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TSW Elite Dungeon guide: The Facility

The Facility is the first new elite dungeon you will encounter (keep in mind that each of the 5 normal dungeons you ran while getting to QL10 also have an elite mode with the exact same mechanics).  The quest for it can be obtained at Besieged Farmlands although the entrance to it is located in Agartha like the rest of the elite dungeons. This dungeon is pretty rough for healers as you will need to heal through quite a lot of group damage in a short time. If you are running Blood Magic for heals, I definitely recommend picking up Cold Blooded, the elite active ability for this. Even though it has a 30 seconds cooldown, this heal saved my and my group’s butt more than a couple times. Think of it as groupwide Scarlet Arts with no resource cost.

In term of DPS, some of the later boss fights in this dungeon are not super-melee friendly has they all have nasty AoEs you need to dodge. However, a good melee DPSer that is quick on their feet can still make it ok.

Lastly, the bosses in here have an increasing difficulty curve, with the second to last encounter probably the toughest in the entire dungeon. The last boss fight is surprisingly easy and for all purposes can be simply called a loot piñata. 


The Degenerate

This is the first boss in the dungeon and as usual, he is fairly easy.

Mechanics Strategy
Rush ‘N Attack This is a charge attack that can be easily avoided.
Ball Breaker  
Yellow Circles Avoid the circles
Bad Taste A ground AoE that leaves a green glowly substance on the ground that persists for a bit. Tank will need to move him after he casts this ability to enable melee DPS to damage him.

This fight for all intent can be called a “tank n’ spank” fight with some added mechanics to make the fight interesting.

TL:DR – Tank and spank, don’t stand in bad stuff. Drag him to another spot when he casts green goo.

Rush N’Attack is the Degenerate’s charged attack that can be easily avoided by side steeping away from the telegraphed white rectangle.


Bad Taste is the Degenerate’s ground AoE casted at his feet that can be avoided. However, since this ability leaves a persistent glowy green goo on the ground, tanks will need to move the boss to another area. This green goo doesn’t last for the entire fight and will dissipate after a short interval so it is not really a DPS check mechanic.


Ball Breaker is the 3rd ability that only affects tanks and melee DPS. It is a a frontal attack with a significant charge up time. Tanks can easy move back/side a bit and avoid the attack. Degenerate will grab his ball in the air before throwing it down so just watch for the animal/castbar and you should be fine! Failure to avoid this attack will deal ~ 2k damage to a DPS and around 1.5k for a tank.


Yellow Circles – while the first three attacks really only affect melee characters, the entire group still has to be aware of the yellow circles on the ground that they need to move out of.



Red Guard

Mechanics Strategy
Electromagnetic Cauterisation LoS the attack, only tank can survive it.
Armed and Dangerous Frontal attack
Magnifying Transmitter A ranged attack that zap multiple nearby players at once. Seem to only occur if the player with the highest threat is not near the boss (i.e. when a range DPS pulls aggro)
Roof Smash Circles on the ground, avoid them.
Room Clearing Immediately after Electromagnetic Cauterisation, he will charge at full speed towards the tank. Anyone in its path will be knocked back quite a distance. Tanks need to make sure they are standing against a wall with their back so they don’t get knocked back.

TL:DR LoS his big attack, avoid the circles, and run with the group whenever possible.

This is an interesting fight with a curveball or two thrown in it.

Electromagnetic Cauterisation is the biggest mechanic you need to be aware of it. You need to LoS this attack at all costs. It deals 5-6k damage, meaning that only tanks can survive it if they fail to LoS. It is good idea to run together as a group with the tank. That way, you are less likely to get trapped by running in the wrong direction.


Now, at the later stages of the fight, Red Guard will throw a curve ball and chain  two or three Electromagnetic Cauterisation attacks at once. Most groups can handle two ok but three will start to get a bit dicey. The other important thing to be aware is that everytime Red Guard uses this attack, he leaves behind some  sparkling electricity, preventing you from getting past that section of the passage. Tanks need to be especially careful where they fight Red Guard to prevent the group from getting trapped in. It is a good idea to always move Red Guard to another pillar thingie after each Electromagnetic Cauterisation attack. If you just going around the same pillar everytime to LoS the attack, you will have issues after the 3rd Cauterisation and will need to run through Red Guard to find another safe spot.


Room Clearing is something everyone, especially tanks, need to be aware of. After each Cauterisation attack, he will run at full speed towards the tank. Anyone in his path will be knocked back quite a distance (you can get knocked into the sparkling electricity he leave behind and get killed). Tanks will need to make sure that they are positioned with a wall or some sort behind them to counter the knockback.


Armed and Dangerous is a frontal attack that deals moderate damage to anyone standing in front of him. He uses this attack fairly often so good idea for melee dps to not stand in front of him. The water becomes murky in front of him when he uses this frontal attack.


Roof Smash is something ranged characters have to worry about as well. It is just circles on the ground that need to be avoided. However, sometimes depending on where you fight him, it can be hard to see them.


Magnifying Transmitter seems to be an attack used by the Red Guard when the highest threat target is far away (i.e. when ranged DPS pulls aggro). This is a chain attack that deals quite a bit of damage, meaning that it will zap multiple players nearby.



Contain the Filth

TL:DR Stack on nodes, survive against waves of incoming adds. When you screen goes black/white, run up the stairs.

This is a rough fight that will test tank’s ability to hold aggro and the healer’s ability to stay alive. Healers, if you are ~ 2k HP, make sure you put on a tanking talisman for this for the extra HP. You will take hits unless your group is super amazing. A dead healer is no good to any group. Cold Blooded from blood magic comes really handy here when everyone is taking damage from the adds.

The basic premise of this fight is to stack on top of a node and defend it against the waves of incoming adds. There are six nodes you need to “activate” before the fight is over.  When you are near a node, you will get this beam and a buff in your buff icon section. The more people stand near it, the faster the node will “activate”.  The entire group should stand near the same node and only move away from a node when it is time to dodge the AoE. 


You won’t see a timer ticking down telling you how long before the node you are standing next to its activated. You will know when a node is activated when you see swirling stuff around the node. When that happens, you can move on to the next node.


Another thing to keep in mind is that when your screen goes black/white, you will need to run up the stairs. Failure to do so will instantly kills you when the thingie in the middle explodes. You just need to be on top of the stairs. The black/white effect isn’t always obvious, especially when you are in the heat of the battle. Make sure you keep an eye for it and know where the nearest stair is. To make the fight go faster, you can jump down directly to a node instead of running down the stairs after coming back.


The adds come in two flavors, ranged and melee. What is problematic for a lot of groups is that the tank would grab aggro on the melee adds but totally ignore the ranged adds. This allow the ranged adds to take shots at the healer until he/she is dead and the group wipes. Either the tank need to grab them all as best as he/she could or DPS help burn down the ranged adds. Healer can use the nodes to try LOS the ranged  attacks to minimize the the damage.

The melee adds, called Initial Exposure Division have 9 k HP while ranged adds, called Initial Exposure Starshina have 10.6k HP.

Here are some common reasons why group wipe on this fight.

  • People don’t stack on the same node and spread out – nodes take way too longer to activate, group gets swarmed by adds
  • Tank/DPS failed to grab adds off the healer.
  • People forgot to run up the stairs.


Contact Core

This is a fairly difficult fight that requires high situational awareness with an attached DPS check (most groups don’t have an issue with the DPS but having problems staying alive). In addition, this fight can bugs out and people can be killed by invisible lasers, which makes this fight very frustrating. For healers, prepared to do a lot of AoE healing as people take damage from the lasers. Most of time, people die too fast from the lasers to heal them. However, a correctly timed Cold Blooded can save some party members from a certain death if you get lucky.

Mechanics Strategy
Tracking Laser These lasers follow you around, zaping you for ~1k damage per tick. Don’t kite these lasers into other people!
Energy Barrier Most people don’t take damage from this as they know not to go through electrified walls. This will zap the player for ~ 1k damge as well.
Core Clearance A ground AoE that originates from the contact core. Each Core Clearance gets large in radius but doesn’t come often.
Core Maintenance Unit They don’t have a lot of health and doesn’t do a lot of damage unless they gang up on a single person. DPS with AoE attacks can quickly finish them off.

TL:DR Avoid the lasers, kill the adds, kill the boss. Don’t go through energy barriers unless they are red.

Tracking Laser is responsible for most of the deaths and wipes on this fight. They will follow a player around, zap them for 1k damage continuously unless the player gets away. Do not kite lasers into other people and do not backpeddle!

Backpeddle is slower than moving forward and will get you killed as the lasers can catch up.


Here is a proof of invisible lasers – I am getting zapped by 1k damage per tick even though there are no laser beams nearby – you can see some shadow of a laser beam but it is very hard to make out.


Energy Barrier will restrict your movement space to a certain area. At beginning of the fight, you have a fairly large area between the two barriers. However, as the fight goes on, the barrier patterns start to change and you may need to move to another section of the room with more space in order to avoid the lasers. Tight area + lasers = not good.

You can go through the barriers when they are red – going through them while they are all sparkly will zap you for ~1k damage.


Core Clearance this is sort of a DPS check. If you look at the buff icons on the Contact Core, you will see this timer ticking. It will start off with1 min and 12 seconds. When this timer goes to zero, Core Clearance, a ground AoE will occur. This deals ~ 2k damage and will likely kill squishy DPS standing in it. The second time the timer ticks again, you get only 1 minute and 7 seconds. The next Core Clearance will have a bigger radius. Eventually, if you somehow manage to dodge all the lasers and stay alive but without any DPS to burn down the boss, Core Clearance will fill the room and wipe you.


You can see the radius difference of the first and second Core Clearence here.


Core Maintenance Unit These adds will come rolling in during the fight. They are non aggro at first and will try to repair the Contact Core. They don’t have a lot of HP and don’t hit hard so DPS should use their AOEs to burn them down quick. You will get at least 2-3 waves of these adds per fight.



Anima Constructs

This is a very brutal fight, especially in the last phase. If you don’t one shot this encounter (i.e. don’t wipe), it has the chance to bug out, which makes the subsequent attempts much harder (the NPCs in the last phase keep attacking even if they have no health) . Make sure you have DPS will Impair/Hinder abilities, they will be a great help for surviving the last phase. Healers with Blood Magic – this fight is the reason why I purchased Cold Blooded.

If you can make it past this fight, you will clear the dungeon as the next boss is a loot piñata compared to this fight.

There will be 5 corpses in the room initially. There will be a Psychosecurity Officer, Capsule Breaker, Elemental Potentialist, Sequence Analyst, and Reality Surgeon. Which one of them become active in each phase is purely random. Sometimes if you get two really nasty adds paired together, it can be very brutal.

Positioning is very important on this fight as well. You want to kill adds off in a corner so the group has enough room to move to dodge AoEs without getting into the filth. Everytime a NPC deactivates, they leave behind a pool of filth. For the last phase, it also helps to know where the adds are coming from rather than spreading them across all over the room.


Capsule Breaker is a hammer wielding NPC and probably one of my least favourite. This guy will lay the smackdown on your DPS and healers. He has a move called Touchdown, which is a teleport ability that allows him to teleport to random group members and smack them. Touchdown hits for anywhere from 300 to 1200 damage.


Sequence Analyst is the next up one of the most nasty NPCs in this fight. He has a move called Black Hole, which will immobilize you and bounce you in a green swirling field that deals 600-1000 damage per tick! If you get caught inside it, there is a good chance you will die.


Elemental Potentialist has a very nasty AoE that chains and zap people nearby if you don’t get out of it right away. One person not getting out of the AoE quick enough its enough to wipe half the group sometimes. Good thing there is Cold Blooded to heal people back up rapidly


Psychosecurity Officer and Reality Surgeon: They don’t really have any nasty moves and are mostly harmless.

Deconstruction is the move that these NPCs will use in phase 1, 2 and 3. If you don’t get out of the white circle, you will get hit for 1-2k damage.



During phase 1, 2, and 3. None of the NPCs can be killed. They will cast Deconstruction and deactivate until phase 4. Tanks can know which NPCs will activate next for the subsequent phase if they watch the black fifth that the deactivating NPC throws to the corpses on the ground.

Phase 1

You get one NPC, it is random which one you get. If you get lucky, you get Capsule Breaker alone.

Phase 2

You get two NPCs, again totally random.

Phase 3

You get the remaining two NPCs.

Phase 4

All the NPCs reactivate with ~ 10k HP, kill off the Capsule Breaker asap and then focus on the Sequence Analyst and Elemental Potentalist. This phase is maximum survival. Healers will likely need to use every AoE heal ability available them to keep the group alive long enough to kill all 5 NPCs.


Halina Ilyushin

This is the last boss and she is a much easier encounter. Most groups who struggle on the prior encounters can one shot this encounter without much issues.

Mechanics Strategy
Contempt (phase 1) Pulls a ranged player to her and deals large amount of damage to them. Get out of her melee range asap and make sure this player is healed
Calling to the Cosmos (phase 1) Summons two Sunhound adds
Anima Decompression (phase1) A ground AoE that can be avoided.
Speed of Black Light (phase 2) Halina will dash in a direction, anyone in her path will be hit for upwards of 4k damage.
Dirty Radiation A “carpet” attack that can be avoided

Phase 1

The only thing you have to really worry about in phase 1 is Contempt and Sunblood wolf adds.

Contempt is an ability where she drags a ranged player towards her and immobilize them next to her for a couple seconds. She will dish out some damage while the player is immobilized and that player may need some healing to not die from it. You will see a beam when she pulls that person in.


Anima Decompression: It is a ground AoE that can be easily avoided. She will cast this usually right before she teleport to the end of the room to cast Calling to the Cosmos.


Calling to the Cosmos: Halina will soon teleport to a part of the room with two nodes and start casting Calling to the Cosmos. This will summon two Sunhound wolf adds. Tanks will need to grab them as they tend go for the DPS/healer and kill them. The idea here is to hold the adds and not kill them. If you kill off these two adds, Halina will resummon them. Just focus on Halina and “kill” her for the phase change – the wolves will die once the phase change occurs.


Once you “kill” her, you will “die”and proceed to the next phase.

Phase 2

The big attack you have to be aware of its Speed of Black Light. This is a dashing attack from Halina that will damage anyone in her path. The damage for this attack is insanely high – upwards of 4k damage. She tend to dash in the direction she is facing. Sometimes this can be hard to see as she is just a pile of black goo but try look for the red demonic eyes.



She has another attack called Dirty Radiation that can be easily avoided as well.



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11 replies on “TSW Elite Dungeon guide: The Facility”

Hi do you have any reference for that Anima Constructs bug? We wiped a few times while learning the fight but they seemed to get stuck on low/next-to-no health but I can’t find anything officially stating it is a bug.

Hey the video in the guide shows a version where we one shot the encounter and the fight didn’t bug out. You can clearly see that these guys dead drop once they reach 0 health. I will upload another video where we beat it in the bugged stage – the corpses will keep attacking for an additional 15 seconds after they reach 0 health.

Surprisingly, our group had the exact opposite experience about the Anima Constructs. Capsule Breaker was ignored mostly, because his damage is really really lousy. Sequence Analyst is avoided easily because noone stands close to the tank at all. The Potentialist is dangerous, but it’s basically ‘Don’t stand in red circles’ which is pretty avoidable.
The Surgeon and Psychosecurity were the ones to focus asap though. The Surgeon hits like a truck, makes all those 3-5k damage hits, and Psycho has a 4-5k damage aoe’s that wipes the half of the people out if not interrupted.

Interesting but that is not what I had in my combat logs or based on my experience of this fight.

This was all the outgoing damage from reality surgon, his highest attack was 300ish.
This is psychosecurity: his highest was 500ish

This is the capsule breaker, his Touchdown was doing ~ 1k damage.

What makes Sequence Analyst so deadly is that you don’t have to be next to the tank to get trapped in the black hole, he can cast on a random group member and trap them in it.

I haven’t got any logs from the fight, but I’ll try to make them the nex time I’m in there. I also don’t see the Surgeon and Psycho doing any special attacks in your log. Their usual attacks are that weak, yes, but I remember Surgeon doing a dash and a 5-hit focus ability from time to time, and the Phychosecurity Officer did some kind of aoe shootout for lots of damage.

surging blades is the surgeon’s other ability other than his normal attack. Gun crazy is the psyco officer’s other ability. It is possible that the logs didn’t pick up all the abilities though, I guess we will know next time one of us runs it 😀

Tip for last boss if for some reason people die from the charge attack:

There are nodes all around the room. If you drag the boss close to one, she will get stunned for a time (she says “why do you ground me…” when that happens).

What this means is that even 1 dps can finish the encounter with everyone dead. I have personally dpsed the last 50k or so of her HP all alone. Just stand by a node, as soon as she gets stunned move to another while dpsing. When she gets unstunned, she’ll come for you and get stunned again…

It helps if you are ranged (I was using AR/Pistols). Not really a gamechanger, since the encounter is simple. You still get a nice sense of accomplishment if you pull this off, plus the amazed heaps of praise from all the people at the anima well are totally worth it ;-).

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