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Mortal Sins Quest Walkthrough

Hey everyone, Mortal Sins is the main story questline for Transylvania. Since this main questline has more tiers and puzzles than the questlines in Solomon Island or Egypt, it will have its own walkthrough!


Tier 2 Search the Village for the friendly owl

I don’t have any hints to give for this one so I will just show you where it.


Tier 3 – Follow the Owl

Its like that follow the raven quest in Kingsmouth, you gotta keep following it! For those who are lost and can’t find the owl, I have a series of screenshots that follow the Owl’s footsteps behind the spoiler tags! Use the minimap in the screenshots to help locate him!

Spoiler Inside Show

Now near one of the anima wells, you might get attacked and lose track of the owl. Don’t worry, just go see the little lady inside this tree and the quest should update!


Tier 3 – Find the girl with the spyglass watching over the Besieged Farmlands

If you done some of the questing here, you will know exactly who she is.. If not..

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 4 – Find the circus man in the forest

This part will lead you to The Shadowy Forest

The NPC you are looking for its right next to the entrance.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 6 – Look for the Draculesti prophecy

If you are doing this part, I highly recommend you picking up Lurking Horror from Milosh as well. The two quests share an area and you can knock out two birds with one stone!

What you are looking for is way up at the top. You need to find a staircase first nearby.

Spoiler Inside Show

By the time you get up there, you should see a bridge like structure – walk across to the very end!


Voila! Here you are!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 7 Find the key

Not hard to find but just in case you can’t see it!

Spoiler Inside Show

Look for records of the tomb

Having issue finding it?

Spoiler Inside Show

Find the crypt behind the chapel

This area is filled with enemies that have high physical resistance. You can ignore them and just run to your destination.


Tier 8 Find someone who can interpret the document

If you have quested abit here, you might have noticed some NPCs who have very odd behaviors and prefer to stay alone. Hint: It is a woman and she is a bit buggy (you may need to run around her to get the cutscene to trigger)

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 9: Find the source of the stream

This is my favorite part!

How do you find the source of a steam? You follow it!


Pretty soon you will come across a split in the stream. This part is a bit tricky: left or right?

If you open your map.. you will see that one of them lead to somewhere special..


Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 10 Activate the source

Tier 10 of Mortal Sins involve a puzzle that you need to solve…


Looking at the letters..they are not English are they? Where is Transylvania located?

Spoiler Inside Show

If you read the quest description.. it says.. Find them and bring the Dragon back to life..

Hint: It is really simple, you just need to say the keyword.

Spoiler Inside Show

Find it?

Spoiler Inside Show

Don’t know which letters to press? There are two T looking like letters, pick the bigger one!

Here is exactly what you need to click, I think you can figure out the order to press it!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 12 – Find the water of Death

Remember the hint it gave you… In the Land of Shadow where spirits walk seeking oblivion; their eternal Pilgrimage leading them to the shores of the depthless ocean and the final embrace of the black water.

Land of Shadow where spirits walk – that ring a bell?

Spoiler Inside Show

After a long passage, you wil arrive at here!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 13 Find the Dragon’s Tomb

You recall where the Dragon’s Tomb was right? You bring there before on tier 7 of the quest. Recall that the door you used back then was the back entrance, it might be worth checking out the front entrance this time!

Spoiler Inside Show

Hint: Check the sides of the chapel

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 14 – Gather the water with Dracula’s egg to capture his essence

I spent ages trying to find the egg in my inventory – turns out you can just click the water


Tier 17 – Looking for something to persuade Octavian

Check the table!

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 22: Find one of Mara’s Messengers

One of the places where I got the update is the little road right next to Dragan Dzoavich.



Tier 22 Follow the messenger

I followed the Vampiric messenger until I got to here, and then followed the Hybrid messenger after.


If you don’t see the Hybrid messenger, you may need to wait for another Vampiric messenger to run by.

The hybrid messenger you follow will take a stop here.


This part bugged out for me slightly as there is suppose to be another Hybrid messenger to follow but it didn’t spawn right away. I run around the area and waited until it spawned. The final messenger lead me to here.


There should be a cutscene that triggers here.

Tier 24 Find the one

This part really confused me.. I followed Emma all the way to Smith’s Cabin and then she went upstairs and disappeared. Turns out.. that is not the NPC you are looking for.


The NPC you are looking for is at the south end of the map..I have marked his location right here below the spoiler tags.

Spoiler Inside Show

Tier 25 Find a way to unlock Mara’s chambers

This part gotta be the most buggy part of this entire questline. The Royal Sadists are bugged – they won’t die when they are 0 health due to server lag in this particular instance. To kill them, you need to use an AoE that do not require a target. If you don’t kill them fast enough, they one shot you due to accumulated damage from the server lag (it won’t show up in the server logs).

Anyways, if you get them single, Royal Sadists are defeatable in their bugged state but the last pull near the doors has a group of three of them, which make it almost impossible to kill them.

Luckily you don’t need to kill those things to open the door.

Drop down into the murky waters below and kill those Refuse Collectors. They each drop a body part that you will need


You will need left arm, right arm, left leg right leg, head, and torso from the Refuse Collectors. Once you have all of them, head to the table in the middle of the room and place them there by clicking on the corners of the pentagram.


Once you have everything assembled, just run past those 3 Royal Sadists into the next fight area. It will trigger a cutscene and lock them out.

Tier 25  Confront Mara

The fight itself isn’t bad for a ranged character although it may present more challenge for melees. Mara has only 19k health but has an AoE that you must LOS (Line of Sight)  or it is instant death. The cast time is quite long so you have plenty of time to whack her before you will need to hide. The zombie bloodslaves that spawns can be a pain though as they like to block your path and prevent you from getting out of LOS.


You will need to use those horse statues to hide behind. There is a very tiny DPS check mechanic to this fight as horse statue you used to hide in gets destroyed after her cast so you will need to find a new one for her next AOE.


Anyways, after you damage her enough she will trigger the next phase.

For the next phase, she will cast Reckless Life. Each cast give her a buff, once this buff reaches 5, she will cast an ability called Live and Let Die that you must dodge. I didn’t really get to see what happens if you don’t dodge it as the cutscene triggered as I got her down to below 2k HP.


Tier 27 Follow Emma

The big fight is over, follow Emma across the Breach.

Go up with her to the stairs and follow the crates until you reach the Orochi van. When Emma jumps, follow her!


Tier 29 Find the source of the energy

See that blue orb ahead? Go up there.


Tier 29 Find a failing Gaia engine

Keep following it


The next blue orb is just right up ahead at the cube looking thingie.


Tier 29 Repair the failing Gaia engine

There are six orbs here. The trick here is to spot the failing one. All of them make a melodic sound, except the failing one, which make a static like (zzzz) sound. If you listen to the music cycle, you will note that each orb make a sound from left to right. This cycle repeats over and over so you just need to find the orb that is making weird static sound and click it. You will know when you fixed it as the music will start a new cycle and now everything sounds normal. (See video below if you are still not clear)

Note that each orb have two states – a working state that makes a melodic state and a broken state that makes a static sound. If you just randomly clicking on the orbs, you will turn some of the working orbs into the broke one so you will need click on them again to fix it.

The one that worked for me is the one in the corner (3rd one from the right, 4th from the left).


Tier 29 Find the next Gaia Engine

This one I got lost a bit as they all look the same. Remember that you can jump into the portals at the base of each cube structure for a faster transport to the next cube.


I think I had to take 3 lefts from the repaired gaia engine to find the next one. If you can’t find it, just keep traveling left and look for the blue orb at every stop.

Tier 29 Repair the failing Gaia engine

Again, this is the same idea here. Here is a clip that demonstrates what I said above. If you listen carefully, it is

[melodic] [melodic][static][melodic] [melodic] [melodic]

So you just need to click on the static orb, which in this case is the 3rd from the left (may not the same for you depending on which orbs you clicked)


Tier 29 Find a way to enter the crater

The crater is in the middle but it is blocked by rocks etc. You may need to run around until you find a large entrance into the crater with yellow shield on it. Beware that small gaps in the rocks like this one here won’t allow you to enter the crater.


This is the entrance you are looking for.


Tier 29 Repair the prison or attack it

The easy way to finish up this quest is to simple attack it. This will give you a different ending that if you repair the prison.

I did it the hard way, repairing it. Keep in mind that this time there are 12 orbs and could be as many as 3 broken engines that you need to fix it up.

I have included a video showing you how I repaired this part.



Light side ending – what happens if you repair the prison rather than destroy it.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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now that ur done u can finish my lore list…
-Local History–1712 Fire(10)—1: KingsM 250,510—2: KingsM 468,525—3: KingsM 173,616—4: KingsM 165,563—5: KingsM 388,258—6: KingsM 361,350—7: KingsM 339,456—8: KingsM 40,747 —9: KingsM 227,782—10:KingsM 48,650
–League of Monster Slayers(11)—1: SCoast 481,799—2: SCoast 492,897—3: SCoast 492,895—4: SCoast 563,970—5: SCoast 420,984—6: SCoast 357,908—7: SCoast 242,778—8: SCoast 585,690—9: SCoast 314,585—10:SCoast 237,632—11:KingsM 417,680
-Places of Interest
–The Black House(10)—1:SCoast 552,773 Basement, click candle—2:SCoast 452,758—3:SCoast 442,766—4:SCoast 452,763—5:SCoast 438,767—6:SCoast 390,711—7:SCoast 393,737—8:SCoast 505,655—9:SCoast 450,818—10:SCoast 463,671
–Blue Ridge Mine(12)—1: BlueM 503,528—2: not live?—3: BlueM 520,596—4: BlueM 512,591—5: BlueM 535,600—6: BlueM 564,604—7: BlueM 838,278—8: BMInstance 2400,228—9: BMInstance 178,195—10:BMInstance 242,164—11:BMInstance 160,247—12:BMInstance 216,165
–The Franklin Mansion(10)—1: BlueM 818,538—2: BlueM 877,7 —3: BlueM 554,249—4: BlueM 854,201—5: 1904 BM 249,419—6: 1918 BM 527,820—7: BlueM 984,534—8: 1969 BM 887,327—9: BlueM 612,559—10:BlueM 481,110
–Innsmouth Academy(14)—1: SCoast 213,221—2: SCoast 294,393—3: SCoast 308,298—4: SCoast 195,388—5: SCoast 282,332—6: SCoast 267,377—7: SCoast 290,345—8: SCoast 290,391—9: SCoast 338,344—10:SCoast 299,380—11:SCoast 281,220—12:SCoast 314,434—13:SCoast 176,254—14:SCoast 290,403

-Recent Events
–The Fog(7)—1:KingsM 351,92—2:KingsM 379,409—3:SCoast 436,654—4:SCoast 846,274—5:SCoast 375,128—6:BlueM 152,905—7:BlueM 110,793
–The Lady Margaret(13)—1: KingsM 506,135—2: KingsM 582,306—3: KingsM 645,227—4: KingsM 700,177—5: KingsM 687,176—6: KingsM 569,363—7: KingsM 508,302—8: KingsM 528,170—9: KingsM 616,117—10:KingsM 567,275—11:KingsM 533,439—12:KingsM 573,398—13:KingsM 459,379
-Local History
–The Sentinels(15)—1: CoSG 100,918—2: CoSG 831,1005—3: CoSG 199,936—4: CoSG 339,57—5: not live—6: CoSG 968,586—7: CoSG 402,454—8: CoSG 626,896—9: CoSG 287,906—10:CoSG 828,241—11:CoSG 50,283—12:CoSG 130,451—13:CoSG 314,421—14:CoSG 290,728—15:CoSG 10,17
–The Kingdom(10)—1: SDesert 829,619—2: SDesert 550,382—3: SDesert 840,588—4: SDesert 624,801—5: HiCostOfD 282,338—6: SDesert 429,407—7: SDesert 828,549—8: SDesert 562,387—9: SDesert 514,416—10:SDesert 819,1068
-Places of Interest
–The Pyramid(9)—1:CoSG 711,719—2:CoSG 664,587—3:CoSG 682,336—4:CoSG 809,291—5:CoSG 839,565—6:CoSG 853,461—7:CoSG 705,694—8:—9:CoSG 749,466
-Recent Events
–Temple City Discovery(10)—1: CoSG 697,728—2: CoSG 615,823—3: CoSG 227,729—4: SDesert 830,990—5:—6: CoSG 566,175—7: SDesert 602,443—8: SDesert 758,1114 —9: CoSG 59,877—10:CoSG 477,444
-Loacal History
–Iazmaciune(9)—1:Bfarmland 987,349—2:BFarmland 1268,367—3:—4:—5:—6:—7:—8:—9:
–The Truce(10)—1: BFarmland 1118,1098—2:—3: BFarmland 397,1038 —4: BFarmland 306,979 —5: BFarmland 590,897—6: BFarmland 334,614—7:—8: Bfarmland 1213,789—9:—10:BFarmland 1278,156
-Places of Interest
–Anastasia’s Wagon(8)
–The Breach(6)
–Roman Baths(7)All but #6 located in Roman Bath’s Area in CFangs—6:BFarmland 1424,310

–The Facility(8)—1:Besieged Farmland 552,1127
–The Slaughterhouse(10)

-Recent Events
–Vampire Crusades(7)—1:—2:BFarmland 695,1187—3:—4:—5:—6:—7:
-Ancient Mysteries
–The Buzzing(8)—1:—2:—3:—4:—5:—6:—7:—8:
–The Filth(12)—1:KingsM HorrorShowQ—2:Agartha 534,311,396 —3:—4:—5:—6:SDesert 310,805—7:BFarml 860,147—8:CoSG 340,915 —9:—10:—11:KingsM 386,320—12:
–Gaia Engines(1)Inside the first instance of the dream prison, after the first Gaia Engine
–The Host(1)Final Tier of Mortal Sins(auto)
–The Hell Dimensions(29)

–The Third Age(3)—1:—2:CoSG 849,941—3:CoSG 184,446
–Dragon(13)—1: Seoul 343, 317 —2: Seoul 359, 312 —3: Seoul 385, 273 —4: Seoul 388, 261 —5: Seoul 386, 188 —6: Seoul 312, 170 —7: Seoul 330, 202 —8: Seoul 346, 274 —9: Seoul 337, 287—10:Seoul 354, 245—11:Seoul 326, 181—12:Seoul 370, 228—13:Seoul 350, 262
–Phoenicians(13)—1:KingsM 909,696—2:SCoast 570,455—3:BlueM 570,368—4:SDesert 550,448—5:SDesert 491,211—6:CoSG 46,80—7:CoSG 965,527(ent at 903,438)—8:BFarmland 1309,205 —9:BFarmland 805,82—10:—11:—12:—13:
–Templars(15)—1: London 310,348—2: London 206,292—3: London —4: London —5: London 218,165—6: London 172,33 —7: London 377,385—8: London —9: London 246,398—10:London 243,196—11:London 197,151—12:London 286,269—13:London 205,308—14:London 248,278—15:London 274,258

–Council of Venice(9)—1:KingsM 155,377—2:SCoast 487,652—3:BlueM 798,713—4:SDesert 596,433—5:CoSG 633,915—6:—7:—8:SDesert 600,436—9:
–Morninglight(10)—1:Pamphlets?—2:New York 401,343—3:London 145,253—4:New York 336,427—5:KingsM 142,689 —6:SDesert 491,313—7:—8:—9:
–The Orochi Group(17)—1:KingsM 385,995—2:SCoast 908,94—3:BlueM 747,797—4:SDesert 263,764—5:BFarml 812,518 —6:London 226,267—7:NewYork 294,286—8: CoSG 226,843—9: CoSG 78,992—10:SCoast 341,737—11:KingsM 384,316—12:KingsM 697,908—13:Blue Mountain: Orochi Science Lab in Orochi Base.—14:London 162,363 —15:BlueM 698,39—16:SDesert 647,327—17:
–Draculesti(9)—1:BFarmland 442, 611 (Cost of M)—2:BFarmland 320, 723 —3:—4:—5:—6:—7:—8:—9:
–The Marya(10)—1:SDesert 535,17—2:SDesert 578,442—3:SDesert 885,293—4:SDesert 516,358—5:SDesert 614,459—6:SDesert 805,227—7:CoSG 402,39—8:CoSG 491,204—9:CoSG 945,367—10:CoSG 106,70
–Wabanaki(13)—1:SCoast 159, 857—2:SCoast 130, 842 —3:SCoast 191, 917—4:SCoast 293, 1013—5:SCoast 362, 947—6:Ami’s Instance 318, 242—7: BlueM 187, 629—8: BlueM 257, 388—9: BlueM 327, 372—10:BlueM 842, 295—11:BlueM 325, 857—12:BlueM 200, 740—13:BlueM 629, 638

so yeah as u quest through CFangs maybe you can add some of the locations i spaced on >.< as I have alot of the endgame lore in my journal but not the locations…bleh

lore done…well i care little for the dungeon lore ;P and the Illuminati hub lore I was too lazy to go get locs for but the rest is there…minus stupid sent5 which killed like 2 days of time and BSing with GMs

Hello there, I read your guide for Mortal Sins 29/29 Repair the prision or attack it. I find very difficult for Deaf Gamer that Funcom appear to insulting us. It force us to be evil side than what we opition to be good side or bad side. Any suggestion for me to accomplishment with my current situation? My cabal member said “Well deal with it, go evil side that’s simple do complete than complain.” I find disguise that they throw off instead helpful. I petition to GM and they said can’t do anything about it.

[…] Hey everyone, Carpathian Fangs is the final quest zone in TSW. It is filled with vampires and giant hulking mutants! It is the home to The Castle, one of the infamous stealth quests in the game. If you are looking for the walkthrough for the Mortal Sins questline. keep in mind that it has its own page! […]

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