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TSW- List of quests with clothing rewards!

Hey everyone, one of the things I find super neat about doing the quests in TSW is that quite a few of them give out  cool outfits appropriate for the quests you have completed. I know there are quite a few people who can’t be bothered doing all the quests so maybe this will give you a list of some quests you can target if you are in a hurry.

Note: This is being continually updated – feel free to submit any screenshots or quests/achievements that you know that give clothing rewards in the comment section below!

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Contributors (in no specific order)

Spoiler Inside Show


Unleashed 1.1 Update

Solomon Island (complete!)

Egypt (complete!)

Transylvania (complete!)

Dungeon Achivements

Misc Achievements

Factional Clothing

Ring Unlocks (complete!)

Misc outfits

Deck Unlocks

Unleashed Achievements outfits

Unleashed T-shirt (Chest)

Obtained from Achievement – Unleashed
Male version submitted by MystiQ

Innsmouth Academy Hoodie, white with blood (back)

Obtained from Achievement – Unleashed
Male version submitted by MystiQ

Celebration T-shirt (chest)

Obtained during the 1 month celebration weekend (complete 30 missions)
Male pics submitted by MystiQ, female by hybelmygg

Solomon Island


Honorary Townie Cap (hat)

Obtained from Achievement – Town Council
Submitted by: Male pics by Scrofa

Savage Coast

Innsmouth Academy Hoodie (back)

Obtained from Achivement – Magna Cum Laude
Submitted by: Male pics by Scrofa

Blue Mountain

Hazmat Suit (Back/multislot)

Reward for completing quest – Up in Flames
Male and female versions identical

Dawn Leathers (back)

Reward for achievement – People of the Dawn


Male pics submitted by Train

All three zones

Pumkinhead (Hat)

Obtained from Achievement – Jack in the Box


Male and female hat identical

Innsmouth Academy Jacket (back)

Obtained from Achievement – Coast to Coast


Male and female outfit identical


Atenist Garb (multislot)

Obtained during tier 2 of Black Sun, Red Sand (Egypt Main quest)

Male and female outfit identical

Desert Dress Casual (chest)

Obtained from Egypt exploration achievement – “And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time”

Complete exploration achievement for both Scorched Desert + City of Sun God


Male Outfit submitted by MystiQ, Nostrom

Harbaburesti Straw Hat

Obtained from Local Flavour Achievement in Scorched Desert


Male and female hats identical


Foamy Antlers (Head)

Obtained from Transylvania achievement – “Of Fauns and Fairytales”


Submitted by Lars/Misjah (bottom)

original (2)original (1)

Hunting Wraps (Head)

Obtained from Transylvania achievement – “The Draculesti”


Submitted by Reminiscence & Nostrom

Village Garb (back)

Obtained from Transylvania exploration achievement – “In Dracula’s Shadow”

Submitted by  MystiQ(male)


Traditional Garb (chest)

Obtained from Transylvania Achievement – “Tomorrow We Dance”

Submitted by Nostrom (male)


Dungeon Achivements

Dandy Hellraiser (multislot)

Obtained from Achievement “Tonight We Dine in Hell”
Male pics submitted by Nostrom

Dawnbringer Garb (multislot)

Obtained from Achievement “Lucid Dreamers”

Demonskin Coat (multislot)

Obtained from Achievement “We Rose as One”

Hellpunk Casual (multislot)

Obtained from Master Planner Achievement for Hell Fallen NM
Male pics submitted by Reminiscence

Spelunking Gear (multislot)

Obtained from Master Planner Achievement for Ankh NM
Pictures submitted by Daysprung

Sycoil Jumpsuit (multislot)

Obtained from Achievement “All Hands on Deck”
Male and female versions identical

Misc Achievements

Main story mission

Streetwear Samurai (multislot)
Weiss Knight (multislot)- Clipping issues with hair
Crowley’s Glad Rags (multislot)- Submitted by Nostrom
High Plane Drifter (multislot)- Submitted by Nostrom

Other Missions

Orochi Uniform (back, legs and feet)

Obtained from Achievement – “The Eight-Headed Serpent
Submitted by Widget (male), ShadowUnicorn (female)


San Diego (back)

Obtained by completing the Vagabond achievement
Submitted by Nostrom (male)


Occult Oxford Daywear (multislot, female)

Obtained by completing all lore achievements
Submitted by Raido of Grim

Occult Oxford Tweed (multislot, male)

Obtained by completing all lore achievements
Submitted by Widget

Factional Clothing


Rank 3 – First Pattern (multislot)
Submitted by Cryptonomicon & damny, male pics by Scrofa
Rank 7 – Second Pattern (multislot)
Submitted by damny, male pics by Scrofa
Rank 9 – Third Pattern (multislot)
Submitted by damny
Rank 11 – Fourth Pattern (multislot)
Submitted by damny
Rank 12 – Fifth Pattern (multislot)
Submitted by damny


Rank 3 – Junior Agent (Multislot)
Rank 7 – Senior Agent (Multislot)
Rank 9 – Chief Agent (Multislot)


Rank 11 – Head Agent (Multislot)- Male pics submitted by Nizan84
Rank 12 – Illuminated Agent (multislot)- Male pics submitted by Nizan84


Rank 3- Enlisted Order (Multislot)
Submitted by Yite (Female), MystiQ (Male)
Rank 7- Honored Order (Multislot)
Submitted by Yite & Synalon(Female), MystiQ (Male)
Rank 9- Glided Order (multislot)
Submitted by MystiQ (male), and Synalon (female
Rank 11 – Laurelled Order (multislot)
Submitted by MystiQ, female version by Razorwire
Rank 12 – Knightly Order (multislot)

Submitted by MystiQ, female version by Razorwire

templarknightlyorderoriginal (1)

Ring Unlocks

Charged Coat (back)

Elementalism Inner Ring Completion

Pics submitted by Grazzt & Natai




Combat Tracksuit Jacket (back)

Blade Inner Ring Completion

Male pics by Scrofa



Cutoff Harness (back)

Hammer Ring Completion

Pics submitted by MystiQ (male)


Discordant Coat (Back)

Chaos Inner Ring Completion

Pics submitted by Yite (female) and Smidgeon (male)


Dweller’s Duster (back)

Pistol Inner Ring Completion

Male Pics submitted by MystiQ


Frontline Jacket (back)

Assault Rifle Inner Ring Completion

Pictures submitted by Lexxie (female) and MystiQ (Male)

EIIgah (1)

Riot Control Jacket (Back)

Shotgun Inner Ring Completion

Pictures submitted by Lexxie (female), MystiQ (male)



Ritual Coat (back)

Blood Magic Inner Ring Completion

Male pics submitted by Smidgeon



Streetfight Hoodie Jacket (back)

Fist Inner Ring Completion

Pics submitted by Yite, male pics by Scrofa



Misc Outfits

Pre-order T-shirt

Pics submitted by Yite, male pics by Scrofa



Alienware T-shirt (limited giveaway)

Male pics submitted by MystiQ, female by Morven



Curse T-Shirt (limited giveaway)

Male pics submitted by Scrofa



MMORPG T-shirt (limited giveaway)

Male Pics submitted by MystiQ


mmowhite2mmowhite1mmoblack2mmoblack1 T-shirt (limited giveaway)

Pics submitted by ShadowU and MystiQ

Neutral set (Secret War Facebook game- no longer available) Pics submitted by MystiQ

Cap T-shirt
prettyboyneutralcap prettyboyneutraltshirt
Jacket Full set (including pants)
prettyboyneutraljacket prettyboyneutralpants

Templar set (Secret War Facebook game- no longer available) – Pics submitted by MystiQ

Cap T-shirt
prettyboytemplarcap prettyboytemplartshirt
Jacket Full set (including pants)
prettyboytemplarjacket prettyboytemplarpants

Dragon Set (Secret War Facebook game – No longer available) – Pics submitted by Smidgeon

Cap T-shirt



Full set  

Black Watchman (ARG Reward) – Pics submitted by Smidgeon


Slaughterhouse 666 (ARG) – Pics submitted by Nekroido


Deck Unlocks (all are multislots)


Chaos Theorist – Submitted by Vahishta
Hunter – Submitted by Spectra
Martial Artist
Monk – Male pics submitted by Stele
Neoshaman– Submitted by Santiak
Warrior – Submitted by Spectra and Lexxie (female),


Bodyguard – Submitted by ShadowUnicorn (female), Widget (male)
Bounty Hunter – Submitted by Widget, ShadowUnicorn (female),
Fixer – Submitted by Kidcoma (female), Widget (male)
Grifter – Submitted by Widget (male), female version submitted by ShadowUnicorn
Goon – Submitted by Lunaticked (female), Widget (male)
Gunslinger – Submitted by Widget, female version submitted by ShadowUnicorn
Illusionist – Submitted by ShadowU (female), Widget (male)
original (3)illusionist3illusionist2illusionist1
Necromancer – Male pics submitted by Yraen
EPx8G - ImgurB3UrX - ImgurLNkO9 - ImgurftftN - Imgur
Slayer– Submitted by Widget, female version by ShadowUnicorn
Thaumaturge – Submitted by Artarion & ShadowU


Crusader – Submitted by Nostrom & Train
Executioner – Submitted by Yite  (female), Nostrom (male)
Exorcist – Submitted by Rervin
Gladiator (male pics by MystiQ)
Magus – Submitted by MystiQ
Soldier – Submitted by Schadenfreude (female), Train (male)
Paladin – Submitted by Natasch
Preacher – Submitted by Rervin
Puritan – Submitted by MystiQ (male), Synalon (female)
Warlock – Submitted by Train
Witch Hunter – Submitted by MystiQ

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

176 replies on “TSW- List of quests with clothing rewards!”

I could try to do something, like take bmp screenshot or something, something more like in the format that Yite is doing. Will get back to you.

Heya Dulfy, it’s me, MystiQ from the forums. Seeing how the forums are currently down I thought I’d drop the motherload here. This is pretty much all I have atm, most of which are now unobtainable, or soon to be unobtainable, I will mark it as such though.

Puritan, Completing and claiming the Puritan Deck:

Cutoff Harness, Completing inner wheel of Hammer:

Riot Jacket, Completing inner wheel of Shotgun:

The above is still available, the rest I’m not really sure if you can still get, but I’ll point out how I got them regardless.

MMORPG T-shirts, limited offer on the MMORPG site.

Neutral Cap, T-shirt, Jacket and Pants(combined all of them for the pants screenie) Got these from the Secret War facebook game, which is no longer playable.
Pants and full set:

Templar Cap, T-shirt, Jacket and Pants(Combined all of them for the pants screenie) Got these from the Secret War Facebook game, which is no longer playable.
Pants and full set:

Pre-Order T-Shirt, from Pre-Ordering, no longer obtainable:

The Aviator glasses, Fingerless gloves, Shirt and tie aswell as the Trenchoat seen on any non multislot outfit picture is not part of those sets, but is merely my lazy ass not taking em off before screenies.

As always. Use them or not use them it’s your prerogative. (I know some of these you already got, feel free to disgard, unless you want a male model.

Signing out, Prettyboy of Cerberus. MystiQ of the forums.

You are very welcome.
I know the Templar jacket(Dragon and Illuminati aswell) are available with the initiation package or whatever it’s called. Not sure about the other stuff though.

I saw a guy wearing a Antler cap, it was a baseball cap with small foamy antlers.
Also saw a guy wearing a small weird looking hat, i would say middle eastern heritage or something, not sure, it was yellow with a little decoration. is giving away a t-shirt for TSW right now, just log in and claim a key. It’s black (or white) with the curse flame on it, no text.

I’m rank 10 Templar I think, but pretty sure I only have 3 faction outfits, the highest being the Gilded one. I’ll take screens of those once the servers are back on if you like.

And you’re welcome ^^

TY for the catalogue BTW, I posted a link to it on TSW-RP forums

Hey mate, I took some pics that you may be able to use – Black watchman back Black watchman front Discordant male Dragon cap front Dragon cap side Dragon full set back Dragon full set front
Dragon Rank male back
Dragon rank male front
dragon T-shirt
Ritual jacket male

The foamy antlers baseball cap “Antlers Cap” is rewarded from completing the Transylvania achievement “Of Fauns and Fairytales”.
Nice talking to you ingame Dulfy, keep up the great work!
– Misjah

Ya,its quite nice looking,tho I think the hairstyle with half the face covered would look better with it…something to check once the plastic surgery thingie goes live XD

I think the other factions get it too, I did on my Dragon and my Templar. “Into the Darkness” quest. I *think* you also keep the one from the Blue Mountain Mine, the quest you pick up at the Franklin Mansion.

Also, I see you’re lacking male pics on the Straw hat, Innsmouth Academy jacket, Pumpkinhead, Hazmat suit and the Atenist garb. I just wanted to point out that the reward and look for male characters are exactly the same, barr the boobs. (Not a big shocker on the Atenist Garb and Hazmat suit atleast). So might want to list that unless you want a male model for em aswell. If so, just shout and I will upload.
I can also do the inner ring ones you lack a male model for if you want, got all of those aswell.

On another note. I will attempt to get the Dawn Leathers tomorrow to see if that look is the same. I’ve yet to run any instances and so I lack the Darkness War quest for it. Just hope people aren’t too picky about a QL10 guy in their group. ^^

Hey, thanks again for all your submissions! I will just list that the male and female models are the same for those quested outfits. Inner rings would be awesome!

As for the Dawn Leather, rumor has it that this particular outfit is female only – male characters can’t equip it. I don’t know if it was a bug and if they fixed it for 1.0.1 or it was intentional (the outfit didn’t seem female specific).

I am curious though, what do male characters get instead for Desert Casual Dress from the exploration achievement in City of Sun God? The cloth name seems to be gender specific!

Very well. I’ll get the inner ring screenies taken tomorrow.
And you are very welcome. Not everyday I get to be a model (for good reason) =p
As for the Dawn Leathers, I can’t confirm that without actually testing it, and if bugged I’m sure I’ll get the reward once it’s fixed.

As for the exploration achievement. I don’t really know. Haven’t done all that exploration yet(will do tomorrow). I’ll wager that it does look different yes, as it seems the model for that shirt worn by female characters are based on one of the generic shirts for females only. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say male characters get the non-tucked shirt with the white t-shirt underneath, if going by the most generic look. But We’ll see tomorrow. (If I can get it done)
Also, I’m not so sure if the Achievement is for CotSG alone, or both SD and CotSG, as that seems to be the norm with the 2 other regions. Unless you know 100% that is the case.
But I’ll confirm that one way or another tomorrow, will do CotSG first as I only lack the one location there. Sadly I lack a bunch in SD, which is gonna be a pain in the mikta.

Allright,did ya do the SD achievement after? As in, is there a reward for that or can I safely skip it?

Here are the stuff, as promised.
Desert Dress Casual:
Looked alot different from what I expected, the shirt model seems rather unique.

Frontline Jacket:
Dueller’s Duster:
The Jacket and Duster looks very similar to the female models at first glance, but to me it looks like the collar of both are more prominent on the male model.

I’m gonna venture into SD now and see if I can find those missing locations. Will come back with results, regardless of if I get an item or not. Atleast then you know.

Right so. Did the SD exploration achievement, and nothing from either that or exploring both zones. What an utter waste of time.
Oh well.

You’re very welcome. Also, completed that Dawn Leathers achievement, and I can confirm, no usable reward for male characters. Got the Dawn Leather thingy as a clicky in my inventory, but It tells me I’m unable to perform that action.
So yes, it is bugged. Hopefully.

Hat! I love hats. It looks cool. Sadly, not the kinda hat that fits with any of my outfits.
Where’s the darn Fedora, Trilby, Derby, Top Hat, Ascot or Berets?
I’d even take a Panama, Capotain, hell, a darn Fez to get some variety.
‘sup with all these darn caps and crappy looking hats that none is ever gonna wear. Altough, that Gatsby looking thing looks kinda neat.
*Rushes off to put together an outfit that might work with that hat*

I’ll get the name of it for you totally forgot that >.<
"All hands on deck" achievement
sycoil jumpsuit

will update you with more for nightmare when we get there 😀

Most joyous news: Patch 1.0.2 fixed Droning On and On, meaning players are now able to obtain the three-piece Orochi suit.

Droning On and On has been fixed and is now in game so finally! the Orochi uniforms are obtainable 🙂

Just figured I should let you know xD

Monk Male gear. Unfortunately my lips clip right through the facemask, and when I turn my head my whole chin pokes out. So I’ve never been able to wear it.

Hey again. Totally forgot I had this.
Anyways, Alienware T-shirt. On a male.

Also, posted that Dawn Leathers pic for you a couple weeks ago on the forums, guess you might’ve missed it.
Anyways, as I noted at that time, I believe it’s bugged. Considering the Wabanaki has nothing to do with Innsmouth Academy.
Now, where that Jacket is originally supposed to come from is another subject.

I didn’t see the female assassin represented up there.

Also, that shirt doesn’t seem to be rewarded when you complete “Let There Be Light” achievement. Perhaps it comes with the meta-achievement “And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time”, exploring both City of the Sun God and Scorched Desert? I just completed LTBL, and no shirt. I still have 5 areas to go find in SD.

thanks for the assassin screenshots, for the desert casual shirt, I got it when I completed the exploration achievement in City of Sun God and Did those feet in ancient time. I didn’t complete the SD exploration. I wasn’t sure if the achievement for City of Sun God and Valley of Sun God are linked

That is weird. I just came back out here to let you know that my Valley meta achievement kicked off after I went back and completed Chariots of Fire (SD). It was then that I got my shirt.

In official forums lots of people complain about this, because it looks nothing like the ingame preview (in the decks section of the ability wheel).

I wonder where Dulfy got the shots up there, because those DO look almost exactly like the preview…

pretty sure it was changed, tho unsure if those who got the outfit previous the change had it updated or are in possession of an outfit no longer avail

The fun thing about this costume that it didn’t disappeared after correct pandemonist deck costume appearing. It was just renamed in “Claudia’s revenge”

Just to be clear (as English isn’t my native language 🙂 ):
When finishing the Pandemonist Deck you no longer get the Outfit Spectra posted, but the one Dulfy has listed? In other words, we now get the correct one?

Thanks for all the work Dulfy btw, already enjoyed the SWTOR-section a lot, glad to see you’re also playing TSW. You rock! 🙂

Could someone give me a list of the missions necessary for the “The Eight-Headed Serpent” achievement?

don’t have a list with me atm but if you check the achivements for orochi missions in each region (i..e solomon, transylvania, egypt, it should tell you which ones you need)

Tanks for the reply nut I’m not sure I follow completely. Are you saying there are other orochi achievements?
Because I checked all mission achievements and the only one I can find about orochi is “The Eight-Headed Serpent” or am I looking in the wrong place?

Hey, just thought I’d drop you a female Exorcist pic. Not as nice as the male, really. I’m mostly annoyed about the stole not having much in the way of details for females. At least we get all the clothes, though. Female Executioners don’t get a shirt!

And now, Mother Superior Pimp of the Official Serbian Church of Tesla presents:

More stuffs. dunno if ye want a male model for the issue stuff, but here ya go regardless.*
Issue 1:

And here’s a Village Garb without clipping issues:

On another note. They completely wacked hats this time around. All hats now have clipping issues with my hair, severe clipping issues. Even the ones that worked fine pre-patch.
It’s mind boggling that they can’t seem to do anything right.

hey, thanks for those. I read a thread on general where a dev responded and said the clipping issue will be fixed in 1.1.1 which is next tuesday i think. The clipping issue was known on testlive and a number of the quest bugs were all reported. They just didn’t think it was a high priority to fix them I guess 🙁

You’re very welcome. And goodie about the fix. I wonder what they consider high priority though, as nothing of the new stuff is even remotely bug free ><

dude, golden pistols are just a CoSG skin…buy pistol for 40 marks+casting kit from anywhere and i made my purp q10 look like the gold model. I LOVEZ my gold pistols ;P wont be changing that shit anytime soon unless they get pink ones >.>

I failed last post, let’s try this again.

The first three are from the Master Planner achievement of The Ahnk in Nightmare Mode. The outfit is called “Spelunking Gear”

The second three are from the Master Planner achievement of Hell Fallen in Nightmare Mode. The outfit is called “Hellpunk Casual”.

I got the two mixed up. Hellpunk Casual is first and Spelunking Gear is second. I am really bad at these board posts and I have no idea how to edit them.

I’m not sure if the other Master Planner outfits have been posted…

I can add the one’s from Polaris, Hell Raised and Darkness War as well if you’re interested.

Female Laurelled Order and Female Knightly Order.

Loving the site, Use it constantly, so I thought I should contribute…
See if I’ve figured this out right…

Found this in my dressing room today, Celebration T-shirt. Wild guess that it’s from doing those 30 quests?

Secret War set for Templar female.
I’m working on the Female Warlock deck (~125 AP to go…), and I’ll post that if no-one else does before I get it.

theres that thing…illum female whatever…lol and some kinda promo tshirt u can grab by entering a code into ur account page…found the code on the official forums…sorry cant member what it is..something like TSWBUFFSHIRT or similar….

Sorry I didn’t take the time to crop the images but here they are.Alienware T-Shirt — Black with Green Logo, These given away as contest prizes by DJs from Gridstream Productions.
Snakeskin Outfit (Male) – Grand Master Pack Outfit for Lifetime Subscribers

Entering the code PAXSECRET and upgrading your account (this code also works to set up a new, trial, account, but I’m guessing most people visiting here already have one) will get you a new shirt on Sept. 12 (no image, it not being the 12th yet, so the shirt’s not claimable). This code may time out soon – I’ve heard it may only be good through Sept 4/5 2012.

Hi again Dulfy

The free Tshirt mentioned is attached, and you can get it with the code TSWBUFFEDTSHIRT

Looks like you’re not updating anymore 🙁 Here is the Monster Hunter Jacket (reward for killing all rare names) for people reading…

Love all your posts btw…wondering….how do you get the bloody sweatshirt….only seen it on a few people

[…] Hey everyone, Hell Eternal is the 3rd and final dungeon in the Hell dungeon series (Hell Raised, Hell Fallen). It is an elite dungeon with entrances located either in The Shadowy Forest in Transylvania or the Agartha. Like all other elite dungeons, it will drop blue QL10 gear. If you have done two other Hell dungeons before, doing this one will give you an achievement and a multislot outfit to match – Dandy Hellraiser. […]

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