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TSW Dungeon Guide: Hell Fallen

Hey everyone, Hell Fallen is the last normal dungeon in The Secret World. It is a dungeon located on the NE corner of the City of the Sun God. It is a dungeon designed for people in at QL8+ gear (the dungeon itself drops QL9 blue gear). None of the bosses are too difficult, both in terms of mechanics or general damage output. Tanks will need to have good AoE threat generation here as a couple of the fights will have you picking up groups of adds.




A note about the entrance

One thing that may surprise thing when you enter the dungeon for the first time  is this debuff you get right away. It is a ticking DoT that also prevent you from using the most basic abilities. The only way to protect against the DoT is to hide behind structures – when you do it correctly, you will get a shield icon above your head.

The group should travel together and take regular stops at these structures to allow the healer to top the group off.


The Archaeomachinist

Super easy boss, call it a loot piñata!


Mechanics Strategy
Ancient Artifacts Deploys a laser turret, burn it down asap and avoid the red laser beam
Black Iron Artifact Name of the laser turret (1k HP only)
Fire Support Put down a white orb where the first row of red target markers will spawn, avoid them!

TL:DR Avoid the laser beam, kill the laser turret add, avoid red circles.

The first ability that the Archaeomachinist will use is going to be Ancient Artifacts. He will spawn a laser turret called Black Iron Artifact right beside him that casts Lifestrip – a laser attack that does fairly low damage if not dodged but heals the boss (2-3k) everytime it hit someone. DPS can simply tab target when they see the turret spawn and kill it ASAP. The laser beam from the turret will turn in a circular fashion so you will need to watch out when the turret turns. The turret has only 1 k HP, making it very easy to be burned down. If you look at the boss’s buff car, you can tell how many laser turrets he has left to deploy (he only get 5 laser turrets for the entire fight, most group kills him when he has 2-3 laser turret left.


At around 50%, the boss will use his ability Fire Support, which throws a white orb in the ground that marks the location of the first row of red targeting circles. Simply dodge the circles when they spawn will allow you to avoid all the damage.Beware that this row of red circles will despawn from one location and reappear at another, so you need to watch your surroundings and make sure to run out of it.




Mechanics Strategy
Myrimidon adds These adds will put an absorption barrier on the boss, kill the adds first
DPS check As the fight progresses, the vents at the back will start spewing out toxic gas. Failure to kill the boss in time will cause the toxic gas to fill the entire area, killing everyone.
Catastrophic Feedback A casted ability from the boss that deals slightly higher damage but not used often

TL:DR Wait for tank to grab aggro, kill adds, kill boss before the soft enrage kicks in!

This is another easy boss with a bit of DPS check.

Important: Make sure DPS wait for tank to gain aggro before dropping your big AoEs. Same with healers – don’t heal right away, give it a second or two. Depending on a tank’s build, some tanks have very poor AoE aggro and will have trouble maintaining threat on all the mobs at once.

Arch-Myrmidon is surrounded by four Myrmidon adds each with 14.4k HP. While the Myrmidons are alive, the Arch-Myrmidon will receive an absorption shield buff that reduces his incoming damage. You will need to kill these adds ASAP so you can damage the boss.


There is a small DPS check as the vents at the back of the “room” will start spewing out toxic gas as the fight goes long. The longer you take to kill the boss, the more vents will open up. This isn’t really an issue for most groups unless you have extremely undergeared DPS or missing a DPS due to death.


Lastly, Arch-Myrmidion will sometimes cast Catastrophic Feedback, which deals slightly more damage than his regular attacks but it is not something to be concerned with.


Engine Tyrant Prime and Alpha

This fight is slightly more complicated than the two previous bosses and will require abit of coordination from the DPS.

Mechanics Strategy
Endjineer adds Two will come with the boss initially and need to be killed. Two more will spawn near the end but can be ignored to burn the boss down. They will heal the boss if not attacked.
Cleave This is the boss’s primary attack and it hurts. It can hit as high as 2.5 – 3k on players.
Point Blank Artillery Red targeting circles that follow players around and deals very high damage to them if they don’t move out it. Only occurs when the Endjineers are alive.
Firmament Barrage Stationary red targeting circles that spawn on the ground in phase 2. They deal high damage as well to players who failed to move out of it.
Absorption Barrier During phase 2, one of the bosses will have an absorption shield around them that make them immune to damage.
“Enrage” Killing one boss will cause the remaining boss to deal significantly more damage.

TL:DR Kill the two endjineer adds, kill Prime until he goes immune, then kill Alpha until he does the same. Switch between two bosses and kill them around the same time.

Phase 1

This fight start off with one of the boss Engine Tyrant Prime and 2 endjineer adds – Endjineer Cinnabar and Endjineer Tantalite. They each have ~ 21k HP and will cast abilities that heal the boss if left untouched. The goal here is to have DPS kill off the two adds while tank and healer deals with the Prime boss.

Point Blank Artillery: While the endjineer adds are up, there will be tracking red circles on the ground that follow players and attempt to damage them if they don’t move out it. Each circle hits for around 2k damage so can be deadly if unavoided.


Alpha: At around 40-45k HP, Prime will start casting walking towards the wall where Alpha is standing and cast the animation to go immune. DPS can keep damaging him until his red shield is up. You can get Prime down to 10-15 k HP before he actually becomes immune.


Phase 2

Once Alpha jumps down, this fight changes a bit with now Prime spamming his Firmament Barrage skill. This is similar to the Point Blank artillery in appearance but the red circles actually doesn’t track you. You will also see a lot more of these red circles on the ground as well.

You will damage Alpha down to a low health % before he goes immune with the shield (note, if you DPS is high enough, you might be able to kill Alpha before he has a chance to shield himself. Try not to do that unless Prime is fairly low in HP as well).

For the next part, DPS should try to get Prime down to a very low health % (~5k for example) and then stop and wait for Alpha to activate. This will allow you to kill Alpha when he is vulnerable again. With only 5k HP left on Prime, you can burst him down quickly before he can dish out some serious damage.

Phase 3

The death of one of the two bosses will trigger phase 3, which brings two new Endjineer adds along with the Point Blank Artillery, the tracking red circle. At this point, DPS should just burn down the remaining boss and ignore the adds. This phase should be short lived. The remaining boss will deal extra damage due to the death of the other boss so you don’t want to prolong this phase.


The Executrix

Much like the second boss, this fight will test the tank’s ability to hold aggro against groups of mobs. Additionally, players will be tested on their ability to dodge red circles.

Mechanics Strategy
Pack of adds Adds will come in waves from the left side of where you enter. You will get 2-3 waves of adds before the first red circle bombardment occurs and another 2 waves of adds after the first bombardment. Some of these adds will be revived during the boss fight
Red circle bombardment You will get 2 such bombardments before the boss spawns. The first one is after 2-3 of waves. The 2nd one will start once you have killed 2 addition wave of adds
Reanimation The boss will periodically revive group of adds during the fight. DPS/heals should take care to drop their heals/damage to allow tank to gain aggro.
Scorched Earth Ground AoE at the boss’s feet, plenty time to dodge out of it

TL:DR Kill 2-3 waves of adds, avoid red circles. Kill 2 more waves of adds, avoid red circles. Boss spawns and revive adds. Hold dps/heals until tank has sufficient AoE aggro.

This fight is a ring event and you don’t get to see the boss until you have cleared waves of trash. You will initially get 2-3 waves of pack of adds coming from the left side of the entrance.  The adds come one pack at a time but if you don’t kill them fast enough, the second wave might be on your group first the first wave is dead.


Red circle bombardment occurs after 3 waves of trash, this is marked by the landing of a whitish orb on the ground.


The key to this stage is to not move anymore than you have to. Initially, people might die during this phase (myself included) because they moved too much. Only move when you see red circles under you and don’t run around like a headless chicken! If you just run around blindly, there is a good chance you will run into some red circles and get yourself killed! The red circles are stationary and won’t follow you so just be calm and move only when you have to! Take care to not run into the lava on the ground!


After this stage, you will get 2 more waves of adds and then repeat of the red circle bombardment again. This time, there will be two white orbs landing so there are much more circles to dodge!

Finally, after 4-5 waves of trash and 2 red circles bombardments, the boss will spawn and fly to the middle of the room. The Executrix will initially be mostly tank and spank but pretty soon she will start to reanimate the adds periodically.


It is crucial that you do not stand in the pile of corpses from the trash you killed earlier as that is the place where the adds will be revived and you will likely pick up proximity aggro right away. Healers should position themselves in the back of the room if possible so there is a sufficient distance between the adds and you in case you get heal aggro. Killing the adds will be a priority, AoE attacks here are good once the tank has gained aggro. It is usually best to not attack/heal until you see tank has aggro on the adds. Failure to do so will drag the adds to you, potentially wiping the group amid the chaos.

The boss has an additional ground AoE that you should avoid – Scorched Earth. The attack is telegraphed by a white circle at the boss’s feet and there is plenty of time to get to safety.


Iron Catastrophe, Molten Xenolith, and The Primitive Melt

Not very hard fight but low DPS will make this fight harder. While there are 3 bosses in the room, you don’t get to engage all of them unless your DPS is super low. You will be expected to face two of them at a time. 

Mechanics Strategy
Timed spawns The second boss will become active at 25 seconds into the fight, the third boss at 1:25 into the fight.
Magmatic Quake Frontal attack telegraphed by a white rectangle
Lava Eruption Boss will generate an expanding lava pool around himself and become immune to damage

TL:DR Time based boss activation. DPS need to focus their DPS and kill them in sequence. Avoid lava from the boss.

Iron Catastrophe is the first boss in this fight, he is active right away. Like other bosses, he has a frontal attack called Magmatic Quake that can be avoided by getting out of the telegraphed area on the ground.


Molten Xenolith becomes active at 25 seconds into the fight and will start heading to the group from the door at the far end of the room. By the time Molten Xenolith gets to the group (4-5 seconds), Iron Catastrophe will perform his Lava Eruption ability and become immune to damage. Everyone need to stick together and move to the same side of the room so they can continue the fight with Molten Xenolith. This Lava Eruption has a fairly large radius so you should get as far away as you can!


Iron Catastrophe will become active pretty soon and Molten Xenolith will perform his Lava Eruption ability. Everyone need to burn down Iron Catastrophe as the 3rd boss, The Primitive Melt will spawn soon.

Primitive Melt will spawn at 1:25 into the fight. Hopefully by now the group has killed Iron Catastrophe. If not, the priority is to finish Iron off so you don’t have to deal with three bosses at the same time. At about 1:45, Molten Xenolith will do his Lava Eruption again.

As long everyone kill what they are suppose to be killing while avoiding the Lava Eruption, this fight isn’t hard. Tank will of course need to beware of when the 2nd and 3rd boss spawn so he/she can pick it up.


A note about trash in the next area

Going up the stairs to the next area is not safe as it sounds. The entire group need to go up together as assassin mobs will spawn at the front and back of the group. If the group is split apart, the assassins will pick off individual group members and make short work of them.

The Ascendant

Like the rest of the dungeon, the final boss fight isn’t a very hard fight. Tanks need to maintain aggro on several packs of adds and players need to dodge behind pillars for some part of the fight. 

Mechanics Strategy
Trash (House-in Chains Silencer) Players will need to kill off 5 of these trash mobs before the final boss spawns.
Gale The first gale will appear while killing trash mobs, just hide the pillar to avoid damage. It is a DoT + silences you. Hide when the NPC tells you to and you should be fine.
Electric Smoke Grenade Boss will carpet one side of the room with electric circles on the ground that deals 300-400 damage per tick to players standing in it. The first grenade attack will usually be on the right side and usually alternatives to the other side.
Killer Focus Frontal attack telegraphed by a white rectangle. Just don’t stand in it.
House-in-chains Unforgiven Three adds will spawn when boss is low in health ~12-13k HP. People tend to die here if tank doesn’t pick them up fast enough. Most groups can get by via just burning the boss and ignoring/kiting the adds

TL:DR Attack 3 trash mobs, hide from gale, kill 5 trash mobs, face boss, avoid electric circles on the ground, hide behind pillars when told, either pick up the adds at end or kite them.

You will start off the fight by facing 3 House-in-Chains Silencer. They each have 26k HP but you don’t get to hurt them much before they go poof and the gale attack starts.

Gale is like the environmental effect you experienced when you first entered the dungeon. You just need to hide behind the pillars when the NPC tells you to protect yourselves! Failure to hide will cause the gale to silence you + stacking DoT. You will get another gale or two during the boss fight so always be fighting near the pillars. Group members should go to the same pillar so healers can top you off if needed.


Once the Gale finishes, the three trash mobs that just went “poof” will return with 2 more friends. Mostly tank & spank at this fight, you just need to avoid those white circles they throw out. Avoid fighting on the grates if possible as the white background makes them hard to see. If you stay close to the friendly NPC, you will get group heals from him.


Once all 5 trash mobs are dead, the boss appears. There are two things you need to watch for: Electric Smoke Grenade and Killer Focus.

Electric Smoke Grenade come in two flavors: carpet and single. The Ascendant will jump up into the air and carpet one side of the room (usually right side of the room first) with a row of electrical circles that should be avoided.


He tends to switch sides with this attack.

In addition to the row of electrical circles, the boss will sometimes throw out singles around him that should be avoided. This occurs especially when you are behind the pillars fighting him during a Gale.

Killer Focus is one of his frontal attacks that he doesn’t use much. He will jump to a side of the room and then initiate the attack. Simply moving away from the telegraphed area should suffice. Just watch out when you are fighting him behind pillars as he tend be sneaky with this attack.


Gale attacks will occur during the boss fight so everyone need to move to the safe pillar together and fight him there. It is wise to always tank him near the pillars so people don’t have to too far to run to avoid it.

Last but not least, don’t forget the 3 trash that spawns once the boss gets to a low health %. They tend to run amok and kill off healer/DPS if not picked up right away. Group at this time should just focus on the boss and ignore adds.


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I generally have great threat on my tank but on the last boss in HF I have a hell of a time keeping it on me. The rest of HF, no problem, even with dps going all out on mobs I can’t touch like the lava dudes that range can hit while I’m not on em. But that last boss…utter chaos, dps dying, just brutal. I ended up doubling my attack pieces and it went marginally better. I was maintaining contact and wailing on it/doing other threat stuff I normally do but it just kept peeling. We thought there was a threat wipe mechanic or something.

@Voqar : the Ascendant resets tank aggro everytime he jumps, but he doesn’t reset the other guys’ aggro. All you have to do is equip Provoke in your deck and you’ll gain the same amount of threat the dps with the second most threat has. This way your teammates won’t die. It helps to have another taunt (such as Art of War or the chaos equivalent) too, since the cooldown on Killer Focus is the same as the cooldown on Provoke. As there’ll always be a delay between his jump and your provoke, it helps to keep his attention away from your DPS while Provoke resets.

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