Patch 1.3 SWTOR

New items/quests/PvP stuff and etc with 1.3

This post is for all the little stuff that they are adding with 1.3 they are too small to have their own posts 🙂

  • New Mount – Kurtob AllianceNEW High res screenshots!
  • Better target indicator
  • Better AoE indicator
  • Adaptive Armor
  • Nerf of on-use relic burst
  • New PvP pets (with pictures)!
  • New Warzone Adrenal
  • New weekly to kill world bosses
  • New green crystal schematics from daily comm vendors


New Mount – Kurtob Alliance

  • Only available on the PTS atm, players have reported that they got it by referring a friend and have them sub for a month (confirmed)
  • Image courtesy of AgentBsod on the PTS server 😉
  • The mount is a Rank I speeder with 110% speed – YES level 10 characters can have access to this 110% speed mount if they purchase the legacy perk.
  • All characters on your account receive it





Better target indicator

  • Previously to know who you targeted, you get a tiny arrow at the top that was hard to see. Now you have a bigger arrow that is colored differently based on if you target a foe or friend.


Better AoE indicator

  • All friendly AoEs reticles are colored green and all harmful AoEs (from mobs/enemies) are now colored red. In the heat of battle, when multiple people are dropping AoEs, it was hard to distinguish mob’s AoE from your party members. This should no longer be an issue.


Adaptive Armor

  • All social gear have the label Adaptive Armor on it – it will essentially match your armor type (i.e. heavy/medium/light)
  • No male slave outfits (sorry guys)


On-use relics “burst” nerfed but duration increased

  • All the on-use relics had their effects nerfed by around 33-35% but duration extended from 20s to 30s.



  • Relics with proc effects and Rakata adrenals were not affected


New Pets on the PvP Vendor



  • Lawgriffarl and Lobelisk – selling for 1000 Ranked and 2000 Unranked Warzone Commendations each! Both requires valor rank 70.
  • Purchased from the PvP items vendor (i.e. the guy next to the PvP dailies/weeklies terminal)
  • Here is a picture of Lobelisk (tiny!)


New Biochem schematic to craft Warzone Adrenal (note that Warzone Expertise adrenal can no longer be purchased, the Warzone Medpac still exists)

  • The new schematic can be obtained from the PvP item (vendor), the same one you buy it the PvP pets from for 75 Warzone Commendations.


  • Please note that the other Biochem adrenals no longer work in Warzones as of patch 1.3.
  • It requires the following mats per adrenal



  • Dioxatrene-11 is a special mat obtained from Grade 6 PvP Crafting boxes, which cost 1000 Warzones to purchase and yield anywhere from 20-30 of these mats per box. Seems to be guaranteed drop every box but the amount varies.



  • Here is the issue though, right now each Warzone Adrenal only cost 10 Warzone Commendation to purchase and you can get 100 Warzone Adrenals with 1000 Warzone Commendations rather than 20-30 if you have a biochem craft it for you…


  • For those asking, the crafted Warzone Adrenal is identical to the one you buy for 10 comms (even stacks with it) and cannot be RE’ed to get a schematic.



New Weekly to kill world bosses


  • Priority Targets IV – Kill Primal Destroyer on Belsavis, Gargath on Hoth and Nightmare Pilgrim on Voss once (level 50s)
  • Priority Targets III – Kill Cartel warbot on Quesh and Snowblind on Hoth (obtained as a level 45)
  • Priority Targets I – Kill SD-0 on Coruscant and Subject Alpha on Taris (Republic). (Can be picked up by level 16 and 23 characters)
  • Rewards: Not known at this point, probably Black Hole Commendations for priority targets IV.
  • Pick up from the same terminal on the Supplies section of the fleet where you pick up other weeklies/dailies for PvE.

New Green crystal schematics at the Daily Commendation vendors


  •  If you had read my endgame color crystals guide from a while back, you might have disappointed to know that there wasn’t any PvE green crystal schematics available.
  • Luckily, with 1.3, they added 3 new PvE schematics to the daily commendation vendor, all for 20 daily comms each!

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

41 replies on “New items/quests/PvP stuff and etc with 1.3”

Confused on the relic “on use” buffs – I see you post pictures of them being nerfed but this note from the patch notes says the following: ”
The “on use” abilities on relics can no longer be used inside Warzones. PvP relics (such as the Recruit, Battlemaster, and War hero relics) now have passive boosts to the same stats that the “on use” ability affected.”

The passive buffs have likely not being added yet, I know the matrix cube was not updated in its passive stats even though it was specifically mentioned on the pts notes: 

The passive stats on all top-level Matrix Cubes have been increased. 

Dulfy, you said you could no longer buy the Expertise adrenal from the PvP vendor on the PTS server. This leads me to the following questions:

1. Do you know if they will remove the (War Zone) Expertise Adrenal from the PvP vendor, so that it can only be crafted by biochem in the future?
2. Do the (War Zone) Expertise adrenals you have in your inventory still work? If yes, see 3.
3. Should we stack up on Expertise Adrenals?

Mad props on the info again!

All the Warzone Expertise adrenals I had on me got automatically converted to the Warzone Adrenals so there is no way around it heh.  

So does that mean we should stack up on Warzone Expertise Adrenals now, before 1.3, because they’re essentially cheaper now?

It is the same price on PTS and live, 10 warzone comms for warzone adrenal and warzone expertise adrenal respectively. No need to stock up 🙂

I tried, and the answer is no.  I crafted one and it does not list the 20% chance to learn on the tooltip.

they announced a couple months ago that pre 1.2 would be the last time there’d be any reusable biochem stuff.

 That is true and I remember, but since Dulfy noted this line I was wondering what’ the point of Biochem crafted adrenals is when you can buy them much, much cheaper:

“Here is the issue though, right now each Warzone Adrenal only cost 10
Warzone Commendation to purchase and you can get 100 Warzone Adrenals
with 1000 Warzone Commendations rather than 20-30 if you have a biochem
craft it for you… ”

They keep taking, but not giving for Biochem. At least that is how I feel. Cheaper medpacks and Adrenals for raid is at least something..

 Sorry, I didn’t want to waste 1k warzone commendations (after having spent 75 to get the schematic) just to see if it can be RE’d. I doubt it, though.

I wasn’t about to grind 1k WZ commendations to try and test this 🙂 if anyone on PTS has some Dioxetrene-11 to spare, I’m willing to create one to see if it has any Research available.

 Any idea what changes were made to the materials for crafting Prototype Hyper-battle Stims?

Priority Targets I – Kill SD-0 on Coruscant and Subject Alpha on Taris (Republic Side)
My level 16 & 23 could pick this up

– Please note that the other Biochem adrenals no longer work in Warzones as of patch 1.3. –

This does worry me a bit, it means we can’t use the rakata surge, alacrty.. etc.. anymore….;O((
 great work Dulfy, your work is really usefull, thx a lot
 I hope, you stay at swtor, even GW2 is coming out

With all the PvP players constantly mocking PvE players that come into warzones without the “proper” gear, it’s justice that you can no longer use Rakata [PvE] stims!!! 

Presumably stims still work and adrenals do not.  Many people don’t use the adrenals in any event.

I hope we get to keep the new mount  its  really cool looking . i hope its not a  PTR thing only .

Definitely not a PTR thingie, that would be a waste. You will know more when 1.3 arrives on live server as I reckon they will do a big announcement. 

If I read you correctly, you say that you can no longer buy the WZ Expertise Adrenals and that they stack.  Can you pls confirm both of these things?  If so, you should buy the Expertise adrenals now for 10 per rather than go the slower crafting route post 1.3…

You current warzone expertise adrenals will get converted to warzone adrenals in 1.3. The same PvP vendor still sell warzone adrenal for 10 wz comms, or you can craft it. 

Dulfy, just wondering the new warzone adrenals made from the schematic (75 wz comms) oonly offers you 15% dmg reduction in PvP area?, the current wz adrenals offers 15% of dmg boost, reduction and healing done? can you please confirm this?

yup, I checked it before. That is correct. The change to adrenal is to limit damage burst in PvP I think. 

Anyone know if you get the mount  for Refer a Friend  sense the patch went  live ? i didn’t get in the mail or is it coming ? .I did get it  on the test server .

When you say the warzone adrenal bought from the vendor and the one biochems make “stack with eachother”, are you saying that the items can be merged into eachother into the same “stack” of items, or do the effects both work independently so that you could have both active at the same time? I got excited for a minute thinking the latter might be possible and you could get a 30% increase to damage reduction by using both at the same time lol.

It seems like the timer for The Unusual Egg has been changed since 1.3 went live. I’ve had two instances where I arrived at the Republic location on Alderaan and waited in line behind one other person. Watched them take their egg, and then waited 4.5 – 5 hours for my turn, only to not have it re-spawn. I haven’t seen anything about this in the patch notes… or anything. Any ideas?

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