?

      I really want to see what it looks like. *drools*

  • “No longer available in game. Previously sold for 2.5 million on a vendor
    that has being removed from the game with the arrival of patch 1.2”

    That should say “has ‘been’ removed from the game…”

    Yes, I am a grammar nazi. =(

    • dulfy

      Corrected 🙂

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  • Thanks again Dulfy.  I may start an epic quest to get my Vanguard those purple-black crystals.  Too bad she can’t get any armour to match it 🙁

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  • Vernas

    Dayuuuum, black-purple looks awesome!

  • Light

    Thanks a lot for your work 🙂 I’m sad to see that the purple crystals are bugged atm 🙁

    • dulfy

      me too 🙁

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  • Gauss

    I think I have something mixed up but how do you equip black-orange, black-purple crystals without having a PvP rating? Put differently: Isn’t it so that PvP ratings didn’t make it into the game yet?

    • dulfy

      You are correct, the PvP Black-Orange, Black-Purple cannot be equipped yet but the PvE ones are available through Explosive Conflict operation

  • Stuartanhillman

    There is a vendor on coruscant near the senate selling the black-green cyrstals for 250k for lvl 50 ones
    Near the social items vendor iirc.

    • dulfy

      That is not the Black Green, that is the SE Black Green which only Razer peripheral owners can purchase. 

  • JLF

    And waht with http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/gear/37915/advanced-black-white-war-heros-crystal ?

    • Gauss

      Just because an item can be found in the databanks of the game doesn’t mean it is obtainable. I for once haven’t heard or seen anyone with a B/W crystal. Maybe Georg Zoeller has prepared another mystery to solve for us. However, it’s more likely that the item is not active in the game yet.

      • Vernas

        There are reports of people who have lost/sold their white color crystal, put a ticket in and the GM giving them a black-white crystal in return, however this is just hearsay.

  • spoothead656

    I play Empire, but I will gladly buy a Black/Blue Eviscerating crystal from someone on my server, The Constant.

    • Telanis

      You can’t buy them from people, they’re bound.

    • Brick

      Get it on gtn for 80k

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  • ScicleX

    Game is currently offline for a patch atm but I have seen PvE Green +41 Crystals inside of either the PvP or PvE gear obtainable from the republic fleet.

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  • BlueBolt

    “Anyways, lets start with an image with all the color crystals for easy viewing/drooling!”

    I didn’t drool but I am definitely eager to get them all – sadly I can’t get the pre-order crystal 🙁

  • KabaI

    Is it not possible to get schematics for the Purple +41 crystals? It’s pretty much the only schematic I want for my Artificer.

    • BlueBolt

       Sadly the schematics are an ultra rare random drop from certain Bosses.

      The chances of them dropping from Primal Destroyer or Nightmare Pilgrim are about 1/1000, or 0.1%  🙁

      • Magenta is NOT the same as Purple.

    • Vly

      I’m also trying to find a way to get it. It’s not the only one I want, but the one I want the most right now. I just don’t understand why they make it so difficult to get.

      • Lander

        If it wasn’t rare, what’s the point in getting it, right?

  • Hey, just wanted to ask if the information about Purple crystals is still accurate?  One of the guys in my Republic guild has a Purple but said it has been removed from the game.  Is it still part of Empire weapons?  Can it be removed and sent to a Republic alt?

    • dulfy

      The crystals are bound once removed from weapons so I don’t think that would be possible.
      Purple is not removed from the game for Republic players, the method to obtain the PvP crystal is accurate but the PvE schematics is still a bit iffy, no confirmed ways to obtain the PvE schematics yet. There is a whiole thread on it.


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  • MKurian99

    Hey is this lime green color the only green? Because I’ve seen in-game pics with a darker shade of green. (I don’t mean Black core green. I know about those)

    • Telanis

      Those were from early beta.

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  • Lycanthro

    I am more interested in crafting the advanced crystals, which require power crystals that I have never found on any planet. I currently have schematics for Eviserating Red, Hawkeye Red and indestructible blue. Where do you find the needed power crystals, and is there anywhere where you can find raw purple, cyan, orange or other colored crystals for artifice crafting?

    • Hak’Ghinen

      From the Treasure Hunting Gem missions

    • Malice

      The gems come from Treasure hunting missions and you cant get raw purple or cyan colour crystals as a material except the magenta ones which are dug up. Search you tube for the locations and how to get mats for magentas

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  • Telanis

    I just saw the schematic for Advanced Yellow War Hero’s Crystal
    on the GTN, and have asked the seller how he got it. Will report back if he answers my mail.

    • Telanis

      Update: He got it from a Grade 6 PvP crafting box. He said he got like 70 and that was the only decent thing that dropped from any of them, so it must be very rare. Confirms the rumour, anyways!

      There is also a +31 Cyan Battlemaster crystal from the same mats box: http://imgur.com/K6v8S

  • beebow

    I want tha Fuckin cyan Fuckin Crystal!!… and i dont even FUkin play the fukin pvp bee shiioott.. watt thaaa efffinnn fuck!!!…

    • Telanis

      Kill yourself.

  • Trever- Jedi COvenant

    Just wanted to share with everyone a little secret I have discovered. Didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag incase it was a mistake by Bioware. You can acquire Purple PVE crystals on republic and Cyan PVE crystals on impire. You simple need to acquire them on the opposite faction then use the legacy weapons given during the recent event to send them across faction. I have done this on multiple characters.

    • Telanis

      Lol no that is intended by BW.

      • Trever

        It is now but 5 months ago when I posted it, BW had not made any comment regarding it and there was no evidence on any site of it working. I tried it, it worked, I shared. 🙂

        • handicappedmidget

          Bollocks. When the last event came out the idea behind legacy weapons was just that. There was no way to do it before. So.. you stand corrected.. again.

    • Malice

      Or if you can craft them then you can just send them in the mail

  • Zub

    White crystals can be obtained from cartel packs. Thought you should update that. 🙂

  • king

    yeah but how do i a free to play person get one

  • Chris Jones

    This needs to be updated to account for Cartel crystals. For instance, white crystals are again available.

    • Yup, updating several guides atm this weekend. This one should be updated soon 🙂

    • Updated now 🙂

  • Great Guide! 🙂

  • mememe

    The Belsavis World Boss also dropps Magenta Crytsal Scematics. Doesn’t he?

    • Telanis

      Yes the +33 PvE variants.

  • Lowki

    Thanks for the update with the Cartel crystals!

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  • CrowX2M

    My guild has told me the Black-Red War Hero Crystals can be crafted. Can anyone confirm?

  • Joe

    The Advanced Yellow War Hero Crystal schematic definitely drops from the PVP crafting box. I just received one from it. I can provide a screenshot if you need proof. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Other than having the name wrong on the white crystals this all seems correct. The new whites in the cartel packs are White-black, not Black-white. Core color first, aura color second.

  • Steeltriton

    How to obtain cyan and purple once 2.0 comes, does anyone have a definite answer.

  • Padawon291

    This is still a really helpful guide, even to this day!

  • Niles

    Figured I’d actually ask this are we gong to be able to continue getting these crystals or are we screwed yet again like when 1.2 came out and they removed so many crystals before. I just notice the PVP vendors no longer sell the black-Color crystals anymore like they use to. So any info on this would be nice.

    • Lander

      Black-core sabers look bad. I don’t know why anyone would want them. Energy creates light, and a saber is focused plasma/energy, right? Black doesn’t make any sense…

  • Qui-gwon

    Where can i get Cyan light-blue color crystal in the 2.0 update since colummi has been remove!?

  • Konoha the Wiper

    how do we get any war hero crystals now in 2.0 they arent sold at the pvp vendor anymore, are they now craftable? I want alternative ways other than GTN

  • Berkilak

    Can we expect to see an update to this, now that things have been shaken up with the expansion?

    • Updated for patch 2.0.1 🙂

      • LO_TS

        except… The Cyan Blue’s are also craft-able, with lvl 50 versions as well.

        • I mentioned that it was craftable.. did you not see it?

          “Drops from operations but can be RE’ed to learn their schematics. If you buy one from GTN, put it in your weapon and then rip it out again to make the schematic learnable.”

          • LO_TS

            Ha! The browser must have errored and skipped that part, it loaded in correctly when I refreshed. Weird.

          • Astyra

            Are you talking about the Cyan-Blue or just Cyan? I thought it was only from the Cartel Market….

  • Cherry

    Dulfy, you kept this updated! Omg thank you! 🙂

  • Guest

    Are you sure those crystal schematics can drop from the grade 6 crafting pvp box? I opened exactly 61 of them and got no schematic of any kind. Every time I open a box I put a tally mark on a piece of paper. That’s how I know that number is accurate. So basicly I was wondering if those schematics were removed from the game? Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  • Mitchell

    Are you sure those crystal schematics can drop from the grade 6 crafting pvp box? I have opened exactly 68 boxes and got no schematic of any kind. Everytime I purchase a box I put a tally mark on a piece of paper, so I am not over exaggerating. I’ve been checking the gtn since january and I haven’t seen the schematic for blue war hero, purple war hero, or cyan war hero. Is there another way i can get them?These expertise crystals can not be learned by reverse engineering. I heard rumors that these war hero crystal schematic were removed from the game. Dulfy, would you happen to know if these rumors are true or if people are making this up to prevent other people from getting them?Please repond as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  • Mitchell

    why isn’t anyone answering my question. As of today I have opened 70 grade 6 pvp crafting boxes. I never got a war hero’s crystal schematic. Please respond because this issue is driving me crazy. Can the war hero crystals schematics still drop? I heard rumors they got removed.

    • PVW

      I can only confirm that I haven’t seen any schematics either and I’ve opened around a dozen of the boxes – I came here wondering if I was wasting my time.

    • Joseph F

      They’re in there. I got the Yellow War Hero. It’s just random. It took me about 30 to get it.

  • Name

    Please tell me black-white or black will be released at some point, all the crystals are too common now!

    • Sithoid

      A black-white crystal (black core, white halo) actually does exist, one of my guildmates has bought it on Progenitor.
      Unfortunately, no one knows its origins – I’ve heard rumors of it being
      a part of the beta testing, but back then exotic colors were really

      • YYorle

        Ah, perhaps we saw the same person. Too bad this person bought it of the GTN and doesn’t know where it originally came from? 🙁

    • YYorle

      Earlier this afternoon I saw someone walk around with a black/white saber. I thought my game was glitching and took a look at the person’s equipment to actually find a “Black – White crystal” in her saber. I immediatly previewed it and just half a sec before I pressed prt scr the person walked out of reach. T^T

      That entire afternoon I’ve been whispering every guardian starting with an A in the name (that was all I remembered) on The Progenitor (EU) server, if they were that person and asking where the heck they might have gotten it. Allas, none of them said they were her and they didn’t know where to get it either, saying “probably some cartel pack”, to which I constantly had to explain it was black/white I meant, not white/black. xD

      Anyway, here’s that screenie of the preview. Hope we can solve the mystery sometime soon. 🙂

      • It is given by a CSR apparently. Some people had white crystals and accidently sold it to a merchant, the CSR sometimes gave them black/white crystals back.

        • YYorle

          I see, thanks for clearing that up. Some people were already starting to call me crazy saying there was no such thing as a black/white crystal. It’s nice to know they’re in the gamecode though, raises some hope.

        • Puresaine

          What is CSR?

      • The Firefly

        Looks like the Darksaber from the Clone Wars.

  • Plushka

    Anyone got a video with a white-black crystal in a lightsaber swinging? I would really appreciate it.

  • Simbr

    Is this still true:
    Drops from operations but can be RE’ed to learn their schematics. If you buy one from GTN, put it in your weapon and then rip it out again to make the schematic learnable.
    I just bought an Advanced Black-Red Indestructible Crystal from GTN, put it in my weapon, took it out and didn’t learn anything.

    Anyone knows something I don’t?

    • Are you artifice 450?

      • Simbr

        Yes I am

        • Zar

          I am in the same boat as you, the only thing that has worked for me is buying the direct schematics. I have pulled a lot of crystals out from weapons, they let you RE them but you can’t unlock the schematic. I did get a black-orange crystal from Explosive Conflict story mode and it let me RE it with the 20% chance to learn the schematic

          • Malice

            RE is still only a 20% chance I normally buy 5 at a time which gives a good chance to gain the schematic, I have done this for most colours now and it does work.

            • Aelful

              It took me 17 attempts to get a black purple schematic at 450 artifice, I almost cried.

  • Nicholas Ong

    The put the crystal in and take it out to learn the schematic does work but it is still 20% chance to learn so it may take more than one crystal

  • Sarigar

    Great compilation, this is a resource I know a lot of people will appreciate!

  • dodgerfn

    Thanks for keeping this updated! Awesome job Dulfy.

  • BobbyOrr

    As far as legacy transferring crystals goes, you can also use those inheritance weapons that you may have got along the way. The stats are set but there is still a slot for crystal. Figure this might be worth mentioning for anyone that didn’t get a legacy weapon through the Gree events and such.

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  • Vuun

    It’s 600 CC for the Orange-Yellow crystals, not 900. 😉

    • K

      It has changed over time, in fact it’s 400 now 😉

  • Pingback: New items/quests/PvP stuff and etc with 1.3 - Dulfy()

  • bringer of darkness

    all the black core ones look better with bloom off I think.

  • J Vomkrieg

    So… it turns out my bloom settings aren’t on. I was wondering why some of the colour crystals (yellow-blue in particular) looked absoultely awful.

  • Guest

    Does the trick with ripping these out of weapons even work any longer? Picked up a couple of the black-red ones, but so far my Artificer (450) hasn’t learned any schematics after spending close to 200k pulling them back out of the saber I put them in.

    • Liam

      Yes it does, equip. Then pull out, then RE to learn the schematic. Remember there is a 20% chance of it working. I have done it for my cyan and purple. Took 3-4 goes on purple, and a few more for cyan. Cost me alot though 🙁

  • ShadzMGamez

    This is now outdated! Please update this and put a link here!

    • Pretty sure this is not outdated

      • Turden

        I believe he is referring to the yellow core color crystal from the Club Vertica Nightlife pack.

    • Vodorlo

      What’s missing, then?

  • George Blair

    Ok, do I need glasses, or do some crystals look better without the “bloom” ?

    • Greenman

      Some most definitely look better w/o bloom imo, especially the Core and Outline crystals.

  • Dannielle Sommers

    Just letting you know that the REing on the advanced blue outline war heros crystal may have been fixed cause i just tried to do it

  • Michael Kamada

    you don’t have the aqua one on there from Manaan

  • NottyWizard

    Is there any place where I can see how these look in a trooper’s assault cannon? Especially the Hawkeye ones 🙂

  • swtor420

    missing the new CM green core xD

  • Meelis S

    Dulfy i got question regarding hilt used for most of color crystal showcase especially blue core version. It barely has core blue visible and looks like fully bloom version. But most lightsabers i have tried dont have that effect, they clearly show lightsaber core color differently even with graphics bloom enabled.

  • Zeverion

    Which crystal’s do you think is getting closest to Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force from Kotor 1

    • Sarigar

      Blood Red for the first, Cyan (not Cyan-Blue) for the second.

  • hoheha

    missing purple outline and some newer ones 😮

  • Screwed by Dulfy’s advice

    I used a black-red indestructible crystal from the GTN in my main hand sabre, then removed it for the ~7k fee, and I did not learn the recipe as an artificer in spite of what this guide says. Players beware.

    • same guy

      RE’ing has a 20% chance to learn, so buyer beware if you plan on RE’ing GTN crystals to learn.

    • Secundum Ave

      You need to remove it, THEN RE it, and even then you only have a 20% chance to learn the schematic. Players have no need to beware.

      • Carger

        Just a few hours ago I bought a purple outline crystal, added it to my lightsaber, then paid 7k to remove it. It wasn’t reverse-engineerable. It wasn’t just “no chance to learn a new schematic,” it just straight up couldn’t be reverse engineered.

        • Secundum

          Cartel stuff can’t be REd.

    • Anthony Chambers

      it took me 1 try for red black and 2 tries for the blue black. but it does work

  • burrito

    could you update to 3.0.2 pls ?)

  • Sarigar

    Successfully RE’d Purple Hawkeye crystal on the first try. The Force is with me!

  • RatchetFreaker

    The items are linked with askmrrobot, but askmrrobot no longer exists

  • Wymack

    Does anybody know of a list that explains which type of crystal goes best with each class, i.e. DPS Scoundrel vs Healing Scoundrel, etc.

    • Netris

      Power, for everybody except tank.

  • Netris

    Is the trick of ripping of crystal from dread guard/campaign still working ? When I do it it said “no reasearch avalaible.

  • Ben

    I don’t think Orange War Hero Crystals are in game anymore and Yellow war hero is only available via craft I think

  • Stefan Hurst

    So I see that there are two types of colors for each one (with bloom and w/o bloom) how do you determine which one you use?

    • Bloom is a graphical option you can turn on/off under graphics

      • Stefan Hurst

        Thank you

  • Vylen Kenree

    is the blue war hero crystal still available from the pvp vendor? I’ve been trying to get that schematic for weeks, but still nothing =/

  • Cross Ikon

    What lightsaber is that with the black/blue striated in it?

  • Lasse Veum

    Does the Primal Destroyer still drop Magenta +33 crystal schematics? The ones where you need to go to tatooine -> Hoth -> Ilum to spawn a boss to get the crystal?

  • Vendrine

    Unless i missed it after reading through this twice, this guide is missing the red yellow (fire) crystals from season 3 ranked.

  • disqus_rD4SOrOOZF

    So in essence the cyan is like an aqua color. If it is not then which one looks more like an aqua color and were can you get it in the game

  • Lyc

    Hey Dulfy just an FYI I don’t think Advanced Orange War Hero Crystal is ingame anymore with the removal of crystals from weapons and offhands xD

  • Shawn Hopscotch

    Wasn’t there once an all black and an all white crystal that could be crafted?

    I ask this because I remember seeing both in the beta.

  • Brandagen

    My friend looted black purple crystal from Terror from beyond 8men story mode operation. So, it drops not only in hard mode as stated in the article.

  • The basics colors (+41 expertise) are in game already? or not ?

  • SavingPrincess

    So are the Black-Silver ones completely unavailable now?

    • Lamayas

      No, they’re a permanent ranked reward you can buy.

  • jojo

    So if i buy a red and black crystal, equip it to my saber, then unequip it ill learn how to make them?

    • Lati

      Yes. I just did it now, I confirm it. But the plain red ones you can’t learn 🙁

  • Valkhar

    I can’t find those PvP crafting boxes. Neither of the two pvp vendours has them in their store. Have they been removed from the game?

    • EVM

      Yes, they are gone from game currently (version 4.0.3)

      • Valkhar

        Okay, thanks for your quick answer!

  • Techne

    Is this information current at all as of 4.0?

  • Ben Johnson

    Anyone know why the Advanced Purple Evicerating Crystal I picked up on the GTN says “No Research Available” when I hover over it in RE mode? I dropped it into a lightsaber, equipped it, unequipped it, ripped the crystal out….
    Likewise, a Black-Purple says the same thing. :

    • Yarazin

      Having same issue. Bought a Purple Hawkeye on the GTN, was unable to learn it once I ripped it from hilt. Wasted credits…

    • Shazer

      Same thing just happened to me with a black-red eviscerating crystal. Could it be an issue along with the countless other crafting issues that sprung up with 4.1 patch?

    • Cameron McEvoy

      ones crafted by someone else cannot give you the scematic

  • Valethar

    Is RE’ing still borked for these? I’d light to learn the schematic for the black/blue one, but won’t waste the creds if they haven’t fixed it yet.

    • Dmitry Cherviakov

      Want to know that too.

    • Thordros

      Still borked as of June 26, 2016. Dumping Armorings, Hilts, Barrels, Mods, and Enhancements into gear and removing them will let you Reverse Engineer the schematic for the appropriate crew skill, but Colour Crystals still don’t work for Artifice.

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  • Spc

    Yea, nothing in the patch notes, i can’t reverse engineer Black-anything crystals anymore.
    I hope they fix this problem really fast, maybe someone of you can start a forum bug thread so we can reverse engineer those black-anything crystals again 🙁

  • Dr_Nex

    RE for Black-Red crystals not working, possibly for others.

    • Mark Sanders

      RE is not guarenteed

  • Jed Korino

    Does the cyan (light blue) crystal can still be learned ? Just bought one on the GTN, but schematic cannot be learned after reversing 🙁

    • Jed Korino

      same question about the +41 Magenta crystal !

    • Élisson Fëaring de Oliveira

      you got to use it in your weapon first, then take it out and then you can try to learn

  • Vigilanis

    Are we going to see any updates to this fantastic guide to include the newer crystal any time? I am sure you are busy Dulfy but just wondered…thanks for all you do!

  • Sam Sarvour

    So according to Secundum > Screwed by Dulfy’s advice • 2 years ago
    “You need to remove it, THEN RE it, and even then you only have a 20% chance to learn the schematic. Players have no need to beware.”
    And, additionally, RE does not work for either Crafted Crystals or CM Crystals, but ONLY the ones that DROPPED AS LOOT from Operations? Is that correct?
    Also, which Ops are most likely to drop the Cyan or the Black-Blue, if any?

    • Stupid BioWare has made it impossible to reverse-engineer these crystals now. All you get are the schematics given from the crafting trainers, that’s it. The magenta ones drop from some world bosses, but no more black-x crystals or cyan/purple. You can only buy those or get as drops if you’re lucky.

      • Sam Sarvour

        Typical. Is there ANY chance some players Might have Schematics they can trade/sell?

        • Just bought a crafted Advanced Purple Indestructible Crystal from the GTN, put it in my weapon and pulled it out again – no research available. So these crystal schematics are quickly getting very hard to get.

          The schematics that drop in raids will be bound to the person that wins it and can only be traded to others that were in that ops group for a few hours. So they can’t be sold on the GTN. Hopes that answers your question, Sam.

  • Robbie Wells

    Just to restate what SirPuffington stated, looks like yes, you cannot use that old reverse engineering trick to get schematics (such as the Black-Red/Blue/Orange/Purple crystals). Since I have yet to ever see them drop from an operation, I can’t say it still is a thing, but who knows.

  • Attis Rebirth

    Is there a red saber with a blue core? i would kill for one of those x.x

  • Kele Dumara

    Please update the page, it has a lot of errors, beginning with the “Advanced Purple Crystal” which is not in the game anymore at all. Thanks Dulfy 🙂

    • WD

      four month old comment but they ARE still in the game, I just bought two Advanced Purple Eviscerating off the GTN (280k each) for my Sentinel

      • Kele Dumara

        Bought them not made them.by yourself. Prior to some old updates, people who still had old schematics, they kept the production, hence you bought tjem. I was commenting on the Dulfy obsolete and old Crystal guide. Lot of these crystals aren’t available anymore! And it’s not possible to create them or RE them which was possible at some brief moment. You can also get them participating in Arena.

        • WD

          Oh yeah that’s a yikes. I only just got back in to the game after a more than one year long hiatus, so I didn’t realise haha

  • MT1924

    This page needs to be updated.. You can no longer obtain the schematic for a crystal by reverse engineering it (the ones that drops from OPs) Tried it, didn’t work.

    • Bill Deez

      Owner no longer is doing anything, site is dead so nothing will get updated

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