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Besieged Farmlands Quest Walkthrough

Hey everyone, Besieged Farmlands is the first QL10 zone in Transylvania. It has some pretty interesting quests and atmosphere (including the ability to use ziplines to zip across buildings!)

Updated throughout the day so check back if you don’t see a quest you are stuck on! There is a good chance I will be stuck on it as well!


Abbot’s House, Monastery Refectory, Orchard, Cloister (exploration achievement)

If you have done most of the quests in Besieged Farmlands, there is a good chance you might be missing Monastery Refectory, Monastery Orchard, Monastery Cloister to complete the exploration achievement.

They are all located in the SE corner of the map. Abbot’s House is in the  very south end of the map while the Monastery stuff are a bit up north.


The Monastery is filled with Nightmare mobs – they are very tough to solo but if you just run around, they can’t catch you.

A Ghoulish Feast

Quest picked up from Carmen near the Agartha entrance.

Tier 1: Find out where the ghouls have burrowed from

This one surprisingly took a while! You need to look for barns – ghouls are burrowing inside them!


Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 2 – Burn one of the rotting ghoul corpses

They are lying around on the road, usually near a tree of some sort!


Tier 3 – Examine the roots of the tree | Look for more exposed roots and follow them

What finally triggered this quest to advanced is when I wandered into this place.


A Body of Work

This is an items/side mission obtained at the roof of the final building for the last step of Dead Reconning (where Frontline Leader Seryoga is)

Tier 1 – Locate the weapons cache

Ammunition boxes and medical supplies are easy to find.. but the weapons cache took me a while!

It is located in B-1 Block hidden behind a wall


In Cold Blood

The password you need to open the door to the observatory is in something you reach on tier 1 of this quest..

Spoiler Inside Show

Red Hands aren’t idle hands

This is an items/side mission obtained from the area for Foul Banquet obtained from the NPCs at the church. You will need this quest and The Briefcase for Sins of Our Fathers.


Tier 1 Find the Source of the Signal

Use your tracking device, it should pinpoint to this house here!


Spoiler Inside Show

Revenge Served Hot

Tier 2 – Search the area for Laurent

He is located at the end of the cave structure, in a dark place all by himself!


Tier 3 – Search for anyone who might have come to help

You need to go to the little area by the filth filled lake guarded by a Den Alpha


Tier 4 – Look for Adrian’s guys

Don’t go up the stairs to the cave, the mob you are looking for its to the left of the stairs, hidden in a semi cave structure.


Scarecrow for Dummies

This is a side quest picked up from the little house at the end of Ripples (a quest picked up from the Vampire Hunter)

Tier 1: Find a weapon

The weapon you will need is downstairs, it’s a chainsaw


Tier 1: Gather Hay


Tier 1 Retrieve a dead horse’s heart


Tier 1: Retrieve the head of a scarecrow


Tier 1: Locate the arcane symbol

It is right here at the barn, where all the creepy scarecrows are!


The Cost of Magic

This quest is picked up from Zara after you have completed The Girl who Kicked the Vampire’s Nest quest and an item quest from the windmill nearby (Bearing Gifts). This part can be especially frustrating at multiple stages. Part 4, the one with the jumping puzzle, it’s the one that stomped me for hours since I fail at jumping! If you are stuck on part 4, my advice is to find someone who are less fail and group up with them!

Tier 2 – Steal the blood of an elder vampire

This is a really long tier with a lot of traveling. One thing to keep in mind is that you can use death to get across difficult places and avoid sentinels at all costs!

Sentinels have this nasty push that will push you off the ramps and cause you to start all over. It is always to die on the ramp than be pushed off it.

There are a couple of hazards you need to be aware of.

Mines: Don’t walk on top of them! The first set of mines probably won’t kill you but failures on the 2nd set of mines will probably one shot you. Turn your walk on (backspace) help immensely with the mined areas.


Gang of Targoviste – Find a nearby clickable barrel and use it. The sound will attract them, causing them to move out of your path! Sometimes, but not always, you can drag these mobs across mine fields and they will blow themselves up!


We couldn’t find a good way to get past this place even with the barrels so we just aggroed the mob nearby and run ahead so we can run back in anima form to rez at the new location.


Ladder here to climb up!


In the final room, there are quite a few those Gang mobs inside. We tried the barrel trick on the one by the entrance to the room but it still aggroed us. At this point, just run for the ladder in the room and climb up as fast as you can. If you can get high enough, the mobs will evade and you can grab the blood from the platform at the top.


Tier 3 – take an elder ghoul’s heart from the totem

The water is poisonous and will kill you quick! Use the stones and run from stone to stone! Heal up at each stone before moving up to the next!


You can pick off a couple mobs on the little island while standing on the stones. They don’t have a nasty push or knockback like with the sentinels.

Tier 4 – Search for Romany signs

This is a jumping puzzle with the catch that each of the “stairs” only last for a short time after you have activated them via the circle on the ground. There are quite a few stairs you need to jump across so if you fail at jumping like me, prepared to spend hours on this or group up with someone who is better at jumping!


After about 2 hrs of trying it one night and coming back fresh and less grumy tonight, I finally managed to make the jump! Kinda proud of myself as none of the two other members in the group were able to make the jump hehe!

The issue I had was that I would always run off instead of jumping. The trick is to release the W key and not hold it down. Make sure you put your heels at the end of the circle for the jump as well!


Once you get up top, you need to make 2 more jumps to the left rock!


Tier 5: Retrieve a werewolf matriarch canine

This part is just pure evil.. so the idea is that this entire area is filled with traps – mines and tripwires. The general rule is that there are always mines right after a log placed across the ground. After you get past a patch of mines, there would be tripwires in the next area and vice versa.


I highly advise you to turn your walk on. This help with the minefields and also allow you to spot tripwires. The first couple tripwires can be skipped by walking on the very edges but the later ones you will need to jump across. Remember, if you die, don’t revive at the anima well. Just run back and revive there. You can cheat by rezzing ahead of where you died!

Once you get past all the mines and tripwires, you will see a field with some mobs walking around. They are pretty tough so fighting them is not advised! In addition, some parts of the ground are actually traps and if you run across them.. you might fall inside!

The tooth is this way!


It is right behind this big tree


Tier 6 Read the ritual page

This page can bug out if there are multiple people in the area doing the same thing. The page is in your inventory but if reading it doesn’t advance the quest. Try attack the golem nearby, get killed, revive at the anima well and then read it.


Complete the ritual

You get 5 minutes to do this.. the order is written right on that page!


Can’t figure it out?

Spoiler Inside Show

Sins of the Father

This quest can be only picked up from Dr Varias after you have completed 2 side missions – The Briefcase and Red Hands Aren’t Idle Hands. Both of these side missions are in the quest area of the two missions given by the NPCs at Church – In Cold Blood and Foul Banquet


Tier 2 Search the facility for information

You will need to play around with the security console for a bit until you get an update in the quest.

Tier 2 Reach the Reactor section

Don’t forget to grab an electrical fuse and electrical wires


Spoiler Inside Show


Spoiler Inside Show

After you got both, you will need to play with the security console located in the right passage to turn on the power so you can proceed to the next area.

Warning: If you die after this stage, you might get ported someplace further along the instance. If that happens to you, you just need to type /reset and spawn at the farthest anima well.

Tier 3 – Initialise the activation sequence for the reactors

First thing to note is the numbers on the walls, these will tell you which reactor room it is. While the room its pitch black, the reactor console its fairly easy to spot since it glows in yellow when you approach it (you can also use the console to turn power on specific rooms if you have a hard time finding it).


Clicking on any of the consoles will initiate a timer counting down, I highly suggest you go into reactor room 2 before you click on anything! (Hint: reactor room 2 is inside reactor room 1). There is something that will tell you the sequence for the reactor activation.

Spoiler Inside Show

If you click the wrong one, you can reset at the console.

Tip: Even if you get attacked by those Siege Breaker golems, they run slow so there is plenty of time to run around and click.

Tier 4 Locate the main console

There are laser grids here and cameras. If the cameras detect you, a small turret will take peashots at you. You can LOS its attack even if you get detected. The turret will reset after a bit.

The next room is blocked by lasers, there are something in this room that you can deactivate to proceed to the next room!

Hint: Look at the corners of the room.

Spoiler Inside Show

This will move the lasers and allow to the next room, where it is the same deal!

Once you reached the designated area, don’t forget 2 things!

1. User the laser grid control to shut off the lasers so you don’t have to hop your way back

2. Grab the keycard on the table!!


Tier 5 – Vent the Laboratory air and override the lockdown

There are exactly three things in the room and you need to click them in a certain sequence while avoid being detected by the cameras.

In no particular order, they are

  • Power
  • Override Console
  • Ventilation control


Can’t figure out the sequence? Hint: these things are deactivated – how do you activate electrical things? That is your first clue!

Here is the exact sequence if you need.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 5 Locate Prototype XL-239

You will need to activate the emergency defence system first!


The Gathering

Tier 3 – Find a path to the top of the canyon

For this part, you will need to backtrack a bit, there is a little slope on the side where you can run up to get to the place.

Tier 3 – Reach the sniper’s nest

I know what you are thinking, you think that you can prolly hide behind those metal plates and be safe – NOPE!


There is a path on the right that will allow you to reach the snipers!


You still need to use the cover thingies – make sure you do not fight the mobs on your path where they are, pull them back to cover and kill them.


Tier 5 – Find the leader of the southern ridge

He is up top – you gotta go around to reach him!


The Girls who Cried Wolf

Quest obtained from the two ladies at the Windmill

Tier 3 – Find out what happened here

This is a bit tricky (for me) but you need to go inside the house and up the stairs.


There is a surprise for you upstairs!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 5 – Pierce the windmill’s secret

Hint: Look above the doorway!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 6 – Reinforce the Low level Ward


Now you need to go up the stairs and there should be a walkway in the “middle” level and a walkway all the way at the top!

Middle level ward


The Kindly Ones

Quest picked up from Petru at the NE corner of the map.

Tier 1 : Coax the Blajini out of their burrows

You need to use the recorder while standing atop of the burrows (black thingies on the ground). You have to stand and wait there for a couple seconds after you have clicked the recorder. Then the quest will tell you either if there is a Blajini there or you need to find another burrow.


Tier 3 – Bring the Blajini out of hiding

Instead of burrows, you now need to do it to those structures on the ground.


Tier 4 – Bring Blajini out of doors

Same as before, you now need to go to buildings and do it at the doors.


The Uncorrupted

This is a side mission picked up from one of the areas you are lead to in tier 5/5 of Of the Forest from the Forest God.

Tier 1 Search for an uncorrupted faun

This faun is hidden behind one of the big rocks!


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Thanks for the guide Dulfy. Still waiting for the promised heal theory crafting/guide to come. Not that I really need it anymore but it never hurts with another perspective 😀

“We couldn’t find a good way to get past this place”
You click barrel, go to the next one asap, click it, then go back to get another lane before big guy at the first barrel gets tired of it.

Oh my god thank you SO much for giving precisely the Abbot’s House location! And as usual it was so obvious -but I was so sure it was in the North-East – and clearly unreachable- part of this creepy monastery… You’ve literaly saved a dozen of my (character’s) lives.
Now if someone could tell me where Lancet Gully -sorry I’m far from fluent in Roumanian yet :p- is in the Carpathian Fangs ^^’ BTW keep up the great work!
Edit: Got it! And so easy… “The Vagabond” sounds well though the associated outfit is quite poor.

CorpseQ=ABodyOfWork 900,1150
PackageQ=BloodDrive 665,1120
TrackingQ=RedHandsArentIdleHands 640,1320
NoteQ=ScarecrowsForDummies 540,840
NoteQ=BearingGifts 610,590
LaptopQ=SpyVsSpy 365,1000
BoxQ=BloodSample 350,635
PosterQ=Lycantropy 310,455
FallenQ=HerbalEssence 930,220
ChestQ=NoHopeChest 1075,390
CorpseQ=TheUncorrupted 1190,490
BriefcaseQ=TheBriefcase 1070,625
RelicQ=SacredProtection 920,674

….i think

Hello! I’m trying to reach the location for Abbot’s House, but I can’t reach the spot you are on the map, I cross a bridge, can’t enter the building (seems like you can summon something inside), then I walk around trying to jump the walls and I can’t reach the south part 🙁

Thank you for your guides, they are awesome!

I’ll reply to myself, today the door was opened, maybe when you do the ritual inside the door gets closed or maybe it’s only opened during daylight, dont know.

So if you find the door closed, just come back later 🙂

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