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TSW–Kingsmouth Quest walkthroughs (Spoilers)

Hey everyone, Kingsmouth is the first little place you will start questing in The Secret World. Unlike traditional MMOs you might be used to, some of the quests are not really straight forward and requires some “researching” or hints to move it along. Below are walkthroughs for some of the quests on Kingsmouth that I find a bit difficult. Figuring out the quest by yourself can be a lot of fun so I try not to give out the answer right away. However, if you are looking straight for the answer, they are wrapped around in spoiler tags.


A Sacred Place

Quest picked up from Henry Hawthorne inside the church.

You will be asked to study some Illuminati Wards. They are located right outside the church, on the walls. They can be a bit hard to see at night.

Here is the first one to the left of the door.


Going counterclockwise around the building, you will find the next ward.


and the last ward at the back.


The rest of the quest is fairly self-explanatory.

Captain’s Log

Quest picked up from a boat below the bridge at the north end of the map where the Orichi group are stationed.


Two clues are given


Time to do some googling!


Those are the coordinates

Spoiler Inside Show

Dead Air

Quest picked up from Ellis Hills at the Airport.

Tier 2 – Examine the serial number

Keep in mind that the quest marker is wrong, the serial number is actually located right on the radio antenna.


Tier 3 – Source the components to repair the mast

There are lots of components to pick up and the quest doesn’t really tell you which one you need. I grabbed all of them but I think you only need Ducttap, Wire Hanger, and Vacuum Tibe

Go back to the antenna once you have them and it should light up allowing you to repair.

Tier 4- Decipher the Transmission

This is the really fun part of the quest. You get to decipher some Morse Code!

If you have trouble listening to the clip, I suggest record it and then use a program like Audacity to slow it down. If you don’t want to do that, here is the Morse Code. Note | is used to separate the letters and not part of the code.


The best way to decipher it is going to a website like and follow the instructions.

The deciphered code is

Spoiler Inside: ”code” Show

I will let you figure out what the numbers references to.. if you can’t figure out, here is where you need to head to.

Spoiler Inside: ”map” Show

The rest of the quest is pretty much cake!

Dirty Laundry

Quest is picked up from a cleaner corpse at the corner of King’s Court and Angell Street.


You will be asked to examine the phone near by.


Doing so will bring up screen telling you to go to the church and look for a keypad.


The keypad is right outside the church, hidden under a rock nearby a tree. To open up the keypad, you will need the access code.


In Christian churches, the hymns song on Sunday is written down on a board located inside the church.

Spoiler Inside: "Access Show

Drowning of an Endless Night

Tier 4– Examine Dr.Bannerman’s files.

The answer is the composer of the famous Four Seasons –

Spoiler Inside: "answer" Show

Tier 7 Follow the trail left by Beaumont


Using this hint, head to the airport and then look for a shack with this exact poster on it.


Spoiler Inside: “map” Show

Horror Show

This quest is pretty easy until Tier 3. If you have trouble with getting the cameras off certain locations, remember that there is usually a ladder or something at the back of the building where you can climb up to retrieve the camera.

The first part of Tier 3 is pretty easy until you arrive at the hallway with horizontal lasers that prevent you from getting through. There is a room at the right where you can turn the bobbytrap off. The switch is at the left side of the room but you can’t reach it! You need to head to the ramp at the right side of the way and avoid the cameras. If the camera notices you, you have a tiny window to get out of the line of sight of the camera. Failure to do so will trigger a series of warning beeps followed by an explosion that will kill you if you don’t run out.

Once you get to the vertical lasers, there are gaps in the laser that will allow you to run through them.


The following video clip will show you how to bypass and disable the traps.


Hulk Smash

Quest picked up from Ann Radcliffe at the Orochi bridge at north corner of the town.

Tier 1: Locate the source of zombie mutations

What you are looking for are black things on the ground. There are 4 spots on the island.


Tier 3: Find the source of the rupture

Go to the north end of the island.


Men in Black Vans

Quest is picked up from Danny Dufresne in the north part of the island. Following the quest, you will be led into an area with black vans. There is a laptop on the van where you need to enter a password. The hint given is “My Wife”


Around the area are bodies of these men in black vans, clicking on one of the corpses give you a name card, one of them belonging to Kitsune Hayabusa.


Going to will give you the password to the laptop.


Spoiler Inside: "Password" Show

Accessing the laptop will give you a series of sequences, scroll down to the bottom to read the entire thing.


Pick up the tracker next to the laptop and click it in your inventory to activate it.

The tracker will beap louder and quicker as it homes in on its target.


Remember that sequence you read from the laptop? Following that sequence will deactivate the Occult Attractor

Hint:.. It starts with Manifest Agitator

Spoiler Inside Show

Runaway Lights

This quest isn’t particularly difficult to figure out, the hard part is getting to the objectives. For both tier 2 and tier 3, the wiring you need to check are located in areas where you need to cross electrified water or poisoned water. Getting into these water areas will slow you and kill you pretty quickly. If you are having trouble with it, just run straight for the objective and die. When you run back, you can stand next to objective and get rezzed.

Tier 5 Go to the Generator Room

The generator room can be seen on the runway fields but you can’t gain access to it from the runway.


Instead, you need to use one of the tunnels on the runway to get outside the fence and enter inside via a tunnel outside the fence.


Something Wicked

Tier 1: Find More information about the murders

So the hint said that the murders occurred on summer of 2002 and it is likely covered by the newspaper. Where is a place that stores old newspapers in a small town?

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2- Find Information about the murder case

The next hint from the newspaper clipping is pretty obvious.


Head to

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Examine the cell for more clues

Here is the issue, you can’t find a way to enter the jail..Lets take a look at the hint given again..


How does one talk to a ghost? What happens when you die..?

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 – Figure out what the cryptic message means.

Where can you find a white raven? Not inside of course.. lets go outside and took a look.

Spoiler Inside Show

Note that this part may be bugged for some reason (i.e. the raven not flying away when you get close to it). If that happens, asking in general chat for someone who has done it recently on their dimension to group up and switch to their dimension seems to work.

Keep following the ravens until you are lead to this place.


Now you will see 7 ravens, each say something when you approach it.

1. Sorrow

2. Joy

3. Girl

4. Boy

5. Silver

6. Gold

7 Secrets are never told.

Hint: Use the cryptic passage you received to click on the right ravens.

Spoiler Inside Show

Note that you must do it fast and if there are other players around to click the ravens as well, they will screw up your sequence and you will need to wait for the ravens to reset.

The Curious Case of Joe Slater

Quest obtained from an Incomplete Report near Doctor Bannerman inside the police station.

Page 2


Page 3


Page 6


Page 7


Page 13


They never stop coming

Quest picked up from Norma Creed at south end of the town.

Fast moving zombie: Returned townies will work

Slow and dry zombies: Dearly Departed zombies at back of church

Zombie cultists: The beach near Pyramid’s Point have zombie cultists.


The Kingsmouth Code

Very cool quest, requires a lot of detective work.

First, remember this picture and the words on it – Lux Omnia Vincit. Lux means Light, Omnia Vincit means conquers all.


Follow the direction these pothole covers are point – use the tip of the triangle to guide you.


It will take you to here.


Here is the hint given for next step.


Two things to note: Seat of Power and Frans Hals.

Where is the seat of power in a town?

Spoiler Inside: "Seat Show

Who is Frans Hals? Simple google search shows that he is a painter. What kind of stuff does he paint?


Go inside, find the painting that most likely corresponds to the painter’s style.

Spoiler Inside: "painting" Show

On the painting, you will find the following clue: Time is the province of Kings and Gods. The hands of time points to truths written by kings in the words of God. The path is open to the enlightened.

Where can you find the time?

Spoiler Inside: "Time" Show

Where can you find the words of God?

Spoiler Inside: "words Show

Lets see what it says.

Spoiler Inside: "Text" Show

Hmm there is a mention of a name in there. Why don’t we look the town’s website at

On the about section, you will find what this name references to..


Remember that house next to the church? What was it called?

The house is locked.. of course.. but what about at the back.


You need a code, think of all the text you read so far, what are some numbers that might have came up?

Spoiler Inside: "Code" Show

Once you are inside, remember what Light Conquers All translates to in latin..

The Raven

Quest picked up from Madame Roget

For this quest, the key is actually not look up in the sky but rather look down on the ground in the direction the raven flew to see more ravens.

Your first stop will be here


Second stop will be at the edge of the forest.


Third stop




Keep going


Finally you will arrive at this little water thingie. There is a note nearby with a hint.


Take note of the locations mentioned in the picture: N. E. NW. SW, S because the feather you place have a location marking associated with them. Place the features at the locations mentioned and you are done!


The Vision

You get this quest from Madame Roget after completing The Raven.

Tier 1 Hint: On the tip of the pyramid, your path will be revealed. Does the name Pyramid ring any bell on the map?

Head to

Spoiler Inside: "Location" Show
on the map.


Tier 2 Hint: Shadows, long shadows, from the old boughs of the fairy forest, the flickering lights of the foolish fire guiding your path.

There is a heavily forested area on the map, it is not called Fairy Forest but the name is close to it.

Head to

Spoiler Inside: "Location" Show
on the map.

Once you are there, head to the structure that casts long shadows!


Tier 3 Hint: There is there’s bees, the incessant buzzing of bees, and flowers – flowers blooming out of season – to mark the path ahead.

When you first enter Kingsmouth, what was the first sound you heard?  Head to this

Spoiler Inside: "location" Show

Tier 4 Hint: I see an angle, guarding hollowed grounds, sword in hand to ward off evil and guide the way.

This one is easy, where would you find hollowed grounds (graves)?

Spoiler Inside: "location" Show

Tier 5 hint: The cold, dead eyes of the innocent stare at you from the gallows, their blank gaze a mirror to the past… and the future.

I will drop this picture hint here, should be enough to orient you to the final location.


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Very Nice Dulfy Once again Nice guide’s. i wanna ask what server your playing?. and also add some info for you on the The Kingsmouth Code you probably know it but the Clock actually says 10 -8 -2 but the but 8+2 is 10 (duh) and is basically went it mention god of time but if you closet, you notice the big hand had a crown, and in the picture mention a King there only 1 king which make you look for specific word on the net, (King)(God)(10) went it did it i notice it that way. and was it the very early beta test. i came across this - – and of course is the book of king and you will select the ( 10:10 = chapter 10: line 10 ) and there says: 10: And she gave the king an hundred and twenty talents of gold, and of spices very great store, and precious stones: there came no more such abundance of spices as these which the queen of Sheba gave to king Solomon. , but that conclusion you Or at least on my experience is How i find that Clue xD instead of Google it for a solution. i just waned to share my experience whit that quest.

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