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TSW Dungeon Guide: Hell Raised

Hey everyone, Hell Raised (also called Into the Inferno) is the second dungeon you will encounter in The Secret World. This dungeon is located in Savage Coast and require a gear requirement of QL4-5 for the normal version. It is recommended that DPS have at least QL5 weapon green weapon or QL3 blue weapon from Polaris as there is are some fights in there with some strict DPS check.

The quest for the dungeon can be picked up from Overlook Motel in on the NE side Savage Coast by talking to the NPC there. You will be directed to room 13, the entrance for the dungeon.


Antimony Ministrix

This is the first boss of the dungeon. The basic gest of this fight is to move around in clockwise fashion when you see the pillars about to spew out AoE.

The boss itself is a pushover, she doesn’t do much damage and only has an ability called Macroshock that she sometimes cast. What will damage players however, is the pillars all around.


Those pillars are placed in a circle all around the room. Periodically throughout the fight, these pillars will activate and start to spew out AoE. You get plenty of warning in advance: you will see white circles start to form on the ground. When that happens, just stop what you are doing and start running clockwise. The pillars will activate in a clockwise fashion so if you keep running clockwise you will always be ahead of them.


Alternatively, you could take a step in counterclockwise when the white circles start to happen. If you move out of the initial white circle, you can stand there and fight a bit since the pillars activate in a clockwise fashion and won’t reach you until it almost complete the cycle.



Mechanics Strategy
Caustic Outpouring Stay immediately behind the boss to avoid damage
Fire Enrage mechanic – DPS check
Cleave Stay behind the boss at all times

At the start of the fight, the group should position themselves at the start of the pipeline (shown in the picture). Tank will go by alone by himself to pull the boss while the rest of the group wait at the indicated spot. Once the boss comes, tank will position himself to the left side of the wall while rest of the group move up behind the boss. Doing this positioning will allow the group to neglect all boss mechanics and turning the fight into a straight DPS race.


It is very important that DPS and healers position themselves immediately behind the boss. The boss has a cleave that will damage any DPS standing in front of him. Additionally, his Caustic Outpouring attack can be only avoided if you stay right behind him.

Caustic Outpouring is an attack that can be only avoided if you are in the little bubble of safety zone all around the boss or if you LOS (line of sight)  the attack. This attack is performed immediately after you engage the boss so that is why only the tank go in to pull while the rest of the group wait at the starting position to LOS the attack.


The enrage mechanic is the fire that creep up along the pipes. The longer the fight take, the higher the fire will creep up. Most groups will not need to move at all but groups with poor DPS may need to move up when they see the fire around the corner. If you are having DPS issues with this boss though, you might have a lot of trouble with the 4th boss, which also have an enrage mechanic that is far worse.



Hardwired Fleshtank

This fight is quite fun – it is movement intensive and people need to pay attention. Healers should have some AoE heals to cope with the damage to the group (Assault Rifle’s Mortar Support and Platoon come really really handy inhere).

Mechanics Strategy
Lit grates on fire Move to the grate that is not lit on fire as a group.
Enrage mechanic If the fight lasts too long, all grates will catch on fire and there won’t be any safe spot to stand in.

Positioning is very important here. The metal grates on the ground are safe spots to stand on if they are not lit on fire but the molten cracks in between are not safe to stand in. You will take constant environmental damage if you stand in the cracks.


This fight also features an enrage mechanic. There are 5 metal grates in the room (central + 4 sides) . Periodically, the boss will light the grates on fire and you will need to move to a safe grate. Initially, it will be just one grate that he lits on fire (the one he is standing on). Next time however, the grate he is standing in + an additional grate will catch on fire. The third time, 3 of the grates will be on fire. If your DPS is low, eventually all the grates will be on fire and everyone will be roasted.


It is recommended that players all stand together in the same grate and move together to the next safe grate. Tank should lead the group to the next safe grate if possible. Othewise, a DPS can be designated to the person who looks for the fire on the current grate and lead the group to the next safe grate.

Detecting the fire is fairly simple – you will see puffs of smoke pop up on the ground before the fire starts. Once you see the puff, you should immediately look for the next safe grate and start moving across.


Group members will take a lot of damage – people may forget to move out of the fire until it is too late or take damage on the molten cracks between the grates. AoE heals here should help to top everyone up.



Mechanics Strategy
Stripmine – an attack targeting a random player in the group Move out of the white circle.
Pillars will spew out of AoE The pillars will activate in a counterclockwise direction, you can easily dodge them by moving to the other side of the room.
Fire Enrage mechanic – fire will cover more and more ground as the fight goes on.

Traumadiver is at the end of a long hallway with pillars on the sides similar to the pillars from the first boss fight (Antimony). These pillars activate as well, but in a counter-clockwise direction.


It will start with pillars on the right and keep going forward until it reaches the otherside, and then it will pass it to the pillars on the left side. When you see the pillars lit up on on your right side, move to the left side of the hallway and once they deactivate, you can move to the right side of the hallway to avoid the AoEs from the left pillars that are not activating.

In addition to the pillars. the boss will also cast an ability called Stripemine. This ability places a white circle on the ground and a few seconds after, rocks will burst up from the ground, damaging anyone standing there at the time. This, in combination with the circles from the side pillars means that you have to keep watching the ground in order to not take any avoidable damage.


Lastly, there is an enrage mechanic. Fire will start up from behind you and keep moving up as the fight prolongs. Group need to move forward as a team to avoid damage.



Recursia, Many-in-One

Recursia features a very straight DPS check. Having abilities with Hinder effects (slowing mob’s movement speed) will help immensely with this fight if you are having trouble with the DPS checks.

Mechanics Strategy
Macroshock Places a debuff on random players, reducing healing but nothing serious.
Arcane Halo Similar to the Caustic Outpouring from the 2nd boss (Corroder), you must stay near the boss in her little safety bubble or you will take damage.
Infernal Critically Start the add phase – she is immune to damage until all adds are killed
Adds these adds will spawn from all around the room and if they reach Recursia, they will explode, damaging the group
Enrage mechanic If you don’t kill Recursia fast enough during the 3rd add phase (she is not immune to damage at this 3rd phase), adds will keep coming and exploding, wiping out your group.

Recursia has three phases: normal phase, add phase and final phase. During the normal phase, she will use Macroshock and Arcane Halo abilities. During the add phase, triggered when she casts Infernal Critically, she will be immune to damage and adds will spawn all around the room. The final phase, which is actually the 3rd add phase, she will not be immune to damage and spawn unlimited adds. This phase is essentially a DPS race to kill Recursia before too many adds reaches her and explode.

Normal phase

Macroshock is a debuff she casts on random players that reduce their incoming heals and it is not something to be worried about. Arcane Halo, on the other hand, is an ability similar to Caustic Outpouring from Corroder. You must be within melee range of the boss when she casts this to avoid damage. The immediate area around here is a safety zone where you can avoid the damage. It is recommended that everyone stack behind the boss so they don’t have to worry about this mechanic. Be aware that she can move while casting this so you will need to move with her.


Add phase

The add phase is triggered when she casts Infernal Critically. It is fairly obvious when she casts this ability as there are large demonic circles under her feet when she casts this. In the first two add phases, Recursia is immune to all damage.


Adds called Triggerthing will spawn all over the perimeter of the room and will walk slowly towards her. If they reach her, they will start casting Biomeltdown and explodes once the cast is finished. This is a massive AoE explosion that can easily chip off your group’s health by 20-30%. It is recommended that players use ability with Hinder effects (snare/roots) to slow the adds down and healers use AoE heals to help recover from this phase.


The add phase is over once all the adds are killed and Recursia will be vulnerable again and returns to the normal phase.

Final Phase

During the final phase, which is actually the 3rd add phase, Recursia won’t be immune to damage and will spawn unlimited adds. This is essentially a burn phase. You must kill Recursia before too many adds reaches her and explode. Don’t worry about the adds as they will keep spawning and you can’t keep up if you try to kill them all. Burn Recursia!


Machine Tyrant

Machina Tyrant is an epic boss fight. In the couple runs I did, I always seem to lose at least one DPS who failed to move out of bad circles on the ground.

Mechanics Strategy
Demolish An AoE knockdown that affects players right next to him. Dodge it.
Orange shield If the boss has an orange shield on, he is immune to damage, kite him to one of the orange swirling circles on the ground to remove the shield.
Tracking red circles These red circles will follow players around. Move ahead of them to avoid damage.
Center carpet bomb Boss will teleport to the center of room and start radiate a tons of circles outwards. Running to the sides to avoid the circles is a good idea.

The Machine Tyrant start off with an orange protective bubble and cannot be damaged. To remove this, tank need to kite him to one of the orange swirling circles on the ground (you will see a wavy thingie connecting boss to the swirling circle).


Players near the boss need to aware his AoE knockdown called Demolish, there is a large white circle placed on the ground undernearth the boss when this ability is used to warn you ahead of time.


All players need to be aware of tracking red circles, these circles will follow a random player for a bit and damage them if they don’t move out fast enough. A lot of people don’t pay attention to this and get themselves killed. As a famous saying goes – I can’t heal stupid!


After ~50%, the boss will start using his center bombing move periodically  and very frequently in the last 10%,  Machine Tyrant will run to the center and start “carpet bombing” from center of the room and radiate outwards. Everyone should run to the sides of the room and avoid the “bomb” circles!


The two mechanics people die to the most are 1) tracking red circles and 2) carpet bombs. Remember this fight is about survival, there are no enrage mechanics.  I have killed this boss with just me and a tank remaining as all the DPS got themselves killed due to the various mechanics.


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13 replies on “TSW Dungeon Guide: Hell Raised”

Hey Dulfy, Tychosis here (we just pillaged Ankh for hours!). Got a few things to add for the Recursia fight. I did it a few times with some woefully under-geared but enthusiastic groups, and wiped a bunch here, but we stuck at it, kept talking tactics and finally got it done. Here’s some stuff that should help any group that’s seriously struggling:

Before the fight, due to the adds being the non-pack variety, and the hardcore DPS race, along with any slowing effects to slow the adds down, it’s also advisable that everyone maxes out their build with single-target dps. ie a single target builder, two single target consumers. The only aoe that’s really effective would be aoe roots and snares where you can hinder or impair several of the adds at once.

Recursia does a 180 turn very often, and runs in the opposite direction (ie away from the tank). Also I’m fairly sure one of her attacks is a frontal, it’s not very powerful, but if the entire group chases her to one side of the room there will be more group damage early on and if the healer was already going to struggle with this fight, the extra heals needed for the non-tanks will be more of a burden. What I like to do is, tell the dps and healer to stay in the centre of the room and just turn, and I tank her on the ‘outside’ constantly, so whenever she runs away, I run/dodge past her, so she keeps turned away from the group, and whenever she moves, she just crosses back and forward at the centre of the room.
During the phases when tankin’ and spankin’ Recursia, its very tempting (and for me, sometimes automatic) to interrupt her spell-casting with impair abilites. It’s important if you’re struggling here to NOT interrupt Arcane Halo. As its a very long cast, and easy to avoid, it buys precious time for the healer to get caught up where the tank is taking no damage for several seconds.
Now, the third phase. I have wiped here even with groups that didn’t struggle at all up to this point, just because there is potentially huge amounts of damage from the exploding adds. The thing about the adds is, although they all spawn at the same time and walk at the same speed, they all start walking at different times. Because Recursia is constantly running away from the tank this means there’s two options for best tanking this phase when your DPS isn’t going to be able to nuke her down before the adds start getting too close.
Option 1 is for the tank to just keep doing what he was doing before and steering her back and forward across the centre of the room, to keep her as close to the middle as possible. It really doesn’t take long though until you have her running at adds that are getting close in every direction. If you’re particularly lucky with the order they started walking, you can almost steer her around and inbetween them, but it’s messy, and can go very wrong very fast.
Option 2, which in one low-DPS group I had, was the only way we managed to beat her. Was to watch for the first add to start walking, then point her (back) at him, so she runs toward him, getting the first explosion out of the way nice and quick, buying time for the healer to put some work in before any more happen. As soon as that first one happens, point her (back) at the gap that add came from, and she’ll eventually just end up with her back at the wall and stay there. If the adds close by start walking, they’ll blow almost instantly, but generally it buys way more time as over half the adds have much further to walk. If you use this method, dps and healer should try and hug her sides to avoid the frontal attack, as the explosions are going to cause enough problems for the healer.
Wow I wrote a lot. Seriously though, wiped on her about 10 times one run, and still managed to beat her after considering all of the above.

Oh also, on the first boss (with the clockwise aoe):

I would suggest the tank should wait until the ‘wave’ of aoe has JUST passed the opening into the area, then run in and engage her. This buys plenty time to get hate before the movement begins. If the tank engages randomly, and due to unfortunate timing the aoe starts straight away, there’s a good chance ranged dps, or the healer will pick up hate while the tank is dodging the aoe, and he’s likely to not get it back until after the aoe cycle stops, and by then someone is likely to be dead. To anyone who does manage to pull hate on this fight, just run, run all the way round the central pillar to get out of line of sight.

Can you tell me what passive abilities you are using? Maybe a little guide about healing Ar/ Blood? 🙂

Thanks for the guide! Well all of the guides really…but thanks for this one especially! It helped me successfully complete the instance twice in quick succession with only one wipe.

I’ve noticed that healing in this game is a little different than in other games. Maybe it’s because I’m still new and still learning my spec, but it seems that it’s impossible to keep EVERYONE up if everyone is taking damage. This puts a lot more emphasis on avoiding damage in the first place, which in turn requires more situational awareness from everyone playing. It seems to me that our AoE heals are mostly for utility (most of them don’t consume healing resources and are on long CDs) which might mean that the developers are really pushing us to be strong single target (tank) healers.

While this became somewhat apparent in Polaris, it became really quite obvious in this instance. While some incidental damage to your DPS players is inevitable, 90-95% of the damage they take is avoidable. This affirms a strategy in which keeping your tank alive is the absolute #1 priority, even in situations where you might find yourself approaching an enrage timer or a DPS check.

So far, my groups have only wiped once. The wipe was on machine tyrant and was completely my fault for trying to keep DPS players up when I should have focused my attention on the tank. Two out of three completed runs have come down to just the tank and I, and once it was just the two of us bringing him down from 40k.

One more remark before I end this mega-comment: Machine Tyrant has a soft-enrage mechanic. The time the boss takes between abilities gradually decreases over time, and after about 10 minutes or so, there is virtually no time between abilities. The only time you’ll get to damage the boss at this point is when he’s carpet bombing or running to the center to carpet bomb.

Thanks again for all of your hard work!

oh ya the machine tyrant fight.. one or two DPS ALWAYS dies. It is crucial that dps themselves avoid damage than trying to get healed off. As an old saying goes.. you can’t heal stupidity 😛

The Machine Tyrant get’s a lot easier once the team realizes, that you should stay on the edge of the area.
If the tyrant walks into the centre, he will start casting circles. So DO NOT follow him! Walk to the borders of the area and you’ll be able to dodge the rings sooo easy.

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