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City of the Sun God Quests Walkthrough

Hey everyone, City of Sun Gods is the second zone in Egypt that can be accessed via an door in the NE corner of Scorched Deserts. Mobs here drops QL8-9 green stuff.


  • July 15 – Added a temp fix to the Hall of Lost Record Tier 5 bug provided by Michael


A Modest Proposal

This quest is a bit harder than expected, the last tier a bit annoying. It can be picked up from the Orochi camp in the NW corner of the map.

Tier 3 Find the arsenal tent

So the Lethal Perimeter Unit hurts and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get past it..

However, recall those humanoid trash mobs around the area? What do they drop when you kill them?


Spoiler Inside Show

Now you need to find a good distance and use it. You don’t want to be too close or you will be in range of the turret and it hurts! You don’t want to throw it at the sandbag in front of the turret either, it will be wasted and you will need to go back and get more. It will take a couple tries to get it down!

Tier 4 Find the owner of the sniper unit!

This part is quite fun. How do people avoid snipers in the movies? Moving from cover to cover right? If you see a big crosshair on your head, that means the sniper is targeting you so you better hide to the wall and stay in cover!


You will need to zigzag across covers until you can sneak up on the sniper!

Black Sun, Red Sand

Tier 7: Search the Orochi databanks for information

Go to the Orochi camp, remember that those droids floating around will zap you and put you back at the camp entrance if you get too close to them (just don’t run in front of their beams).

You need to get inside the big tent, but the entrance is heavy guarded and who knows what is inside waiting for you?

What do you do if you see an Orochi tent? Hint: You go to the back!

Spoiler Inside Show

Perfect! Still is it a good idea to go via the front entrance? Look at the tent, you see a big hole anywhere?

Spoiler Inside Show

Once you are inside and have accessed the main frame,

Spoiler Inside Show

don’t forget to pick up the lore object there!


Tier 7 – Recover the Aspect of Hemitneter

This one took me a while to find.. but it is inside a tent!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 9: Fight your way into the heart of the pyramid

This part isn’t too bad if you have an AoE damage spec as you will be dealing with waves of cultists. They have low health (1.2k each) but they come in pack of 5s and can deal a lot of damage if they swarm you. I have an assault rifle spec I use which give me a couple of nice AoE abilites at a cheap AP cost (Fire at Will, Slow the Advance). Try find abilities that hinder group of mobs so you can kite them if you can’t take the damage.

Tier 9: Confront the Black Pharaoh, Akhenaten

For this fight you will need some DPS gear as Akhenaten will heal to pull and reset the fight if you don’t get him down to a certain % in the amount of time you are given. Put on your biggest damage abilities and stack some health as well in case you can’t run out one of his special attacks quick enough. Akhenaten hits like a pillow and fight is more about avoiding his special attacks than anything else.

There are some abilities of his you need to be aware of.

  • Death Awaits – don’t try to run out of it, you are meant to take it. Getting hit by this will take you to a semi death phase. Clicking on one of the sentinels nearby will “revive” you and some of them will give you a buff.

Spirit of Thutmose give you Song of Glory, which give you increased critical, penetration and hit rating.

Spirit of Houy – give you a small heal.

  • Aten Stirs – This is probably what will kill you during this fight. This one has a very very large radius and to dodge it you need to run to one of the three bridges. The surprise is that at least one of the bridges will be hollow and running to it will cause you to fall your death and reset the fight. This is especially prevalent in the later part of the fight where Akhenaten like to spam this skill a lot and at least 2/3 of bridges will be hollow.

Make sure you know the layout of the room well.


The best advice I can give you is to fight in the middle of the room and watch the ground. When you see a small circle appear under his feet, point your camera at one of the bridges and its background – if it becomes whiteish you know that bridge will become hollow. If that happens, immediately switch your camera to another bridge and examine it. If you have enough health (I had 4k HP) you can survive the hit even if you don’t make it to the end of the bridge. It seems to do less damage the further you are away from Akhenaten. Make sure to have some heal pots to top yourself up if you do take a hit.


  • Blood History – Wide conal attack, just avoid it. Plenty of time to get out of it.
  • Rotating Purple beam – Rotate with him, don’t get hit. This ability has no cast bar.

Crashed Plane Site (exploration achievement) 

Some people said there are multiple locations to get this achievement for Let there be Light exploration achivement but I found it here (left side of the map)


Emergency Protocols

This is a quested you can get from the Orochi camp at the very NW corner of the map. It is a infiltration/stealth mission.

Tier 1 Hack the Mainframe

The computer is inside the camp but there is no password for entry…Or is there? Look around the camp, pay attention to the ground, see if you can find something..

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 Copy the Sentinel Data

The data is located in the little tent near where you picked up the quest from.

Tier 2 Copy the Black Pharaoh data

This one is a bit tricky to get to as there is a camera guarding it…

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 Copy the Third Age Data

Can’t find it? Here it is!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Find an Orochi TFA-34 Battery, Orochi SR Heatsink, Orochi RNRG Impulse Panel

All of the items can be picked up from the big tent. The issue of course is getting to there. The front entrance is well guarded.. but what about the back?

Hint: There is something to click, and some crates to jump on top of!

Spoiler Inside Show

Hall of Lost Records

This is a stealth mission picked up from Nefertari the Younger from the bottom west section of the map.


So this quest was previously bugged on 6/7.. Now if you just unpaused this mission, you might have trouble finding the entrance to it again!


Tier 1 Find a source of light

It is at the entrance in the ground!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 – Finding the missing link to restore the barrier

Hint: Look closely at the statue.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 – Finding a missing link to restore the barrier

Hint: Look at the corners!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 5 Use the barrier to defend the site

Note: After July 10’s patch 1.01 fix, tier 6/7 was fixed but apparently now tier 5/7 now bugs out.

You need to click on each of the node thingie so they rotate their beams and focus it on the center. This is the way to do it before it got bugged. However, if this doesn’t work, you need to try this solution provided by Michael


Solution to the bug: There appears to be a visual bug with one of the nodes. Try aligning it this way and it might update the quest.


Tier 6 Find away to reactivate the defence barrier

For this one, you need to look on the walls, you will see those clickable node thingies. There are quite a few of them all around the room. Click on them and then click on the center thingie and the barrier should now activate!


Mummy Issues

This is a quest obtained from Amir on the NE side of the map.

Tier 2 Entice the head scribe to show himself..

What is the best way to piss a scribe off?

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 Find a way inside the tomb

The mission marker is a bit misleading, it should point to the door to the tomb. You need 3 pieces, all of them drop from mobs nearby.

  • Top Tablet piece – drops from the big guys walking around
  • Lower Left Tablet piece – drops from the smaller guys
  • Right Tablet piece – can’t remember if this dropped off the smaller guys too or off the ancient Sarcophagus.

Mostly this quest had me stomped because I thought I needed the top left tablet piece as well and couldn’t get any mobs to drop them.

16670 Pax Romana
2 Sequins of the Valley of the Sun God
18th Dynasty Medallion
154700 XP

The Dark Places

Tier 3 Search for help in the world of the spirits

So you probably just got owned by an army of mobs – this quest seems impossible to solo right?

Wait.. what does the quest objective say now?

Hint: Maybe you are not meant to survive that!

Spoiler Inside Show

Use to use the portals when it asks you to!

Tier 6 Lead the warriors through the canyon

For this part, you gotta be alive!

The Eye of Horus

This is a group mission! You can try to solo it but you find it very hard.. or impossible if you glance a lot. The mobs heal everytime you glance.So make sure you find something in your build that reduces the chance to glance or something!

Tier 1 Combined the fragments on an altar of binding

The shard fragments are dropped on the ground after you killed those Keeper mobs. The altar of binding is actually at the top so don’t wander around aimlessly looking for it at the bottom!


Tier 1 Use the Eye of Horus to siphon the powers of Aban of the Black Nile

A lot of people seem to have trouble finding him. I am guessing this is because he has a fairly long respawn time after being killed! He actually roams around in the left “square” all around the perimeter. You should be able to spot him from the altar of binding. He paths near the statue thingie as well so just keep looking there.


To get credit for the kill, you must make sure that you have the eye of Horus buff on you when you land the killing blow. This buff only last 30 seconds and due to the glance heals the fight can take longer than expected. Make a new bag in your inventory, lock it, put the item in that bag so you can keep clicking it. Do not make the mistake my friend did and forgot to put on the buff five times in a row..


Tier 3 Kill Hazat, General of Aten, while under the protection of the Eye of Horus

If you do not have the Horus eye buff on you, you will be silenced everytime you try to hit Hazat.

20000 Pax Romana
2 Sequins of the Valley of the Sun God
5 Pure Metal
263101 XP

The Stained Oasis

Quest picked up from Nefertari at the north side of the map.

Judge the soul of Aspirants and Initiates with Nefertari’s scales

Note that not all the mobs have souls-  Akh does not always spawn after you killed one of the quest mobs. You will need to quite a few of them. Sometimes you can get very unlucky and kill 5-6 of the quest mobs and none of them have a soul!

Once the mob dies and the Akh pops out, just target it and use Nefertari’s scales from the inventory


The Way of Things

This is a quest obtained from Amir on the NE side of the map.


Let me give you a little hint with this mission, you see those clickable thingies on the ground? Clicking on them will spawn a NPC that helps you and give you a buff that allow you to kill mobs there much faster. The mob density is quite high inside so you will need all the help you can get!


Tier 2 – Complete the Ritual of Flame

I will admit this part had me stumbled for a bit. I tried to clicking on the random icons and kept getting knocked down on the ground. Let me give you a hint: start with the symbol at the door and follow the fire to the next one!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 3 – Stop the Ritual of Stone

This one is fairly easy, just destroy the vertical pillars. If you don’t see them like in the screenshot, you may need to wait for it to respawn (someone probably did it before you).


Tier 4 Complete the final ritual to expose the first of the corrupted jinn

This part I did it by pure trial and error. Apparently the sequence isn’t the same for everyone.

Hint: You need to find three symbols that are only on one pillar each and click these in any order (thanks for the correction by Dion )


You only have to click three pillars for it to work!


20830 Pax Romana
2 Sequins of the Valley of the Sun God
Bronze Bracer
227500 xp


Withered Spring (exploration achievement)

This one is located on the SE corner of the map, right next to the Agartha entrance.


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I think, though am not sure, that the runes needed in the final ritual for The Way of Things are the same ones you follow/use in the first 3 rituals.

re: Mummy Issues

“Right Tablet piece – can’t remember if this dropped off the smaller guys too or off the ancient Sarcophagus.”

It was the smaller guys for me, sarcophagi didn’t drop anything.

Aktually Halls of Lost Records Tier 4 is not bugged after 1.0.1
You just should not kill the monster in the room yourself
Use the barrier for that by focusing all beams an the middle without drawing aggro and voila

Halls of Lost Records Tier 5/7
It was bugged for me and I already filled a petition waiting for a GM when someone else came in and started fidling with them and at some point it progressed. So definately some kind of bug but can be overcome if multiple people do the q

I’m not seeing a lot of the Combat Simulacrums in your screenshots for “Emergency Procedures” that I have. Especially at the Black Pharaoh laptop. Am I missing a step to disable them somewhere?

hey, being a while since I did this quest so my memory is a bit fuzzy but have you tried looking at the back of the tent to see if there is something you can use to distract those drones?

Since we’re in the city of the sun gods, I thought I’d necro this old thread and just say that CotSG has got to be my least-favorite area. I’m at the point where the story is just ludicrous and uninteresting. The “children” that voice the “little gods” were so laughable to me. Guess the desert heat is getting to my head. 😛 Seriously, I hate this place.

On a side note, the area is very well-done and looks awesome. It’s just that the appeal isn’t there to hold my interest. Even after fighting zombies for so long in the first chapter, I would rather go back and fight another “level” of zombies that adventure in the City of the Sun Gods. Alone, that is. Might be better with a friend. I’ll find out later when a buddy of mine will pick the game up and I get to come back to this little jewel of an area (oh, joy).

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