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TSW Dungeon Guide: The Darkness War

Hey everyone, the Darkness War is a dungeon located in Blue Mountains. This dungeon will require at least QL5 gear, especially on tanks and healers. There isn’t a lot of strict DPS checks like the last dungeon (except the last boss) but the tank damage is absolutely insane on some of the bosses here.

The quest for the dungeon can be picked up from Old Joseph on the NW side of the map.

For healers, make sure you picked up some Blood magic healing abilities, the shield they provide come super handy in here. The ones I run with are Ruby Curtain for spamming to build up resources, Angelic Aegis, and Scarlet Arts. The two must have passives I run for these blood shields are Coagulation (+25% barrier effects) an Angel’s Touch (heal for an addition x amount if target is below 50%).

In terms of stats, healers should have at least 1.1k to 1.2k heal rating and tanks should have at least 5.5 k HP. If you don’t have those stats, you will find some of the fights here extremely difficult.


Batab Crusher

This a ring event with a couple adds spawning first before the boss pops out. Adds will keep spawning throughout the fight so good add management (i.e. getting the adds off your healer) is extremely important.

Mechanics Strategy
Adds Kill off the adds as soon as they spawn and get them off the healer.
Blood Boils An AoE that Batab casts under himself, run/dodge out of it.
Exploding adds Adds that receive a channeling red beam from the boss will glow red and explode when any player walks next to them, doing a knockback and some massive damage.

When you first engage this fight, four Balam Bloodletter adds will spawn with the boss. The boss spawn in a specific corner every time (immediately left to where you enter)


The adds don’t hit hard individually (about 100-200 damage per hit) but if they all gang up on a squishy healer or DPS, they can do some serious damage. The biggest priority initially for DPS is to kill them off while the tank grab aggro on the boss.

Batab will cast some channeling spells on one of the adds, this will make the add glow red. They will explode if a player is next to them but they walk super slow. Ranged dps should pick them off from afar. Adds that spawn during the fight tends to come from the opposite side from where you enter so the group should be careful to not get too close to that side in case one of the adds glows red.


Batab doesn’t hit hard, his regular attacks don’t go over 500 damage per hit on a tank. He has an AoE ability called Blood Boils (show up as a red swirling circle on the ground) that should be avoided.


A word about trash after Batab Crusher: There are two Nacom Warcaller right after the first boss. Do not estimate them. These trash can pack a punch and can easily decimate unprepared tanks/healers. Their high end damage can shave off 1000 hp per hit, making them some of the deadliest trash you will encounter. You also get to see them in the next boss fight so count this trash as a way to prepare you for the next fight!



Xibalban Bloodhound

This is the first healing intensive boss fight in the game. This fight will destroy undergeared healers and tanks and truly test out your healing abilities.

The boss isn’t attackable right away, instead there are about 4 packs of trash that you need to clear first. There is a specific order you need to kill the adds as well. Make sure all the DPS know to kill the adds with a  red beam on them first. These adds are being sacrificed to the boss: failure to kill them before they are sacrificed will give the boss a stacking damage buff which makes the healing on the boss fight extremely hard.


Pull them one pack at a time as 3 of the packs contain Nacom Warcallers and these particular trash mobs hit hard! When you have just 2 packs left, make sure you pull the pack with 2 Nacom Warcallers first as pulling the last pack of trash will activate the boss and you don’t want to heal through 2 Nacom Warcallers + boss beating up on your tank.


Mechanics Strategy
Blood for the Blood Dog (Stacking damage buff) Failure to kill off the adds being sacrificed will give the boss stacks of damage buffs, increasing his damage. 14 stacks is good, 16 stacks is ok, 18 stacks is argh. 20 stacks – can be healed through but very hard.
Seething Strench High damage unavoidable attack on the tank that ticks for >1k damage every 2 seconds.
Blood Boils An AoE placed under the boss. You have seen this one from the first boss, dodge it or expect a damage anywhere from 1-2k (highest was 2.7k on a DPS).
Underworld Miasma Conal channeled AoE that leaves damaging effects on the ground after cast.

When the boss is activated, make sure DPS focus their damage on the trash, especially the one with red beams. Failure to kill them will cause the boss to continue gaining stacks.

If you target Xibalban, you can see how many stacks of this damage buff he has.


Highest stacks I have healed though is 20 stacks. Its doable but extremely challenging. If you time one heal wrong the tank is dead. Tanks can help out healers by kiting the boss around to avoid some of the damage. Good groups I have being in can get to 16 stacks, ok ones can get 18 stacks.

Blood Boils is a familiar ability from the first boss. The difference is that the damage from Xibalban is much higher and can potentially one shot people standing in it. You get a more obvious circle as well – the entire ground under the boss is lit up in red.



Seething Stench is one of the standard attacks from the boss. It is a very nasty attack that will is casted every 2 seconds, potentially totaling over 1k damage every 2 seconds. This attack cannot be avoided and must be healed through. This is where most of the damage on this fight occurs. It is a magical attack so if tanks have any magical resistance that would come in handy. When the boss is chain casting Seething Stench is where the most difficult part of the fight occurs as all the other damages can be avoided.


Undeworld Miasma: Conal attack that leaves black tar on the ground that will damage players standing in it. Don’t be in front of the boss and don’t stand in the tar.



Dark House Sorcerer

This is a fairly easy boss compared to the last one or the next one, giving healers a little breather. It has a bit more movement compared to other boss encounters in this particular dungeon.

Mechanics Strategy
Blood In Move out of the circle.
Adds (little circles will pop up on the ground right before Blood In, these circles will spawn adds and anyone standing on top of them will take some damage + knocked down Don’t stand in the circles that adds pop out of (a bit hard to see)
Blood Out Stand inside the little safety bubble next to the boss.
Ceremonial Cut (occurs while Blood Out is active) Don’t stand on the line.
Ceremonial Cross (occurs while Blood Out is active) Don’t stand on the cross
Ceremonial Line Moving line, if you touch the line you will be knocked into the effects of Blood Out
Sanguine Omen Doesn’t seem to do anything

Fairly simple fight with 5 mechanics you need to keep track of.

1) Adds, they spawn immediately right before Blood In. There are brown circles on the ground that indicate their spawn location. Don’t stand in the circle or you will take be knocked down + take some nasty damage.


2) Blood In – Move away from the boss


3) Blood Out – Move right next to the boss.


4) Ceremonial Cut/Cross – These only appear when you are right to the boss in Blood Out. Just make sure to not stand in them or you will be knocked into the effects of Blood Out (300-500 damage per tick).


5) Ceremonial Line: During the first Blood Out phase, you will get only Ceremonial Cut/Cross to adjust you to the mechanic. Starting on the second Blood Out, Ceremonial Lines will appear. They are like Ceremonial Cut except they move in a circle and you have to move as well in order to not step on them. Stepping on them will knock you outside.



Unbound Ak’ab

This boss is probably one of the worst in terms of raw unavoidable damage on the tank. If you can solo heal through this, give yourself a pat in the back!

Mechanics Strategy
Adds Killing them leaves a persistent blood pool (Blood Sacrifice)  behind. Kill the adds on the edge of the room if possible to free up the center of the room.
Ground Burst Boss will burrow underground and start head to a random direction. Anyone in the path will be knocked back and take 1.2-1.3k damage.
Dash Attack uniques to Ak’abs, you should had enough practice with it out in Blueridge Mountains.

Unbound Ak’ab’s regular attacks can hit for over 1.7k damage on a tank, making him the hardest hitter in the entire dungeon. While he won’t dish out 1.7k damage every hit, his attacks still do ~1k damage regularly.


Undergeared healers/tanks will not be able to solo heal through this. It is not a bad idea to have a DPS help with offhealing this fight as well. Due to the healing intensive nature of the fight, it is very common for healers to tunnel vision and forget to avoid the adds/ground burst attacks (I have being a victim of Ground Burst a couple times myself).

Boss won’t spawn right away at the start of the fight. Instead, you get 4 Ak’ab Hatchling adds. This is a good time to get used to the blood pool that every add generates when they are killed. Blood pool (also called Ak’ab Blood Sacrifice) will damage players standing in it for 200-300 damage per tick. You will want to kill the adds at the edge of the room if possible to free up the middle of the room for fighting the boss.

Pretty soon after the adds, you will see dusts spew out of the ground. The boss always spawn around this location so everyone but the tank should move away.


You will get to tank him for a bit before he dives into the ground and start doing his Ground Burst move. Make sure you are not standing in front of his dust column. Right before he starts to burrow underground, more Hatchlings will spawn to join the fun. 


The blood pools generated by the dead hatchlings are persistent and will last for the entire duration of the fight. This means that the longer the group takes to kill the boss, the more of the room will be covered in blood, creating a soft enrage mechanic.

If you are running with 2 healers for this fight, it is not uncommon to see blood pools everywhere like this.



Mayan Battle Mage

Mayan Battle Mage is a fight reminiscent of the last boss in Hell, players need to move fast away from the path of growing circles.

Mechanics Strategy
Road to Xibalba Carpet bombs the adjacent area next to the boss from one of three locations. Avoid the circles and don’t stop moving.
Sanguine Omen Ground circle AoE, move out of it (similar to Blood Boils from other bosses)
Adds Adds will run out from the side opposite to the entrance to the room. Healers should never be on that side  of the room as the adds can quickly gang up on the healer
Exploding Adds During the later portions of the fight, some of the adds will receive red beams from the boss and glow red. While they are under this stage, these adds move slow but will explode if players are nearby, dealing massive damage.

Lets talk about positioning first.  The room is regular in shape with an entrance for players and an entrance for adds. The boss has 4 positions he can be in – middle, left, right, and top. Middle is the position that the boss is in when you first engage him. Left, right and top are the positions the boss are in when he is using his Road to Xibalba abilities.


Boss at his right position.


Boss at his top position.


Road to Xibalba is the main ability that the boss uses. He will throw out white circles on the ground in the area adjacent to him (i.e. if he is at the right side of the room, circles will appear only there and not on the left side). If he is at his top position, the circles tend to cover most of the room in 3 waves (1st wave will cover left side of room, 2nd wave right side, and 3rd wave the middle portions). These circles will soon be filled with bombs that over 1k damage to players caught in it. Ranged dps/heals can stay on the opposite side of the room when the boss starts the bombing from the left/right positions. Melee characters will need to run towards the boss while avoiding the white circles. When the bombing starts from the top position, everyone need to run to the edge of the room, opposite to where the boss is bombing to avoid the white circles.


Adds will spawn from the right position, healers should not be in that part of the room to avoid getting swarmed by the adds. DPS can pick off the adds as soon as they spawn. Be warned that during later parts of the fight, some of the adds will receive red beams from the boss and glow red. These need to be killed from ranged or they will explode.


In addition to the adds and Road to Xibalba, the boss will also casts Sanguine Omen, a red swirling circle similar to Blood Boils from other bosses. Players should avoid these and beware that these circles may not always appear under the boss’s feet.



Wayeb-Xul, the Hound of the Nameless Days

The final boss fight is actually a bit easier than some of the other bosses in this dungeon. There is a DPS check as one of the NPCs helping you with this fight has a finite life that depletes overtime.

Mechanics Strategy
Trash You need to clear a fair bit of trash before the boss will spawn. Take your time and don’t pull too many packs at once.
Exhale the Void Conal avoidable AoE that leaves a black tar on the ground that persists for a short period of time.
Concuss Cool graphic FX, nothing to worry about
Open the Rift Pulls everyone next to him, plenty of time to run out
Reanimation Respawn the killed adds in waves.
Sacrificial Ceremony Wayeb-Xul will turn some of the adds into walking bombs, a mechanic you have seen on other bosses. Use ranged dps to kill them from afar.

Trash Phase

The encounter start off with packs of Mayans that you need to kill off. It is best to kill them off in one part of the room so that when the boss revive them, you know where they are coming from and its super useful in the later stages when some of the revived trash have bombs attached to them.

Tank and spank dragon phase

Once all the trash are killed, Wayeb-Xul will fly in and make a grand entrance. In the first few seconds after he lands, he is not targetable and will cast his first Exhale the Void ability right in front of him. This creates a field of black tar. Tank should be able to tank him where he is (make sure to turn him).


Depending on how good your DPS is, Wayeb may get two other abilities off before he goes proceed to the next stage of the fight. Both abiliites are superficial. One of them is Concuss, which makes your screen blurred for a second but serves no other purpose. The other one is Open the Rift, in which  he will summon all the players to him but you have plenty of time to run away.


Reanimation phase

At around 75% (~200k HP), the boss will go back to where he first flew in and start casting Reanimation. This will revive all the trash you just killed, but one wave at a time. Wayeb will fly off while you deal with the trash all over again!


The Calvary arrives!

When you are about half way done with the trash, an NPC will spawn that will give you a beneficial buff that grant you 50% damage reduction and 300% damage boost. This NPC only has a limited amount of health that decreases overtime but the 300% damage boost should help speed up rest of the fight.


Wayeb returns!

Wayeb returns and for the rest of the fight trash will respawn in waves constantly. You need to be aware that Wayeb will perform Sacrificial Ceremony on them, turning them into glowy red walking bombs that explode. The buff from the NPC will help you survive one bomb blast but if you are running around in low health you may not survive another blast. Ranged DPS need to pick them off from afar. For this stage, tank can just focus on the boss while rest of the DPS deals with the adds and DPS on the boss whenever they get a break.


Make sure you look around at your surroundings, if you see a bomber walking towards you, run away from it! They move slowly so there is no excuse to get bombed!

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Thanks for the awesome guide!
In the beginning you state a minimum of QL5 but healers should have at least 1.1k heal rating. Isn’t that a bit much? I have 944 heal rating in full QL7 healer greens. I would consider that overgeared as all my talismans are from the first Egypt zone. Guess I always get a bit sensitive when reading about gear requirements so I pay special attention to the numbers.

For me, personally,the dungeon was very rough to heal through. It was a step up in difficulty from previous ones. I found it much much easier with a higher heal rating. I had some blues from the previous dungeon so maybe that is why I had so much heal rating heh.

Final boss:

Open the Rift can also stun everyone for several seconds. I am not 100% certain but I think it only happens when anyone casts an ability while the boss is casting it.

Might be obvious for the most, wasn’t for us: Take care not to have a filth covered area between you and the boss. Even the tank won’t survive if “Open the Rift” pulled/stuned in the filth.

So either the tank has to keep the boss clear of the filth (which isn’t so easy) or everyone has to keep a clean (with no flith) line of sight to the boss.

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