Agartha Map and portal locations

Hey everyone, recently a reader asked me to create a little guide for Agartha and I thought this would be a good idea as I had a lot of difficulty navigating the Agartha until I got familiar with it. In addition, I included the coordinates and map location of the Agartha portal in each quest zone as I see a lot of people asking for their location in general chat.



Some things to keep in mind.

At the entrance there are two โ€œjumpโ€ portals. The left one leads to the elite and nightmare dungeons while the right one leads to the quest zones, starting with Kingsmouth.


You will need to defeat the Gatekeeper and completed all elite dungeons to gain access to Nightmare Portal.


The three continents for questing (i.e. Solomon Island, Egypt, and Transylvania), are not all connected together in the same branch. Instead, you need to take the portal to make the jump to the next branch. The right portal lead you to the next branch while the left portal take you back where you were.

Shortcuts to Egypt

Spoiler Inside Show

Shortcut to Transylvania

Spoiler Inside Show

Agartha portal Locations

There are maps under the spoiler tags

Kingsmouth: 28, 163

Spoiler Inside Show

Savage Coast: 240, 136

Spoiler Inside Show

Blue Mountains: 253, 131

Spoiler Inside Show

Scorched Desert: 520, 29

Spoiler Inside Show

City of Sun God: 772, 84

Spoiler Inside Show

Besieged Farmlands: 1238, 157

Spoiler Inside Show

The Shadowy Forest: 929, 29

Spoiler Inside Show

Carpathian Fangs: 497, 57

Spoiler Inside Show

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10 replies on “Agartha Map and portal locations”

Great site and great map! Also small addition – you can jump down to egypt agartha line from space between entrance and kingmouth portal in agartha (walk past portal, not into it).

Ello dulfy your work on swtor was excellent just done a day on this as a friend day looks good what’s your opinion overall?

Gotta say, I’ve really been loving my time in TSW, and those ‘freefall’ Agartha shortcuts are full of win.

Take the portal to Elites. Then there’s one branch that goes to elites, and another portal other than the one you came from. Go through that portal. It’ll warp you up into an instance with the gatekeeper.

I haven’t finished Elites yet, but I’ve accidentally gone through that warp multiple times /facepalm So I don’t know if there’s a quest you need. I think you “just” need the elite completion achievement.

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