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To keep things organized so that you have one page for reference instead of hunting down the individual posts, here is a consolidated list of all the patch 1.3 info on


Preparing for 1.3 – some tips and pointers (NEW)


Legacy Perks

Augment Slots/kits/system




  • Krabkin

    Can you share what the group finder rewards are on the PTS?

  • Dralanna

    Did I read somewhere that loot from the level 50 FPs was going to be increased?  And if I did read that, any word on what we can expect?

    • dulfy

      Havn’t tried any normal mode L50 FPs yet but for hardmodes – minibosses that used to drop just tionese crystals now drop 1x Daily comms and the loot seems to be overall better – all tionese and stuff now with set bonus. 

  • Blasphemous

    Are premades in the unranked bracket still allowed? 

    • dulfy


  • Net

    hijacking this for bw infos: they are working out a f2p model.
    article was deleted, use gcache etc to still gather is.

    additionally, the german lead designer once posted(trans from” you can be 100% sure that swtor will NEVER be f2p.” he was quotes several times, and now edited his original message(not the quotes lol) to(trans): you can be 100% sure that swtor wont be f2p in the near future.

    while you will surely write about f2p topic, i’d love if you include the german quotes. the german support is quite inconsistent and could take 1-2shitstorms. i think you site is aggregated enough to start one ;D

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