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Hardmode Flashpoint Loot List–1.3

SWTOR Hardmode Flashpoint loot list. Updated for patch 1.6. Starting with patch 1.3, hardmode flashpoint loot has being randomized a bit. The Columi token that the last boss of each FP drops is still the same but the bosses prior to the last boss all drops from a a table of possible loots. Additionally, mini bosses that used to drop only Tionese crystals now drop 1x Daily Commendation as well and some prototype stuff. Lastly, bonus bosses now seem to have a high chance (I would say 100%) to drop Biometric Crystal Alloys.


  • First boss usually drops Tionese stuff,
  • Second boss usually drops Columi stuff
  • Bonus boss usually drops Tionese stuff + Biometric Crystal Alloy (100% chance)
  • Last boss drops Columi tokens they used to drop pre 1.3 and Biometric Crystal Alloy.

Endboss Loot List

  • BT/Esseles: Columi Bracers
  • Boarding Party/Taral V: Columi Gloves
  • Foundry/Maelstrom Prison: Columi Boots
  • False Emperor: Columi Chest
  • Battle of Ilum: Columi Offhand
  • Directive 7: Columi Legs
  • Kaon Under Siege: Columi Helmet
  • Lost Island: Rakata Chest + Columi Mainhand

Full Loot List

Black Talon | Esseles

Boss Possible Loots
Boran/GXR-5 Droid | Ironfist Tionese Ear
  Tionese belt
  Tionese Chest
Commander Ghulil | ISS-7 Exotech Helmet
  Columi Implant
  Columi Ear
  Exotech Gloves
  Exotech Boots
GXR-7 |ISS-944 (Bonus) Tionese Boots
  Tionese Ear
  Tionese Legs
Yadira | Vokk Columi Bracers (token)

Boarding Party | Taral V

Boss Possible Loots
HXI-54 | Captain Shivanek Tionese belt
  Tionese Offhand
Sakan Do’Nair | PD-44 Exotech Helmet
  Exotech Chest
  Columi Implant
Engineer Kels | Lord Hasper (Bonus) Tionese Ear
Jorland | Edikar Columi Gloves (token)

The Foundry | Maelstrom Prison

Boss Possible Loots
Foundry Guardian | X-37 Tionese Mainhand
  Tionese Implant
  Tionese Mainhand
  Tionese Legs
  Tionese Chest
HK-47| Colonel Daksh Columi belt
  Columi Implant
  Columi Bracers
  Exotech Legs
  Exotech Helmet
Ancient Maelstrom Flayer | Burrower Matriarch (Bonus) Tionese Helmet
Revan | Kilran Columi Boots (token)

False Emperor

Boss Possible Loots
Jindo Krey Tionese belt
  Tionese Implant
  Tionese gloves
HK-47 Columi Implant
  Exotech Legs
  Exotech Helmet
Sith Entity (Bonus) Tionese Boots
Malgus Columi Chest (token)

Battle of Ilum

Boss Possible Loots
Velasu & Drinda Tionese Helmet
  Tionese Mainhand
Krel Thak Exotech Gloves
  Columi Implant
Guid Patriach (Bonus) Tionese Helmet
Darth Serevin Columi Offhand (token)

Directive 7

Boss Possible Loots
Interrogator Proc Relic
Bulwark Columi Implant
Replicator (Bonus) Tionese gloves
Mentor Columi Pants

Kaon Under Siege

Boss Possible Loots
Defend vs zombies Columi Ear
  Exotech Legs
Rakghoul Behemoth Exotech Gloves
  Exotech Legs
  Columi Bracers
  Columi Implant
KR-82 Expulser (Bonus)  
Commander LK’Graagth Columi Helmet (token)

Lost Island

Boss Possible Loots
LR-5 Sentinel Droid  
Project Sav-Rak  
Transgenic Sample Eleven (Bonus) Exotech helmet
Doctor Lorrick Rakata chest & Columi mainhand (token)

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58 replies on “Hardmode Flashpoint Loot List–1.3”

LI HM drops Rakata chest and it also dropped another Rakata item (can’t remember which!). Even mini bosses drop daily commendations.

Maelstrom Prison dropped a Columi Belt last night. I was pretty excited, because I think those used to be only availabe in ops.

Oops, forgot to mention it was the midboss, the one with the chest. Forgot his name. But it was an actual belt, not a token.

Foundry Guardian dropped Tionese Main Hand (in my case, Qel-Droma Ancestral Blade, juggernaut saber)

HK-47 in foundry dropped Exotech Legs

We’ve just completed Commander Kels (Boarding Party bonus), and he dropped a Tionese earpiece.  (Not really worth doing I’d say, given the length of the fight.)

In Malestrom Prison HM, Jedi Battlelord’s Greaves dropped from Lord Kancras, and Jedi Battlelord’s Boots dropped from Malestrom Elite Guard. 

Did Esseles and Vokk dropped 1 Biometric Crystal, so they are still there.
Also ISS-7 dropped an purple 22 mod.  Can’t remember what it was cause it was Aim based. 

GXR-5 in BT just dropped Tionese Boots, and a team member told me he dropped Tionese Legs on a previous run.

oh and also Commander Ghulil in BT dropped Columi Ear, not token
Foundry Guardian dropped tionese offhand, not a token (Tionese stalker’s power generator)HK-47 in Foundry dropped Columi bracers, not a token (Columi Survivor’s bracers)

The bonus boss from HM LI Dropped an exotech headpiece. And last boss drops Rakata chest and Rakata MH

Foundry Guardian dropped Tionese Survivor’s Chest (the item, not a token), can’t remember what Jindo dropped (was just surprised at the chest piece!)

I’ve never seen it nor the Rakata chest, but I believe! Can’t get through this FP with a proper group from the Group Finder often enough.

He also drops Midnight Rakling and all of the bosses have a chance of dropping Mysterious Egg… just in case anyone’s looking for those =)

Any idea if the weapon drops from the pre1.3 rakghoul behemoth still exist? I have not been able to find them.

Does Lorrick actually drop Rakata MH, or just Columi? Only had Rakata chest and Columi mh drop myself…

I’m going regulary to LI HM and i’ve never seen a MH rakata drop. Lorrick always drops a rakata chest and columi MH. Also, he seems to drop Lhosan Thunderbolt mount a lot and sometimes a Midnight Rakling pet.

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