Egypt TSW Walkthroughs

Scorched Desert Quest Walkthroughs

Scorched Desert is the first Egypt zone. You gain access to it after you have completed Drown of the Night main questline from Kingsmouth and completed the required mission for your faction. It is a very sunny place, which is a nice contrast from the dark and glommy zombie infested Solomon Islands. Mobs here drop QL6 stuff and can be a bit easier than Blue Mountain in some parts.

This is a Work in Progress, more quests will be added shortly but here is what I have so far.


Angels & Demons

Quest picked up from Zhara inside al-Merayah (next to the Café)


Tier 1 – Find and examine a Plethron sign that offers more info about the firm

Not hard to find.. but if you need help to locate it, here it is!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 1 – Locate and enter the Plethron office

As it is the case with many buildings in Egypt, the front door is always locked! Checked for a building nearby where you can get on the roof and its interconnected with the quest building!

Spoiler Inside Show

Once you to get to the target building, the entrance is here..

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 Inspect the office to find out more about Plethron

Inside, you will find a body with this card..


The password hint given

My surname is common in classic literature. And my clearance level is the key.

Now this part is a bit convoluted. How about searching for the keyword Golden-bug in Google and see if it turns up anything?

Spoiler Inside Show

Now that is really interesting.. Maybe you are given the key to the cipher and you just have to find which part of it to use..Hm.. what was the director’s name again?

Spoiler Inside Show

Ok… hint not helping? Here is what you need to enter..

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Access the surveillance footage

The surveillance box took me a while to find it.. so here it is for anyone running around mindlessly looking for it..

Spoiler Inside Show

Now.. you are shown a cutscene.. pay extra attention to the beeping sound and know that you can play the cutscene over and over by just clicking on it.

Tier 3 – Access the crate

You are given a keypad, no hints.. just a keypad. Remember what I said about the cutscene? Try play around with the cutscene, notice anything unique?

The code has a maximum length of 4 digits.. and each button seems to produce a different sound?

You know what to do now?

Spoiler Inside Show

Need a little help?

Spoiler Inside Show

Still no go? here it’s the code!

Spoiler Inside Show

Black Sun, Red Sand

Tier 2 – Search al-Merayah and its outskirts for the cultists’ hideout

I will give you a hint.. all the villagers in al-Merayah have different names.. some are called Apprehensive, others are called Suspicious…

You think following them will be a good idea?

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 Infiltrate the Atenist gathering

Check nearby mobs see if they have the thing you need to enter the temple..

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 Find a route to the inner sanctum

Once you are inside, you will find the door is locked! Maybe there is a side passage?

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Follow the suited man | Find the suited man’s destination

This part is very misleading. The suited man enters a building that you can’t enter.


What you actually need to do is run around the entire town until a cutscene is triggered. The trigger appears to be random and I had to run all the way to here to get it triggered.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 Continue Singh’s research to open the door

You will need to find four clues scattered around the site..

Spoiler Inside Show

Make sure you use your in-game compass to determine where north and south is and don’t just assume directions!

You will see only 6 statues, don’t worry. Just work with the 6 you have. Here is a chart to help you locate them.


Have you figured out the sequence yet using the clues?

If not, here it is.

Spoiler Inside Show

Now there are a couple of statues that are hard to reach.

Ma’at is one of them, you need to jump across. I fail at jumping so someone else that was nearby clicked it for me.


Bast is another, for Bast you don’t need to jump. Just climb up and position yourself at the very tip of the thingie in such a way that if you take another step, you would fall off. This allow you to get into clicking distance of Bast.


Tier 4 – Find the last statue, Anubis

Anubis is the god of Underworld.. maybe you will want to check and see where you are standing on top of..

Spoiler Inside Show


Find Ibrahim Nagi

Hint.. who is burning on the stakes?

Spoiler Inside Show

Live Free, Die Hard

Quest can be picked up from Nassir at the SE corner of the map.

Tier 2 Neutralize the Sentry Points

Watch out for the mines, you can also use these mines against your enemies by kiting them into it. Just watch out that you don’t run into the mines while kiting!

Tier 3 – Set an explosive on the garage

There are cameras guarding the place where you need to place explosives.. how do you turn off cameras? Maybe look for a power circuit somewhere?

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 – Set an explosive on the primary pipe

Look for a something nearby that can distract the guards..

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 – Set an explosive atop the facility

Hint: Look for something to climb!

Spoiler Inside Show

There is a spot where you can plant the explosive without taking environmental damage!

Spoiler Inside Show

The Big Terrible Picture

Tier 2 Perform the Ritual of the Sun

You get this jumbled text.


It is a cipher..

Here is a small spoiler

Spoiler Inside Show

If that doesn’t ring any bells,

Spoiler Inside Show

So if you were to translate this text.. Tip I use this website to do my dirty work!

cngu bs gurfha-eryngrf abg whfg gb gurfbyne obql, ohg gur geniry bs gur uhzna obql-ovegu gb orlbaq

rvtug synzrf-rvtug fgngvbaf ba gur cngu bs yvsr? nygubhtu gur beqre vf abg jung frrzrq vavgvnyyl boivbhf

It translates to..

Spoiler Inside Show

7 of the 8 braziers have a note on them, which are ciphered like the previous messages. I have decipher them here for you.

Spoiler Inside Show

You need to click 5 of the braziers in a specific sequence. The trick here is to not only look at the first word of each deciphered note, but also at the messages they contain. This will give you clues on the sequence to click. If you clicked them in the wrong sequence, you will hear a beep and need to start over. Use that beep to guide you.

If you need help, here is the sequence you need to click:

Spoiler Inside Show

Once you got the right sequence, you will see a beam and you will need to jump down to your left and head for the beam. Keep in mind that there is a large gap you need to jump across, so don’t fall or you will need to run back!


Tier 3 – Find and Decipher Montgomery’s research notes

His notes are found close to the crystal radiating the beams.

There is another note you need to decipher, but it is not really essential to progressing the next tier.

Spoiler Inside Show

The goal here is to use the beams from the large crystal and focus them on the smaller crystals so that the beams can reflect and enter the tunnel below. It involves a lot of trial and error but here is the completed sequence under the spoiler tags.




The goal here is to connect to the big stick in the middle, now for beam 4 the thingie on the wall is a bit hard to reach. You need to stand on the side of the stairs and turn it.


Tier 4: Perform the Ritual of Lineage

Here is the text you will get.

evghny bs yvarntr -n cenlre orsber eblnygl? pehqr qrcvpgvnaf bs nxurangra-gurfr jrer abg znqr gb ubabhe uvz

pbafvqre guranzrf-nxurangra’f anzr renfrq nsgre qrngu – ohg gung jnf abg uvf gehranzr n cenlre gb gehgu

Deciphered into..

Spoiler Inside Show

For this one there are 3 statues on the left and 3 statues on the right, with one statue in the middle. You need to /pray to the right ones in order to advance the quest.

Given the clues, there is another hint that I will give you: Akhenaten… known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV.

Now you will see these hieroglyphs next to these statues. You can try to translate them by hand but these are not standard hieroglyphs. Instead, refer to this chart on Wikipedia.


I will let you figure out how to do it using the clues and the chart from Wikipedia. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to solve this puzzle as someone else in the room randomly using the statues advanced the quest for me even though I wasn’t grouped with them. Thankfully a reader (thank you Exaizul) was able to do it and he provided the following solution.

Spoiler Inside Show

The Traitor

This stealth/sabotage mission can be picked up from Shani after you have finished the Siege of Al-Merayah

Tier 1 – Find a way Inside

Hint: Not all the buildings are accessed from the front entrance.. in Egypt you should always check the buildings from the back!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 – Find a way inside

Hint: Check the sides of the building..

Spoiler Inside: traitor2 Show

Having trouble accessing the computer?

Don’t forget to turn something off!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Find a way to the roof.

There doesn’t seem to be an obvious path to the top of the roof.. what about checking the top of other buildings and see if any of their roof connect to it?

Spoiler Inside Show

Having an issue with the bodyguards? See if there is a path that allow you to skip them maybe?

Spoiler Inside Show

The Unburnt Bush

This is another investigation mission in the zone. It is picked up from Khalid near Scorched Flats

The biggest hint I can give you is that this mission can be done in two ways. The hard way is to translate Arabic numbers to numbers form you are familiar with and then look for the corresponding passages in the Bible.

The easy way is to use this page and look at your surroundings.

Also, remember that the scripts are written backwards!

This is what the staff looks like, the symbol at the bottom is the enter key.


 Tier 1 – Examine the altar

The altar is located here if you have trouble finding it.

Spoiler Inside Show

When you click it, you will see this symbol.


If you have trouble translating it.. it is passage

Spoiler Inside Show

Look at your surroundings, what do you see?

Spoiler Inside Show

You will need to enter the following in the staff. Remember you gotta do it backwards!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 – Examine the altar

The altar is here.

Spoiler Inside Show

Here is the Arabic symbol


It is passage

Spoiler Inside Show

Here is the passage

Spoiler Inside Show

Again, remember to enter it backwards.

Tier 3 – Examine the altar

The altar is located here

Spoiler Inside Show

Arabic symbol


It is passage..

Spoiler Inside Show

which says..

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 – Examine the altar

Altar located here

Spoiler Inside Show



It is passage

Spoiler Inside Show

which says..

Spoiler Inside Show

Now this one isa  bit tricky as you may not seen the corresponding symbols on the staff, if you need help it is this one.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 5

Altar here

Spoiler Inside: unburnt13 Show

There is a surprise waiting for you… so click it fast!

Just in case

Spoiler Inside Show

Signal Effect

Signal effect is a side quest picked up from a laptop located here (beside the Council of Venice vendors)


Despite the fact that this is a side mission, don’t be fooled! It is actually a full blown investigation/puzzle mission.

Tier 1 Check the Laptop for more information

There are two entries in the laptop that are important to know


First Satellite Dish

The first dish is located here


Getting to it is going to be fun!

Spoiler Inside Show

Remember that clue from the laptop?

Spoiler Inside Show

Here is what we get..

Oh my! A bunch of letters and numbers!


Second Satellite Dish

Here is the second dish!


How do you get to it? Hint: Look at the back of the building

Spoiler Inside Show


Third Satellite Dish


How to get up top?

Spoiler Inside Show

Oh this one is ugly!


Fourth Dish


Getting to it..

Spoiler Inside Show

Be very careful with this one – it is actually 4 pages of codes! (you see to scroll up to see the 3rd page)





Tier 2 – Find the source of the transmission

Ok that is a lot of codes.. Let me give you a hint, these are computer encoding systems.. what else is there other than binary?

Spoiler Inside Show

Now you will probably want to translate them… issue is how to copy them down and how to translate them?

Let me help you out! You can just copy/paste them into a website like and do translate, I will let you figure out which is which..

29 21 68 6f 24 28 23 23 2c 20 63 28 23 20 5f 6f
23 20 68 24 21 29 20 24 23 3f 20 43 2b 3d 2a 28
25 20 40 2b 72 20 29 5e 78 20 24 21 79 24 20 40
28 21 20 23 24 2a 25 6e 20 21 2a 67 23 29 23 2e
20 21 63 21 28 23 73 20 74 2b 24 20 25 5e 26 40
20 6f 2a 20 24 69 2b 40 2e 20 46 5f 24 2a 21 79
2d 28 5e 75 29 20 21 65 61 23 2b 23 20 5e 2b 5e
76 21 20 21 68 5f 25 20 2a 20 21 28 40 23 79 2c
20 62 40 25 20 2a 20 63 24 69 29 40 20 28 2b 20
69 40 20 5e 2a 20 23 28 65 20 5e 2a 26 21 65 20
2b 7e 20 21 65 21 5f 24 21 20 48 25 2a 40 20 6d
2a 20 5f 6f 3d 24 40 21

83 33 61 42 108 97 35 35 44 32 33 40 110 32 95
61 35 32 64 101 33 41 32 109 35 63 32 64 104 61
42 40 100 32 102 43 37 32 41 94 40 32 100 33 42
36 32 97 40 33 32 115 101 42 37 35 32 110 105 36
35 41 35 46 32 65 41 33 40 35 61 32 64 104 36 32
37 94 38 115 32 33 42 32 36 94 114 64 46 32 64
95 117 114 33 42 45 40 94 40 114 32 98 38 42 35
43 35 32 94 38 94 64 101 32 33 64 97 37 32 12 32
99 40 64 114 94 44 32 42 117 37 32 42 32 33 36
37 110 64 32 40 111 32 36 64 32 94 110 32 35 40
36 32 104 42 38 33 42 32 43 102 32 33 42 97 95
36 33 32 40 37 42 100 32 36 42 32 119 33 61 36
64 33


00101001 00100001 00111101 00101010 01101100
00101000 00100011 01110011 00101100 00100000
00100001 00101000 00100011 00100000 01111001
00111101 00100011 00100000 01000000 00100100
01100001 00101001 00100000 00100100 01100101
00111111 00100000 01000000 00101011 00111101
01110011 01100101 00100101 00100000 01000000
01101111 00100101 00100000 00101001 01101001
00101000 00100000 00100100 01100001 00101010
00100100 00100000 01000000 00101000 01100100
00100000 00100011 00100100 00101010 01100101
00100011 00100000 00100001 00101010 00100100
00100011 01110100 01110011 00101110 00100000
00100001 00101001 01110010 01101111 00100011
00111101 00100000 01000000 00101011 00100100
00100000 01110000 01101001 00100110 01000000
00100000 00100001 00101010 00100000 01100110
01011110 00101011 01000000

00101110 00100000 01000000 01011111 00100100
00101010 01110100 00101010 00101101 00100001
01101111 00101000 00101001 00100000 00100001
00100110 00101010 01110011 00101011 00100011
00100000 01100011 01110010 01011110 01000000
00100001 00100000 00100001 01000000 01011111
01110100 00100000 00101010 00100000 00101100

00101000 01110010 00100011 01011110 00101100
00100000 00101010 01000000 00100101 00100000
01001001 00100000 00100001 00100100 00100101
00101001 01000000 00100000 01110100 00101011
00100000 00100100 01110100 00100000 01011110
00101010 00100000 00100011 01101000 00100100
00100000 01011110 00101010 00100110 01110011
00101010 00100000 01101111 01111110 00100000
00100001 00101010 00100001 01011111 01101000
00100001 00100000 00101000 01100101 00101010
01000000 00100000 00100100 00101010 00100000
01011111 00100001 00111101 01100100 01000000

Got them translated?

For me personally, it was a lot easier to read them having align the four lines of translated text in notepad..

Spoiler Inside Show

Figured it out yet? Let me give you a hint: 3 lies, 1 truth

Ok.. if you can’t figure it out.. here is the message!

Spoiler Inside Show

Well.. that doesn’t really tell you where does it.. Now.. look at the clues mentioned

Spoiler Inside Show

Where did you see pits of fire in your travel?


Does this place ring any bells?

Ever wondered what is the structure at the end of it?


Can’t find it?

Spoiler Inside Show

Ohh but the box asks for a code.. remember that passage your deciphered? Don’t you think there was something odd there?

Spoiler Inside Show



20 replies on “Scorched Desert Quest Walkthroughs”

A Ghoulish Fate: Rather quick, take out the 2 sappers on the (player side) left of the dam, get the remote detonator. Pick up some explosive charges (I used 5 for good measure) and place them around the Monstrosity (it will not aggro on sight). Back off, blow it to hell.

You’ve probably got this already, but the ritual of lineage in The Big Terrible Truth involved /pray ing in front of the statues. You have to pray in front of the “true” names, Wikipedia under Akhenaten has picture of his names before and after he changed them.

I had to pray in front of them to turn them on (the statues turn white) then pray in front of them to turn them off before the quest updated. The correct names were down the right side of the tomb.

actually thank you for this. I couldn’t do this part cuz I was standing in the room looking up the names and someone in the room randomly praying (even though I am not grouped with them) advanced the quest. That sucked 🙁

Mind if I use the info you provided?

If you got that plague thing in “The unburnt Bush” you can just try the english names of the plagues with the google translator and translate them to arabic to find the right plague for that altar.

Could you help me get the symbols correctly for Unburnt Bush 2/6? Many thanks in advance.
EDIT: Got it now. I was hitting enter after each letter instead of just once at the end of the word, doh!

In “Live Free, Die Hard”, I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do with respect to that guy ‘noticing’ the charges, and then the tier resets and I have to start over again. 🙁

For the unburnt bush, the symbols aren’t arabic numbers, they’re arabic letters. They are the words for the plagues of egypt, which you have to translate to hebrew and click on the staff. The first one, the letters transliterate to M and D, and the hebrew transliterations of M and D are the answer, and the translation of the hebrew word is “blood.” After that one, on the 2nd I realized it was the plagues and just looked at the wikipedia site for the plagues of egypt which has the hebrew name for each plague, but the hebrew names are the things you have to type in on the staff.

I’m Jewish, so I got out my Haggadah, the book we use at Passover. A big thing we do is to recite the names of the plagues and spill a drop of wine for each one. The names of the plagues are in big letters. Score one for the Chosen people!

The Traitor – there is another way to solve the quest Tier 3.

Just go to the opposite house in the north, yep the house on the other side of the “street”, go around, use the first stairs, use the ladder up to the roof – you’ll find a sniper rifle and a dead guy on top, use the rifle, flee the scene.

Live Free Die Hard — your average soloer is going to struggle to take on 3 mobs with almost 7k hp each 😉 rather than kill the mobs just use the ‘spotters radio’s dotted about to draw them away

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