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A look at the Group Finder and associated daily rewards

There is now the Group Finder Tool you can now access on your minimap. Most of it its fairly self-explanatory but those who havn’t seen how it works this should hopefully clarify it for you.

Some Key points

  • No Gear checks – you can queue naked
  • You can queue for PvP at the same time via the PvP queue thingie
  • You can queue with a pre-made group- group leader does the queue
  • Daily rewards for each category only given if you don’t cherry pick – gotta be random.
  • Daily rewards given at end of flashpoint/operation – i.e. gotta complete it.


Once you open it up, you see a bunch of options to queue for.


Note the daily rewards – these are only rewarded for each category (except for HM FP tier 1 and 2, which share the rewards – i.e. doing one will lock it out for the other) if you don’t cherry pick (i.e. if you queue for all of the storymode operations rather than say pick Eternity Vault). 

Category Daily Reward
Story Mode Operations (excluding Denova) 5 Black Hole Comms
Hardmode Flashpoints (tier 2) 5 Black Hole Comms (shared with tier 1)
Hardmode Flashpoints (tier 1) 5 Black Hole Comms (shared with tier 2)
Normal Flashpoints 5 Daily Commendations for level 50s. level appropriate planet commendations for those not 50 (i.e. Voss commendation for my alt at level 45)

If you like to select specific flashpoints/operations/planetary destinations to queue for, you can do so. Just click the little box thingie on each category and a new window will pop up to allow you to select  things. Note that you can only pick things that are within your level. Only level 50 characters are able to queue for Operations and Hardmode Flashpoints.


Here is the list of normal flashpoints available to a level 50


When you queue for flashpoints/operations, the group finder will teleport you to the inside of that specific flashpoint/operation.


There is a lockout if you abandon a group after it is formed (no lockout if you just leave the queue).

At the end of your flashpoint/operation, you will get  reward window for your daily rewards.


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25 replies on “A look at the Group Finder and associated daily rewards”

Any idea if on queuing as a group ( of 2, 3 or 4 ) works with the group finder? Would you get the rewards if you queued as a full group? 

So the groupleader could queue a 4-man group for a random HM flashpoint tier 1 & tier 2 LI and get 10 BH comms a day that way? 

yes, although atm it is a bit buggy atm in that some people reported that if you do a tier 1 HM FP, it locks you out from the daily reward for tier 2 HM FP as well. 

 Seems like it will be really easy to farm BH commendations post 1.3. Quite demoralizing for those who already farm it the long way.

10-15, currently doing a tier 1 FP will lock out the reward for tier 2 FP. Not sure if this is intentional but if it is, you will be getting max 10 a day. 

Group Finder is still pretty flaky. I tried to do FP’s twice with my lvl 18 PT, and first time the group folded because when 1 member left it wouldn’t let us requeue for a rep (said group config was invalid), then second time I eventually realised the lvl 15 Operative healer basically had level 10 gear and didn’t have the health or the cunning to be able to heal effectively. (Also kept running up to do DPS with Shiv, so I suspect wasn’t even Heal spec’d).

Can you provide any clarification on what has happened to operations lockouts now that a daily reward can be obtained? Are there no lockouts for doing operations via group finder? I still see lockouts listed in-game but have not successfully queued for ops yet.

Lockouts still exist, the group finder just made it easier to find people to run the storymode ops. The daily rewards are a bit misleading as you might think you can run the same ops daily but the same lockout rules still apply. Since storymode Denova is no longer part of the group finder, you can get a max of 10 Black Hole comms from the operation category per week due to the lockouts.

Added to the server transfer which I LOVE btw maybe I can finally do some end game content !! thankyou Bioware FINALLY !! As for PUGs… beats hanging out on a ghost town server… Did FE with a PUG at 6.30am the other day and died 3 times in total (once when the End Boss Enraged… ) imo I can live with that…

I like the group finder except you won’t know who you are going to team with. I have teamed with some excellent people before and also some inconsiderate people. I am a healer and the tank was just running around, aggro so many mobs that I have to chase him to heal him. The DPS just shot randomly nearest enemies. Tank refused to listen to me and kicked me out of the team. Sigh….

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