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TSW Dungeon Guide: Ankh/Pandora’s Box

Hey everyone, Ankh (quest is called Pandora’s Box) is a QL7-8 dungeon located in Scorched Desert. You can find the quest offered in the Orochi Retreat from Lisa Hui but the entrance of the dungeon is actually located a bit SE.This dungeon drops mostly QL8 blue gear and it is a rather fun one – there isn’t really any strict DPS checks except for one boss and none of them hit particularly hard. However, there is a fair bit of trash in this dungeon compared to previous ones, although they are still relative few compared to dungeons in other MMOs (where you spend most time clearing trash rather than fighting bosses!)

While having ranged DPS isn’t absolutely required, it will one of the boss fights here much easier.



Squalid Hekaturgist

First one in the dungeon. Fairly easy one mainly to ease you into the dungeon and teach you about motes!

Mechanic Strategy
Motes of Aten Avoid them, if you get silenced, call for help and make sure unaffected DPS burn them down.
Heka Blast Placed on the player with the highest threat. That player will have a pinkish circle. Make sure to move away from other players when they happens so only you take damage.

Motes of Aten is a a recurring theme in this dungeon. They are part of almost half of the boss mechanics in this dungeon so it is good to learn about them on such an easy boss. They can be avoided if you get far away enough. Failure to avoid them will cause the Mote of Aten to target you and silence you (can’t cast a lot of your abilities).


Motes of Aten will periodically spawn throughout the fight (they are scattered around the room). If you don’t avoid them, you will get silenced. Once that happens, make sure you say something like Mote in group chat to tell the DPS in your group to kill the mote on you. Motes don’t have a lot of health and can be easily burned down. Failure to damage the mote (you don’t have to kill it, it will turn non-aggressive when it has 30-40% HP left) will allow that mote to blow you up! (instant one shot). Don’t move around too much when the mote is on you (i.e. don’t do what I did in the video) as it can be hard to DPS to follow you around and get the mote off.

Heka Blast is the other ability from the boss you need to be aware of. Typically this is something that only concern tanks unless they lose threat. Squalid will place a purple/pinkish circle under the player with the highest threat. There is nothing you can do to avoid it. It will blow up a few seconds later, damaging anyone caught in it. This means that if you get it, move away from other people so only you take damage. The damage from Heka Blast isn’t bad, the highest was around 1.2k damage on a tank.


Heka Strike is the boss’s regular attack. It is a casted spell that hits for as high as ~1.3k damage. It isn’t a lot of damage and can be easily countered.



Doctor Klein

This is one of my favourite fights, mostly because I am afraid of heights and I seem to always mess up on this fight somehow. This fight is done on this narrow bridge where you have to avoid a lot of things coming at you by moving from side to side. The catch is that there is a chance you can fall off if you are not careful!

The trick to avoid bad stuff in this fight is to never stand in the middle of the bridge!

Mechanic Strategy
Open the void Summons a portal that spawns Motes of Aten, avoid them by sidestepping to the other side of the bridge.
Swell of Mutation Waves that spawn from Klein’s location and travel down the bridge. Avoid them by sidesteeping to the opposite side. Failure to avoid them will cause you to take large amount of damage and knocked down. This make you prone to get hit by the subsequent wave attacks as well.
Wave of Mutation Run back to the start of the bridge, you cannot sidestep this attack!

Phase 1

Doctor Klein doesn’t move and doesn’t have a conal attack so DPS and tanks can fight facing him.

Open the void- this is the first mechanic that Klein will throw at you. He will open a portal on either side of him that spawn Motes of Aten. These motes will travel down on one side of the bridge at a fairly rapid pace and will silence any players along the way unless they sidestep to the other side of the bridge.


The key here is to never stand in the middle of the bridge as you are almost guaranteed to be hit by motes on both sides. Sidestep to the opposite side from the line of traveling motes (it appears that even if you are on the side of the traveling motes, sometimes they won’t attack you if you stand far enough on the side but don’t count on it!).


If any player fails to avoid the mote and becomes silenced, unaffected DPS should help attack the mote asap so the affected person doesn’t die! You easily see who has a mote on them because you will see this debuff icon in the group window.


Swell of Mutation – After dealing with a couple lines of motes, Klein will throw his wave attack at you. It is imperative you move to the opposite side. Keep in mind that the these waves will affect a larger area than they appear to be and sometimes you will get hit by them even though you thought you moved out of it. Move as far to the other side as you can without falling off.

The pattern is somewhat predictable. A wave moving on the left side, for example, will usually be followed by a wave moving on the right side a couple seconds later (doesn’t always follow this pattern so it is usually better to stand in the middle and wait to see where the wave spawns before moving). This allow you to move a bit in advance to avoid the wave.


Wave of Mutation – After a couple of waves, Klein will cast his wave of mutation attack (this is usually accompanied by a voice warning from Klein). For this attack, you must run back to the start of the bridge and either stop on top of the boulder standing across the bridge or behind it. You cannot avoid this wave by stepping to the sides and it will usually instant kill you if you don’t run out fast enough.


When running back after a Wave of Mutation attack, you will need to zig-zag across the bridge as Klein will keep throwing Swells of Mutations on either side of the bridge.

Phase 2

Phase 2 starts after the first Wave of Mutation. It is similar to phase 1 except sometimes Klein casts Open the Void and Swell of Mutation one after the other in such a way that one side is occupied by motes while the other side is occupied by waves. It is quite hard to avoid both. I usually will take the wave over the mote to free up the DPS to damage the boss.


Once you get Klein down to 45k HP the fight is over!


Orochi Dead Ops

Mechanic Strategy
Frag AoE- move out of the white circle

This fight is a just a group of 3 tough trash mobs. This fight is all about aggro management as DPS going full AoE right off the start can instantly draw aggro and get themselves killed. Give time for tank to engage and gain aggro on all three mobs before dropping your big AoEs.


The basic strat here is to focus fire on them one at a time and avoid the frag AoE they sometimes toss out on the ground. Some people have mentioned that if you kill them off one by one, the remaining ones do extra damage. This is not something I have observed and personally it is a lot easier to heal the tank when there are only 1-2 mobs alive rather than all 3. Healers may find the initial portion of the fight slightly healing intensive but gets easier as the fight progresses.


Dimensional Arachnid

Mechanic Strategy
Black Bile An attack that puts black tar on random players. You do not get a warning before hand and need to move out of it immediately (active dodge is good here)
Flifth Undetow This is a DoT from the Black Bile, it hinders the player and put a dot on them that does a fair bit of damage.
Research Assistants Adds that spawn periodically during the fight with 3.6k HP that need to be burned down quick to prevent them buffing the boss, increasing its damage.

The spider is a fairly easy boss and has a mechanic that you will also get to see on the final boss.

Black Bile is the main thing that you need to worry about. The spider will randomly through black tar on players. You do not get a warning circle before it lands so you will take some damage before you dodge out of it. The black tar also applies a dot called Flith Undertow on you that hinders you (slow your movement speed) and damages you so it is best to dodge out of it (deals around 200-300 per tick but ticks fast).


Research Assistants are adds that spawn periodically throughout the fight in random locations. They will cast a beam that buffs the boss, giving it increasing stacks of damage buff. DPS should find these adds when they see the beam and kill them ASAP to prevent the stacks from getting too high (highest stack we got with DPS ignoring half of the research assistants was 315 stacks).



The Colossus, Melothat

This fight is a bit confusing and a lot of groups tend to fail here due to improper execution of strategy. Ranged DPS is a plus here as it can make the fight easier.

Mechanic Strategy
Disembalmed Atenist Two adds guarding the first door
Orochi Dead Ops A single add guarding the second door.
Gates Each gate have 2.5k HP and need to be broken down asap to allow the group pass.
Wretched Receptacle These adds spawn behind the boss and will run forward to engage the boss after he passes a gate.
Overkill You get too close.. Melothat punts you back with a knockback that deals as much as 2.7k damage

The fight thing you need to be aware of is your surroundings. The cutscene move your character up the bridge and if it is your first time it may be disorienting and you end up run into the boss. The boss will spawn where you were standing where the cutscene began so don’t run back.. Move toward the gate, not back the way you came!


The boss will spawn behind you and head towards the gate.


There are various strategies on how to deal with this fight. I will explain a strat that worked well for my group and was way less chaotic than the alternative strats I have seen. The key thing with this strat is to break down gate ASAP and kill adds as much as possible. The more adds that are around, the more difficult it is for the tank to keep aggro (and for the healer to heal) on all of them without them ganging up on the healer or DPS.

TL:DR version: All dps help break down gate 1 and kill 2 adds. 2 ranged dps engage boss while tank, healer and 1 dps run off to the second gate to engage the add & gate there. Once boss stops at gate 1 two adds will run forward that should be picked up. Once boss stops at gate 2 four adds will run forward. Max DPS on the boss on final stage if your dps is low.

Dismembered Atenist (9.4 k HP) & Gate 1: The entire group should run in to the gate and kill the two Dismembered Atenist right away. Ignore the boss for now, the priority is to break down the gate and then kill the two adds. Once the gate is down, all but two DPS move to the next area. Hopefully by now the two atenist adds are dead and you can pick up the next add at the second gate.



Orochi Dead Ops (54 k HP) and Gate 2: Tank healer and one dps (pref melee if there is one) go through the gate and head to the second gate. Tank pick up the Orochi Dead ops add first while the one dps that came over break down gate 2. This DPS can now go back to the boss or help kill the add. The two other DPS should engage the boss as soon the first gate is down.


Melothat will keep moving and punt anyone that came close to his attacking range with Overkill, a knockback that people flying and deals a huge amount of damage. This is a problematic for melee DPS as they need to be extra careful about getting in the right distance and not get punted. Ranged DPS have no issue and can damage him from afar. Melothat will pick up speed as he moves through sections of the gate, so DPS will need to adjust their retreat accordingly while DPSing. Melothat will stop at Gate 1 for a bit, allowing melee DPS to go in and damage him a bit.


Wretched Receptacle (3.8 k HP) will run from back of Melothat and go through Gate 1 once Melothat stops at the first gate (note sometimes Melothat bugs out and doesn’t stop at the first gate. When that happens, the adds won’t run forward but when Melothat stops at gate 2, you will get 2 waves of adds). It is imperative that tank move close to the first gate after picking up the Orochi Dead Ops add. This will allow him to pick up the two Wretched Receptacles that come running through the gate before they gang up on the healer or the DPS.


One DPS should help clean up the adds while the remaining 2 stay on the boss and damage him.

Once Melothat goes get to the corridor between Gate 1 and Gate 2, the group can either hold Melothat and tank him on one of the pillars or proceed to retreat to the space behind gate 2. To tank him, the tank need to put his back to a pillar so that when Melothat does Overkill, the knockback put the tank against the pillar. This tanking method can buy the group some extra time if the DPS is low


Once Melothat stops at the 2nd gate, 4 Wretched Receptacles will spawn. If the group is low on DPS, they should just focus on the boss while the tank and healer deals with the adds. Otherwise, having a melee dps to help out on the adds can take the load off the healer.



Melothat and Klein

This fight has multiple phases, knowing when the phases change is essential for the fight.

Mechanic Strategy
Sinkhole Melothat put his fist down on the ground, creating a circle (can be avoided) that expands into a black hole, spewing out filth
Wretched Receptacle These adds spawn during phase 3 from the sinkholes created by Melothat.
Buffs from Klein DPS need to go up the ladder and damage Klein to stop him from buffing Melothat, which give him stacks that can increase his damage.

Phase 1: Tank should tank Melothat by the entrance, ranged dps can DPS from the corner. When Melothat uses sinkhole, tank should move to the corner while ranged DPS gradually move to the ladder area in preparation for phase 2. It is essential that DPS, especially ranged, do not pull aggro here as doing so can cause Melothat to drop a sinkhole where the ranged DPS are, essentially separate the group in half.


Do not go up the ladder and DPS Melothat, doing so will cause you get stunned/knocked down when Klein spawns in phase 2.

Phase 2

At around 260k, Melothat will stop attacking but not immune to damage. One or two ranged DPS or healer (since he/she can heal themselves while in the filth water) need to run up up the ladder/scaffhold quickly to damage Klein. Doing so will stop Klein from buffing and a couple hits more will cause Klein to disappear.

Phase 1’

Once Klein disappears, Melothat doesn’t become active right away, allowing the DPser or healer to jump down and get themselves into position. DPS should stop attacking at this point as the aggro tend to reset here. Note that the sinkholes from the previous phase have all reset, allowing the tank to drag Melothat back to the entrance and repeat phase 1.

Phase 2’

Phase 2’ will trigger again around 170k HP. This time Klein is up higher  so you will need to climb an addition set of stairs.

Phase 3

Phase 3 starts after phase 2’, this time the sinkholes will spawn Wretched Receptacles. They should be DPS’ed down quickly as they don’t have much health.

Phase 4

At around 83k, Melothat will become inactive again. This time, Klein is not at the top. Instead. he will be spawning at the entrance, buffing Melothat. Damaging him will stop buffing and allow to do his usual tricks (Wave of Mutation and Motes of Ankh). Everyone, including tanks, will need to run across the corner and avoid that side completely. None of Klein’s attacks will bend around the corner.


Watch out! Klein will soon switch sides, and you need to change sides as well to avoid his attacks.

Pretty soon, Melothat will be dead, with only Klein remaining.

Phase 5

Once Melothat is dead, tank, healer and 1 dps should go up the ladder, climbing to the highest rock and wait for Klein there. The remaining two DPS (ranged DPS if possible) will need to keep damaging Klein to a certain health amount (around 36k). Once that is achieved, the two DPS should run up and join the fight at the top. The reason you want to have 3 people already up at top is that Klein will buff himself right away once he port there and having someone to attack him right away will stop this.

Klein will keep gaining damage stacks at this point but won’t use any of his special abilities, making this part a tank & spank.


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They have definitely changed something with these guys in the patch. I tried running it as a tank on normal and 3 of the 5 people were the same as before the patch. We couldn’t get 1 of the 3 down. They were slamming me ridiculously hard. So they increased the damage on them or something.

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