Solomon Island TSW Walkthroughs

Blue Mountain quest walkthroughs

Blue Mountain is the 3rd and final zone in Solomon Islands. It is designed for players with QL5-6 stuff  – if you need QL6 weapons, you can  buy one for 50 Sequin of Solomon Island at the Council of Venice vendor slightly north of Old Joseph on the NW corner of the map.

There is one investigation mission – Win Win and one stealth mission – The Orochi group.


Dawning of an Endless Night

Tier 12 – Search the mansion for Edward Franklin’s notes

You are looking for a painting in the room. Its an odd little painting in the doorway that leads to the room with the quest NPC. Clicking on it will reveal a hidden room!


Tier 16 – Go to the Wabanaki Holy Site

You might have trouble getting to the place indicated on the map. The easiest way to get there is by typing /reset. This will kill your character and you can rez at the nearby Anima Well


The entrance is actually hidden below in a cave!


Tier 17 – Confront Beaumont

Make sure to kill his clones ASAP! You may seem invincible with the regen buff but it isn’t enough to counter the damage from the Norseplosion from the clones.


Homeland Insecurity

Tier 2 – Move forward and kill the Dreyrugr Lord

This step may seem to be bugged but it is actually not. The Dreyurgr Lord has a very long respawn time (15-20 minutes) after it was last killed. You need to “camp” on that little area and just wait for it. If you see other people in the same area, invite them! There is a good chance that they are on the same quest as you so why not kill multiple birds with one stone? The next couple tiers of the quest is fairly tough too so it is good to have other people around!



This is a side mission can be picked up in the Moon Bog (you will be directed to the quest area when you start doing the Off the Menu mission picked up from Joe abit north of Old Joseph on the NW side of the map).

The cat you are looking for its on the little island in the bog area hidden behind one of the golem mobs. If you have NPC nametags turned on he is pretty easy to spot!



If you are just starting out in Blue Mountains, this quest picked up from the Sasquatch Chef at the SE portion of the map, is a bit tough as you will be attacked by waves of mobs. Partnering up is a very good idea!

Tier 5 – Kill the infected Sasquatch who answered the call.

To get to the little enclosed area, you need to climb up the broken pipe and jump down. If the infected Sasquatch doesn’t spawn, then your particular dimension/instance is bugged and you need to switch to a working one.


The Benevolent Conspiracies

Quest obtained from Sarge at south side of the map.

Tier 5 – Kill the Penumbral Brood Matriarch

This little bugger has a protective shield that make it immune to all damage. You remember that ChecMate Beacon you picked up? use it to remove the buff and kill it!


The Haunting

This quest is picked up from Eleanor Franklin in the Franklin mansion. One big hint I can give you its to turn on the NPC nametags in your interface options and look for cats.. they tend to be nearby the people you need to find.

Tier 1 Find Historic facts about the mansion

You need to examine this little leaflet found on the coffee table on your way to the attic


Tier 2 Find Ella in the alternate mansion

Do you recall where Eleanor stands in the mansion?

Spoiler Inside Show

The key can be found on a mob called Housekeeper, she isn’t too far from the door..


Tier 3 Find Margaret Delapore

Spoiler Inside Show

Find Thomas Delapore

While doing this quest I had the parody music video Will the real Mitt Romney Please Stand up stuck in my head. I wanted to sing.. “will the real Thomas Delapore please stand up!”

Maybe you should check the back of the house.. remember.. cats.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 Find Keaton Walker

He is on the 2nd floor..cats.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 Find Frida Diaz

She is on the main floor..

Spoiler Inside Show

When fighting Billing Lee, make sure you pull him away from the blood pool or he will heal up.

Tier 4 – Find Harriet Braun

You ever noticed anything at the back of the house? Any structure that might have perked your interest?

Spoiler Inside Show

The Ghost and Darkness

Tier 2 – Find Chuck Thompson’s remains

He is located next to the elevator to the the Deeper mines (the first room to the right when you enter the miens)


His picture can be found on one of those red circle traps.


Tier 3 – Find Billy Woodrow’s remains

His remains


To get to his whisky flask, you need to enter the room filed with unstable dynamites (first room on the left). As long you don’t walk over them you should be fine.


Don’t forget to grab the Lore object and the dynamite, you will need it later on.


The flask is again located on one of the red circles.

Tier 4 Find Sam Wilson’s Remains

Remember that dynamite you just picked up? It will come in handy here!


Tier 4- Find Jimmy Rigsby’s remains

The room with Sam Wilson’s remains contain a miner helmet, the light it provides will help for the next step!


You have a bit of trouble getting to Jimmy Rigsby’s remains as it is seems to be behind a wall guarded by a red circle trap. Remember that elevator room in the beginning? Maybe the light from the miner’s helmet will allow you to find a new tunnel.

Along the new tunnel is another red circle trap, you just have to run through it. Try gunning for the left edge, you might get lucky and not get stunned + blown up.


The Orochi Group

This quest is picked up from Marianne Chen north of the Moon Bog

Tier 1: Find a way into the Orochi camp without being detected

To the right side of the main gate is a parked van, it contains something you need to enter the compound

Spoiler Inside Show

You will need to get past those security drones. Thankfully if you are outside of their beam they won’t detect you. This means that you can stand next to the thingie to enter the gate code without being detected by the patrolling drones.

Once you enter the compound, note a black van to the left with something you might need – Hydrogen sulfide canister.


Tier 3 Find a way inside the science barracks

The science barracks is the big tent at the end of the compound to your right. The door is locked unfortunately.. but maybe you can find something in the back..

Spoiler Inside Show

Note that on the way back to the entrance of the tent, you must take the right pathway (the pathway between the tent and the fence) as the left pathway has Orochi personnel that will detect you! Watch for the lone patrolling droid.

Once inside, go immediately for the broken holding cell. The gas inside will DoT you but you have plenty of time to get the thing you need and get out before you die from the gas.


Tier 4 Find a communication unit and transmit the data

The communication unit you are looking for is to the immediate right after you get past the gates. The only issue is the Orochi agent inside..


Look around, do you see a nearby car with blinking red light? Remember what happened when you jumped on those cars in Kingsmouth?

They are called Darkness

This quest is picked up from a dead corpse in the forest near Blue Ridge Mine.


Tier 1 – Destroy an ak’ab burrow.

This burrow may be hard to find. It is not the royal burrow in the middle of the quest objective circle, it is actually a small burrow at the edge of the objective circle.


It is only after you destroyed the normal burrow that you get to kill the royal burrow. When attacking the royal burrow, make sure to pause and clear up the adds that spawn. Failure to do so will cause a lot of ak’abs attack you at once when the burrow is destroyed. When you have multiple ak’ab dashing at you, your survival chance isn’t too high!

Up in Flames

This is a side quest that not only grant you access to Kingsmouth from Blue Mountain but also allow give you a Hazmat suit that you can wear for appearance!


This quest is picked up from a skeleton at the tunnel between Kingsmouth and Blue Mountain (near where Marinanne Chen is at the NE corner of the map).

The quest is fairly simple and quick but make sure you are standing right next to the fire on the truck when you use the flame extinguisher or it won’t work!


The hazmat suit is a multislot clothing so it will complete replace all your outfit.

Win Win

Win win is a quest picked up from a black truck parked to the right side of the Orochi compound once you get past the gate. You must have completed the Orochi group quest from Marianne Chen north of the Moon Bog to be able to get this quest. This is the only investigation quest in Blue Mountain.


Tier 1 Hack the Terminal and look for signs of suspicious activity

a. Baseline Logic Sequence: 5 25 29 85 89

Do you see a pattern here? Maybe try square some numbers? 5^2 =?

Spoiler Inside Show

New logic sequence enabled 1 3 6 10 15 21 28 36 45

This one is super easy! Look at the differences between the numbers in the sequence!

Spoiler Inside Show

The next one is a binary code! 101 101 1001, 1000 000 000, 101 010 111

Do you know how to decipher binary?

Here is how you convert from binary to decimal

Lets take 11011001 for example, this picture can explain it better than I can in words.


So if you try decipher the first binary code 101 101 1001, you should have gotten 729.

I will let you solve the next 2

Spoiler Inside Show

Now you know what these numbers are in decimal, it is time to find the next sequence.

Hint: I like cubes!

Spoiler Inside Show

Now, you need to learn how to convert decimal back to binary.

There is a website really good for explaining the process, I will just copy & paste what they said here.

To convert a number from decimal to binary, begin at leftmost bit position (128). If the number is larger than or equal to the bit’s weight, write a 1 in the bit position, subtract the bit’s weight from the number, and continue with the difference. If the number is less than the bit’s weight, write a 0 in the bit position and continue without any subtraction. Here’s an illustration of converting 141 to binary:


The answer should be

Spoiler Inside Show

Next number! 312213 212223 114213 31121314 41122314 31221324

This one had me stumbled for a bit but its actually quite simple.

Hint: Count the number of 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s in each number in the sequence, see if there are connections with the next number in the sequence

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 – Hack the Terminal and find out more about the mole

Abstracted data prepared: 42 66 70 78 102 105

Hint: Prime numbers..

Doesn’t ring a bell?

Spoiler Inside Show

Ok, you want the answer?

Spoiler Inside Show

Processing new sequence.. 2 3 3 5 10 13 39 43 172 177

Hint: You something to get to the second sequence and then do something else to get to the 3rd sequence

Not helping? Try this hint

Spoiler Inside Show

Here is the answer if you have trouble figuring it out..

Spoiler Inside Show

Emirps found 13 17 31 37 71 73 79 97 107

Hint: read Emirps carefully.. there might be another word in there..

Need another hint?

Spoiler Inside Show

Answer here:.

Spoiler Inside Show

Generating final sequence 377 610 987 1597

This one is super easy.. just look at the relationship between the numbers!


Spoiler Inside Show


Spoiler Inside Show



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13 replies on “Blue Mountain quest walkthroughs”

Win Win Tier 2/3 has been “fixed” in 1.0.1 so the four sequences now need actual solutions instead of just spamming “1”. sadface.
1: 42, 66, 70, 78, 102, 105, …
2: 2, 3, 3, 5, 10, 13, 39, 43, 172, 177, …
3: 13, 17, 31, 37, 71, 73, 79, 97, 107, …
4: 377, 610, 987, 1597, …
I’ve used brute force and a pot of coffee to solve them but I can’t really post here since there’s no spoiler tags.

I actually puzzled out #4 by spotting the pattern :D, and brute force for #1 and #3 didn’t take very long, but #2 is a long, painstaking way from home.
Even with the answers, though, I couldn’t work backwards and find the pattern. Hopefully you have a keener eye. 🙂

I solved it and posted the solutions above. However, I do agree, these are very diffcult, not normal patterns that you encounter. Unless you are a math major or something these may not be recognizable without doing some googling.

Wow, good job! Those are super tough! I can see the patterns now that you’ve pointed them out but I’m glad I just toughed it out (although punching in every number in sequence for #2 took at least one full episode of Leverage).

Just to point it out. On the quest “The Haunting” in Tier 2 The Housekeeper mob appears to roam through the entire house. I found it on the second floor, nowhere near the door you need to open.

with the win win quest it looks as though you can bypass any of the puzzle steps by choosing the “command line” option and pressing 1 repeatedly. I guess for those less inclined to solve them.

it seems people are missing the tier 3 puzzle which again can be bypassed

tier 3 puzzle:
select 2 .. type hint
the clue is “light rings them unborn”
and it states that the first word (light) is 100% in the decryption passphrase.
it suggests that its an anagram of “rings them unborn”
SPOILER: look away now if you don’t want the solution
the morning light burns

Okay, I have a problem with the walkthrough for “The Orochi Group.” It says you should take the pathway between the fence and the barracks. THIS IS WRONG. I kept getting caught until I took the OTHER path, on the opposite side of the barracks.

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