Free Recruit PvP gear in 1.3

In patch 1.3, you will given a free set of Recruit PvP Gear. Yes that is right, an entire set, for free! (restricted to level 50 characters)

When you log onto our characters the first time, go to the PvP Mission box and pick up this quest (New Technology)


Turn it in at the terminal next to it and get these rewards (pick one)


Rewards are advanced class specific of course – here are the sorcerer ones. You can get also free credits if you don’t need the recruit set (320k credits )


When you open one of those boxes up – an entire set – for free!


  • Slugfest

    Hrumph, guess I have no excuses NOT to pvp anymore.  😛

    • Ancaglon

       Actually, it’s a decent starter set for PVE at 50 too — it’s at least good enough for story-mode Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace, and of course all the normal level 50 flashpoints. It gives a very solid basis for gearing for hard modes, especially with the normal mode bosses dropping tionese gear and daily commendations as well.

  • Curious

    Do you think that it is just for the ptr- to get people to test the ranked warzones?

    • dulfy

      I am guessing no because it was officially mentioned in the patch notes:
      New introductory level 50 PvP missions that reward a choice of lockboxes that contain Recruit PvP gear have been added to the game. Players who already have Recruit gear can elect to receive a Recruit Credit Redemption Token, which can be sold for the purchase price of a set of Recruit gear.

      • Curious

        Ahh thanks, you are more skilled at reading than I am! 🙂

  • Forge51

    Do you have to be level 50 before the patch? Or just when you hit level 50. I am racing to get level 50 but am afraid I will not get there before the patch comes out 🙁

    • dulfy

      No rush, it is not a one time quest, it will be there whenever you get to 50 🙂

  • Buergerstimme

    Screw PVP… the real question is, take the free credits or better to RE it all down?

  • Krudd

    I’m pretty sure the best option is always take the money and run.

    If you pvp you should save 3500 rated commendations and 2000 warzone commendations as you hit 50. Even if you don’t pvp much 2000 warzone commendations is easy and enough to buy a weapon or a couple of pieces of BM armour.

    So take the credits, use those to buy the missing recruit gear. And if they reduce the money by a lot that’s no bad thing in my opinion.

  • Ekimmak

    So… people who have already started putting their recruit gear together are in trouble, as they either get the credits and miss out on some gear pieces, or they get more of certain pieces that they really didn’t need?

    • dulfy

      Just take the credits and buy the pieces they need 🙂

      • Ekimmak

        Ah, so the credits are EXACTLY the same price as the armour would be? That’s a lot nicer, wonder why I didn’t come to that conclusion first…

        • dulfy

          Yes, the token sells for 320k at the vendor, I bet for those dual wielding classes it sell for slightly more 😉

          • Ekimmak

            Dual wielding classes you say?
            (Highest imperial is mercenary, highest republic is sentinel)

            That sounds good to me

  • Jeddahwe

    Could you link your BiS PvP with Mr. Bot, curious to see how you chose to optimize!

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  • SnowMeow

    Unfortunately, free-to-play and preferred status players are locked out of getting either the gear or the credits for this mission, though they can still obtain and complete the mission for the free (Legacy) experience.

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